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Machinetractor Fleet

An important variable parameters are: the structure of sown areas and direction of livestock development, crop and livestock productivity, the specific soil resistance processing, field sizes, angles of the terrain; distance transport of agricultural products, fertilizers and construction materials; calendar dynamics of precipitation, temperature, and soil moisture and air, the duration of the predetermine the impact of technological operations in crop production on crop production. Changing these parameters changes the structure and dynamics of quantities in crop and livestock production, affects the duration of mobile agricultural machinery and the magnitude of costs associated with their use. Therefore, difficulties arise when determining the optimal composition of the ICC with a large region vary considerably in terms of territorial breakdown of machinery, such as non-chernozem zone. Economy in the same direction and systems Reference can be identified in selected agricultural zones and subzones. Thus one of the main differences are the size of enterprises acreage. Restructuring of the ICC disproportionate change obshey sowing farm area, as obtained from the calculations a value indicating the number of cars presented a mixed fraction and rounded to integers. Especially significant is the fact that for farms with small arable land area. Therefore, when calculating the optimal structure of an enterprise and the optimal structure of the ICC zone, based on the total sown area in it, we get the optimal concentration of mechanization of production processes.

In determining the optimal number of machines for the agricultural zone is difficult. It is advisable to divide the economy into groups by size of cultivated areas, calculate the demand in technique farms in each group, and then establish the need in the art of the entire zone by adding requirements for technology outside the zone of all groups of farms. Calculations for individual enterprises and large regions differ not only in techniques but also the appointment of the results. The total need in the art will immediately farms. At the same time in the transition to cost accounting, and sharply increasing tractor production, these farms are more interested in optimizing the structure of the ICC. The purpose of the calculations for large regions – to specify the summary statement, compiled on the basis of Order farm area needs in the art, to establish the relative effectiveness of technology in different agricultural zones.


Some time ago I came across somewhere the word 'compressor'. It seems that on hearing the word, but what exactly is it and why use them, suddenly appeared to me a secret. Read out information from books and various websites about compressors, I decided to share the information found with the distinguished readers. Let's start! Immediately should write that, the compressor – it is a device designed primarily for compression and transmission of compressed gas under pressure, and for a better understanding of the functions of compressors, I can say that the next 'brother' compressor – pump. The date of the invention of the first compressor is the end of the 19th century. Some patriotic notes begin to play when recognize that the basic theory of such machines have been formulated by the Russian scientists – Euler, Chaplygin, Zhukovsky. During the century that they exist, a large number of varieties of compressors and their klassifitsikatsii already have to use multiple categories.

For example, the classification of design features and operating principle: piston compressors, rotary, jet, axial, centrifugal. Also compressors and classifies the level of pressure created: low (0.3 – 1 MN/m2), medium (1 – 10 MN/m2), high (over 10 MN/m2) by the nature of the compressed gas (air compressors, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. .) and some other parameters. No little sense to describe the operating principle of each type of compressor – it is long and probably will not all interesting – more interesting to see where the compressor itself can be used. The first thing that comes to mind – the use of compressors in various industries.

Indeed, such a compressor function, as the possibility of air or other gas to drive pneumatic equipment, is very popular in any enterprise! But they are also used also for other purposes, such as in refrigeration (its feature is that they work with pairs of refrigerants and mainly screw compressors) for the blast in some metallurgical furnaces (for this use so-called rotary type compressor) in the blast and steel mills, and even in aircraft jet engines (they use the multi-axial compressors, increasing efficiency of air compression). What to say about their use in the oil industry sector, where the compressors borne responsibility for transporting natural gas and its injection into reservoirs and storage facilities, oil refining and so on. To assess the need for all compressors in modern industry, in my view, sufficient to give only one figure from the statistics – the modern enterprise engaged in mechanical engineering spend up to 30 %(!!) consumed power for the production of compressed air, ie About 30% of all consumed energy goes to the compressor! Worth mentioning, in fairness, that in addition to industrial applications, They are also used in the home – usually it's cheap and small compressors that would be nice to have in the garage and use for painting, podduvke, inflating tires and so on. Have it in the economy – the very practical and quite inexpensive, and also a good product requires virtually no maintenance compressors. More information about the musical occurs compressors, but they already have very little in common with those that are described above, and such compressors, as they say – is another story.

Styx Naturcosmetics

Only then oil will be successful completion of the entire range. When line and manufacturer should be guided by the needs, goals and objectives of the enterprise. Necessary to capture fine value for money, instead of tilting at the already popular brand. Equally important is the proper design: the oil can be put on the line, or staggered, in addition, some vendors are offering ready-made display case. Do not forget about the range and shape it so way that the "oil of rosemary," for example, did not meet twice from different manufacturers. A generally important for the success of such subjective factors as the desire to pharmacy and its employees to sell essential oils. If there is a desire and they are backed by capabilities, as well as the presence of a competent pharmacy specialist, essential oils and cosmetics with their addition will be a profitable product line stance. " Original or fake? Problem low-quality duplicate of not spared the market of essential oils and, therefore, give some advice on the availability of expertise the quality of such goods.

