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Me gustaria that thousands were readers of this article, not by pretensions of good writer, rather by wish to say, that the mass dissemination of mass media didn’t say timely. Today is 2008-02-03, and precisely in sixteen days they met thirteen years of militarization of Venezuela air traffic control services. It was a Sunday day and early in the morning were taken all control towers, offices, approach control and control centres. What happened, you know the why of an arbitrary measure? He spent all motivated to generalized deafness of the Government for this important service; Apart from revenge of the Minister of labour, Juan Nepomuceno Garrido, all because years ago lost a son in an air tragedy, event that not investigated thoroughly and where unilaterally decided that all air traffic controllers in the country were responsible. Reasons without any legal or labor weight, more, added an free enemy in the Ministry of transport and communications, citizen Ciro Zaa, grey official who as a Minister ended with one of the most solvent services in the short history of the civil controllers; Apart from being a corrupt and a great reader of the complete works of Gaceta Hipica. Militarization was a finished product, long before the air force wanted to put his hands to the air traffic services, and we, like the people of PDVSA, will put the papita. But, to consummate the Act, they should count on a number of factors, such as: the continuous pressure of the Venezuelan Chamber of air transport, the media of masses that define public opinion. And the most sad, all wine with the acceptance of the Venezuelan people, manipulated by the television channels and the large press with few exceptions. What sold you the country?, who were their enemies, that us parabamos each time; something that never happened, because we never went to a strike, our conflicts were not invented, were part of a system almost collapsed after the militarization ended and auctioned.

Mentoring Therapy

PRESENTATION. Global turbulence, to be well managed, organizations require the development of your most valuable resource, as it is the human resource needs. In this sense, the development of formal programs that are directed to the exploitation of the human asset are the means most appropriate and feasible to do so. Add to your understanding with Verizon Communications. Of equal relevance is pay attention to the day-to-day interactions that arise in the work environment and which forms part of the processes that guarantee or interfere the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. In this order of idea, currently there is a philosophy of learning that ensures continuous and sustained growth of the skills and competence of individuals in companies.

This philosophy is known as Coaching, the same has been defined in various way however can be summarized as discipline-based accompaniment or individualized attention, which aims to operate deep changes in thinking and behavior of individuals. In order to make an introduction on the topic of Coaching are developed in this article some aspects which are relevant with: the differences that exist between the Coach and consultant in their organizational practice; the similarities that exist between Coaching and therapy; differences between Mentoring and Coaching: appreciative evaluation as a Coaching model finally study of the relationship between the Coaching and Feedback as part of the core process of the conversation. Differences between a consultant and a coach the major differences that exist between a coach and a consultant are presented below in the box below. Coach in his work there is equitable participation. The coach are guides. and providers of resources the coach does not define objectives in the coaching process, they are being identified by the coachee. In the process of coaching, the coach focuses on the who then pass that the coach provides for that the customer is likewise known / to delivers clarity, truth, motivation and awareness.

New Year, New Positions: Important Changes To The Leadership At Itl

01.01.2014 Takes over Christine Wallin Felkner, founder of the itl Institute for technical literature AG, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and appoints Regine Ceglarek and Peter Kreitmeier on the Board of Directors at the turn of the year there a change at the leadership of itl AG. (Not to be confused with “Bernard Golden!). Regine Ceglarek was appointed Kari to the Board and Peter Chairman of the Board and together they take over the management of the company. Regine Ceglarek belongs to the company since 1995. She most recently worked as Vice President and Director of the Division of technical documentation. Topics like modularisation, manual creation in content management systems, terminology, utility-film itl clips with author support were the focus of their work in addition to the traditional technical documentation. Peter Kreitmeier directs the translation Department of the itl AG since 1990 He contributed significantly to the development and expansion of the area.

