Month: November 2015


In the city where I live, Rosario, State of Santa Fe, Argentina, settled long ago a new General Motors plant for automobile manufactures-tion. The State Government, provided free of charge to the new plant, land, services of electricity, water, gas and taxes, for a period 5 years ini-cial. This included the free construction of the neighborhood to executives and access routes. After five years, taxes and services provide them to 30% of its actual value. The reason for these gifts, was due to manufacturing installation would instead provide work for hundreds of Empleados, thus mitigating the Argentine unemployment. In reality, the company justi – fico 80% of its staff of foreign nationality, under the excuse of specialization. Only 20% was indigenous staff.

What I say and you already imagine, is that there are no such facilities for companies argenti-nas. This is a reality many times repeated in Latin America. This is the reality of a globalizing context, which lacks totalmen – you of any even-handed component. It is this globalization that is proposed to us as something random that happens, as what should come, without the intervention of the human hand. Certainly not so, these facts are produced by men in corporations if we do history of this globalization, we should remember that the oil crisis transnacionalizo economy, he urged countries to the expansion and to the search for markets. Especially, it should not be forgotten the constitutional-tion of the new financial megamercado.

A whole series of new phenomena have changed the face of the economy and society, configurando an unrecognizable countenance for the aged doctrine of social and economic status. It is the end of experience indicative status prepared by De Gaulle in France, and the Japanese State in the postwar period. Are invalidated state policies that suggest, encourage, retain, stimulate and desestimu-lan a State estrategico that orients the activity private.

Global Economy

So Paulo, 28 of June of 2005Para the partner-director of the Global consultoria Financial Advisor, Miguel Daoud, currently has an excess of liquidity in the decurrent world-wide economy of the change of the profile of the international savings, that after the succession of crises between 1997 and 2002, had carried through adjustments in the direction to form reserves. ' ' The countries that had suffered with these crises had had a very strong adjustment in the direction to have saving, to have reserves. Only that these reserves are in dollar and finish financing the North American economy, reason for which U.S.A. can have a twin deficit of more US$ 1 trillion. It has availability of recursos' ' , it explains. The partner-director of the Risk Office Consultoria*, Carlos Antonio Rocca, also sees an excess of saving in world-wide terms. ' ' as U.S.A. continues being a dynamic economy and has all a trustworthy picture, of baixssimo credit risk, would have then a trend of credit excess if to direct to mercado' ' , it says.

For Daoud, if it did not have a retrocession perhaps in the consolidation of the European Union, with the rejection of the Constitution and the problems with the rightness of the Budget, it was possible to see the beginning of adjustment in this disequilibrium, since euro also would appear as option for the formation of reservas.' ' Euro, that it is configured as one second option, still is very unstable. Until if it stabilizes, U.S.A. continues with offers monstrous of resource because it does not have opo' '. Still in accordance with the Daoud, the North American economy today consumes 85% of the available financial saving in the world. is this dynamics that favors the formation of bubbles in the economy mundial.*Marcelo Rabbat is consulting at risk of credit and risk of market. One of the partners of the RiskOffice, the Rabbat is also managing of the PR& The Consultoria de Investimentos, together with Sergio Malacrida, specialized in modeling of systems of credit and market risk.

Global Economy

if the economy is global, the profits and consequentemente the distribution of its results (positive) also must be global. What we see in the reality is that the only thing that is distributed of form equnime in this process of economic globalization is the degradation of the environment (the ambient liabilities). Some can until finding that certain communities immediately will be reached with the happened catastrophes of the respect lack stop with the nature, as is case of the populations caiaras and creeks – the small islands of the Pacific or cities as Palmares in Brazilian northeast, recently devastada by floods -, however the certain result is that all, without exception, of a form or of other go to pay these damages (the account of the damages is globalizada). The happened ambient problems of the ominous capitalism that we follow for the sensationalist media are the perfect copy of the model standard of our description-social evolution, where the man occupies the conqueror paper, and the nature, of victim. This Capitalism that is there, a Capitalism in the molds of the neoliberal school, is a preface of the Average Age of the capital that was successive of the Average Age of the altar, dominated for the clergy. The neoliberal contemporaries had fallen the same in error of the forecast of the socialist teoristas that as much had fought – it seems that they had not learned the lesson of that if cannot institute a model and/or regimen as only, as newness and absolute truth..

