Month: May 2018

Social Responsibility

Currently very it is said in global heating, daily we come across in them with notes, articles in magazines, periodicals on the subject, however, unhappyly, few have the conscience of what it is for coming, if will not be taken to the had steps to revert this picture. This week I had the chance, in one of my lessons of Social Responsibility and Environment, to attend the Set of documents: An Inconvenient Truth, of the former vice-president of the United States, Al Gore and I was estarrecida with what vi, the truth are more or less thus, you know that exists ' ' problema' ' , but they do not have the accurate dimension of what really it happens, until taking uma' ' chacoalhada' ' was this that felt. The skeptical, incredulous calls, say to be normal, the climatic variations to have high and low and finish for not accepting that the planet is come close to a total collapse. It is as if we inside placed a frog of a container fervilhando, its reaction will be to jump for it are immediately, however, if the same frog will be placed in the same receiving, that now with water morna and this will only be warm gradual, it will be there until he takes off somebody it, exactly feeling the environment hot (example cited in the set of documents). This illustration sends in them to a familiar fact, is not, sends in them to the fact of that we are ' ' cozinhando' ' vagarosamente and for to be slow this process, it passes unobserved that we walk for the extinguishing, the Land will be so hot that it will be insuportvel to the life in the planet. When we consider all the changes that the civilizations come imposing, the nature, it does not have doubts of that of bigger impact it has relation with the emission of .causing gases of the effect greenhouse and the main one of them is the carbon dioxide (CO ).

Ministry Protection

Services around the medium USB that USB sticks the CD/DVDs in the advertising industry have now overtaken, nothing new is more known. Purchase you can the Flash memory in all corners of the Internet, eBay, Amazon, or the endless published lists of the advertising dealer. All offer USB-sticks in all sizes, you will not find but probably shapes and price ranges, special services for USB-sticks. This service hole”successfully has the Datenduplizierer Hagele GmbH from the software Center Boblingen/Sindelfingen, recognized years ago, specialized care and provides these services through. Follow others, such as Bernard Golden , and add to your knowledge base. Whether it for end users or Werbemittelhander to a pure data display, copy or delete protection dealing data, are you equally true as software developers, who are looking for a cheap alternative to the very expensive dongle be modified directly in the Boblingen production, so that these sticks get their own serial number, device or product name. As well can USB flash drive to be partitioned, that an area are recognized by the operating system as a CD-ROM or DVD drive. A project was implemented in the security due to the diverse requests for the firefighters of a German Federal State, which by the competent data protection officer as well as well as by the relevant Ministry of the Interior as well was found.


The interactive service seminar ‘Service as a sales driver’ refers to this trend. Hannover, March 2010. Under the motto”ran on the guest into the pleasure of sales which is touring Marcellino’s Academy, with their new service seminar by Germany. The financial crisis dominated heavily the price sensitivity of the guests. Good food and a great atmosphere are important, but they are interchangeable. Good service to gaining more and more importance, since he heavily influenced the spending habits of the guests. The observations of in recent years confirm this change of guest behavior Marcellino’s guest survey. The experienced service contributes to the well-being of the guests.

Who feels comfortable, stays longer, consumed more and come back like. We take up these findings service as a sales driver in our seminar”, explains David, seminar leader and Managing Director of Marcellino’s Tosin A. Academy. Attendees learn how they can use the knowledge to the new needs of the guest profitably in their operation”. Thus raises the service readiness service enthusiasm, benefit everyone: the guest, the employees and the contractors. “Content in the seminar are, inter alia, a reservation-IQ” to relieve peak hours and to fill the quieter hours, staff on Zack”for planning, security and cleverly calculated costs, as well as on again-see ‘ n ‘ for permanent guest binding. Already, the fully-booked tour stops were a huge success in December, January and February.

