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Winshuttle integrates Bremerhaven designed over 70 product improvement characteristics data extraction from SAP even easier. Winshuttle a leading provider of Excel-based business process solutions for SAP users today announced the availability of querySHUTTLE 6.2 announced. With this powerful software, users without programming knowledge can extract any data from SAP, then use them in Excel. So, for example, reports can be created or analyzed data with little effort in a familiar Excel environment. The performance of the SAP server and data security are not affected thereby. With version 6.2 is querySHUTTLE now also in German available. With version 6.2 of querySHUTTLE Winshuttle expanded the monitoring and control of users and licenses. Furthermore, a collection of templates with the frequently used queries across multiple SAP components is now integrated as an online library.

The newly designed Microsoft Excel add-in with support for the 2003 and 2007 versions, allows now also standalone table joins, is an extended standard data dictionary, as well as functions to simplify the table joins and field selection available. “The version 6.2 of querySHUTTLE comes exactly at the right time”, says Klaus Garms, Managing Director of the recently founded Winshuttle Germany GmbH. with the release is fully available in German language the software. It also contains features that make the product for SAP users even more attractive while maintaining data security aspects.” Winshuttle Winshuttle is a leading provider of software solutions that SAP users directly in Excel without programming can maintain their own data. Winshuttle reducing the cumbersome manual data entry in SAP masks and the high costs associated. Instead, users use the familiar Excel interface for data maintenance. Thus, their productivity is increased, what contributes to a significant time and cost savings for the company.

The Winshuttle product family consists of transactionSHUTTLE and querySHUTTLE eSHUTTLE. She can be used for all SAP modules and can be used both by users and by so-called power users, alike. Many companies, such as Bayer AG, the Gothaer Systems GmbH and Merck KGA, Winshuttle already in use and benefit from a simpler and faster maintenance of their SAP data. Winshuttle, Inc. is headquartered in Bothell, Washington, as well as offices in France, UK and India. The Winshuttle Germany GmbH in Bremerhaven is responsible for the DACH region.

Audio Workshop Apple Logic Studio On BURG FuRSTENECK

Digital audio editing with logic – a weekend course on BURG FuRSTENECK. The Academy BURG FuRSTENECK in the framework of the education focal point offers an audio workshop to the recording Studio software logic, music and computer from 23-26 October 2009. BURG FuRSTENECK is located in the Centre of Germany, was just renovated and offers the participating accommodation and meals at the Castle. The freelance sound engineer and experienced seminar leader Florian Gypser has the management of the courses. Logic is the standard in professional recording studios for years. With the new logic 9 Studio/Express has now created both a creative tool box Apple for professional producers as well home recorder and ambitious musicians.

This logic weekend course provides any knowledge that you need to get started and work with Logic Pro/Express. The content also includes audio recordings, virtual instruments, and all basic configurations. It is also on the specialities of the programme such as MIDI-routing environment, logic plug-ins, mixing with logic and automation entered. Is taught participants how to use logic as the headquarters of the Studio, by controlling external devices to the link with other software. An explanation of the logic internal plug-ins, which are by far the best program-internal plug-ins, is also part of the workshop. The contents are developed together with the participants on the basis of numerous practical examples and a music production, to introduce the various tools and plug-ins, as well as a streamlined workflow. Also entered on individual problems and questions.

Hessian teacher accredited of course with 20 points. But other participants are of course also welcome. More information and registration see: culture/kurs_3176.htm the site offers an overview of wweitere seminars in the field of music and computer on BURG FuRSTENECK: kultur/006008/index.htm BURG FuRSTENECK? Akademie fur musisch cultural and professional training the Academy Castle FuRSTENECK is an educational institution in Hesse with supra-regional, nonpartisan and nondenominational alignment.

The Profiler

The open beta phase for the new version of the Flash developer tools begins with the announcement of FDT 4 at the same time. The Powerflasher renounce completely on the release of beta test versions. Instead the new program features of FDT 4 appear during this open testing and development phase for the first time in four completed milestones”. The individual milestones build on each step each other and complete the finished software at the end. Each milestone”already is an independent, functioning part of the program. Otherwise as the full, but still a beta pre-release of software only at the end of its development phase, the program milestone available much earlier.