First, the label should be concise, devoid of advertising. Package of essential oils: a dark glass bottle 10 ml with the dosimeter on the neck. The exception is particularly valuable, expensive perfumes, which is packed in 1 ml (rose, jasmine, narcissus, mimosa, verbena, tuberose). Second, as already I noted earlier, high-quality essential oils can not be cheap: the average – 10 – $ 20 10 ml. Every serious manufacturer or distributor confirms the quality of its production standards, ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The document states the botanical name plants, oil density, and, most importantly, the refractive index. And finally, you can drop the oil on a piece of paper.

20-30 min. oil evaporates, not leaving a trace on paper. Essential oils are not fat and not leave the typical oil stains. Offered to the consumer … Small bottles of scented oils to buy for massage, toning, or conversely, soothing bath, add in cosmetic creams. Essential oils are highly refined use for inhalation and internal use. Aromatherapy is a primary tool in the prevention of colds, if not want to get sick – spend aromasanatsiyu room. But start with a small concentration of polkapelki. If this does not cause any allergic reactions, then increase the dosage to 2-5 drops. What brand of this product already mastered the pharmacy segment of distribution? In virtually every pharmacy that sells essential oils, said the Austrian company Styx Naturcosmetics. Despite the relatively high prices, some pharmaceutical companies acquire a whole series of products of this company. It should be noted that many of the oils that are widely available in drugstores, can be found in any supermarket. For example, the company's products Bergland, which is in the range of basic and oils and specially selected mix – from the weather, stress, even snoring. The company also offers a variety of concentrates for the sauna. Well known pharmacy buyer essential oils companies "Ltd. Real Madrid", "Aroma-style" "Farmfabrika", "Evalar", "Russian beauty". But this is only a small fraction of that arsenal, which has an aroma. Source: Information-analytical portal ''.

Traunstein Shall Issue

In a final judgment of the Landgericht Traunstein, the business basics of PRKG is legally underpinned for the umpteenth time. In the current case, an applicant tried to proceed with all possible charges against the “machinations of the Park rooms KG”. She was represented Sahiba & Walker of the renowned law firm, working as contract lawyers of the ADAC. Specifically following allegations against the Park rooms KG have been made: 1 supposedly property owners no right had to instruct the Park rooms KG (short PRKG) because he had leased the land to a supermarket. In the final judgment, the Court clarified that the owner even understandable had the right to he there while the store had, but not leased its parking. Thus the damage incurred directly by wrong parking and he must sit down, using the PRKG, against the “Besitzstorer” to the military.

The transfer of all rights and obligations to the removal of the faults of the acquis was through the PRKG demonstrated and it is therefore indisputable. The “illegality hoped for by the applicant” did not see the Court. 2. in addition, the applicant has claimed it no date be come to pay on the spot because no employee of PRKG spot had been. The Court did not follow the, because the applicant and her husband the time window had held so briefly, that it can be said that there had been no local staff. 3. Furthermore, the applicant has claimed that she have prompted the PRKG in writing, indicating the accounts so that she could transfer.

This letter is never received the PRKG, unfounded the applicant, it must be arrived at, did not follow the Court also. 4. after the applicant was unwilling to pay the costs, she first sought your vehicle on your own and this was finally almost three months later. She wanted to have reimbursed by the PRKG any resultant repair costs due to the long service life. The Court saw no reason for this. 5. at long last, also the Landgericht Traunstein noted that the required 270.-EUR are not so high, that is an abuse of rights. To sum up the Park rooms KG got thus right in all respects. Another judgment, that the business model of the Park rooms KG as well as the amount of the costs are legitimate.

All Want To Learn Holiday End – Again!

Eton Institute listed registration wave Eton a wave of registration for language and business training Institute, the largest and leading school in the United Arab Emirates, listed in your Office in Vienna once again this week. With the launch of a new semester on schools and universities, as well as the nachsommerlichen return to the everyday, the need is awakened increasingly according to linguistic training. According to studies, multilingualism leads to higher incomes, allowing investment in a profound advancement and linguistic training for private households as well as for companies more priority. Verena Laber, marketing manager of Eton Institute, commented the current hustle and bustle as follows: “the world is getting smaller and it is important to quickly adapt to survive. While new technologies allow us, to communicate across national borders, properly the language an obstacle represents sometimes to loss of productivity and cost-intensive Results in communication failures.” Eton Institute offers various opportunities for personal development. The range includes the learning of new languages, diving into a new branch of the career or the building of new skills. Language-enthusiasts can choose French, Spanish and German in group or private lessons as well as online courses from major languages such as English, for exotic languages such as Maori and Irish. With the revolutionary 80-20 methodology, including the critical 20% of a language are understood, which are 80% of each communication, language learners at Eton Institute have the opportunity to learn a language quickly and with high success rates.