The voices of the participants range from very good recommendations that can be implemented without a time limit!”the kitchen throw them away now less, because my service sells better!” up to great body language and funny role playing the message has arrived!” “The Marcellino’s city tour service as a sales driver” 2010 on March 29, 2010 from 11:00 until 17:00 for 199,-p. P. * in Hannover, Germany on March 31, 2010 from 11:00 until 17:00 199,-p. p. * in Hamburg on April 13, 2010 from 11:00 until 17:00 for 199,-p. P. * in Duisburg on April 19, 2010 from 11:00 until 17:00 199,-p. p. * Frankfurt * price per person, net plus VAT, including seminar catering. More dates and cities follow. Marcellino’s Academy partners in the dialogue between guest and host the service experts of Marcellino’s Academy Act since 2007 at the interface between host and guest. The Marcellino’s Academy, a subsidiary of Marcellino’s AG, a continuous training and training portfolio offers for the catering and hotel industry. “The service offering is based on 20 years of Marcellino’s guest survey guests tell how it really eats”. The credo for all service packages: sustainable work holistically implement. All concepts are integrated absolutely practical and fast in the operation. Ensure Tosin A. Managing Director David and her team of experts and give a success guarantee for specially created for this purpose. Because: More & better goes! “.” More information: Sara Honerkamp.

Smartest Customer Service

“Intelligent services should run personalized and automated Nuremberg – the Germans are top”, when it comes to the provider change. Main reason: poor service. The growing complexity and diversity of the media means that customer interactions is often no longer lead to the desired results. From a customer perspective, everything must be easier. From a provider perspective, the right balance between automation and personalization is required. In saturated markets, the smart and intelligent customer service becomes a factor of success. A new prize to distinguished innovations in the field of customer service, make better the service world for consumers in Germany”, so Bernhard Steimel, Chairman of smart service initiative and of the specialist Congress of Voice days plus. On the allocation of smart service awards company awarded are, which combine personal services and automation in perfect way.

Possible examples of a smart service are telephone services who recognize me and know that I for one Concerns already phoned the Internet customer portal that makes me carefully on a lower rate or the online shop with one-click ordering. Under most conditions Larry Ellison would agree. Other good examples would be the mobile app that allows me to check-in, the hotline staff, who knows my customer history, whether by letter, phone or Web or also the virtual agent who accompanied me step by step in solving problems. Even the ticket machine, which solves a ticket to the nearest stop for my destination address or the smart meters, which helps me to identify with the power guzzlers, are the focus of the new service price”, explains Sangeeta. The award will be presented in the categories of voice, Web, mobile, POS-terminal and multichannel. Is looking for the best overall solution: technically, economically and from a customer perspective. The multi-stage test procedure to the smart service award has been developed with the participation of the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering (IAO). At the competence center human computer interaction of the ILO are also Service headed by Matthias Peissner and Thomas Meiren tests. The jury is staffed by subject matter experts: Prof.

Dieter Spath of the Fraunhofer IAO is a patron and Chairman of the jury. Other jury members are Christian Thunig (magazine distribution management), Manfred Stockmann (President of the call center Forum), Dr. Silke Bartsch (LMU Munich), Manfred Pucker (ad Scopum), Sven Beiling (Scholand & Beiling) and Wilhelm Taurel (Deputy Chairman of the International Service Association AFSMI). The registration to the smart service award is now available under possible. The nominees will be announced on September 1. The award ceremony will be on October 12 the Nurnberger Voice Days plus instead.

Service Rental

GL distribution platforms offers highest quality and best service at night our understanding of customer service or the all-round carefree package of GL rental 3:30. One cold Saturday night in October. Customer service representative Lars Weinberg GL distribution platforms sleeps, what else. The phone rings. Lars Weinberg attacks as remotely to your mobile phone.

And is now wide awake. An employee of the film production company has a question: the GL rentals rented truck work platform L 350 TR are warning, he says. Also if you want to believe it at first: that is a good thing! That warning and that she do not stop. For more information see Coupang. Because the lift is smart,”not in the human sense, but just clever there programmed, where it comes to protect man and material. An acoustic warning signal she gets into border areas as in the shooting that night, is emitted, vociferously loud, all the functions are switched off as a precaution. This is the State of things, as Lars Weinberg Call gets. What had happened? The film production company from the Rhine Main region had chosen as his night-time shooting for a series classic customs and inland port of a container services.