He runs more stable and allows for immediate, targeted feedback of users. With the release of FDT 4 milestone, the Powerflasher adapt their release management to their internal, agile development process. In developing and implementing our FDT software we have been working for years with agile development methods. The entire development is thus far more flexible. In the Center are many individual, short development cycles, so-called iterations. Through them, the final product is growing step by step.

In the respective stages of the test, the customer has the opportunity to participate actively and to try out the parts of the program. So the important views of a working, customer-oriented product remains always”, praises Michael Plank, as so-called product-owner” in the agile process, the advantages of this methodology in the software development of FDT. End of February 2010 the first milestone was already released. FDT 4 milestone 1 “offers as new features a Profiler and an interactive welcome screen. The Profiler when developing applications with FDT 4.0 helps optimize the Flash projects. He monitored the performance and memory usage of just developed application and tracking problems within these easier. Also new is an interactive welcome screen. Through him, the user receives current information and assistance.


About M86 security: M86 security is a global specialist in security in real time and the industry leader in secure Web gateway. Offered as appliances, software or software a service (SaS), protect the solutions of the Californian company for Web and email security, as over 24,000 customers with over 17 million users worldwide. M86’s products use a patented code analysis in real time and behavior-based technologies for the detection of malware, as well as constantly updated data of the M86 Security Labs. More information under:. In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. If you have read about Verizon Communications already – you may have come to the same conclusion. KG. Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions offered.

As a result of the reseller receives a clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Comprehensive service and support concepts, an active Vertriebsaussendienst and a far-reaching technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio. sysob has a wide range of proven products from competent manufacturers such as Allot Communications, alloy software, array networks, Barracuda Networks, Clavister, DeviceLock, ERICOM, ETECHNOLOGIE, expand networks, Finjan/M86 security, ForeScout technologies, Insightix. LISCON, Meru Networks, NETASQ, OPNET, Procera networks, Propalms, Proxim Wireless, Rangee, REDDOXX, ruckus wireless, STARFACE, TELLnet and Thinstuff. More information under:. More info: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG Kirchplatz 1, D-93489 Schorndorf contact: Thomas Hruby Tel.: + 49 (94 67) 74 06 0 fax: + 49 (94 67) 74 06 290 email: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nest road 3, D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 00 fax: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:

The Link

The new version of across takes this approach, does not understand “crowd” but as an anonymous crowd of collaborators. Instead, the Manager of translation projects can define groups of registered users and on those assigned automatically, for example, a translation or editorial task within the group, which first confirmed the order. This eliminates the time-consuming queries of free capacities, at the same time retains the principal but the full data and process control. Optional integration of machine translation machine translation (MT) is currently experiencing a Renaissance, but equally ready results that are not achievable. As an integrated process step within a translation workflow, MT – can definitely make sense depending on type of text, language direction and quality – but also in the professional environment.

Across has therefore implemented a generic interface in its new version of the product for the connection of almost any external MT solutions. So you can, for example, text segments, which cannot be found in the translation memory, past is mechanically and then be post-processed by a professional translator. Across users the benefits of all available technologies and are thereby not bound by individual MT providers. The link to across v5 SP1 is already completely prepared for a variety of MT systems, these include, for example, the products of Asia online and Lucy software. Optional author support deviations from agreed rules of style, inconsistent word choice, grammar and spelling errors reduce not only the quality of the source text, but also dramatically increase the workload and costs for the subsequent translations. When option became the across language server so the authoring component of crossAuthor linguistic in the new version of v5 SP1 optimized. crossAuthor linguistic is available for all popular text editors and compares the source code to the one with the translation memory and the Terminology system of across, on the other hand with the grammar and style rules of the controlled language authoring tool (CLAT) of IAI Saarbrucken.

