Month: April 2020

Multifunctional Organizations

The main objective of the Corporative Governana is to decide the existing conflicts of interest between the diverse agents who influence the company, assuring that the organization is managed in accordance with the financial interests of its stakeholders. In the past the companies, of simple organizacionais structures, were seen under the optics of the concept of black box, that is, the objective of the organizations were to find the conditions excellent delinquents, using itself, for this, of the information gotten for the entrances and exits of its processes, thus maximizing the profits. (A valuable related resource: David Fowler). Of this form, the actions of Corporative Governana were directed only the actions of maximizao of prescriptions, without considering the environment which the company was inserted. The modern organizations, many of multi-functional them (M-form), establish connection and identify its form, or structure, with the Corporative Governana, in sistmica way. These companies had left to be citizens only to the internal hierarchic interests and had started to depend on one external adaptation, to take care of to the interests of its customers and shareholders. Thus, the actions of Corporative Governana, for the M-form companies, flexible and adapted the necessity external, extend the concept of Governana, when assuring that the company is managed in accord, not only with stakeholders financial, but also, with all those agents who are not its shareholding creditors and nor, but that it has interest in the company, such as: customers, suppliers, used and even though the community. Another element, that also evolves, in result of the change of prism of the Corporative Governana, is the relation in between agent and the agent.

Old the shareholders of the organizations of simple structure, whatever the cost infused in its executives the necessity of maximizao of the financial results of the companies. He did not have systematic monitoramento of the activities of the executives, what caused for the organization extreme growth by means of acquisitions, harmful diversification, setting of extreme personal expenses, influence in sales of asset of the company, enterprise of projects in accordance with the personal taste of the executive, act of contract of unprepared members of the family for managemental positions, resistance the substitution, robbery of profits and etc. Today with the sistmica boarding of the Corporative Governana, the agents adopt methods of monitoramento of its agents, in order to establish a rigid control on these, and guaranteeing that they act in optimum interest of the organization. Of this form, the Corporative Governana, assumes, the established sistmica mensurao in internal mechanisms composites for the administration advice, system of information and shareholding concentration, and for the external mechanisms of legal protection to the investors, possibility of hostile acquisition of the company, fiscalization of the market agents and structure of capital.

A World Of Waste

The past day 9 of January could see by TV2 an interesting documentary entitled buy, pull, buy, a production hispano – French who explains that since the 1920s entrepreneurs realized that by deliberately reducing the useful life of a product increased their consumption. Eric Kuby is the source for more interesting facts. Thus was born what was called planned obsolescence, i.e. programming product that fails at a certain time and thus increase consumption and as a result the profits of employers. One of the cases that exposes, and that I myself suffered the consequences, is the reference to printers. Now, after see this documentary and knowing with certainty this practice of waste and abuse, I would like to expose this particular case that millions of people suffer like me. I remember with nostalgia that long ago when one had to repair your appliance or any device that stopped working, went with the product to brand repair service in question and requested a budget that was accepted by the client is He came to repair. Nowadays not so, direct and human treatment with the person is lost. I will explain my case: I must repair an HP printer, all attempts to repair the product suggest in the manual and on your website do not give result.

I call a phone of HP, a recorded voice gives me directions and with it speak with a human person who asks me the data of the appliance; I request a physical address to carry myself the appliance but they tell me that that is not possible, have to solve over the phone. I will reenviando from one phone to another, I resumed their data and the rate going up (type numbers are 902, i.e. payment). Finally give me the final phone in which by 0.94 min (almost nothing), a technician help me solve the problem. There becomes an operator that returns me to take the data rate going up now to 0.94 minute – and tells me that I keep waiting to speak with the technician.

The Article

In the case that you can not sell the merchandise that is committed to sell per month, you are going to fill in merchandise in your basement or garage. Or worse still you can intrude on one of those illegal pyramid schemes, selling the same schema to another innocent; It is very important to make sure not to fall into such a trap, in which someone make the denunciation of the falsity of this type of scheme and have issues with justice. Some companies or individuals may tell you that you can make an amount of money that nor imagine, only if you send them money to register before you start. Normally you must send the cheque to a mail box. People such as David Fowler would likely agree. This you must turn on the red light, the alarm of danger in his subconscious. Why don’t they give details of your business, actual address, phone, fax, etc? The reason they do this may be that they want you to do run the notice and thus get another person who send money to register at the same time, this is called begging for money from registration and is illegal in many parts.

