Month: March 2014

Global Female Leaders Summit

International Leadership Conference on 1st and 2nd April 2014 in Zurich the management circle AG announces April 2014 the first global female leaders Summit”on. The Conference, which is held annually, presents international keynotes of successful women from business, politics, science and society, offering two days room for discussion and networking. Economic, environmental and social aspects of globalization with a view at current developments in Europe, Asia, Middle East as well as the BRIC countries in the foreground under the Maxime Exploring new dimensions together”on the first day. The second day of the event puts the issues of technical innovation and digitalisation, international financial markets, as well as female leadership in focus. In addition offer retrospectives on the personal lives of the speakers insights into visions, strategies and individual success paths.

Venue of the global female leaders Summit is the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich. More and more women are finding their way into the boardrooms of “So Sigrid Bauschert, Board of Directors of the management circle AG. Of course it is only a beginning, but a beginning dynamics is not to have. And thanks to these dynamics, we break old thought patterns, growing the wealth of thoughts, perspectives and solutions. For this reason, I have compiled a top-class programme of international keynotes, discussions and think tanks with my mates. “Our global female leaders Summit makes it possible to intense networking in the international and cross-industry district, high-calibre executives, consisting of from boards of Directors, CEOs, directors and managing directors from large enterprises, the upper middle class and large family-owned”.

The speakers of the summits dog Mejean (CFO, MasterCard) include Tina Muller (CMO, Adam Opel AG) Dr. Antonia Rados (journalist and Middle East expert), Steinunn Siguroardottir (author), Xiaoquin under other Martina, clever (President SAP Labs China, SAP AG), Jeanette Buerling (CEO, magnetic media group) and Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert (head of Department energy, transport, environment, German Institute for economic research). Opened this is global female leaders Summit by Wei Christiansen (co-CEO Asia Pacific, Morgan Stanley), magazine currently “women of 2013” is been named by the financial times to one of the ten. The participation fee for the global female leaders Summit is 2.995,-euro + VAT The language is English. More information, as well as the programme of events at available on the Internet.

Akshay WBCO Public Relations

Bad Homburg, 1 July 2013 Joachim Leuck occurred in may 2013 as a partner and Director at Boyden global executive search in the Dusseldorf office. Before he began his career in executive search, he collected many years operational management and consulting experience in various industries. The diploma five years worked as a management consultant at McKinsey spin-off MSR consulting. After he took over a two-year leadership in communications. In the following nine years, he was managing partner of a medium-sized IT companies. Then, he returned in the consulting industry and was responsible for six years national and international search mandates with renowned consultancy.

Managing partner Jorg Kasten declared: we are very pleased that we could win Joachim Leuck. He is an outstanding consultant and has successfully occupied already many years positions on the upper levels of management. Also we appreciate its sound operational management experience on the He can draw new consulting projects.” Joachim Leuck has his business administration studies at the University of Cologne (areas of focus marketing and organization) completed. In addition to his studies, he worked five years as a freelancer in the research by McKinsey & co.. In addition to a large number of successfully implemented search mandates in the national and international environment of the Group Joachim Leuck know-how of for many years successful cooperation can also bring large family-owned (sire as owner) in consulting projects. Industry-side he concentrates in Boyden on the priorities: services / logistics industries of TIME industries (telco / IT / media / electronics) consumer and trade of Boyden over 60 years ago has become Boyden global executive search first recruitment the occupation of leadership positions through the direct search specialise in. The first German Office opened Boyden in 1983 in Frankfurt/Bad Homburg. Today is Boyden in Germany in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt/Bad Homburg and Munich represented. Worldwide, Boyden has more than 70 offices in over 40 countries and is one of the leading service providers in the area of executive search.

Global Municipal Utilities

Scientology supports Church and numerous international humanitarian programs to revive moral values the main activities of the Scientology churches are in the field of pastoral care and training. They have also been known that they worldwide – engage in a broad range of activities to improve their cities and communities. In the centuries before welfare programs of the Governments have been the rule, the churches tended generally to those in society who need support. In many areas, it is expected that churches provide assistance and in accordance with this tradition, Scientology members are actively working in their cities and towns. The Church of Scientology church members constantly training and pastoral work. After they also get a private, increased understanding and awareness of themselves and their fellow human beings. Thus, it goes without saying that their attention is focused on the world around them for them and that they Take responsibility for the conditions, which they find.