Fast Lane: Kick-off For New Cisco Nexus 7000 Laboratory In Berlin

IT training provider in the training infrastructure invested Hamburg/Berlin, July 28, 2010 the IT training provider an additional Nexus 7000 set up lab with latest equipment fast lane. Next to the Nexus 7000 laboratory in Hamburg is now one in Berlin. A look at the equipment on a live webcam is possible under flane.de/remotelablive. Fast lane Europe currently has the two only facilities of its kind, and has a total of 700,000 US$ in the extension of the data center laboratory infrastructure including Cisco UCS (unified computing system), virtualization Labs, as well as cloud-multi-vendor-Labs for NetApp and EMC investment. Practical exercises in real-world operating environments are an important part in training for the successful operation and the management of complex data center technologies. Solutions to wearing that include combinations of equipment and software of various manufacturers are increasingly in this area.

The second Cisco Nexus 7000 lab was equipped with State of the art hardware and is available to customers and students on the Internet worldwide. A total two nexus were 7000 and six nexus 5000 switches, as well as six nexus 2000 fabric Extender used. Also available in this training and evaluation environment six MDS 9124 multilayer fabric switches, a NetApp storage system and six-server with CNA map available. Fast lane has currently over a dozen Crossvendor certified experts and is able to carry out the appropriate training in seven languages. The use of the Nexus 7000-high end Labs is an integral part of the training plans among the following courses: Implementing Cisco data center networking infrastructure 2 “(DCNI-2) this five-day course with 50% practical lab sequences participants specifically on the DCNI-2 certification exam (No.

642-974) prepares. Working with the remote laboratory via a GUI application that provides access to all devices. The focus of the training operation, configuration, and troubleshooting are in data centers, where the Cisco platforms Nexus 7000, 5000 and 2000 to the Use get (www.flane.de/ course/ci-dcni-2).

Smart ECM For Traveling

d.velop extended the d. 3 system with multi-device mobile support (MDM) for simple, location-independent enterprise content management (ECM) premiere of the new version on the CeBIT 2011 Gescher, 16.02.2011 – at this year’s CeBIT, the d.velop AG is the latest version of d for the first time. 3 smart mobile, the multi-device mobile application of its enterprise content management solution d. 3 present. Others who may share this opinion include Oracle. In addition to simply smart surfaces for the management of documents by on the road, as well as to the workflow participation via iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, for example on Android platform, presented the software manufacturer in Hall 3, stand H20, customized solutions to improve and accelerate business processes.

Digital incoming mail and processing of incoming invoices, electronic files, E-Mail management, ERP and Office integration are only a small part of the mass range of easily applicable solutions on the basis of the d. 3 System. In addition to the product line d. 3 is a Microsoft SharePoint-based system ecspand latest version 2.0 to the portfolio at the fair. Recognized analysts evaluate this native-service plug ins “solution as the most comprehensive ECM extension solution with the highest benefits for SharePoint users. So ecspand for SharePoint allows inter alia access to archived documents, as well as their visualization directly in the SharePoint interface and that mobile. At the booth of d.velop AG the codia Software GmbH, Contenit AG, the d.velop digital solutions GmbH present also, the d.velop process solutions GmbH, the ECM Consulting GmbH, the eDoc solutions AG, the Kashyap GmbH and the portal system Consulting GmbH their solutions for efficient business processes. Employees in the company are becoming increasingly mobile, team project related put together and meet at various places; This makes new demands on the business applications”, judge Rainer Hehmann at d.velop AG. That is why it now to the logical consequence, to create a location-independent access to the ECM applications and they heard about mobile Devices such as the iPad to take advantage of.

PDF Requirements

New Lotus Notes software for documentation of implementing gem. has minimum requirements of the BFin the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BFin) on Wednesday, December 15, 2010, your new minimum requirements for risk management (MRisk) published. The BFin implements is among other things the new guidelines on liquidity buffers, risk concentration and stress tests, which had passed the Committee of European banking supervisors (CEBS). Credit institution that’s now, to implement the new minimum requirements fully and completely transparent in the next few months. Appropriate transitional periods granted to the banks by the BFin. So far the minimum requirements be provided from pages of the BFin exclusively in the form of text materials or PDF publications. This provides credit institutions before the problem elsewhere to capture all the measures taken with regard to the implementation of the minimum requirements and document. Due to this media breaks Editing the minimum requirements significantly complicated and requires significantly more resources.