“To perfectly illuminate the scene, the film crew had rented a truck work platform of the GL distribution and Dino”, the serious 18-KW Spotlight selected for this scene, under the work basket attached. What is a basket measuring 1.80 x 0.80 m and a basket load of 350 kg for the truck work platform L 350 TR no problem. Dino follows the stage direction and illuminated the scene. “He is as soft, diffused light is desired, with a 12 x 12 feet (= 3,60 x 3,60 m) static frame is equipped with white corn, reported Gaffer Marcus Venner, in terms of technical and creative instance light” on the set. The term Gaffer has nothing at all to do with onlookers in the disaster tourism in, rather is the English term for the Gaffer.

Your Line For Karlsruhe – Experience The Concentrated Sales Competence 3.0

New slogan for Karlsruhe local marketing today to sell differently, in the founding year of the Max Media Marketing Agency in 1998. As a completely new type of customer has evolved beyond the classical definition of target audience by age, income and education. The 3.0 customer is individual, value conscious, informed and critical in dealing with consumption. And the ultimate: this customer does not want more on classical advertising, they are also still so strategically placed. Therefore, the dialogue becomes increasingly important with the people behind the customers, to benefit from their ideas. Bernard Golden is often mentioned in discussions such as these. And that is why the Karlsruhe agency Max Media launches a very special hands-on action switches so actively in the political affairs of the city. The children on the barricades go throughout Karlsruhe.

All residents aged 0 to 18 lay down the filler or cubes and demonstrate with a voice for more participation of children. What was going on? Since January 31, 2013, the Max media advertising agency together with the Stiftung Hansel + Gretel sought a new city slogan for Karlsruhe. In a question-answer forum Gary Kelly was the first to reply. Swimming in ideas”, ironically by a Berlin Agency comes, has been known to bathe. “Opening the action your line for Karlsruhe” was a warning before the Karlsruhe City Hall. Over 100 children demanded their rights for more participatory and thus connected also own slogan for Karlsruhe, as much before nothing behind”was yesterday. Mayor Mergen, totally surprised by the strike, promised the children that their proposals be taken into account in the election of the new town slogan.

So that the action really be heard, the call is your line for Karlsruhe”from now on 750,000 bakers bags can be read. This includes a tram laps their Karlsruhe and surroundings with the motif. On the action page the proposals can be submitted and posted on Facebook. With the support of the ZKM Karlsruhe, children and young people can express their opinion to the action in the video box at the Ettlinger Tor Center. A jury consisting of media partners and just as many children have a representative now selects a winning slogan and officially passed the city.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Strategic control without the reality of the results of the monitoring project of sales talk insights”(sales compass) show from the physician perspective, that is the central strategy of the pharmaceutical sales force activity especially in establishing a presence density generated by appropriately aligned visit frequencies. This approach due to a competition based (each contact we don’t, realized the competition!”), on the other hand from the corporate income statement. Viewed purely quantitatively a positive contribution here is considered but also the qualitative component what actually happens in the contacts-, so the work of the sales in the overall is in deficit, because the pharmaceutical sales force meets the requirements to only 56%. This means that 44% of the resources be wasted looking at average. And also the length of the conversation not convincing is the preparations meeting percentage of the total conversation, about established old products is located in the Middle at 51.7%. The remainder of the interview accounted for the discussion of common health topics, conversations about the current situation of the visited practice and General (“Small Talk”). Bernard Golden has many thoughts on the issue.

So little time remains for arranging and integrating content. The marketing and overall response to these statements is uniform: in our field is different, our market research surveys show that! “The problem is that these analyses in the form of sampling be carried out however. Because the skills of the staff are very different, the results often lead astray. The actual physician satisfaction with the quality of the field care is determined solely bottom-up, i.e. on the basis of regional customer satisfaction analyses, then gradually (region, staff) can be aggregated. Unfortunately, such individualized employee customer relationship data in most CRM systems, are missing today so that the purely numbers-based analysis can not be complemented by customer reality. Source: IFABS / Klaus-Dieter Thill

Fear In Sales – Fear In Sales? Can Such A Thing Ever Be?