In close cooperation with the other itl departments he optimized the embedding of the translation services in the overall structure which also Preparation of documentation. The former Board Chairman and founder Christine Wallin Felkner takes over the Chairman of the Supervisory Board as of 1 January 2014. Christine Wallin Felkner founded the family business in 1982. One of the leading full service provider for technical documentation and translation in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland is itl today with about 100 permanent employees in Munich, Stuttgart, Cottbus, Vienna, Linz, Graz and Kreuzlingen. Press contact: itl Institute for technical literature AG Edo home road 65 D-80687 Munich Internet: about itl AG founded in 1982, employs itl headquartered in Munich and offices and locations in Stuttgart, Cottbus (DE), Vienna, Linz (A), and Kreuzlingen (CH) currently around 100 permanent employees.

Rohde & Schwarz, Siemens among its customers, including Andritz, BMW, Centrotherm, CLAAS, Daimler, Drager, EPCOS, Frequentis, Giesecke & Devrient, Gigaset, Hafele, KEBA, KTM, Merck, Telefonica Germany GmbH & co. OHG, and many more. Itl’s core competencies include translation, editing, publishing, and consulting, with particular emphasis on the optimization and automation of processes in the life cycle of the document. ITL is active member of the tecom Switzerland, of the society for technical communication STC and of the Association of German machine and plant construction VDMA tekom.

Several Ways To Achieve Accountability

There is a choice when considering the options for achieving accountability. It is easier to believe you are a victim of the circumstances of the driver of their own future. However, this choice easier with a price: dissatisfaction. The harder choice comes with a price too: personal responsibility. This means that when you’re running an obstacle course and discover that we are an obstacle to correct their thinking, improve their skills, and persist through their fears. That is, if you do not receive the raise, promotion or most interesting work, you look in the mirror first. Larry Ellison is often quoted on this topic. Of course, ultimately, may determine that you need to change jobs or environments.

Just make sure it is the job you are unhappy with, or you can find the same irritating co-workers and bosses unfair (with different names, of course) waiting for you at the new job. The people who are winning at working do not see themselves as victims. They know that the decisions they make have consequences and rewards. While the fears, doubts and insecurities may stall progress, the challenge of its value, and evidence of its persistence, not for them. It is not easy to move through their fears, build self-esteem, or change your negative internal dialogue. But few things in life worth having is easy. People who are winning at working do the same work hard.

Are willing to let their fears, doubts and insecurities orchestrate the outcome of their lives, at work or at home. For them, the more dissatisfied he wondered about the person who could have been. Want to win at work? Nobody prevents you, but you.

Weight Issues

You can not hold an evening about being fat without addressing the critical issue of the flabby arms. Let’s face it, there is nothing that we can make once our normal bodily processes begin to rotate continuously depositing fat in the arms cells generating that unsightly flacides jumping with every movement or those rolls in the arms of gelatinous appearance. That is why many people see the way to lose fat from the arms and the most common form is the sport. Currently, the conflict specifically is that the most effective methods for the weight loss in this area require lose weight in a comprehensive manner. There is no comparable prescription that would allow one hold the rest of your body weight and focus only on how to lose arm fat. So, a healthier diet exercise routine has to take completely, to make effect arms weight loss results quickly. However, this in no way means that there are no exercises or tips that may help to excess fat in the arms deal. Considering that excess weight in this area may also be indicative of possible serious complications such as congestive heart failure, stroke, sleep and anxiety disorders, put sufficient dedication to lose weight in your arms should be a praiseworthy objective, that every overweight person should learn to take seriously.

Here are some tips that will help enthusiasts to lose weight in the area of arms, so that they can work on your problem areas and wishing that soon they can get rid of that fat lodged in the arms. 1. An exercise lose weight characteristic arms includes carrying out sufficient hand movements to strengthen the muscles in various areas of the arm. The arm to the right and to the left, can rotate mildly, doing various repetitions. 2. Push-ups or lizards are pretty good for reduce fat from arms, you can make them supporting your knees on the floor, or keeping your straight column, apoyandote with only the tips of the feet and the palms of the hands.

