Month: July 2011

Questions Of Transfer Of Ownership

As you know, under Art. 223 of the Civil Code the right of ownership in the acquirer things under the contract arises from the transfer, unless otherwise provided by law or contract. In cases where the alienation of property subject to state registration of the ownership in the acquirer arise from the time of such registration, unless the law provides otherwise order. The transfer of ownership together with the transfer of things – most common form of transfer of ownership under a contract of sale, supply and other contracts relating to the transfer of property. However, Art.

223 of the Civil Code provides for the possibility to specify in the contract otherwise the transition ownership of the goods, for example, after the full payment. Since the date of receipt of income from accrual, regardless of actual receipt of funds in payment for goods shall be the date of implementation, determined by the time of the transfer of ownership (Section 1, Art. 39 Tax Code), the condition of the contract on transfer of ownership of the goods to the buyer after full payment allows the taxpayer to determine the tax base is not account received in payment for goods in cash when the remaining unpaid portion of the cost of goods is small compared to the value of all goods. Analysis of judicial practice on the application the above rules shows that the judiciary is not a unified approach to estimating the time of transfer of ownership of the goods, other than the transfer of the thing itself. For example, when considering one of these cases, the court was made conclusion that the parties' agreement on transfer of ownership to the buyer the goods when full payment does not reflect their actual attitudes and actual financial and economic performance, and the right ownership of the goods has passed to the buyer after putting it to the carrier for delivery to the buyer. The time of transfer of ownership of real property acquired from different interpretations of the Civil Code in the Letter of Ministry of Finance from 26.10.2005, the, which states that the seller of immovable property the duty to pay tax on income from the transfer of property to the buyer on the act (bill) acceptance and transfer of fixed assets, regardless Depending on the date of state registration of immovable property and transactions with them. It does not take into account the norms of civil law (to make a single state. Register the rights records of ownership buyers to purchase their property by the owner of the property continues to be a seller), and rules of tax law (the absence of a transfer of ownership eliminates the possibility of recognition of the fact of implementation, which is a transfer of property is not, and ownership of property). Motives of the Finance Ministry in this matter are clear – to accelerate the process of taxation of income from the sale of real estate, but in this case it is necessary to apply the concept of transfer of ownership on the basis of its regulation in civil law, to avoid violating the integrity of the system of norms, regulatory institutions, both public and private law.


This concept of customer relationship management. In terms of business management – a system of organization of the front-office procedures relating to the client's needs, to proactively work with clients on CRM has been written so much that it seems there was no one who is anything but have not heard of this fashionable concept. However, most publications still have only a general and theoretical. Managers are interested in how to apply CRM-solution on a specific company, how to take advantage of the CRM-approach with minimal investment of time and finances. In the absence of simple and understandable information appeared common myths about CRM, which are either led to an unfortunate experience of using the CRM-system, or to the decision to postpone its implementation until better times. Uncertainty always scares. Recently, the "new wave" more understandable "industry solutions" which operate familiar concepts and to address familiar challenges fueled much interest in the CRM-industry. Industry solutions shift the focus to the application scope, more simple and understandable for managers.

INDUSTRY SOLUTION According to many experts, industry CRM-solutions are designed to dispel the myths discussed above. What are the characteristics and differences of these solutions? Industry solution is almost fully adapted according to needs particular sector, the share of the cost of services in CRM-project (as well as time to implement the system) is greatly reduced. In addition, the industry solution has the experience and technology of the various enterprises of the sector that further increases its value. In most cases, a common set of features included as standard CRM-system, not claimed in full. If we exclude optional features, you can save time for development of staff and, ultimately, increase the number of successful installations. As is the case with the first myth, the industry solution – this is not a program, adapted to the specific industry.