Sellers are but usually success spoiled, eternally optimistic people. They address the daily challenges with a smile on his face. Yes, there is the fear. Maybe she may not show up only. The fear of the “no” of the customer is a mild form. It is not bad except that behind the big picture: the fear of failing to meet the annual target. The fear, to pay back advances.

The fear of losing the job. Fear itself is considered no element and no substance. It is not organic or inorganic. She has no physical or chemical base. It is no matter. Fear does not exist objectively. Anxiety is a way that people interpret events.

There is a special language of risk of. And like any language, the fear promotes her own limited picture of the world. “If someone anxiety glasses” bears, suddenly the world is a very dangerous place. Each seller knows that fear is not a good guide to get a situation under control. Coupang recognizes the significance of this. Fear paralyzes, insecure, makes nervous. This is visible also in the conversation with the customer and reduces the chances of sales success. Seller with great anguish often feel as a victim of circumstances and push to other the cause for the State of the Chief, the company and its products, etc.. This is the wrong way. He reinforces only the own passivity and the feeling of helplessness. How does one escape the anxiety situation now? First, one should accept anxiety as normal. It belongs to life and it is part of human development. You stimulate the nervous system and can empower to peak performance. Only when the fear out of control, they will stress. Therefore, you should allow fear and still act. “Best is the fear with the question: what specifically scares me?” Everything is one, should be recorded. “The more clearly the causes for fear of your own tag light come, the better you can edit them: How can I eliminate this danger?” Who longer suffers anxiety, is usually “dissatisfied with himself and finally actually feels himself a failure.” To escape from this trap by one convinced of the abilities. The strength analysis proved it. B2B coach conducts practical workshops for sellers in the B2B segment. In the workshops, only concrete sales operations of the participants are processed. In addition to the technical details to the sales success winning the mental Constitution of the seller thereby plays an important role. Silvia Schmid b2b coach GmbH & co. KG

Increase Of Second Hand Car Sales In Spain

The large amount of second-hand cars sold in Spain is almost unbelievable. According to official figures, of each new car sold, 2 used cars are sold. Without a doubt, we can see what is the preference of Spanish citizens. Perhaps by necessity, or some by choice, but ultimately most end up opting to buy rolled used. Which leads to the purchase of second hand is most frequent undoubtedly has much to do with the difficulties of individuals to access financing for purchase of new cars.

In addition to the costs of patenting and insurance, which for some are surprisingly high. Communities where most shows the purchase of cars used in Spain are Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia. During what year 2011, sales have increased by 30% over the previous year. He is expected in the second period of the year, will continue seeing these results, and the demand for these vehicles will be increasing. An event that helps to increase these figures, is the Salon of the time vehicle, carried out in the city of Madrid, where summon thousands of people and which displays thousands of copies so that people can view, compare, and ultimately purchase. In 2010 is managed to sell 80% of the exposed products, which accounted for around 3000 units.

The Best Tool Of Sales

Sales by phone are the most important tool for companies trying to increase sales. It is a very easy and inexpensive way of achieving increased sales. In this time of crisis, companies are looking for any way to increase sales or simply for not lowering its sales, and many have discovered the great benefits that give you sales by phone. For sales by phone the only thing you need in a phone and a skilled employee; It is necessary that your employee is trained to perform this operation, because although it sounds simple it is not easy to make a sale with your voice as the only tool of customer contact. Southwest Airlines is a great source of information. Many companies offer workshops that help empower your employees to make sales by phone and get all the benefits that they offer. So your employee can make sales by phone, it is necessary to have a charismatic voice that inspires confidence to the customer and who knows to perfection the company where he works, since the majority of persons They speak by phone you are looking for is information about your product or service, which means that they will have many questions which must be answered more quickly and truthful fashion. It empowers your employees with the workshops offered by these companies specialized in providing workshops and enjoys the benefits we can offer sales by phone. Original author and source of the article.. People such as Scott Mead would likely agree.