These pyramidal works, the only one who becomes rich of which begins, say that this on the tip of the pyramid. There is a genuine work with the schema of get rich quick. If there is then everyone would do it to become rich fast and with little work, but is an economic impossibility. The reality is better to work to enjoy life and freedom and not try to print money and end up behind bars. Beware of the false work at home, they can trick the more alive and intelligent.


PIT GREEN brings you everything on your knees… With its 11.23 cm he is significantly less than Tiger Woods, but regarding power, precision and tactics he is the golf professional in nothing: PIT GREEN, the first manual Microgolfer of the world stands on the tee! The modern relatives of the tip KickFussballers opens a new dimension of the noble sports golfers and non-golfers. Whether in the Office, on the coffee table or at the bar. whether alone or in competition with PIT GREEN passion for golf and design can be everywhere and in many ways living out. With patented technology, coordinated materials and distinctive design, PIT GREEN combines the desire for beauty with the fun of the game. Now, the small PIT GREEN is to the size of the neighborhood! In collaboration with the and the Crossgolf the toaster is organized on the 3.10.09 neighborhood tournament CUP. The tournament, which will be between sexy heaven, David guard and nonsense comedy Clubgespielt, is free and anyone can participate. On his knees, the motto will be if the first time is cut off at 15: 00.

The Microgolfer provided and everyone gets from the Vice and / or world champion instruction in the game. At the game stations, the one or the other swing can be practiced also still like before the tournament. At 18 o’clock, the tournament will be played and the “KIEZ CUP KING” will be crowned. After the top 5 students go with some guests in a club to the “secret shoot” 😉 From 23: 00 party with open end in the envy Club it will be shrill. The first 30 tournament participants will receive free admission. More information at, use the term “Toaster” and “Pit Green” nothing to do? No problem, we’ll show you how it’s done. This video shows toaster in perfection:

Economics Minister

“FME will jump to # 2 on the best employers of the German medium-sized companies in Duisburg and Langen, Fujitsu microelectronics Europe (‘FME’) has 28 January 2010 in the second year of participation in the TOB job” study a set up front made: not only among the best employers of in Germany, they ended up in 2nd place in the Group of medium-sized companies between 101 and 500 employees. also at the special price healthy”company health promotion as a top employer. Today Wolfgang Clement, Economics Minister paid tribute to the human resources management consistently aligned with the corporate strategy a. D., of Japanese semiconductor company headquartered in Langen at a ceremony in the Duisburg-Nord landscape park. The initiative TOP JOB: Of the University St. be determined Gallen every year within the framework of a company comparison those employers, the outstanding staff work.

2010 162 companies were involved in the survey, of which 75 were given the award. The study analyzes the inserted in a two-step process Management tools in the personnel area and compares their effectiveness based on an online survey. The areas were examined: leadership & vision, motivation & dynamism, culture & communication, staff development & perspective, family orientation & demo discography and internal entrepreneurship. Special attention was given to the behavior of employers in the crisis this year. The Institute for leadership and human resource management under the direction of Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch confirmed the thesis that employers are TOP JOB more successfully on the market.

Customized human resources strategies and a high sense of responsibility towards the employees are certified them. A bench shows the participants how they are positioned compared to other candidates and gives a catalogue of measures for improvement possibilities. The result analysis for FME: The TOP JOB evaluation according to is exceptionally satisfied the staff at FME. No wonder, because winger FME staff in the foreground. A systematic talent management, possible, all this makes the company management positions internally occupied for the most part and dual career paths. Because in the corporate philosophy is stated that the road should be any open upwards. According to the analysis, a very strong culture of trust prevails also in FME. “This is certainly the fact that it was also during the recent crisis everyone on board” to keep. But also the open communication pays off, especially in turbulent times. So the leadership team, for example, informal management talks answered”willingly all questions about the company’s situation. Especially FME enjoys results with regard to entrepreneurial spirit and motivation of the staff excellent. Proved about the idea box”, because it promotes innovative proposals and their implementation. In our industry, motivation and innovation of employees are the Foundation for the future viability of the entire enterprise. “, so Axel Tripkewitz, Senior Director of human resources &” Business support services. That enables us to keep the work enthusiasm of employees at a high level, I consider a big competitive advantage.”