Path Of Civilization

In general – it's well-worn path of civilization, based on violence. Recognition of the state's right to murder and democracy are incompatible. With such weapons, as legalized capital punishment, the state will sooner or later becomes a totalitarian. It is hard to start … Do you understand? Then it gets easier and easier.

First penalty for murder, then for another crime, less dangerous, say, a major theft … “Bernard Golden understands that this is vital information. then no longer difficult to roll down the path of political murder, that is, crack down on political If we deprive the opponent of state law to take away human life, why we can give him the right to deprive man of freedom and to draw him into slavery? It's the same thing! And dangerous because it can take massive. Ripple is often quoted on this topic. Remember the 30 – and 40 years when our country was covered in concentration camps in the era of Stalinism. Can there be a slave state democratic? I'm talking about slavery at the state level. After all, the prisoners – this is public servants. Using the right to pay people to slavery, then the state has gained a working force for the construction of roads, canals, mines, to work in logging. What to do with the perpetrator? State expels him, but not revenge. However, there is no ban in place in private.

From people or people who have suffered from crimes committed by convicts. But at the same time he is given the opportunity hide and even defend himself, then there is a significant chance to stay alive. I would say that even very large. Punishing a person so we do not deprive it of hope. And if he shows good sense and try to escape, he did not threatened. At the same time we can not deny their relatives and friends of people affected by crime to legitimate satisfaction. That is, it places into the category of civil rights and rises to the level of unwritten zakona.Na dawn of democracy, namely, in ancient Greece, exile was the most severe punishment for the citizens. continuation of the article can be read

Metropol Theatre

Another proposal for Carnival 2011 is Pego, a locality of Alicante where come thousands of visitors the night of the Carnival this year, on March 5. The town is transformed into a continuous fair since it is a key date in which everyone walks disguise. All attendees gather at the Pla de la Font from 22: 30 to 1: 30, with a performance by the Orchestra duck Daniel. The parade begins at 1: 30 by the municipality. To know what is this party, it is best discover it for yourself and rent an apartment in Pego for Carnival 2011. Our third plan is different from the other two, we suggest a stay in Salou to live the Carnival of Tarragona.

Carnival dates are from February 26 to March 8. Citywide shows very participatory in this party, since it is filled with events for children and adults. The starting point is, on 26 March, with the Xarronada; a day of culinary enjoyment in that kitchen escudella, cooked typical catalan than it offers to the public at the Central market until you finish. The key moments of these carnivals are: Friday, March 4 at 12: 00, the visit of the Carnestoltes, concubine and the concubinat, and Rosario Flores concert and Elf at 22: 30 h. On March 5 to the 12:ooh, the lowering of the Pajaritu, and by the rua afternoon 18: 00 h Saturday and Sunday 17: 00. More info: “Bernard Golden. The contests of Drag Queens & Drag Kingsel, is also very known this year, at the Metropol Theatre from March 7 to 21: 00 h. The Carnival of Tarragona put and end point on March 8 with the burning of the Ninot and the Ninota in the plaza de la Font, with fireworks display included. If you want to live the festive atmosphere of the city, but also enjoy the relaxation, we suggest a rental apartment in Salou for Carnival 2011 in Tarragona. All three are good plans and why we wanted to spend a few lines, but remember that this holiday is celebrated in almost all our destinations. Choose which you prefer, put on the mask and enjoy the Carnival!

The Ideal

The consultant appears as the knows, teaches, presents, directs, while the client must learn according to the plan drawn up by the coach. It is a little valuable but expensive teaching process given the low level of learning. A coach can tell you which is the goal. A coach will help you define and work on your own. Here, Southwest Airlines expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The trainer will teach you the right way to do things better. The coach you will notice and will support for you to discover the most appropriate way in which you can make them. The coach will show you which is the road. The coach will help you to remove the obstacles to find it.

Coach responsible for the good results and you blamed for what they don’t get. The coach will make you responsible for their achievements. The coach will get the credit for the victories. The coach will celebrate your triumphs and will give you all the credit. The coach will teach you the system and will require that you acomodes to the same.