Charity and social responsibility are the natural consequences of their spiritual values. Scientologists are proud that they afford more social service hours per capita in comparison to similar large municipalities. The approach of a Scientologist on improvements based on the result: it takes care of the immediate needs of the people or of the community and at the same time addresses the underlying causes. Thus, permanent results and long term improvements are achieved. The Church of Scientology and its members contact the overwhelming problem of drug abuse despite numerous prevention events. The emphasis here is here of the enlightenment.

Scientologists see the root of poverty and crime in the illiteracy. Therefore, tutors around the world many thousands were trained in the efficient and successful teaching by L. Ron Hubbard. The clear improvements in the academic performance of pupils are outstanding. Clergy volunteer Scientology play an active role in relief in disaster areas. You are quickly spot fires, after bombings, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, etc. all over the world. Help victims, police officers, firefighters, and many more, to cope with the given situation. They also help organize water, food, tents and many more building. The Church of Scientology and its members of the community are conspicuously active advocates for human rights. Scientologists oppose instinctively all those who abuse their power or hurt the innocent and weak. You enlighten people around the world about their human rights so that every one of the child aware of his rights to the elders. There are still far more activities, the Scientologists and Scientology churches perform in their community. Follow all the goals of Scientology: A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can be successful and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to ascend to greater heights”.

Global Automated System

The fast, international management material master data is a competitive advantage in global industrial groups. Time savings through improved communication and process transparency improving the collaboration between requestor and reviewers, as well as an accelerated material master processing is realized by a centralized communication and editing platform. The material master process is traceable at any time through a change history. To effectively evaluate the machining processes, evaluable process metrics collected. Already in the material master request is an automated edit invention and assignment based on a fully adjustable logic. This facilitates the grouping of several editors (= users) the organizational assignment to set up, for example, a works – or laboratory-based master materials.

Also, automatically generated info messages inform the user the associated group (s) on the newly created Materalstammanforderungen. Support of the people through Automation central tool business processes with the conarum addon run & record as to control the processes run & record introduced, used within the framework of the Materialanforderung of master the requestors and reviewers as a joint collaboration platform. While separate worklists creating a quick overview of the active processes the process for requestors and editor respectively. Transparency in the context of daily work also remains by the automatic filtering processes outside of the respective areas of responsibility. The requestor/editors with a click in the respective process can jump from the respective worklist. run & record offers a standardized process layout for editing and also displays the most important master data to the information. Also allows you to run & record, depending on the role of the user (requestor/maintainer), role-specific editing options, and also recorded a comprehensive change and process history.

Also with the help of run & record one for the involved specially developed, shared mail function to process internal communication as a new part of the process is integrated. Customer feedback the customer feedback for the solution was very positive. The time for the processing of material master records and the improved performance were the crucial business case, which could be realized. The conarum GmbH & co. KG, a SAP consultancy, offers expert knowledge related to SAP PLM, SAP SRM, and SAP ERP. This area is complemented by excellent integrative & technological knowledge in SAP NetWeaver. The company advises, and accompanied by the development of the concept through to implementation and optimization of customer-specific software solutions.

Global Ethic Youth Festival

On Saturday June 22, it is stained in the Steinhuder barn area. At the end of the month of their project, which celebrates initiative of global ethic Steinhude from 11: 00 the Youth Festival of world religions.No peace among the Nations without peace among the religions “is the guiding principle for a peaceful coexistence in the world, the Prof. Hans Kung in 1990 in his book project of world ethos”formulated and he now not lost on timeliness. Since June 1st Steinhuder citizens can global ethic project month initiative of global ethic Steinhude meet the implementation of this idea in different events. Saturday June 22 a summer feast in the barn area Steinhuder, which takes place at the end of the month of project from 11: 00 the initiative of global ethic Steinhude with Ganden Shedrub Ling Tibetan Centre for culture and Buddhism organized. On the program are numerous activities which directly experience the idea of global ethic.