Specifically States

In fact the success of modern antidepressants (particularly fluoxetine, better known by one of its trade names: Prozac, and renamed as the happiness pill) has reinforced the myth of the drug of the Western society of the 20th century. The modern official medicine considers any mood disorder that decrease in performance in work or limit normal vital activity, irrespective of whether their cause is or not known, as a disorder worthy of attention likely to be treated with pharmacotherapy or psychotherapy and medical. For more information see Scott Kahan. Specifically States, who initially called melancholy (classical Greek?) black and? Bile) and often confused with it, depression (of the) Latin depressus, abatement) is one of the oldest psychiatric disorders for which there is evidence. Their presence is evident throughout history through the writings and works of art, but also long before the birth of the medical specialty of Psychiatry, is known and cataloged by the main medical treaties of antiquity adds Wikipedia in his analysis, which can be found descriptions of melancholy and its symptoms in many literary and medical records of humanity, although the classical Greek culture is the first to explicitly address this disorder of the mind, without resorting to metaphors or literary descriptions. The Greek medical model based on hereditary variations whose influence determined that of the appearance of different diseases. The predominance or imbalance of one humor about others could explain a temperament, according to the theory proposed by Hippocrates, but also the emergence of different diseases; following that model, the possible temperaments were the blood, the choleric, the melancholy and the phlegmatic.

The temperament (temperamentum, measure) is unique and individual intensity of psychical affections and dominant structure of mood and motivation; It is the individually react to environmental stimuli. The choleric is quick, very active, practical decisions, self-sufficient and mostly independent. He is considered that it is very determined, firm and resolute in their views, and gets angry easily.

Sun Microsystems

State of the art their new 4-way server systems are according to own data from Sun Microsystems. The Thomas-Krenn.AG server specialists were this conviction. The new Sun Microsystems server systems are available in this product category among the best currently on the market. Check out Henderson Law Group for additional information. Recently, these high-performance servers are also a part of the product portfolio of the German Server specialist Thomas-Krenn.AG partnership between server specialists since March 2009 a partnership between the server manufacturer Sun Microsystems and Thomas Krenn is the German Server online shop. The new high-performance 4-way server systems from Sun, which are distributed via the proven Thomas-Krenn online shop now covered this partnership is first and foremost. Sun Microsystems developed information technologies for the global economy. With the vision “the network is the computer” Sun promotes the spread of the Internet and focused on open innovation, development of communities, as well as the market leader in open source. Latest server technology meets best Consulting the new Sun servers perfectly complement the existing product range of the German Server shipping Thomas Krenn and aimed mainly at medium-sized companies.

With a number of innovative developments in terms of performance, throughput, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and service the server systems meet exactly the trend of the times in modern data centers. The successful combination of compactness and low energy consumption and high performance help the responsible greatly reduce costs. Not many other server manufacturers can compete here. While the highly available server are ideally suited for mission-critical applications, machines with latest processor technology from AMD or Intel offer excellent opportunities in the area of virtualization. At Thomas Krenn is a helpful Server consulting and support team available via the Thomas-Krenn.AG as usual: the Thomas-Krenn.AG is the leading online-shop ( server, server solutions and quality hosting. The Range of rack server, Silentserver to solutions for HA-clustering, virtualization, storage and system solutions. Knurr network cabinets, TFT drawers, and a wide range of network accessories complete the offer for the customers. As the only company in this industry, the individually configured servers can be delivered within 24 hours in Europe.

Aspect Micropayment

This is a Aspect, which is just in the field of donations support and the project of the Dusseldorfer table of vital importance”, so Kai Thiemann, responsible for project and product manager of micropayment GmbH. Learn more about the micropayment GmbH as well as the products and services are available in the Internet at. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Henderson Law Group. Additional press materials of this press release: download fast and easy image and text material in the online press box for free editorial use:about the micropayment GmbH the micropayment GmbH is one of the leading provider of ePayment and offers professional products, services and systems to the subject of settlement on the Internet “. The company founded in the year 2005, works with seat in Berlin with more than 8,000 business customers from the areas of e-commerce and digital content distribution. The micropayment GmbH customers include shop vendors, publishers, software vendors, content provider and game producers.