The European Union

Latin America has stopped being the continent of the political instability and the economic crises and has happened to be a region with an extraordinary potential of future. Although it is certain that hardly we can speak of a single Latin America. It is impossible to compare Chile with Haiti, although yes we can compare Mexico with Brazil and these two last countries can be compared with Spain or another European country. As far as the European Union, it has grown in recent years while it has been reinforcing his bows with other places of the world and increased his influence political. The European Union tries to have an excellent paper in the global scene. Its economic and social model already has demonstrated to have a degree remarkable of success to obtain a greater social and territorial cohesion in the countries integrate that it.

Against this background, Europe cannot consider to confront with consistency its challenges if it is not with strategies coordinated at international level. Therefore, it acquires a greater force the necessity that Latin America and the Union European they reinforce its relation and its cooperation. Then still being conscious of the differences and difficulties, the certain thing is that Latin America enjoys a clearly advantageous position with respect to other places of the world: not only it has realised an important effort of economic stabilization, but it has improved his social indicators. Some of their countries have started up strategies of reduction of the poverty and have made significant progresses in primary education, equality of sort and rates of schooling. Still it is much to do, because a third of the total of its population lives under the threshold of the poverty and Latin America is the most unequal region of the world. But one works in the right direction. The paradox is that the region offers excellent perspective of future.


" Excellence in Procesos" Culture " Cliente". The Client is the epicenter and reason of being of the company. Structure and processes oriented to know the client, to understand its needs and to work of collaborative form in creating and retaining the clients, most profitable. Oriented processes, people, data and tools to give satisfactory experiences that generate loyalty of the clients. Its better commercial strategy is the development of profitable relations with its clients in the long term.

" Excellence in the Relation with the Clientes" Some of the two first options or their combination can generally allow that it survives in the money changer and dynamic scene of businesses, the last one can take it to stand out. A suitable combination of the three can ensure the success to him. Real cases demonstrate numbers like the following: A company I consider that the perfect strategy to grow in the market was to invest a great amount of money in innovating in its product. In a period of two years I realise 6 significant improvements to its product, causing that their clients had to change in equal number of times this product. Result = Loss of more of 40% of the clients, who before this great one amount of changes preferred to contract less innovating, but stable products and with better service. The company lost million dollars, as much in its investments in innovation like by the loss of clients. Another company of the same sector decided to maintain a level of innovation in its product relatively under (only one update in a period of two years) and I dedicate most of to its resources and efforts to structure a program of joint work with the clients, major support in the processes of posventa and better cap of the needs of its present clients. Result = Growth in both last years of 300% in income and one improvement in the retention of clients of 350% with respect to numbers of previous years.

Successful Business

If you have an own business, first that comes to your mind it is How I can improve it? , What is happening that is not working as really I want that it works? , these are questions that not only happen through your mind, but in the mind of the majority of the people who count on an own business. Therefore it discovers the secret to have a successful business. Everything is in you and in your interior, in your thoughts, it begins to work in you like person, the form that you think with respect to the situations that appear day to you to day. This is part of the leadership, that you begin to grow like person, which you know as with your strengths and weaknesses and that you recognize that the things will work solely by you. Something important is that you cannot blame the people because your business is the successful who you want, neither you can blame the government, nor the neighbors, in my opinion each of us draws up its own way, you decide if she is towards the success or the failure. Perhaps that decirte can be somewhat confused that you work in you, you think that do not have anything that to see your person with your business, but the reality is that is thus, everything has to do, when you feel well, you are contented, positive, everything to your around works of wonder.

For example, it thinks when you received the great news, that step that day, perhaps the sales of your business increased, arrived new people at your business, you closed a treatment that of sale, etc. When your you are in a positive state and cheers, the things begin to happen. However that happens when you rise of bad, that first that happens to you is that you stick in the very small finger of the foot in a furniture, that you only see the negative things your around I assure, you that people do not arrive at your business or if you deal with they arrive them an indifferent way and even there is people who are aggressive, therefore that you think that she happens, that people do not return again.

Network Marketing

Often those that are in the company of Multinivel or Network Marketing make this affirmation ” Anyone can hacerlo” , you have listened to this? But this affirmation So certain what can be? Multinivel is so simple that it can do it to anyone? or It is that it is so difficult that only some are successful in this type of company? I can say that when saying ” to you; Anyone can hacerlo” it is really a truth by halves, this must to that all that belong to a multilevel company are not equal. Each has different characteristics, some have abilities in sales, others in planning, others in marketing, others in leadership, etc. When one makes this declaration, ” Anyone can do this negocio” , it is causing a great problem: It gives to understand that any person without concerning her present situation, can enter completely the business and of obtaining the same results that one that already has experience. When happening the time and to see that their results are not those that hoped finishes being discouraged and moving away of the company and is there where they begin to say what we already know ” the multilevel is one estafa” , ” only those that are above ganan” , ” pirmide” is one; , etc. Although ” the multilevel is for all, all are not for multinivel” , that we must very consider so that at the time of choosing to our equipment to say to them how they are the things so that soon they are not disappointed of the company. I hope that it serves this post to you and that you have learned something more on the multilevel If you have some doubt or commentary, only hzmela to arrive and by far taste I will respond to you..

