Month: January 2013


The daughter of a man asked the priest to come to his house to say a prayer for his father who was very sick. When the priest came to the sick room, he found this man in his bed with his head raised by a couple of pillows. There was a chair next to his bed, so the priest assumed that the man knew that he would come to see him. -I guess that he was waiting for me, he said. -No, who are you?, the man said. -I am the priest that his daughter called so you pray with you, when I saw the empty chair beside his bed I figured you knew that I was coming to see him. -oh yes, Chair, said the sick man. Do you mind closing the door?, the surprised priest was closed.

Never said this to anyone, but I have spent my whole life without knowing how to pray. When I’ve been in the Church have always listened to the subject of prayer, that you should pray and the benefits that brings, etc., but always this sentences me entered by one ear and came out on the other, because I don’t have idea of how to do it, then long ago abandoned altogether prayer. -This has been the case in me until about four years ago, when talking with my best friend told me: Jose. This prayer is simply having a conversation with God. This is how I suggest you do it: you sit in a Chair and place another empty chair opposite yours, then with faith you look God sitting in front of you. It is not something crazy do it because told us: – I will be always with you. Therefore, you talk and listen, in the same way how you’re doing it with me right now. It is so I did it some and I liked it so much that I’ve continued doing about two hours a day since then.

I am always very careful that I will not see my daughter because I immediately internaria in the House of fools. The priest felt a great emotion to hear this and told Joseph that they had been doing was very good and that do not cease to do so; then made a prayer with him, spread you a blessing, the holy oils and went to his parish. Two days later, the daughter of Jose call the priest to tell him that his father had died. -Does the died in peace? -Yes, when I left the House to that of the two afternoon he called me and I went to see him to his bed, told me all that I wanted and gave me a kiss. When I returned to shop an hour later as I found it dead. But there is something strange in this regard of his death, because apparently just before his death approached the Chair that was next to her bed and laid his head on it, because I found it so. -What you believe that this can mean?

Colombian Government

That is why the Colombian Government closely follows what happens to the U.S. economy since a recovery of the same and greater strength in the dollar can solve this crossroads that Uribe’s Government is going through. And since I speak of Colombia, surely many must be attentive to what is happening with the Colombian State petroleum ECOPETROL (BVL:eco), which in 2007 reported profits US $2.878 billion, since it is expected that in the second half of 2008 the process of registration of its shares in New York Stock Exchange after making it this year in the Colombia stock exchange of values. I agree with the vision of Jaime Mejia posed in an article for the Colombian portal portfolio, that quote in the New York Stock Exchange will involve greater transparency to the investment because the company will have to submit to the standards of reporting of global companies and this translates into an immediate profit for shareholders. ECOPETROL has signed agreements last year to participate in 16 exploration blocks in Peru, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico (US)UU.) through companies such as Shell, Petrobras, Repsol and Talisman.

With the opening of the equity capital of ECOPETROL in Colombia bag more than 482,000 Colombians became shareholders of the oil company. In 2007 the company hydrocarbon reserves closed the year at 1,456 million barrels of oil and continued recovery of exploratory work. The President of ECOPETROL, Javier Gutierrez said in the Assembly: drilled in total 75 wells throughout the country, of which Ecopetrol participated in 33, doing it directly in 12 of them. For 2008 the company expects an increase in its earnings of 10.1% compared to 2007 and the participation will increase in new businesses such as the petrochemical, natural gas, transportation and marketing of products. We will meet again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo – cheap actions that analysts would not reveal during the last year and a half, one of the chains of more profitable shares on Wall Street could have converted U$ S 200 u $S 9.4 million. I will show you how in one second. I refer to actions which are not mentioned in the stock programs that never appear in The Wall Street Journal or Investor s Business Daily and those by which your stock agent would prefer to die before telling it to you (because you want them for your own portfolio!). Click here to continue reading.

Your Tarot Online

Because the tarot? Tarot is the medium most clear of clairvoyance that exists, with her good performance is achieved to know which events will surround the person asking and the scope of people who surround her.The tarot is a means of clairvoyance with 78 cards arcane called where is embodied the history of men in the past present and future, which can only be used by blind monster, since it has many meanings and ways of interpreting it.The tarot is a tool with which the Tarot reader comes in contact with your intuition and guess a person’s life. Before starting your tarot session recalls that for a good interpretation it is necessary that you focus on your question, tomato time, relax don’t think anything more and your question.Although traditionally the consultant usually ask a question specific, there are people who prefers not to reveal personal information, especially if something is exceptica with respect to the ability of the Seer psquica.Sometimes consultants ask irrelevant questions because they do not dare to express or even to confront what really worries them.In spite of this a intuitive seer can offer the appropriate advice to solve the real problem. Before starting your tarot session recalls that for a good interpretation it is necessary that you focus on your question, tomato time, relax don’t think anything more and your question.Although traditionally the consultant usually ask a question specific, there are people who prefers not to reveal personal information, especially if something is exceptica with respect to the ability of the Seer psquica.Sometimes consultants ask irrelevant questions because they do not dare to express or even to confront what really worries them.Despite this an intuitive seer can offer the appropriate advice to solve the real problem. Tarot, tarot online at & original author and source of the article..

Organization Business

But this, as I was mentioned in the previous point, not is a matter of technology. It is a matter of strategy and is closely related to the way they operate processes to the inside of the Organization and of the attitude and ability of the people who run these processes. To ensure a strategy of CRM performance, the fruits that you expect, you should first review their missionary processes (those that are face to the client) and their support processes (those that allow the missionary is developed without novelty). Additionally you need to define a clear strategy to achieve the awareness of people in what you intend to accomplish with optimised processes. A CRM strategy begins when you and its Steering Group discussed in detail what are the adjustments and improvements that need to be done to business processes in areas such as marketing, sales, customer and measuring indicators of the commercial management service.

It is there where you have to focus on their batteries, to identify from the point of view of the strategy, it alienates the business processes so that they comply with what you want. Then and before touching any item of technology, must thoroughly review the people component. 2 Technology is an element that helps people and processes to achieve greater productivity, but isn’t that ensures the success of a CRM strategy: when you have clarity on how they must operate their business and processes as the persons involved in them must be sensitized, trained and committed to the achievement of the results of the processes (efficiency and effectiveness)It is when you can analyze that kind of technological tools can use, especially to increase the level of productivity of the people. Therefore note that the ultimate goal is not to run a computer program. The main objective is as persons running business processes designed and operated to meet the strategy are alienated with this aim and make use of technology as a tool to achieve greater productivity in the execution of these processes.

Germany Dies

Paul the Octopus, who shot to fame last championship World Cup by their perfect record in predicting game results, has died peacefully while he slept on the night of October 25 Monday in his aquarium in Germany. It seems that they have died peacefully during the night, of natural causes, said Sea Life Manager Stefan Porwoll, place where it was this characteristic marine animal months ago. This German Directors also stated that its success turned it into a story bigger World Cup same Aquarium have had all the natural conditions for its growth, it was never bad and now that is gone will miss him less. To remind a little of what has been done the past soccer World Cup by the Octopus Paul beat the odds on the World Cup through the correct forecast of eight parties which was asked to predict the outcome, including the victory by Spanish football on Holland 1-0 in the final. For the prediction, is they placed two boxes in the aquarium in the Octopus, each of them with a mussel in its interior and a flag of the two teams to face. Paul put his head in a box, he used a key to open the lid and eat the snack inside, the box in which he stood was considered as the likely winner.

His astonishing ability made him a global media phenomenon. Their predictions were later transmitted live through the channels of news across Germany and some parts of the world. At the time after his death, more than 150 messages of condolence were published on the official website of the Octopus Paul on Facebook. The eight-legged Oracle became a new social media superstar for his skills, but, naturally, after an altercation with fans whose teams he does not bet. He was beaten by the British press as a traitor after his prediction for Germany by beating their country of origin, a prediction that was made promptly, 4-1. Then He fell out of the game with German fans who threatened to become sushi after he correctly predicted the defeat in the semi-finals of the selection of Germany against Spain. A wounded by the betrayal of Paul village, in Berlin sang songs anti-pulpo.

On the other hand, nothing less than a strong authority as Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero, asked a bodyguard for Octopus. And the Spanish Minister of industry, Miguel Sebastian, requested that the creature be provided him an immediate free transfer to Spain to ensure their protection. But Paul fans need not despair too much by his death. The Aquarium State preparing a successor, to be called Paul, just as his mentor. The body of Paul lies in cold storage, while the Aquarium decides the best way to mark their passage.

Mexican Industrial Property Institute

In Mexico the entity legal and administrative to register a trademark, patent or everything related to industrial property is the IMPI Mexico. In Mexico the antecedents of protection for inventions and trademarks is through the law that was created in the year 1976. With the publication of LPI is dio foot for the construction and opening of IMPI brand. Such agency or institution instituted by presidential decree in the year of 1933, its main purpose was the support to the SECOFI. The Mexican Industrial Property Institute is governed through laws, among which are the following: provide protection to the rights that have been provided by Industrial property and for all those creations that are of industrial application. Protection to register trademark Mexico is important particularly for those new products, many people can hijack your brand especially when you don’t have trademark in Mexico. The registration of a trademark in Mexico promotes transfer of technology no doubt companies they may make dissemination of technological information to the respective rights of industrial property in such a way that domestic enterprises can increase their competitiveness abroad.

The registration of patents and brands through IMPI provides proper advice for the record, granting to patent protection and brand registered. The main objective of brands IMPI is the diffusion of services as well as the benefits to register a trademark in IMPI Mexico. It is important to understand that it serves as the organ of consultation on material brands, they are obliged to carry out a preliminary investigation on brands that might resemble his application for registration of a trademark in Mexico. Without a doubt the greatest benefit offered by the Mexican Industrial Property Institute is the protection offered to small or large employers in relation to industrial property rights. If that was little through IMPI brand reduces costs when you get the scope of property-related information Industry. Through trademark registration patents by IMPI can make demands or claims to clarify situations where some third East profiting under its brand name.