Co-branding MasterCard Embossed In Gold Or Silver, High

Own co-branded MasterCard high embossed in gold or silver for seasoned companies in the individual corporate design CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS starts 2010 with a revolutionary product in the new financial year. Now, company, companies, corporations, organizations, etc. can bring credit card in your own design and with high embossed in gold or silver on the market an own prepaid. A chrome inlay is also possible (E.g. for the logo or the exclusive logo of the company).

As reported by the management, the product is primarily suited to consolidate the already established image in the market and differentiate themselves more clearly from competitors for larger, more established companies. Exclusivity has its price. But alone the image gain and the unique position with such co-branding a product compensated by far”so Renate rope Berger, press responsible of the CROWN. This novel is for seasoned asset managers, financial institutions, management consultancies, large online communities All-inclusive product line interesting. Wherever, where prestige and loyalty should be combined with new customers, an embossed MasterCard in the finest design is essential”, so rope Berger. In addition to the cards an online customer account is provided all customers, which is rechargeable via online, cash deposit, bank transfers etc.

In addition, worldwide transfers directly from the card balance can be run out. Customer deposits are protected against access of third parties. Queries and messages are not always. Produced in addition to the cards, which can extract against to avoid the highest quality printing to wear that CROWN provides a landing page for the corresponding service provider free of charge with available. This appears in the corporate identity of the corresponding company. On this, the ticket orders can be made then, information to the maps and additional image and promotional work for the Cobrander published. The entire process takes place via the Traditionsimplementierer CROWN. The German – and English-speaking team now is the numbers for free consultations, the sending of all co-branding information, etc.: Cologne + 49 (0) 221 3007 35 29 or London + 44 20 32 87 6777 from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 at the disposal. All info under: CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS / IOM LLC is a service provider for co-branding credit/Prepaidkartenlosungen with money transfer as well as co branded telephone networks for medium-sized companies. The German customer support, contract maintenance and management for European, especially German-speaking customers, will be taken over by in-house CompetenceTeams in Germany, Spain, UK and the Switzerland. All info at CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS International Institute of business & Advisory SL press contact: Renate rope r CROWN BRANDING SOLUTIONS Dptm Cologne Hay market 50667 Cologne product information and more phone 0221 3007 3529 (Germany) Tel 069 5770 89 86 (Germany) from abroad: + 49 221 3007 3529 E-mail Internet:

Real Estate Near Moscow – The Realities Of Today

It's no secret that the most profitable financial investments are investments in real estate, especially in the capital. Moscow because of its uniqueness, accumulates large amounts of cash and provides great prospects and opportunities. Lack of commercial and residential real estate will always be, because of the great appeal of this vast metropolis. For those who want to buy or rent an office in Moscow is transformed into a large problem. Leasing office space is always in great demand.

If before the appropriate area for offices are only located within the Garden Ring, the constant growth of prices has forced construction companies to pay their views on the sleeping areas and suburbs. Much lower costs of construction and also the presence of generally larger number of parking places distinguish offices on the outskirts of the commercial real estate in the city center. Business centers in residential areas in the current conditions are not the only promising trend in construction. Real estate near Moscow is now gaining popularity among investors. And for that there are three main reasons: cheap land, quick clearance of documents, a large selection of land for construction. Typically, an office center erected near the towns, where the developed transport infrastructure. Usually placed in a suburb of various financial and analytical units, as under the head of a large corporation or a bank office in the suburbs is certainly not good.

Deficiencies in country office is not so much. As principal may be noted the need to provide official vehicles for workers and the establishment of reliable communication links. But these flaws are nothing compared with those costs that would have been on the acquisition or lease of commercial property in the downtown area. Around the world are merging suburbs with large metropolitan areas, and the fact that in the near future, Moscow will be a continuation Moscow, no doubt. Based on the previously stated we can conclude that investing in commercial real estate finance suburbs is extremely profitable and promising.

American Banking

The collapse of the Union moved him from pined Research into a prosperous company. Gradually, his garden plot from the food source has become a place for recreation weekend. Ride the whole family on the train was ‘not comme il faut’, so Basil has acquired ‘Lada’. And for some time incomes accountant Kreditkina were to allow him to think about purchasing a prestigious foreign cars. It is true that accumulate the required amount was not possible, and Basil began to think about purchasing a car on credit.

But then quite inappropriately in the U.S. banking system crisis struck. Previously, Basil would not and could think events in faraway America are the most unexpected way to intervene in his personal plans. But the growth of lending rates following the U.S. banking crisis, led to what is now Vasily each day watching the news, mentally wanting to distant and unfamiliar American colleagues as soon as possible to overcome the troubles befell them. Then he finally be able to go to the cottage on his brand new foreign car. History Basil Kreditkina clearly illustrates the fact that in modern society we are all very closely linked. As shown by research scientists, our society is a complex dynamic system. In this they are remarkably consistent with the findings of the followers of the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, which had several thousand years ago found that humanity is a single organism.