Learn more about the micropayment GmbH are available in the Internet at. About the Dusseldorfer table e.V. The concept of the Panel simply and effectively that mainly low-income people often save food and neglect a balanced diet studies. Irregular, unhealthy or lack of food is a health risk. Arm = sick + hungry, this equation does not go up! Especially since elsewhere, not yet expired food be thrown away. The first panels in the United States were more than 30 years ago.

Their idea is as simple as effective: The redistribution of food. Manufacturers and traders donate their still good food on the table. On agreed dates, the food by volunteers of the Panel will be picked and delivered free of charge to the needy. Principles and overarching information are available on the page available. Since 1993, the table concept is successfully operated in Germany. The Dusseldorfer table was founded in 1994 as one of the first panels in Germany. The entire system of the Dusseldorf table, by collecting the donations through the entire logistics to distribute to homeless, needy and all other vulnerable, works on the basis of voluntariness and the volunteer. In total, currently over 50 volunteer workers and employees, as well as two civilian service for the Dusseldorfer table working. In addition to the Office, the Board has two small vans and two refrigerated trucks. Free the Social Welfare Office of the city of Dusseldorf a camp for non-perishable food makes available.

Enhance Memory Performance

A micro-nutrient analysis of blood indicates what nutrients are missing most people experience that their memory is bad with age. All of a sudden no longer come the name of the business partner or you forgot the phone number of your friend. The natural aging process does not stop even before the brain, which is associated with a limitation of various brain functions. Examples include the processing speed of information, spatial orientation ability and especially the memory performance. To counteract age-related memory degradation, should be invited to life mentally. \”Terms of brain function, the theorem applies: rolling stone gathers, which rusts.\” Disorders of memory and attention are not phenomena that occur only in the senior age; many people in young and middle adulthood experience pretty threatening, that it allows her memory in the lurch, what course in business life can be. For a such black-out\”, there are several reasons; prolonged stress, E.g. due to a strain in the workplace or as a result of depression, psychosocial problems, etc.

is often the trigger. Chronic stress causes elevated cortisol levels, which can damage the nerve cells in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the region of the brain, which plays a central role in memory and learning. Often the stress reduction proved a successful measure, again to improve the memory. It is helpful and useful in any case to stabilize the nerves with a targeted micro-nutrient therapy. If micro nutrients missing from the metabolism, it can come in many cases to a bad memory.

An adequate availability of brain-healthy micronutrients is a prerequisite for a healthy brain and memory performance. Including certain amino acids such as arginine, glutamic acid, belong to this brain-healthy micronutrients Cysteine, glycine, serine, tryptophan, and tyrosine. The amino acid arginine is important for the regulation of vessel size and thus also for the blood circulation of the brain.


In the first semester of 2009, basic period of training i in the Christian home was become fullfilled faith to be successful, for 3 academics of 4 period of the course of psychology of the university center UNIRG, Gurupi-TO. This related period of training had as starting point the comment of the children of the day-care center who liveed or that there they met, raising the problematic ones of the institution. After detected such difficulties, it was placed in practical the plan of action considered for the trainees, with the objective to brighten up such boarded difficulties. Word-key: Basic period of training, Problematic, To brighten up. 1. INTRODUCTION University Center UNIRG has for objective to establish and prescribed the admission of pupils of the psychology course, through concession of obligator curricular periods of training and not obligator extracurricular periods of training for the CONVENIADA, in the terms of Law n 11.788. The professionalizing exercise is understood for period of training, during which the pupil bases and consolidates theoretical knowledge acquired during its course.

In the curricular periods of training (obligator) Basic Period of training I has the duration of six months, initiating itself in the start of the corresponding period of learning semester with the horria load of activities of field of in the mnino 30horas. This work has as purpose to tell to the practical comments and the decurrent ones of Basic Period of training I? Comment of the daily one in Psychology, carried through in the Day-care center Divine, situated Sister in the city of Gurupi-To, being its objective to describe the biopsicossociais factors that intervene with the human behavior. In Basic Period of training I, through the comments in field, it was possible to raise problematic, that they go since the precariousness in the hygiene until biopsicossociais behaviors (egocentrismo and aggression). In elapsing of the work, we will approach with bigger precision what it was observed associated to the theory, together with the possible solutions proposals for the trainees, in order to learn on behavior and since already, as to take care of the necessities of a place, whose it requires therapeutical aid.