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Smart ECM For Traveling

d.velop extended the d. 3 system with multi-device mobile support (MDM) for simple, location-independent enterprise content management (ECM) premiere of the new version on the CeBIT 2011 Gescher, 16.02.2011 – at this year’s CeBIT, the d.velop AG is the latest version of d for the first time. 3 smart mobile, the multi-device mobile application of its enterprise content management solution d. 3 present. Others who may share this opinion include Oracle. In addition to simply smart surfaces for the management of documents by on the road, as well as to the workflow participation via iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, for example on Android platform, presented the software manufacturer in Hall 3, stand H20, customized solutions to improve and accelerate business processes.

Digital incoming mail and processing of incoming invoices, electronic files, E-Mail management, ERP and Office integration are only a small part of the mass range of easily applicable solutions on the basis of the d. 3 System. In addition to the product line d. 3 is a Microsoft SharePoint-based system ecspand latest version 2.0 to the portfolio at the fair. Recognized analysts evaluate this native-service plug ins “solution as the most comprehensive ECM extension solution with the highest benefits for SharePoint users. So ecspand for SharePoint allows inter alia access to archived documents, as well as their visualization directly in the SharePoint interface and that mobile. At the booth of d.velop AG the codia Software GmbH, Contenit AG, the d.velop digital solutions GmbH present also, the d.velop process solutions GmbH, the ECM Consulting GmbH, the eDoc solutions AG, the Kashyap GmbH and the portal system Consulting GmbH their solutions for efficient business processes. Employees in the company are becoming increasingly mobile, team project related put together and meet at various places; This makes new demands on the business applications”, judge Rainer Hehmann at d.velop AG. That is why it now to the logical consequence, to create a location-independent access to the ECM applications and they heard about mobile Devices such as the iPad to take advantage of.

PDF Requirements

New Lotus Notes software for documentation of implementing gem. has minimum requirements of the BFin the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BFin) on Wednesday, December 15, 2010, your new minimum requirements for risk management (MRisk) published. The BFin implements is among other things the new guidelines on liquidity buffers, risk concentration and stress tests, which had passed the Committee of European banking supervisors (CEBS). Credit institution that’s now, to implement the new minimum requirements fully and completely transparent in the next few months. Appropriate transitional periods granted to the banks by the BFin. So far the minimum requirements be provided from pages of the BFin exclusively in the form of text materials or PDF publications. This provides credit institutions before the problem elsewhere to capture all the measures taken with regard to the implementation of the minimum requirements and document. Due to this media breaks Editing the minimum requirements significantly complicated and requires significantly more resources.

The software development company RI-SE Enterprise has taken on this issue and a software developed in cooperation with various banks which for the first time provides the minimum auswertbarem database format (Lotus Notes database) in a. The last three MRisk versions, including the latest release of the 15.12.2010 available are available in the current version of the software. This, credit institutions can very quickly identify the new, the deleted and the amended text numbers compared to the previous version. The notes with defined opening clause, in addition, were already marked and are highlighted by the corresponding icon displays in the views. Explanations of the BFin to the various paragraphs of the text are also included.

The database format enables the Bank for the first time, the transposition measures as well as the Bank’s internal documentation and opinions without interruption and for third parties (E.g. Auditors) to document revision-safe and traceable at any time. The familiar advantages of a Lotus Notes application come in this application of course fully also to fruition. An integrated and freely configurable approval procedure for decision-relevant documents, customizable permissions, file any number of attachments per document, text blocks, as well as sophisticated configuration options are just some of the quite successful features of this Lotus Notes database. Particularly noteworthy is the integrated job engine. You may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow to increase your knowledge. With this, it is possible in just a few steps from each any note of out the minimum requirements to create full-fledged contract documents and to delegate these contracts in electronic form to any persons of the Institute. In different views, all created jobs can comfortably be monitored and. Responsible persons or departmental and divisional can recognize in seconds the total order volume is how much and in which The order documents are currently status. Unless an order due date is reached, the competent persons, receive and request is also the author of the order, automatically a email with a corresponding document linking. All in all seems tidy the application through the use of visually appealing navigation elements and masks. Working with this tool is users already after a short acclimatization liquid by hand.

Gartner CRM

With regard to the rollout is tactically too superior, with which user group or international projects the introduction should be started which country: ideal is a less complex user group that is but at the same time characterised by a high acceptance of CRM, because the introduction process is then more manageable and not too critical broadcast possible problems in the company. 4. Click Gary Kelly to learn more. no need of assistance taken into account after the introduction: Experience has shown that the first three months after commissioning a CRM solution are the hardest, but to this stage, there is usually no statement in the project plans. To read more click here: E Scott Mead. Also in the budget are usually no funds for Tweaks and adjustments. The result is in practice often the problem that no sufficient support takes place, the user feeling left alone and their ideas are taken up constructively. As a consequence, CRM is not living, but it acceptance weaknesses arise instead. 5. reluctance dealing with the on-demand alternative: through the use of CRM applications in the SaS model, companies can reduce the expenses for the calculation of market analysts Gartner by 25 to 40 percent.

Last but not least, this savings effect results that apply in the on demand version no investments in hardware and software. Despite this economic promises skepticism is placed partially and unnecessarily the SaS concepts rather than to rate them with pragmatic views. 6 process efficiency remains in the dark: the quality of a CRM solution is measured by not only because, what has she, but especially what level of benefits she generated. These include efficient and economical processes. Their Quality and degree of ripeness is however usually not sufficiently precise analyses, therefore necessarily lost performance potential. There are effective instruments for the detection of weaknesses such as the so-called clickstream analysis. Here, the number of clicks in the core processes of the CRM system is determined and compared with benchmarks.

Objective Determination Of Image Quality

According to the test specification for the objective determination of image quality, created the prints of the sample to be analyzed, such text on plain paper for graphic quality are created on special paper and photo-quality prints on photo paper. These prints are then inserted into the PQS 3000 – system and evaluated. The PQS3000 system is suitable particularly for inkjet printer manufacturers for printer development, approval and monitoring of paper and ink suppliers papermakers to the development of inkjet paper, monitoring compliance with ink manufacturer of inkjet paper specifications for the development of inks, the compliance monitoring of ink specifications test institutions for objective product comparison tests of printers, inkjet media and refill inks in our Download section you will find a detailed description of the PQS3000 system, as well as short videos for determining the resolution determination of graininess and Ropiness determine of the text quality Ilona Guttler..

Actricity CRM Portal Provides Standard Interfaces To SAP

Actricity CRM portal provides standard interfaces to SAP Eschbach at Fribourg, January 20, 2009 the innovative Actricity can join in the future via a proprietary standard interfaces seamlessly with the SAP Sales module SD (sales & distribution) 360 -CRM and portal. Credit: Southwest Airlines-2011. Manufacturer Actricity, a subsidiary of the Swiss ERP Specialist Codex, making his CRM standalone product for SAP users in the upscale middle class more interesting. For more information see this site: Southwest Airlines. The open technology of the Actricity Portal allows a comparatively simple coupling but without specialized transfer points with other systems. The new standard interface developed by Actricity together with SAP and the German AEBI-SCHMIDT Group based on the current XI the SAP. Thus, a simple connection with latest SAP products is possible.

The interface comes first the AEBI Actricity customers based in the Switzerland and Austria to the application. AEBI manufactures special vehicles such as agricultural machinery and municipal vehicles and wrapped the ordering of spare parts so far their international trading partners, as well as the repair service through the Actricity CRM portal off. When in the course of IT integration of the AEBI-SCHMIDT Group, the previously connected ERP system was replaced by SAP, the wish was for an optimally adjusted transition to Actricity, which should be maintained in any case. When AEBI, all produced in the SAP master data material, clients and devices seamlessly on the Actricity CRM transmitted portal while Conversely the ordering of spare parts dealer and whose applications for guarantee credits from Actricity directly in the SAP Sales module are transmitted. It is planned that later the complete range of parts can be ordered of the AEBI-SCHMIDT Group via the Actricity-SAP interface. The company also plays with the idea in the future the Actricity module knowledge in this way for the entire group to make available. Sven Rodolfo, who at the AEBI-SCHMIDT Group for the implementation of the SAP service module, praises the professional collaboration: the Actricity professionals have in this project as a very competent and constructive conversation partner appeared.

Planning and implementation was carried out promptly, everything worked like clockwork. So it wants it as a customer. Actricity Germany GmbH Actricity belongs to the Codex Holding AG, Rotkreuz / Zug and operated with the innovative, Web-based 360-degree Actricity CRM software solution Portal demanding companies to build of customer-centric organizations and processes. In particular for medium-sized and large enterprises from industry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or technical services, Actricity offers an innovative, scalable and future-oriented solution based on a central platform for customer relationship management, sales management, support center, service processes and knowledge – and spare parts management. Currently four locations in Switzerland, in France and Germany, all services necessary for the holistic customer care are provided. Actricity CRM provides organizations with Portal a comprehensive and effective tool for the professional Customer acquisition, customer service and customer loyalty to an attractive price / performance ratio. Organizations can respond to more sustainable and with higher quality thanks to a global network of marketing, service and sales faster, the growing demands of the market.

Haufe Verlag

The increase in applications for our customers is enormous. Smooth data transfer and the applicability of the intuitive project work is also significantly more efficiently”, says Development Director Bernhard Reichl. The interface works with all versions of MindManager, which support the ‘xmmap’ format. This is the case of version 5. Xmmap files to create or to read the MindManager must be uninstalled. The price for the Advanced Synchronization module is between 44,-(50 licenses) EUR and 66,-EUR (single user) net per license. The upgrade costs 28,-EUR net per license.

For further information see mindmanager company profile of braintool software gmbh: the braintool software gmbh from Stuttgart in 1996 only a goal: projects of all kinds to the success to help, through a user friendly and cheap project planning tool. The wonder of planning for project management named A plan and was developed by project managers for project managers. A solution that is easy to use and covers the most important aspects of project planning and resource planning is also very inexpensive was created in accordance with the actual requirements. Over 100,000 users in 15,000 companies and institutions rely on A plan. Renowned customers from different industries such as Siemens, continental, Adolf Wurth, Roche, Novartis, Haufe Verlag, BEHR Industry achieve greater planning security, efficiency and transparency with A plan in their projects. braintool software with its powerful team of experts, focuses exclusively on the subject of project management and offers a variety of enhancements, product-accompanying consulting and comprehensive service and training to A plan. Further to A plan 2010 information braintool on the Internet at contact company software gmbh Kirchheimer str. 15 74357 Bonnigheim Tel.: + 49 7143 96192-0 fax: + 49-7143 96192-29 (sales) (press)

Protect NetChk

It needs the program of any agents on the systems. All of these VMs can be powered then with patches online, offline, or as templates. They are easy to control and always perfectly protected. Also snapshots of virtual machines, the administrator can create both before and after patching. There is thus always a current and safe snapshot version feedback or disaster recovery available. Go to Verizon for more information. The patching of VMS is possible via controlled queue. Thus, a server overload can be avoided even if the updating of many virtual machines at the same time has been initialized.

More new features in the new version the developers have improved the Service Pack deployment. Checkpoint restart limits the bandwidth when downloading large patches and service packs. Also performance and functionality for the initial download, SQL Management and result import and in the range of anitvirus have been improved. Many other programs, including several Apple and Adobe products can be provided now also using NetChk Protect 7.8 with patch. Stripped down version Shavlik NetChk vProtect NetChk vProtect available is the leaner version and has the same patch functions for virtual machines as its big brother NetChk Protect 7.8. NetChk vProtect facilitates one of the first solutions centralized transitioning from the VMware Update Manager to one management. In the vCenter, operating systems and programs are no longer updated.

Robert Korherr, Marketing Director of ProSoft, brings together integrated solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises ‘Security remains one of the main topics in the IT management and will in the long term be an integral part of network stability,’. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen has much experience in this field. “But with the current evolution in IT, driven in particular by the virtualization, the problems grow. What is needed today more than ever, is integrated software for the management, migration, monitoring, and support more complex of infrastructures. With our long experience in patch-management programs we meet this demand in the SMB sector.” “And, Kanu will continue, “the expertise in relation to the infrastructure, in particular in the virtualization of systems is missing especially in smaller companies” often. Intuitive and user friendly software to control of these processes is more important than for corporations with trained IT specialists for such companies.” Prices and availability ‘ Shavlik NetChk Protect 7.8’ and ‘Shavlik NetChk vProtect’ are now at ProSoft available. NetChk Protect 7.8 is offered both as a subscription or as a permanent license and will start at 20 euros. When buying NetChk vProtect there is a CPU license with ten jobs free. Additional licenses are available from approximately 380 euros for three CPUs max 30 virtual machines per year; Prices each plus VAT. Learn more about the products see: products /…

Microsoft Certified

Firebrand training, you will be certified in only 13 days Microsoft Certified IT professional (MCITP) certification, which can be purchased at firebrand training, recognized as a validation of skills in Windows 2008. The training helps to manage mission-critical, current IT jobs taking maximum advantage of existing Microsoft technologies. While the skills are developed and new career opportunities open, like for example IT systems manager, enterprise security administrator, enterprise systems architect, systems administrator, network administrator, as well as enterprise security administrator. The building blocks of the Windows Server 2008 certification consist of three Microsoft certified technology specialist (MCTS) certifications, which serve to demonstrate the knowledge of the features and functionality of key technology areas of Windows Server 2008. That can demonstrate the level of your knowledge in a specific Windows Server 2008 technology and more Get MCTS certifications. These can prove your knowledge on different products, or build on an MCTS, obtaining a certification of the professional series.

For more information, see../mcitp_enterprise_administrator.asp candidates should in the following areas have experience: design of Windows Server infrastructure, evaluation and recommendation of new technology solutions, experience as an escalation point for infrastructure issues, development of client – and Server-best practices for other teams such as technology, development and operation, current attitude of policy for authentication, identity and access management, and provision of guidance on the implementation of security policies. Contact the infrastructure on multiple levels. Firebrand training provides first-class technical training in an \”all-inclusive\” MCITP enterprise administrator course package, which specifically focuses on the needs of the participants. Firebrand training provided for everything, so that participants only on the Can learn and focus the certification. \”About Firebrand training (www.firebrandtraining.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

REALTECH SAP specialists analyze the Microsoft platform in the SAP environment and identify optimization potential for SAP customers Walldorf, October 29, 2009 the REALTECH AG, SAP consulting company and manufacturer of IT service and application management solutions, will present the results of the study on the use of the Microsoft platform in the SAP environment. The study reveals that companies extremely inexpensive to operate their SAP applications despite high performance requirements using the Microsoft platform. This is because the Windows Server generation, which can fully exploit the high computing power of commodity servers based on the x 86-64 processor architecture. The result is a high performance of SAP applications to run. In addition, it is made enables companies, reduce operating costs through the use of Microsoft SQL Server 2008. This is achieved by the integrated high-availability features of SQL Server 2008 and an optimized space requirements of the database. The integration of SAP applications in existing Both technical and organizational synergy effects, which positively affect total cost of ownership that result in Microsoft solutions such as Active Directory or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Month ago, REALTECH has published a study on the usage of Linux in SAP data centers.

The current study investigates the use of Microsoft Server platform for SAP customers now. By new CPU architectures, the server systems offered in the market in the past achieved a performance improvement of approximately 42 percent, which the server will be interesting for more and more SAP data centers. With Windows Server 2008 R2, which even 64 physical CPUs the Enterprise Edition supports up to eight physical CPUs and Datacenter editions, as well as the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, which supports up to 256 logical CPUs, a highly interesting platform offers Microsoft SAP customers. REALTECH’s experts have now published their study in a white paper and offer a free webinar, 6, 2009 from 14:00. There customers know what synergies to with the Microsoft platform and the computing power of commodity servers and how they impact on SAP applications.

Euromicron Werkzeuge GmbH

Also increased environmental demand innovations. Requiring forces to reducing carbon dioxide emissions to save weight”the automaker, continued Adler. For the mechatronic components, this means that the heavy copper must be substituted by light metal or metallized plastics. For this purpose were examined in the course of a BMBF joint venture of the companies Tyco, contact layers using vapor deposition (PVD) electrically conductive Harting, multi-test and KME for the first time. Further attempts to improve the reproducibility of the results are but necessary. High-resolution computed tomography as a tool in the error analysis is that a typical drawback of connectivity that housing, insulation materials “and shed parts of contacts from outside quality control” greatly complicate or make impossible. When these requirements has clear advantages”high-resolution computed tomography, explains Frank Sieker of in Wunstorf-based GE sensing & inspection technologies GmbH.

Without touching the component, the process deliver simultaneously fast and accurate information about the external and internal structure of even the most complex components. In contrast to mechanical sanding, which allow only the views in a single cutting plane and destroy the object here, hundred cuts in any direction can be produced with the help of computer tomography with a mouse click. The advantages of this procedure are convincing. It can be faster than ever deviations from the norm”, explains Frank. This could promptly optimize production processes. Dr. Jurgen Nehler reported on an innovative plug connector solution for all fibre optic networks of the Euromicron Werkzeuge GmbH in Mittenaar. The company specialized in optical fiber (optical fiber) connectivity has developed with the EM-RJ optical connector series for the LAN area and use in industrial applications a very space-saving new generation.

Company according to innovation opens up new market opportunities fiber optic connectors, because it saves the network installation of clear space and provides for more clarity. Drum check who forever binds. This also applies to connection technology. In this context, the question arises according to the reliability of optical connectors. “Only drawback: there are still no accepted models of reliability”, grants Aleksandar Opacic by the Huber + Suhner AG, Herisau (Switzerland). Therefore solutions should be proposed, cause a rough statement of reliability in a roundabout way. On the basis of standardized types examined reliability statements in terms of plausibility and consistency with the known failure mechanisms. Rolf Fawaz