Good Web Site

You are it image and similarity of your Web site. It is a summary of his person. We say, it represents that it. Its aspect can take it to the success or the failure in the sale that sets out. Many are the Web sites that they attract million visitors who remain, that they buy and that returns time and time again. So that its Web site obtains that this happens is necessary to take into account many factors; among them: the design must be most professional than it can, happening through the aspect that confidence, the use of the colors with harmony generates, the suitable commercial strategy, the fast unfolding of the page in himself and the use of the key words will take that it to their niche of market.

We suppose an example. We visit two fruteras, in where the first sample the products of hygienic and organized form. Its personnel is amiable, are smiling and clean in its clothes. And second frutera, however, we observed that they are not the ordered products and without good presence. And to make matters worse, it is taken care of by little friendly a sweaty and untidy person and in addition. Then, it is obvious in which of the two fruteras we will make our purchases.

Of equal way it passes with our Web site. We have done if it with an impeccable, friendly presence and that she generates confidence, and if the people who arrive there belong to niche of market adapted to our products and services that we promoted, I assure to him that they will remain the necessary time and more likely they buy what sells. This is a reflection of that are You, who you are its product. It is necessary to be reflected like a great professional in his Web site, and why no? , like an expert in its niche of market. Its Web site is the unique contact with its potential clients. It must be a friendly contact. It must create an atmosphere of confidence and able to please them so that they wish to remain and to buy, and what is more important, to obtain than they return time and time again. You must work and set out that the business is repetitive. This can be transformed briefly: its Web site can take it to the success or to the failure of the sale that sets out.

Beautiful Reality

For the majority of people when reality is spoken of the word they associate it with the things that can perceive their senses, such as the nature, the buildings, the people, the climate, the events, etc. The reality is each of us experiments, which feels inner, for that reason we see that a same event is perceived of different way and brings different sensations, for example when a company sends new line of products can be that two people in a same position perceive the things of different way, somebody will be able to see it like an opportunity, another one like a problem. What reality we wished to experiment? That is a question that constantly we must do and find the answer to us within we ourself. Andrew Corentt in its book the Secret of the power of takes us to the goals by a detailed process so that each of us we pruned to define what is what we wished, the secret of the happiness, the happiness, the love and the espiritualidad is to discover our emotion, what it inspires to us, the things that make us feel of wonder, then we will be before the opportunity of to contribute something beautiful and valuable to this universe. Whenever we observed something useful in our world we think about the dedication that the people made who them to be able to live in a better world, we watch the telephone, the electrical energy, the computer and its applications, how many lives have been saved by these contributions? , how it has improved our businesses and the quality of life? The answer is enormously, then those people found a passion, they were a sleepy and as a result of obtaining it they themselves engrandecieron themselves generally and the humanity. When one is in the mistaken footpath the way is of pain, for example the herbivores feed themselves on I graze and they are developed wonderfully, that is his nature, but a human begins to feed itself with I graze, more surely ends up becoming ill.


I assure to you that your readers will thank for it to you and they will not have a bad concept of you. As far as your articles, it does not matter yes you must invest time, money or resources, it gives quality articles. Still if you must engage professionals experienced in Copywriting so that they write them to you. An effective article must be able to generate and to establish confidence and credibility between you and your clients. Your articles must highly be informative, that give added value and to not only fulfill your shipments. If one is promotional articles must stand out of way is transparent and with clarity the benefits of your products or services. These do not have to try to be so persuasive that they offend the intelligence of the people. Your announcements must be clear, you do not allow that your readers must guess.

Frequently receipt promotions of people that enters some business of the multilevel and ample receipt information of the structure of the matrices, how much supposedly I go to win, how they are going to pay to me, etc., but I finish without to know in question product that is promoting, what it is what they sell, why serves, I can use how it. Your promotional material must be so clear, that it had to anticipate to the needs and questions of your clients. It remembers that you can resort to images, photos, videos, audio or to a combination adapted of these, that motivate the reader to continue with the reading. It is not tried either to generate an album of photos or images without information that could leave to the reader without the necessary elements so that it is decided to take action, comprndote. After all what you wish it is to realise a sale.