Month: October 2015

Working Materials

The problem that we considered the students was as to teach mathematical with the golden, material material cuisenaire, logical blocks and abacus in alfabetizao EJA. The objective of the work is to make with that the pupils know the materials manipulable not as an instrument of the infantile education, but also capable to consider problems in the relation with the half cultural partner of the alfabetizado one. Word-key: Manipulable materials, Young Education of Adult; Mathematics. Introduction.

The research on education and learning had its beginning with pedagogical influences of the sown ideas for the Humanismo for the first steps of sciences and modern philosophies. The two great thinkers: Francis Bacon defended the idea of that the true knowledge of the things if explained through the experiences and perceptions take in them to assimilate and to know what he is being studied; Ren Discardings, in turn nailed that we cannot admit no fact as true if this not to present itself as evident. The educational ideas had appeared with the biggest educator Jan Amos Comnio (1670), that it developed an educational system with the objective to prepare the individual for the life. From the decade of 1920, the pedagogia of activity concluded that the center of the education did not have to be the act to teach, but the act to learn with new techniques of learning capable to stimulate the children interior. The pertaining to school activity started to be faced of ampler form with the recreativos games and others.

Working Calendar

Working calendar, work schedules, autochthonous, holiday parties, monetary restitution, workers, forced unemployment, labor Constitution, nonreturnable dates, companies, employers, working-class, strength work, vacation, hired person, contractor, onomasticos of work, Holy week, 2010 working calendar. brings to you the onomasticos 14 of the 2010 work corresponding to each autonomous region of Spain taking into account their private parties. The work schedules in Spain: what is in your region? The Spanish territory presents a particularity interesting with regard to the arrangement of the working calendar 2010, since government agencies of various regions that make up the Iberian nation establishes rules for the formation of both days of recollection. The factor that most influences the conformation of the working calendar 2010 is the indigenous parties of each political administration, determined the majority of the times by the commemoration that is made to a particular Saint. If this addition to the considered days of rest by the celebration of the most important dates established by the Catholic Church and the discovery of America, we have the full picture of the days that well there also are holiday calls. One of the most momentous decisions established by the Government of Spain regarding the monetary restitution from the days in which workers are entitled to a forced work stoppage, is add a couple of more days to the days already established by the Government by effect, precisely, each autonomous community celebrations.

This means that the Spanish State fully recognizes the labour Constitution as a set of laws that can undergo the conformation of nonreturnable by closing dates, without implying a nuisance for businesses of any kind or independent employers. But a huge inconvenience in this matter and that it involves the members of the so-called working class, is that they do not known de facto days that State institutions have been established as his own, i.e. where the workforce has the opportunity to leave for a time their daily obligations. This implies a great disadvantage for the worker who on several occasions has been troubled by the ignorance of this law which allows you, for example, plan your vacations or activities which leaves usually truncated by the commitment to their work. So you as person contracted even if contractor is not unknown the days in which the working calendar gives the holidays, brings to you the onomasticos 14 of the 2010 work corresponding to each autonomous region of Spain taking into account their private parties. As if outside little, the days of Holy week of 2010 are properly exposed at this e-mail address. Go safe with your work calendar 2010.


Management focado in result. Leader worried centralisers and in controlling all the routines of its subordinate demonstrate incapacity to form a competent team. To form a team competent, capable to touch the routine of an area, will favor that the leader if becomes available to turn itself toward the results most important. Good leaders must prioritize resulted and to be competent to lead motivated and trustworthy teams. Evaluation of continuous and clear performance. To provide feed back continuous to the members with its team is characteristic of the leaders. To mention to its collaborators the observed strong points will go to contribute so that such points if fortify still more. On the other hand, to point the occured imperfections and the necessities of improvement will prevent future relapses.

Frank communication. The boarding of the leader must be frank, direct and objective. The communication must occur without great introductions and roundups. A leader does not lose time and communicates frankly what it will be necessary. Shared information.

Today the great organizations display its vises, its values and goals you wall in them. Inside of the areas of an organization, the managers must adopt similar paper, that is, nothing of what does not exist worse to participate actively of a project and later being ignored by its superior. Working with emotions and arguments in conflict situations. Diverse types of conflict occur inside of an area of work, as for example, problems between the members of the team or problems of a member of the team with people of other areas. In conflict situations, a leader must look for to anticipate the reactions and to understand the emotions. A form to intervine is to effect investigations that serve collaborating it to control its emotions and to assume more adequate behaviors. Examples of questions: Which the consequence that this problem can cause? As we can prevent situations fellow creatures in the future? 8 – To make use of diverse opinions, arguments and different cultures.

