Month: October 2011


Dietary fiber guard your health. The heroine detective series Daria Dontsova amateur detective Dasha Vasilyeva during their investigations dizzy constantly replenish the strength in love 'McDonalds'. Now fast-food establishments (fast food), formed by the American standard, no one hit, as it was when the first 'McDonald's' turn in the center of Moscow was greater than the Bolshoi or the mausoleum. Meanwhile habit of eating on the run, 'zapihnuv' instead of a full dinner, a few hamburgers or hot dogs, drinking high-calorie foods that Pepsi or a beer – not the best achievement of Western civilization, which was joined by Many people in Russia. Besides the fact that the consumption of fast food upset the balance of calories in the body, there are major problems with the stomach, intestines, liver and other organs. The regulars social events, presentations and receptions are tormented in the morning after the party not only because it 'looked over' the day before, but due to digestive disorders. And those who have no time and not to visit the restaurants that face the same problems. Hastily eaten in the morning almost in suhomyatku sandwich – too 'backfire' stomach flu.

Not accidentally, many admit that they have gastritis, eating in inexpensive student cafeterias. There is no doubt that not everyone ordinary Russians can afford to regularly buy products that effectively cleanse the body of toxins and other metabolic products: dried apricots, figs and nuts. Nevertheless, there is an inexpensive replacement that southern Fruits and berries, which will cope with the work of 'caretaker' of the gastrointestinal tract is not worse. We are talking about bran. Bran 'LITO', developed by the company 'Biokor', are a source of dietary fiber, which, although not supplier of nutrients, but are active agents involved in the process of digestion. Included in the bran 'LITO' dietary fibers bind cholesterol, hence the bran can be used in Group prevention and diet therapy of atherosclerosis.

Traffic Accounting

A good leader is always aware of how much his company consumes resources on what and how much money she spends, what are the recurrent costs of the company for electricity, telephone, supplies, etc. Recently decade, was added one more item of expenditure: for Internet traffic. To know how much to pay, you need to know how much a company spends. Therefore, consideration of traffic – one of the most important aspects of the system administrator since it is on his shoulders rests the responsibility of the traffic count, save, make sure that the amount allocated to the organization of daily, monthly, etc. traffic does not exceed its limit. And even if the organization is connected to unlimited package Internet, the importance of continuous account of the traffic is not reduced. For example, can periodically fall speed Internet connection, and the reasons for that may be many: not too honest provider, not too responsible officer, swinging in time movies, the fall of one or more network interfaces, etc. The absence of the Internet today is fraught with deterioration in the quality of communication with customers and partners tomorrow.

Accounting Traffic can be done in several ways. 1. By SNMP-protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol). This method makes it possible not to install any software on remote computers on the network. Traffic accounting program is made only on the administrator's computer to remote computers as it is only necessary to correctly configure the service SNMP, which is usually not too difficult.

The Result

Let the energy of desire to “cook” in your subconscious. 4.Neobhodimo as often as possible, and better visualize the result, ie present the results already executed. For example, if you want a luxury apartment is not only interior but also how you will celebrate the new home, how to watch TV in the living room, as dinner in the dining room, etc. 5.Neobhodimo as often as possible to say to yourself or out loud (out loud better) claim offers affirmations. Particularly effective are these allegations before going to bed in the morning, still half asleep.

Mind at that time still (or already) is up and the words as if imprinted in the subconscious. Moreover, all actions should only be present tense: “I am (doing) so-and-so.” 6.Sdelat itself a symbol of fulfilling wishes. For example, a coin. And wear it with you until the desire is fulfilled. 7.Sostavte plan to achieve its goals. How many of these neglected simple rule.

But that is easier to write or even imagine all the steps necessary to implement planned! But the process of guessing for efficient (fast and easy) to get the result, of all people will be different. Let us turn to classical western astrology. So … If your zodiac sign: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius – Your assistant chief fire. Select the time at dusk, when no one bothers you. Light a candle. Make a wish, looking at the fire plugs. Write it down on paper. If you want to get rid of something, then immediately burn their own records. If you want to buy something, usually read an entry in the candlelight. And when the wish will come true, you can burn this paper with gratitude the supreme powers. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces – your assistant principal water. On the waterfront, looking at the water to make a wish. Write it down on paper. Then make a note of the boat and let it float. Better in this time to be on a boat or on the bridge. Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn – your top aides money and food! Guessing is necessary, one will fit in your pocket and treasured coin before this wish will be granted. To borrow money in this time, no one to give! When guessing a well-chewed chewing few grapes or marmalade. Gemini, Libra or Aquarius – your top aides and jolly company … a cloud. Call as many of their friends and in time noisy party make a wish. Or desire. You can make a multiple. You can also make a wish on a walk, looking at the time the clouds. Here are some simple rules 🙂 I hope they strongly facilitate your life.


Friendship – unselfish human relationships based on trust, sincerity, mutual sympathy, common interests and hobbies. Binding characteristics of friendship are mutual respect for the opinion another trust. People, linked by friendship, call your friends. Cliches associated with the concept of "friendship": * "Real, true, male friendship" (a concept formed the basis for many literary works), which is based are confidence and self-sacrifice. In contrast, superficial, shallow and uncommitted relationships are "not real friendship." Friendship between men is contrasted with the relationship between women – in this case is considered who?, that friendship between women is impossible. * The juxtaposition of "friendship" and "love" the impossibility of friendship between a man and a woman. * In Soviet pedagogy was believed that the school between boys and girls is permissible only friendship.

Features In contrast to the kinship relations of group solidarity is the interpersonal relationship is an individually-selective (with mutual affection members). For development of friendship may be necessary: 1 * mutual liking (pleasure of mutual communication) * understanding * open (do not say "it's none of your business") * frankness, sincerity and selflessness * credibility * active * mutual commonality of interests and hobbies * value-oriented unity What was conceived as a friendship can turn into a superficial friendly relations, or even hostility. For all the intimacy of friendship, her opposition to business relationships rather relative, though the friendship is different in that it is valuable in itself. Friendship is different from sexual and amorous-erotic feelings on the nature of their motivation. 2 usually it is believed who? that friendship is characterized by the absence of sexual desire. Some believe who? That friendship, at least subconsciously, but selfish as a whole is beneficial to all participants.

Not only is the breadth friendship is determined by the social value of activities, which have devoted themselves to friends, its functions change during the life of individuals, reaching its greatest intensity during youth and early adulthood. During this period, There is a great frequency of meetings and a larger amount of time spent together in the future friendship begins to lose its uniqueness, although almost all the time is still one of the most important factors in maintaining stability personality. 1 The girls earlier than boys, moving from child to adolescent friendship, as they have previously generated a need for intimacy. 3 Many people suffer from a lack of friendship with each other or anyone at all. On this ground may have phobias, disappointments, burdens of surrogate friendship, a man backed out of a sense of loneliness. Some of the breakdown of relationships with other people ask about the presence of friendly relations directly new friends and disappointed in the response. This may affect the future relationship with people in general, and review links with existing friends. Taking your home photo album and looked through the pages we discern and remember the pictures of our distant and recent past, as it were. Old friends, interesting meetings and noisy parties, growing children, crazy adventures of the past … Where are all friends and acquaintances than Now, with live web service Social everyone can recall their own old and new friends, inviting them to view your virtual album, a chat about this and that would re-join, or find the same interesting people.