The Profiler

The open beta phase for the new version of the Flash developer tools begins with the announcement of FDT 4 at the same time. The Powerflasher renounce completely on the release of beta test versions. Instead the new program features of FDT 4 appear during this open testing and development phase for the first time in four completed milestones”. The individual milestones build on each step each other and complete the finished software at the end. Each milestone”already is an independent, functioning part of the program. Otherwise as the full, but still a beta pre-release of software only at the end of its development phase, the program milestone available much earlier.

He runs more stable and allows for immediate, targeted feedback of users. With the release of FDT 4 milestone, the Powerflasher adapt their release management to their internal, agile development process. In developing and implementing our FDT software we have been working for years with agile development methods. The entire development is thus far more flexible. In the Center are many individual, short development cycles, so-called iterations. Through them, the final product is growing step by step.

In the respective stages of the test, the customer has the opportunity to participate actively and to try out the parts of the program. So the important views of a working, customer-oriented product remains always”, praises Michael Plank, as so-called product-owner” in the agile process, the advantages of this methodology in the software development of FDT. End of February 2010 the first milestone was already released. FDT 4 milestone 1 “offers as new features a Profiler and an interactive welcome screen. The Profiler when developing applications with FDT 4.0 helps optimize the Flash projects. He monitored the performance and memory usage of just developed application and tracking problems within these easier. Also new is an interactive welcome screen. Through him, the user receives current information and assistance.