Working Principle Conditioning

Central air conditioning is used for ventilation of residential and commercial premises to create more comfortable conditions for work and life. This conditioner is a frame-panel system, supplied with cold heat and electricity. Also, central air conditioner can clean and moisten the air and the ventilation system. The purified air is distributed evenly throughout the room with the air duct system. Similar conditioner may serve as one large room and several smaller ones.

In fact, one air conditioner to cope with the room equal to the square huge production plant or the stadium. In addition, if necessary set some of these devices. Conditioner consists of sections that are intended for heating, cooling, mixing, drying, humidification, movement control and air purification. And you can freely combined. You can split air conditioners for seasonal and year-round. The power conditioning devices are divided into low, medium and high pressure, according to the method of execution are divided into internal and external, Suspended and fixed. In addition, central air conditioners can be divided into direct-flow, with recirculation and heat recovery.

Straight-through air conditioners are treated outside air only, air-conditioning with recirculation treated with a mixture of outdoor air and exhaust air. Air conditioning with recirculation consists of a mixing chamber which delivers variable amounts of fresh and recirculated air. In the air conditioning system with co-current and heat recovery, heat is transferred from the exhaust air to the outside. Recycling technologies and waste heat recovery saves energy costs of heat, especially when it comes to the cold season. If technological features vented not allow the use of recycling, in such cases, the direct-flow scheme is used the air conditioner. Central air conditioning stands out air treatment systems, one big advantage – he is able to maintain an optimum temperature, humidity and the desired mobility of air masses even in rooms with giant squares. To install the system does not need the fan coil units. On the other hand, the system is not without flaws. First, the installation work are quite complex in its process. Secondly, it will take quite a lot of time. Third, this will attract skilled workers.


It is a mistake to think that in the hands of the manager more control over execution of the subordinate. If another you as the head man is not subject. And whatever you do – it calls for, explain, criticize, punish, inspire and flattered in hopes that workers will make what you want. Required to form another installation, a different understanding: unlike Labour leader of working artist is that leadership success is measured by its success of subordinates, and depends on them is in their hands, while success artist to a great extent depends on his personal efforts. Therefore, you need to talk about implementing the remote control.

The task of this control is further complicated by the fact that no matter how people were selected, all of them are by nature different: each has its own style and motivation. Secret number 2. High effectiveness is achieved if and only if, when the head articulates the goals, sets the parameters achieve the desired result and allows the artist to search for ways to achieve goals. The truth about the role of managers if manager can not "drive the hands" of subordinates, then for what he did needed? What is the return on it? Do not you think that the success of the manager and his "cost" to the external labor market and within your company's success is akin to coach a sports team? Understand how and what the performance reserves in each team member to find ways to remove them and put at the service to achieve command objectives, to maximize the focus on achieving the desired result. And repeat as many times as needed. At It is very often not be much involved personally in achieving this result the team. Is not it so? Very close to what makes a chemical test tube outwardly neutral in the reactions of a substance and known as the "catalyst".

Working Furniture

In our time, is simply huge and diverse selection of multi-functional appliances and devices necessary any housewife in the kitchen. As rich market kitchen utensils and crockery. Proper placement, and assembly of furniture can turn your small, but cozy kitchen in a very tech production with minimal effort mistress. This requires wall cabinets in various sizes and configurations and built-tech appliances: oven, dishwasher, freezer and more. We should not forget that the distance between the hanging cabinets and tops should be about fifty centimeters. Often, to increase the area of cooking using a wide window sill as a cutting table. If it is low, it can serve additional seat for guests.

Thus, due to what can be visually enlarge the space of the kitchen? Bright sunlight, bright tones of the walls and ceiling, glossy translucent plastic or glass surfaces tables and cabinets extend the space. Proper positioning of the furniture will make your kitchen a comfortable and cozy. If your apartment or home kitchen can accommodate a band, and cooking and drinking area cooked, the location of furniture, cookers and hoods, washer and dryer can be concentrated in the center of the working area cuisine and dining area form the other side of the room. In the kitchen, a large area of the flight of your imagination does is not limited. Fit here and a bar that is suitable for both cooking and for its consumption, tea or emotional conversations with friends over a glass of spirits. In a large kitchen can be used for ceiling walls and furniture a bright and rich colors, though not give up the warm pastel tones, if they are to your taste.