The software development company RI-SE Enterprise has taken on this issue and a software developed in cooperation with various banks which for the first time provides the minimum auswertbarem database format (Lotus Notes database) in a. The last three MRisk versions, including the latest release of the 15.12.2010 available are available in the current version of the software. This, credit institutions can very quickly identify the new, the deleted and the amended text numbers compared to the previous version. The notes with defined opening clause, in addition, were already marked and are highlighted by the corresponding icon displays in the views. Explanations of the BFin to the various paragraphs of the text are also included.

The database format enables the Bank for the first time, the transposition measures as well as the Bank’s internal documentation and opinions without interruption and for third parties (E.g. Auditors) to document revision-safe and traceable at any time. The familiar advantages of a Lotus Notes application come in this application of course fully also to fruition. An integrated and freely configurable approval procedure for decision-relevant documents, customizable permissions, file any number of attachments per document, text blocks, as well as sophisticated configuration options are just some of the quite successful features of this Lotus Notes database. Particularly noteworthy is the integrated job engine. With this, it is possible in just a few steps from each any note of out the minimum requirements to create full-fledged contract documents and to delegate these contracts in electronic form to any persons of the Institute. In different views, all created jobs can comfortably be monitored and. Responsible persons or departmental and divisional can recognize in seconds the total order volume is how much and in which The order documents are currently status. Unless an order due date is reached, the competent persons, receive and request is also the author of the order, automatically a email with a corresponding document linking. All in all seems tidy the application through the use of visually appealing navigation elements and masks. Working with this tool is users already after a short acclimatization liquid by hand.

Gartner CRM

With regard to the rollout is tactically too superior, with which user group or international projects the introduction should be started which country: ideal is a less complex user group that is but at the same time characterised by a high acceptance of CRM, because the introduction process is then more manageable and not too critical broadcast possible problems in the company. 4. Click Gary Kelly to learn more. no need of assistance taken into account after the introduction: Experience has shown that the first three months after commissioning a CRM solution are the hardest, but to this stage, there is usually no statement in the project plans. Also in the budget are usually no funds for Tweaks and adjustments. The result is in practice often the problem that no sufficient support takes place, the user feeling left alone and their ideas are taken up constructively. As a consequence, CRM is not living, but it acceptance weaknesses arise instead. 5. reluctance dealing with the on-demand alternative: through the use of CRM applications in the SaS model, companies can reduce the expenses for the calculation of market analysts Gartner by 25 to 40 percent.

Last but not least, this savings effect results that apply in the on demand version no investments in hardware and software. Despite this economic promises skepticism is placed partially and unnecessarily the SaS concepts rather than to rate them with pragmatic views. 6 process efficiency remains in the dark: the quality of a CRM solution is measured by not only because, what has she, but especially what level of benefits she generated. These include efficient and economical processes. Their Quality and degree of ripeness is however usually not sufficiently precise analyses, therefore necessarily lost performance potential. There are effective instruments for the detection of weaknesses such as the so-called clickstream analysis. Here, the number of clicks in the core processes of the CRM system is determined and compared with benchmarks.

Objective Determination Of Image Quality

According to the test specification for the objective determination of image quality, created the prints of the sample to be analyzed, such text on plain paper for graphic quality are created on special paper and photo-quality prints on photo paper. These prints are then inserted into the PQS 3000 – system and evaluated. The PQS3000 system is suitable particularly for inkjet printer manufacturers for printer development, approval and monitoring of paper and ink suppliers papermakers to the development of inkjet paper, monitoring compliance with ink manufacturer of inkjet paper specifications for the development of inks, the compliance monitoring of ink specifications test institutions for objective product comparison tests of printers, inkjet media and refill inks in our Download section you will find a detailed description of the PQS3000 system, as well as short videos for determining the resolution determination of graininess and Ropiness determine of the text quality Ilona Guttler..