Rather, the program – this is only part of the industry solution. More important role in the successful implementation of industry solution has the expertise (consultants) to implement their knowledge of features of the industry, the processes inherent in working with clients and problems faced by companies. The consultant should be able to communicate with managers and specialists of the client company in the same language, understand the specific terms in the industry. Of course, along with consultants, implementers, the important role played by the development team that can quickly modify the main program and the previously created modules that are specific to the industry, as well as a team technical support, it is well knowledgeable in this industry solution.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic will probably soon begin to decline in real estate prices. In some cases, they may fall by 15 per cent – writes with reference to the Czech edition of Business Prague. "The fall in prices in some segments of the market is likely actually, it's already happening – commented CEO Next Finance Market Shihtarzhova. – Lower prices, especially for apartments in prefabricated homes, which rose in price before this is mainly due to speculation. In the worst cases, such housing can become cheaper by 15 percent.

" As for new homes or luxury apartments, their price, according to Shihtarzhovoy, will only increase. And this is thanks to that the country has recently increased the difference between rich and poor. Wealthy residents have have more money to buy expensive real estate. From the fact that people will in future be put on more expensive housing and agree analyst Ale Mihl Raiffeisenbank. For new projects to be built in areas of good value will also increase. "People are increasingly looking for quality and are less willing to invest in housing panel", – says Mihl.

Price, in his opinion, would be strongly depend on the growth of Czech economy. In the event that happens a significant decline in economic growth, prices will fall. If he hold out for the 5 percent level, the real estate market is expected to stagnate. The mortgage crisis in the Czech Republic in the next five years, analysts do not predict. Possible risks in the property market yet are counted. In their study, the Czech National Bank cites that in the event of crisis, Prices may drop to 30 percent. Despite the fact that such a scenario is considered unlikely, the CNB is considering this option and, in case the worst, be prepared for an adequate response. Economists are of the opinion that the Czech Republic completed the "golden age" of development companies who have to live with the decrease in demand for new housing. "The economy is not growing at a pace as before, does not increase the number of people who can afford new housing. Rising mortgage rates also played a significant role. Those who wanted to buy a new home, most of them have already done "- describes the situation Shihtarzhova. Developers themselves on substantial reduction in demand for new housing until they think. For example, in one of the largest in this market, the company Finep, marked only a small decline in sales. Nevertheless, analysts agree that if the decrease real estate prices in the near future and will then only for apartments in prefabricated houses.

Earn Online

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A rich man is different from the average person that tries out all possible revenue to survive, to avoid wasting time in vain. Yes, and you will agree that the extra income even millionaires do not interfere. Outwork work, which promises a lot of ads – it's simply a divorce. The only possibility of home-based work – it's their own business. Who is creating blogs and in their talks about how to work with well-known programs – gives lessons on working with Photoshop, Korela and many others, they get this money and eventually gets the coveted income without leaving home. The main thing to figure out exactly what you'll earn what you own you're interested. So Yet apart from organizing a business online, there are many other ways to generate income without limitation of age and knowledge. Interested? Then you here to learn more about all the possibilities of earning network. We reveal all the secrets! Any of your session should bring money – it is a fundamental principle of rich people. After all, it is no secret that time – the money, but they still redundant or who have not been. Let's spend time with benefit!

Recruitment Manager

For example, early work with 10 people, and they generate revenue for $ 10,000, that is each employee has brought the company $ 1000 a month. Now he works 16 people, and income was $ 12,000, which means that each employee has brought the company $ 750 a month. Withdrawal, or staff is ineffective, a theme has died. You decide! Want calculate how much you, as head of the company will lose its finances by hiring an inefficient staff? I will give average figures for Moscow, but everyone can count on the basis of their actual numbers. Let's consider the option that your company was hired by a simple employee (not director), and he was sacked at the end of the probationary period (3 months).

You were such cases, the new staff did not pass probation, and you fired them? We now turn to the calculation. How many months of care facilities to submit ads to hire for one job? On average – $ 25. And suppose that during the first month, with one ad, not bothering to, you find an employee. Room rental facilities for recruitment: where is the workspace manager recruitment, plus at least a little space to fill out the forms and place candidates for individual interviews. 15kv.m (Room) * $ 35 (cost 1kv.m per month) = 525 $ Salary Recruitment Manager (assuming that only 50% of his time he spends on recruitment). $ 500 * 50% = $ 250 What is the time spent head for which selected personnel to conduct its interviews with candidates, whom he invites Recruitment Manager? He is also embroiled in the hiring process because he did not care who will be working with him.