Study For Working Life

Study for working life the individual searches need stability. The fixed and secure employment is always a desirable aim for by people. In this way public offering job vacancies are always the most attractive. On the other hand access to them is no easy task. It is important to have a range of knowledge and diverse praxis among them disturbing oppositions.

Wrong way the individual considers that it is difficult if not impossible to overcome them. An ideo wrong because as a whole, to face a challenge like this indispensable is forarse. Long time aprecido have schools and specialist training who want exams to achieve its objectives. Oppositions courses are a great choice, taking into account that optimal results we open the doors of a fixed job forever. It is essential to follow a few guidelines when preparing for competitions. The Organization must be one of our maxims: underline notes, a performance calendar, organized labor, etc. The thoroughness and determination also should join us in This way. To face such a challenge, it is important that we take into account our State of mind. The motivation that we plant face our challenges helps us achieve them.By this motivio must learn to control the nerves, to calm us and concentrate source: press release sent by MRovira.

Working Relationships

Irena Asher, Internet newspaper kabbalah world there is no friendship. There is a temporary coincidence of interests. Winston Churchill We were best friends, got up at the same time, went to the same shops, together and separately, sharing the most secret dreams, changed clothes and even went to the edge of the light from all far away, too, together. Until a chosen her. Suddenly, overnight, our friendship was gone.

Of course, I survived this shock. In some ways it was the first tangible slap in the face of life, managed by people unknown to me the laws. After graduation, got a job, married and, as luck would have it again made friends with a woman. Formally, it was my boss, but our relationship could be described as a truly friendly. We correctly and respect the privacy of each of us, but at work in every way supported each other and, if necessary, 'covered' each other's back. Still remember those days with some nostalgia and warmth. This went on until, in our team is not a new employee who is mine, as you might guess, is the former girlfriend did not start sympathize. Suddenly she remembered that she was my boss, suddenly I started to do the job satisfactorily, and suddenly our relations do not conform to the rules. After a few big fights, humiliation and public consumption lowering the wages I had to quit. By this time I was not really a girl, so I was much more difficult to endure yet another slap in the face.

Working Attitude

So it is not convincing the complaints that we do not have, because there is no experience. Only manage to demonstrate their working attitude, and the employer will give you your hug. So for those who at university trying to gain experience on the profile of their future specialty, very good prospects. So glad to competitors employers forever, especially when it comes to technical specialists. In very rare where you hear that, well, we have no time to train and "bring to mind" frames, we need trained specialists. This position is usually small and highly specific companies where you really need only held a pro. In Overall, almost all large companies gladly take on the training of students, provide them the best opportunities for learning in practice the basics of a future profession. Here and mentors, and sparing operation, and the possibility of writing the thesis.

And if you can prove yourself a promising officer, most likely, an invitation to work in a school year – at least two or three days a week, it will be convenient. For young professionals who have demonstrated their interest in their future profession, the desire to grow, evolve, many companies create a completely unique environment, offering both permanent employment and wages much more prestigious than the one you can rely on fellow students made light of in the training practice. Often, in order to consolidate the promising young professional leadership is even individual system of payment for his work, which sometimes even envious of bison production.

Remote Working

The rapid development of the Internet and millions of new users and employers make a new treat-quality work in the most liquid resources of human intelligence. Portal is a worthy offering such high quality and mutually beneficial work, the more that we can offer you a truly unique system that can radically change your career. By registering at you not only commit their personal presence in the global network as an employer or candidate, but also makes it much easier and qualitatively change the approach to work. The uniqueness of our portal is in its universality on the one hand and simplicity on the other. Once registered, you are given the opportunity to enjoy all its benefits.

If you are the applicant works, it has the ability to constantly add to, alter and improve his resume, including in them the most important in your view, the data. If you are an employer, the whole forming a unit vacancies accurately track incoming requests and maintain backward communication with potential employees. Moreover, as a registered user, you can simultaneously act both as employer and the applicant as a new or additional jobs. In this sense, the site gives you the most extensive powers. You will always get the most updated information on changes or additions to the site m, so you can quickly take into account innovation, or to correct summary of the vacancy. In the case of experience any difficulties, experts site will always be able to give you professional advice, and on the available here online you can find answers to your questions. .