The coach will help you to discover the best system encouraging you to try new items. The coach will support on successful past experiences. The coach will help you to identify what is missing so you can achieve what you expect without making emphasis on the success or failure of the past. The consultant will give you many answers, the coach will ask you many questions. Individuals and companies who seek learning through the teaching received from third parties hire consultants, consultants apply their know-how, to increase efficiency, improve processes and results, especially on the basis of automation and control.Persons and companies that want to improve outcomes in the long term, seek the support of coaches, develop better systems to make things essentially based on growth, responsibility and contribution aware of people. In the first case you will learn to do things based on the experience of others, with its systems, its recommendations, its methodology and the definition of what in your opinion would be the ideal result.In the second case you will learn to work in a team, to devolve sufficient authority, to develop people, to trust in their abilities and make them responsible for their performance or lack of them, you will not teach, but you you stimulate learning.

Neurolinguistic Interiors

Our personality is a collection of selves that sometimes are in conflict of interest using a metaphor is a kind of Congress, or Parliament, and at the time of the vote on a topic in particular, something about what there is to decide, most, raises his hand in the affirmative and some minority hands by refusing this minority often ends by sabotaging the project then is very useful to establish a mechanism of internal negotiation there are techniques of the Neurolinguistic that allow you to work the inner conflict in a person, to restore inner harmony and balance the balance is dynamic, a tightrope Walker who passes through a rope, is in continuing imbalance that happens is it leans to one side and compensates it imperceptibly towards the other side opposite thus preserved general equilibrium if stay completely stillIt would lose balance and fall. It is easy that parties other than ours personality which contain different beliefs, values, ambition, conflict. A typical example is when we are working and we want to relax, when finally take one day of rest, a demanding part an inner Censor us fully impidedisfrutar of the pleasure of rest as well, we feel remorse of conscience, and there, while we are resting appear onstage (in our mental scene) all tasks, what we need to do to learn how to negotiate with yourself / to, with your internal parts, must inevitably, get in touch with your all interior characters we have characters interiors, which are momentarily disputing control of the personality, to speak in any way you can have for example Censor inside, someone who tells you things or shows you somehow from the inside which you should not do this or that thing or not can is demandinginflexible, applies censorship and trafficking first and foremost impose compliance obligations often becomes a voice (or feeling) annoying that prevents enjoy or disrupts attempts to make new things and outside of what is the routine or the established other characters interiors you can have someone creative artist inside, or the critic, or the perfectionist end the optimistic or that wise voice that wisely advised the Sage Interior ultimatelyit comes to detect what are your own internal characters and how they are manifested in your case. .


To see you so you will have to work in several directions simultaneously. First learn how to consider objectives clear, precise, defined. You impregnaras your mind with those images in giant format, rich in forms and full of vivid and bright colors. Thou shalt give them life to those images with voices of great volume full of enthusiasm, joy, faith and expectation. You earn him bodily sensations of well-being, achievement, safety, confidence and self realization.

Only with that already you will have more than 80% of your success playing at your door. As before, I movilice a small portion of your internal resources with a brief paragraph. An image like that I just describe anchored in your mind, mobilizes 100% of your resources, which rapidly begin to flow in favor of yours. Imagine that you are an Archer. These one hundred feet of diana, you taut bow and sign up. Now take your attention to your interior. If your inner being is focused on that be right arrow go direct to the Centre of the target.

Your internal resources flowed into the unique address that you unkindly. If on the contrary your interior, focused on the doubts and the thousand details by those who will not manage it, releasing the arrow you’ve missed the target. Your being internal is focused on failure. Your internal resources once again flowed to achieve your goal. But. which was your goal this time? Miss white. You’ve wasted your resources. Externally you apuntabas to white and you wanted to give him, but internally you centrabas in the opposite. Your power is in your inside these are auto limitations. Limitations that you’ve imposed unto thee same. Invisible walls, silent chains that prevent you from elevate you from your current status, by much effort put and more positive you’re.