Month: March 2013

Practical Applications

A micro-website is a section of a web page with special features. On many occasions is chosen to give the new micro site a sub domain for several reasons. Firstly, the complexity of these pages tends to be greater or different than the original mother site, but giving you a sub domain is also a representative element in if same, i.e. award a semantic value that can be helpful to potential users and to promote the proper SEO. This way if my web site is and I am dedicated to the manufacture of medicinal products and I decide to create a micro-site for my Genesis product, would be a good idea that my micro web site URL would be, for example. So is someone searches for this product – Genesis – part of the domain will have many better chances to go out at the top of results pages. What are the reasons that should lead us to create a micro-site instead of a traditional page?. In first place is an element that stresses the importance of our products.

If I decide to create a micro-site for a product in particular, the user will interpret the same is of special importance, greater than the rest of the products. In addition micro website gives me many advantages from the point of view of information organization. Not be included within the main website map, but which operates virtually as a separate site, allows much more freedom in designing it and structure it, it is not necessary to maintain the same look and feel of the original website. Development of a micro-website gives much more freedom when developing your content. We can also consider pages on Facebook as micro sites themselves. In the case of these last we must adhere to the technical possibilities offered by the portal.

However if our micro web site is a sub domain of our main site, there is limit to what we can include. It is also true that there is a limit to the number of micro sites that we host on a page. One or two are usually the recommended maximum. One larger number can lead to confusion in the user and cause the opposite to the desired effect, i.e. failing to give relevance to this new product we are launching. It is also necessary to consider micro website must have an added value in yes same, because the content must validate his own existence. If I include in my micro site what it would in a traditional page, since then is not justified its creation. The fact that is a sub domain allows me to implement online marketing campaigns differentials of the of the website mother. And this is a benefit that not all administrators of web sites know how to use. As a corollary, the creation of a micro-site is a little used although tremendously effective technique when used in specific places (like Facebook) or within the same site, highlighting the importance of this product. It is worth trying to get the most out of them.

Micro Implants

Micro implants in orthodontics. A technique very easy to perform completely painless that simplifies to the orthodontist and patient treatment. With this technical reduce treatment times significantly since the aclaje is done in bone and not teeth. For example, to close a space if we take a fixed point on the bone (microimplants) and one mobile teeth it is evident that only are move what we want teeth, on the other hand if we pull two teeth to close a gap with springs or alastics the is slide getting unwanted dental movement. It is very important to discuss the mini or micro implants not be oseointegran to the bone as implant prosthetic, this means that they are eliminated when the dentist wants. This technique really has given us to Orthodontists and the patients decrease in times of treatment as well as simplicity and better termination aesthetically are imperceptible and really there is no disadvantage or contraindication since everything are benefits; They have an infinite number of uses since in addition to close these spaces are used to close open bites distalize or mesializar dental pieces verticalize slanted pieces, intruir molars etc etc etc. Do not hesitate to contact me if experience you any concerns.

Micro Spanish

Organized AEMME and Madrid technology: ICT s, key to the development of micro-businesses the past 24 March the Spanish Multisectorial Association of micro-enterprises (AEMME) alongside Madrid technology of the city of Madrid, organized the day: ICT s, key to the development of the microenterprise. Participation to this day was a success, for satisfaction of AEMME and district of Chamberi, represented by ACHE (Association of merchants, small and Medianas Empresas Chamberi Excelente) from the hand of its President Eduardo Molet. The interest shown by all attendees and the great participation seems to indicate that innovation is already permeating strong in this group and that gradually will be build on the use of new technologies of information and communication between micro-enterprises in this area, much more proactively and regularly. Still lack much to do and therefore AEMME will continue supporting and facilitating the application of the TIC s in our collective enterprise with numerous actions, conferences and events, in addition to bet on the relationship and benefit between different micro-enterprises. This mutual support promotes business, profitability and active collaboration, always positive for all, they are the words that us aims Victor Delgado, President of AEMME. On the day, sponsored by SAGE, ARS and group Viyan, and whose duration was lengthened over 30 minutes by the unexpected and welcome participation active attendees from 9.00 h to 15.15 p.m.

of the morning, numerous companies who collaborated with their presence and their papers, took part by clarifying all doubts of the attendees. From Madrid technology, we will be in constant relationship with the Madrid business associations to collaborate in whatever actions benefit and support to businesses and entrepreneurs to incorporate the use of ICT s in their business processes, also told us, Javier Alonso, Chief of service for development of the information society, belonging to Madrid technology. You could count with Ydral, Emblue and Strato in a Roundtable that progressed in the 10 most clear and practical steps to put a company on the Internet from scratch.