Month: September 2013

The Position

It should also pay attention to the fact that transactions with the index it is possible, since the volume of just 1 square. meter – in other words, to begin to insure the growth of prices is possible, with cash savings only 1 sq. km. meter of future housing. Furthermore (and this is important!) Kalita-Finance provides its clients with financial leverage (leverage) to carry out operations with an index of real estate.

To make the transaction of purchase / sale with 1-m lot marpi, must have a trading account for only 6% of the value of the average per square meter. At the current average price of about $ 3900 per meter necessary margin (6%) is about 8 thousand rubles ($ 234). In other words, start to save money using an index marpi, you can have from the sum of 8 thousand. At the same time investing in the index are profitable even in a falling market. In order not to be unfounded, we consider a concrete example.

Imagine that a family with a combined income of 80,000 rubles. in month, regularly puts out of it for 35 thousand rubles. for the purchase of future apartment (eg 45 square meters. for $ 175,000 ($ 3,888 per square meters.)). Even if we disregard the effect of inflation (0%), rate (33 rubles ./$), volatility (volatility) on the real estate market ($ 3,888 apartment. M = const), then in order to accumulate the required amount the family will need about 14 years! Now, consider another option. Suppose that in the next 3 years the price of Moscow real estate will demonstrate the following dynamics: a bottom of the market will reach the end of next year, and then begin a smooth increase in cost per square meter (which is consistent with current economic forecasts – a conservative scenario). For three years, people every month acquired by one lot of index marpi (initial margin of 1 lot, all these three years did not exceed 8000 rubles.). In the past 9 months, he increased the number of lots purchased up to two. As a result, three years of similar operations in humans the position was opened for the purchase of 45 lots marpi (ie 45 square meters.

Personnel Management

Hello, friends! Those who still remembers the days when all around was good, because No one knew that it is better, I understand. The Soviet Union used the excellent people management practices. The man begins to understand what can be better only when he learns that it is possible. Suffered if someone without gum, when he did not know that it happens whether or not Coca-Cola. Family ate corn flakes and washed down with duchesse or tarragon. Everyone wanted to buy a Lada because options others were not. Some teams networkers today continue to keep their partners for the same iron curtain. Write this article I pushed a comment one of my readers – Michael, the article "All move to the Internet, are you?>> in which Dmitry Smakotin talked about held his team vebinarah.

I have encountered in practice with the ideology of mlm structures on which the sponsorship line – the only answer to all questions (Read CPSU). Talk about business with people from the parallel structures are not welcome, but from other companies as general anti-Soviet propaganda. The aim is clear, we can not show their partners a place where it is better – to be tempted to go there. The ideology of working, lasted 70 years, but still the test of time has not passed. You can be for their partners just a sponsor, promoting "the world's best mlm company, and fencing of all that does not work or can hurt your business.

Or you can be for them to mentor through life, helping to develop in all directions, not just where it brings you money to transfer all their knowledge and expertise to help find other people who care primarily about the partner. What to choose – it's up to you. In the first case will always have to be afraid that your partner will find a warm place and to emigrate there to prevent this from happening, get yourself to person with whom they want to work. Develop your skills and share them with others. The value of the sponsor is not in that select not from anyone, and that it really helps. When you give people looking to you to mentor all of its knowledge and skills, not just those deemed necessary for its own benefit, then you will have a team of like-minded people, not faceless structure. Often remember the obligations that you undertake, from working with a new partner – to help him succeed>> and not "help him to create for me a source of income>>. PS: