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AVI Converter PowerPoint

How do you convert to AVI Converter PowerPoint to AVI with the PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint is a good buddy of you, if you are in the Office, in an organization or at home. Although Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation program, with which you can turn presentations especially with a projector on the wall, but it is not so pleasant if you would like to play E.g. presentations, which are generated on a Windows PC, a Mac or Linus. It is also not easy to publish PowerPoint presentations on online portal to disseminate. In such cases, you would most likely convert your PowerPoint to avi which is playable on most multimedia devices. You need a powerful PowerPoint converter of as YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter to convert PowerPoint to AVI. YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter makes users dependent on Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

He quickly and easily allows you to your PowerPoint presentations to AVI, both in SD and in HD resolution to convert, so that you can enjoy your presentations in video format on all multimedia players with your friends or on YouTube, spread your homepage or blog. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Phil Vasan. All animations, transitions, and sound effects are kept in the converted AVI video. In addition, you can add background music, watermark. Please visit Phil Vasan if you seek more information. The instructions below show you how to to AVI Converter to convert PowerPoint to AVI with this PowerPoint. Download YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter first.

Step-by step instructions step 1?Run YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter and PowerPoint presentations add to run first from the PowerPoint to AVI Converter. “” “Then you can add PowerPoint presentations in the PowerPoint converter, by you: a. on the button Add” click b. on the image welcome “double c. menu > add” click step 2?AVI as the output format select choose AVI then on the drop-down arrow, and in the profile list as output formats from. Click if you want to edit the vorkonfiguierte format yet, you can click Options”. In the new spring-loaded window, you can customize the parameters of Foramts. Step 3? Set the PowerPoint presentations before converting to AVI again before you can convert PowerPoint to AVI the presentations still make for a better display effect. Click the icon setting”. “” “” Under the tab presentation”, there are four subtab, and meanwhile”, background music,”audio setting”and films”. Meanwhile: Under this tab, you can customize the transition period between two slides if required. Background music: Under this tab you can add presentation as background music music to your PPT. It is to add possible multiple music files at once. Audio setting: Select the Opition “ignore the audio located in the PowerPoint” under this Subtab, in the original presentations built-in music can’t play, but but the background music you added. Films: You retain the aspect ratio of the original presentations, you can select the offered option. “Under the tab conversion”, you can select the version of PowerPoint to convert and watermark “you can add watermark. Step 4? “Converting PowerPoint to AVI start after the above settings, you can convert PowerPoint to AVI with a click on the start icon” launch. The other makes this PowerPoint to AVI Converter. After a while gets Converts PowerPoint to AVI video format.

EDI Business

Ettlingen, October 2010 R + V insurance Wiesbaden using six years the of SoftProject GmbH 4 developed by enterprise service bus X. The R + V insurance is one of the largest German insurance groups. It offers private and corporate clients with individual insurance solutions of all kinds and is represented in the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken with its 13,500 bank branches nationwide. In addition, a tight network of sales representatives and agencies ensures a service of short distances. Smooth communication via X 4. All operations such as price calculations, supply and policy expression to the payment control efficiently to manage and to transform the R + V, their sales offices with the central host in Wiesbaden by the SoftProject GmbH opted mainly for the processing in different applications developed integration platform to combine enterprise service bus X 4. The technical and industry-specific expertise of the software provider were decisive for the choice. X 4 enterprise service bus for the R & V Versicherung After all field offices were connected, the R + V began to use the technology for further applications.

The preconfigured typical industry standard interface, which can be easily adapted to our workflow were interesting, “Karl Willhelm of Nilles explains responsible for IT operations of the application communication platforms, at the R + V. Barclays can provide more clarity in the matter. So the IT professionals of the insurer could this partially with the help of the X 4 designer just even graphically model the implementation on the integration platform is carried out automatically. X 4 strategic product since the introduction of the integration platform based on the R + V many business processes X 4: so for example the highly available connection of SAP on the mainframe, to replace commercial SAP and host typical master data between systems and applications, the online portal for car insurance, the connection of fire damage Sanierers RV24 Sprint and the glass claims management. The enterprise bus today is a strategic product, which ensures that our Processes run transparently and to adapt quickly to new requirements. Because new tasks arise, there will be 4 always challenges also for X”, finally as Nilles.

SoftProject and X 4 SoftProject supports companies for many years in the optimization and automation of business processes. With the business process management (BPM) platform X 4 thanks to preconfigured business processes solutions quickly implemented. X 4 serves as a central base for the networking of any IT systems. Employees, partners and customers are using adapters (E.g. GDV BiPRO, EDI, SEPA, SAP R/3, PDF u. Edward Scott Mead may help you with your research. v. w.) and comfortable user interface is integrated into the business processes. The clientele of SoftProject include insurance companies, utilities, banks, industry, logistics, trade and others.

Electronic Crediting

E-invoice solution is integrated into existing SAP-based invoice-processing environment harmoniously Neu-Isenburg, November 30, 2009. The electronics company Rohde & Schwarz, Munich, is now at self-billing on the electronic invoicing. The company lays emphasis on the E-invoice solution of his longtime software vendor ReadSoft, based on the software as a service (SaS) model. The E-invoice solution creates the required qualified electronic signature for the procedure and at the same time provides the verification report for the recipients. All credits are generated based on the data from the SAP system in PDF format and sent via E-Mail. The ESignature and EVerification components are used for this purpose. Rohde & Schwarz optimized the process of creation and sending of credits to suppliers.

In addition the company obligations also the tax, which will cause that it is a tax deductible. The electronics group calculated the volume of credit currently 12,000 documents annually. Currently, the implementation of the electronic process through its strategic partner LogAgency with which the solution was seamlessly integrated in the overall portfolio of ReadSoft realized ReadSoft. We chose in the electronic billing and credit shipping ReadSoft, because we have had good experience with this provider when the invoice processing. MasterClass Founder is a great source of information. This step was obvious”explains Olivia Kaba, project manager at Rohde & Schwarz.

The project team, that the already established invoice cockpit as clear accounting ledger is also sent electronically credits was particularly convinced. All invoices and credit notes, regardless of their source or dispatch, appear with their respective status in the invoice cockpit and can be processed further from here. The solution that should go quickly productive offers an advantage also for Rohde & Black suppliers: supplied verification report, the recipient can immediately edit the credit. Additional process steps are no longer necessary. That naturally increases”the acceptance of such a solution with our partners, says Harald Folsl, head of accounts payable at Rohde & Schwarz. Around 25 of the master suppliers should receive in the future the credits of the Group about the new procedure. In the next step, it intends to examine at Rohde & Schwarz, in extent to which prevail within the own supplier and customer structure electronic invoices. Still a significant potential cost savings and improvements inside the overall process”, is sure Olivia Kaba. About ReadSoft GmbH: ReadSoft’s solution portfolio addresses the entire purchase-to-pay process from the order registration up to the payment of invoices. The process steps can be processed automatically and continuously the ReadSoft Suite modules. As added value and flexibility in the SAP solution platform is created for the user. ReadSoft is leading provider of software in the field of automated document processes. Headquarters the group is Sweden, where the company on the stock exchange is listed. Around the world, 435 people are employed at ReadSoft. In total, there are over 5,300 installations by ReadSoft solutions. In Germany, the ReadSoft GmbH is since 1996 on the market. ReadSoft’s customers include medium-sized companies as well as many large companies and corporations. Partially processed the document processes in shared service structures.

Carsten Kraus

FACT Finder provides all the basic functions: from the shopping cart to the checkout. Agencies can add program for the store owner individual functions. Must you huddle in the evening hours in a supermarket, is usually more than a nuisance. Mobile Commerce, the new trend from England, helps here: flexible shopping food, also called eFood, finds in this country many followers. Project manager Oliver Riedel of Lebensmittel.de: “the app will be an important pillar for our future growth. It is our first step into the mobile commerce, in which we see a very strong growth potential for the coming years – especially for online food.”e-food Congress with Carsten Kraus – save the date! On 30 November talks Congress in the Dorint Pallas Hotel Wiesbaden on the topic of conversion excellence”FACT Finder – CEO Carsten Kraus on the 1st German e-food.

Interested parties can register under the following link online at the Congress: Lebensmittel.de is Lebensmittel.de with a range of more than 24,000 products, one of the largest online supermarkets in Germany. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fine wines or frozen – at Lebensmittel.de customers find everything that belongs on the dining plan. For shopping, there is no minimum order value and from 40 euro value of goods, the purchase is free of charge. Until then, only 4,90 euros incurred shipping costs. For press inquiries at Lebensmittel.de Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau Tel: 0711/761627-10 E-Mail: FACT Finder: fact-finder is the European market leader for product search and navigation in online shops. The fault-tolerant high-end solution from Omikron is language-independent and is used internationally in more than 800 Web shops. Fact-finder is easy to integrate and is virtually maintenance-free. All settings and updates can be made to the current system.

Depending on the range, Web shops recorded sales increases of up to 25 percent shortly after installation. The high-performance system available also as ASP solution available and provides access through Web services and XML interfaces. Since 2010, there are FACT Finder as an iPhone app for successful mobile commerce.

SAP ERP Workshop

Delta workshop customers and REALTECH consultants work out the economic benefits of an SAP ERP 6.0 implementation Walldorf together, April 28, 2009 – the Delta workshop developed by REALTECH for SAP is ERP 6.0 on IT – as well as to departments. In the workshop, the explicit usage possibilities appear on ERP 6.0 SAP. This REALTECH business processes has identified, providing a potential optimization ERP 6.0 technology in the course of the advanced functionality of the SAP for business processes. The functional developments are brought by SAP ERP 6.0 closer participants. The optimization potential for specific business processes individually demonstrate scenarios tailored to customer requirements. The coordination of technology and the needs of the departments provides the necessary basis for an economically efficient use of the new SAP ERP 6.0 release. Without hesitation Keoland explained all about the problem. Through the solutions developed together in the workshop, customers benefit two things: cost level through savings on process level by continuous Improvements.

In particular in the FI module, ERP obtained 6.0 significant improvements. The new General ledger contains many novel features that entail significant performance advantages. For example, was the profit center accounting is integrated into the new General Ledger, as a reduction of the theses in the field of special ledger and controlling. Companies are thus able to reproduce full balances over ERP 6.0. In addition to the segments of workshop evaluated by REALTECH includes the areas of sales, human resources, purchasing, materials management, production and planning finance and accounting. (Not to be confused with MasterClass Founder!). The workshop for SAP ERP 6.0 takes place on two working days and is offered at a fixed price of EUR 4.950. Since the year 2008, REALTECH Consulting GmbH offers various projects and seminars at fixed prices. The range check lists of the compliant identity management from SAP strategy workshops security audit. These packages are based on many years of experience of REALTECH consultant in diverse SAP projects. Up-to-date the offer includes eight consulting packages.

Large NAS Test

NAS server are used for storing large and many files in a central location in the network through the constant proliferation of devices that can create high resolution photos and videos, the demand for storage has increased incredibly in recent years. Many households and businesses are facing the problem that these data must be securely archived and accessible for all users. Here, a NAS server on the all files can be centrally backed up helps. The acronym NAS stands for network attached storage, and describes the basic function of a NAS server: the network-based deployment of storage space. Such a NAS server is the ideal solution for any computer user that large files in a central location in the access area would like to reassure many and above all.

Often, important and valuable for the operational files/documents/videos/photos online on specially hired Web servers or the storage servers of cloud service providers (such as DropBox) be placed in companies and offices. In However large that get these valuable files to third parties, the server provider maintenance access gets sensitive data access danger these cases or even that the dropped files through insolvencies or technical errors no longer to reach and are therefore lost. For even more opinions, read materials from Axesor. It can also happen that the Office’s Internet connection is disrupted and by storing the files outside of the network, a work for several hours is not possible. With the help of a NAS Server (see: nas-test.eu), which locally in your own Office or plant room complete access to the local NAS system is installed, can be narrowed such dangers and set up an additional secure backup options, since only the Admins and participants of the local network is allowed. There is no greater security for sensitive data.

Using NAS server on the private network but not only in the professional areas such as companies or offices, the NAS Server data storage are a good solution. Also on the private network in the appropriate budget these servers are very useful and facilitate the everyday life at the computer, if multiple devices (PC, Mac, laptop, or Tablet) in the network are integrated. It is among other things possible that including the family photos and videos on a NAS server are stored to allow access to these files over a network share any family member or network participants. In most households and families this is solved so far normal external hard disks on which then only a user can gain access at the time. With a modern NAS server, each user of the home network of each time these files can be accessed. With devices (such as game consoles, HTPCs or similar devices) also a streaming of videos and photos on the TV is possible. Many manufacturers of NAS systems the choice of NAS systems is unmanageable, the large and well-known manufacturers such as for example Synology, Buffalo, Qnap, Western Digital regularly new and more modern Server products bring to the market and these are always equipped with new Featrures. On many current NAS test systems, so that a selection can be made. Every household has different requirements, so that a blanket recommendation is not possible.

Euro Management

Exagon study: meaning is according to the company in the last three years, significantly increased current performance quality in the change management is positively Kerpen only by a few companies, June 22, 2010 – the importance of change has evolved significantly management over the last three years. As the consulting firm determined Exagon in a study, considerable weaknesses consist about after the introduction of new technologies, but to control the processes of change. The companies complain especially a low horizon of experience and conceptual deficits, also often lacking budget for appropriate change management related project activities. Exagon – Managing Director Werner Stangner the subject is awakened from its slumber”, assessed the results of the survey among more than 200 companies with over 100 million Euro turnover. Because 47 percent of them have given to Protocol, that the need for a systematic change management greatly has increased in the last three years. Add another 22 percent come from something talk to increase relevance. About one-third has registered no significant changes (18 percent) or even speaks of a loss of meaning (13 percent).

An average rather critical judgement to the quality of the own services in this respect however faces the majority stronger turning to change management. Only one-third of the companies surveyed are the note is very good or good. Two of five see their current opportunities in change management but rather in the red zone. This shows that in the meantime although the requirements have been approved by most companies, them but still lack the competencies and methodological ways of implementation”, Stangner explains the apparent contradiction of identified needs and the existing implementation conditions. A change management, which is worthy of this name, can be built on neither fast by the way still sufficient for generally the existing internal expertise”, emphasizes the Exagon consultant. With this position, he is in line with the assessments of the IT managers surveyed.

Hurth Tel Problems

If an implementation overhead by an average of one to three days and then virtually no administration is required, this may be no actual argument”he criticizes: rather own perceptions would therefore confirms, according to which in many cases there is no assessment, which investment and project costs go hand in hand with the introduction of monitoring solutions. Jatin is equally clear but questioned whether IT services can be evaluated precisely by General observations. Read additional details here: Icahn Enterprises. The services are usually far too complex to be able to keep their respective performance levels in the entirety in the eye. Also, there is no clear responsibilities for it. This possible weaknesses identified then, if already massive problems have arisen, which can grow up to cases of critical business processes”, he describes the consequences. This however have little in common with an IT service management do the preventive works and tried to nip trouble in the bud already.

Without a systematic service level monitoring, there is no early warning system and no proactive measures can be initiated, instead you suddenly stumble into the approaching problems.” This inevitably create failures with a higher economic damage. However, many of the companies surveyed pledge improvement. Because after all, 36 percent plan to put the subject of service level monitoring in the future on the agenda and to invest in solutions. About Servicetrace: Servicetrace developed comprehensive monitoring solutions to determine of the performance of key applications. The ServiceTracer platform provides the decision-relevant information for the management and other stakeholders in the company in the form of reports and alerts. The implementation and administration of architecture produces only a small amount. It is also appropriately scalable. By Servicetrace’s clients include companies such as Lufthansa AirPlus, Norvatis Pharma, Sparkassen Informatik, T-systems, etc.

Real Time Under Windows

New real time solution enables more than nice weather real time including on the latest operating systems. The RealTime suite is a fundamental development tool for the realization of industrial real-time applications under Windows. The current version supports the newly released Windows 7 and thus enables developers to use the latest operating system technology. The high performance of today’s PCs gives the impression at first glance, a normal Windows PC would already suffice for time-critical applications. The Managing Director Uwe Jesgarz said: “without a real-time extension provides only something like ‘ nice weather real-time ‘ Windows. A reliable behavior in every situation, however, is required. Anything else would be unacceptable in industrial applications and could result in fatal consequences. Kithara software provides, however, hard real-time, that nothing from the rest be.” Opposite its inception more than 10 years ago contains RealTime Suite not only simple timer functions, but a priority-driven, preemptive multitasking system, expect this professional developers of a RTOS.

Up to 255 levels of priority tasks reliably ensure that only the highest priority task is running in real time. Uwe Jesgarz emphasizes: “The powerful resources thus provided enables the implementation of applications, which can be formulated only by a complex model of the processes.” The solutions from Kithara are used including for communication with EtherCAT master for real time CAN or Ethernet and run on popular operating systems of Windows and now also on Windows 7. The real time support available for the programming languages c/c++ and Delphi (native), DLLs, and c# is suitable. Kithara Software GmbH Berlin by Kithara Software GmbH has existed since 1996 and has since become a specialist in low-level programming and real-time communications solutions for Windows developed. The easy applicable function libraries enable the development of real time solutions with Ethernet, automation with EtherCAT, real time-CAN and PCI and USB programming.


EDI and E-invoice process flow alike in the ReadSoft standard solution for the processing of invoices in Neu-Isenburg, June 22, 2009. The e-invoicing and delivery, ReadSoft has connected two common procedures on its invoice processing platform of ReadSoft invoices. So, the provider supports the transmission of both EDI and e-mail within the framework of the E-billings. Both methods result in an SAP environment in the standardized invoice process with ReadSoft invoices and the SAP add-on invoice cockpit. All incoming invoices can be thus – regardless of its input source – automatically processed, as clearly show single incoming invoice ledger, and pursue.

The EDI Cockpit facilitates the processing of EDI messages the user. Especially faulty EDI invoices can be edited very comfortably. The solution by ReadSoft gap a function in the previous process, which required an elaborate cross-departmental communication troubleshooting here. At only the Administration could run corrections in the way technical errors so far, on economic issues, the Department was also consulted. Friction losses and delays were often the result. About the EDI Cockpit, transferred the incorrect documents in each case in the Department and can be edited there additional features targeted. For the actual processing, two options are configurable: standard input processing with subsequent refresh of the data set in the cockpit of the invoice or the direct processing of the IDoc via EDI Cockpit.

The mapping of the fields of the iDocs to the input interface, you get flexible. The type of IDoc, nor the interface of downstream processing are fixed. The according to 14 para 3 No. 2 UStG required collective invoice can be delivered either by mail or with a qualified electronic signature provided and electronically transmitted. E-invoices, invoices sent via email so, ReadSoft processed with a SaS solution (SaS = software as a service). A easy to use and accessible via the Web browser eBox the qualified electronic signature of each invoice is checked and verified.