By 18.00 hours, visitors can expect music, dance and Theater events and dining from around the world and a multicultural fashion show. All proceeds around the summer festival come the SOS Children’s village Mussoorie Tibetan homes “benefit. As a highlight of the Festival, the global ethic Ark will be inaugurated at 11:30. The eight-meter-long Steinhuder Hunter ship was since April by pupils of the Graf-Wilhelm school and the Steinhuder gymnasium under the motto all together in a boat, for a peaceful and Livable World makes and interactively the global ethic idea of the dialogue of cultures. So for example, the rows of seats with different flags are designed, which symbolize the different Nations and will be on the pole compass of conscience attached.

Dr. Ingfried Hobert, initiator of initiative global ethic Steinhude “, summarizes the idea of the event: I understand the Festival as an appeal to the students: look, time for outrage, hired you, to have courage to make the world a better place! Everything is possible now! We want to the young people inspire and encourage them to participate actively in the design and implementation of a global ethic idea. The idea of global ethic-the global ethic idea goes back to the Tubingen-based Swiss theologian Hans Kung and his book project of world ethos “(1990). Therein and in later works he developed”world ethos”, a common foundation of values of all religions and cultures, as the basis for a successful inter-religious dialogue as well as base for a cross cultural values education. First international recognition was the global ethic idea in 1993 in the “Parliament of world religions in Chicago: there, representatives of the major world religions which have Declaration toward a global ethic agreed for the first time in the history of religion on a consensus in questions of ethos. This global ethic Declaration is the programmatic basis of the work of the Tubingen world ethos Foundation. The initiative of global ethic Steinhude inspired by the project of world ethos since 2011 Steinhuder citizens are involved in. who founded by Dr. Ingfried Hobert initiative of global ethic Steinhude the global ethic idea local young people to communicate. The initiative conceived and organised the Steinhuder Youth Festival, which is funded largely by the world ethos Foundation.

Global Electronics Retailer

Sale point for sales promotion via social commerce worldwide on ShopFacer Goppingen is 23 August 2012 to worldwide customers, and to inform prospective customers easily via Facebook and other social media channels about offers, is the operator of, import export group co., Ltd, established in Thailand and Hong Kong, on the social commerce-solution ShopFacer. The software allows the eCommerce company, to depict the offers of its Web shop without the integration of additional modules and without manual intermediate steps on the most popular social platforms. For over ten years is the company on the import and export of electronic equipment, such as wholesalers and retailers and small businesses specialized in mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and video game consoles. The import export group co., Ltd. imported mainly from Asian countries, the United States and United Kingdom and then exported to wholesalers and retailers worldwide. In the meantime, the company has commercial contracts with 87 producers and wholesalers. Because we attract mainly young and technology-friendly customer groups, the engagement via Facebook and similar platforms is a central component of the sales strategy for us.

However it was previously very difficult to present our portfolio on the social media channels,”reports Frank Jahnke, Marketing Director. With ShopFacer, we now have a simple and powerful tool, we can link easily with the existing systems and Web shops. The high degree of automation ensures that we can achieve much more customer now with the existing staff resources and always cutting-edge.” ShopFacer presents selected products from online stores on Facebook company pages, where the shop operators themselves can decide which products to show it on Facebook. The user directly to the appropriate product in the webshop is guided by clicking on a product that is pictured on a social platform. The shop owner will need to No programming skills, because the solution comes with an attractive base design and can be easily customized. Plug-ins allow the communication range and product videos via Twitter and YouTube also current. is an absolute success story. 152 Employees of various nationalities ensure that on 23 websites with country pages for America, England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong and Thailand each year can be handled on average 80,000 transactions”, Axel Burgbacher, Managing Director of Walter Ltd. of Goppingen and Chief developer of ShopFacer is reported. Almost 1 million users visit the sites each year, and alone thanks to the virtual storefront in Facebook, this number will increase further guaranteed in the future. As the largest company of its kind in Southeast Asia sale point is the social commerce solution ShopFacer benefit from and set mainly in Europe on recognition.” ShopFacer combines Web shops with social networks and is used by the devil Ltd. continuously developed further. The company in Goppingen near Stuttgart designed and programmed online solutions for the distribution of products via the Internet and social media since 1997. ShopFacer presents selected products from online stores on Facebook company pages, where the shop operators themselves can decide which products they want to show. The user directly to the appropriate product in the webshop is guided by clicking on a product that is pictured on a social platform. The shop owner will need no programming skills, because the solution comes with an attractive base design and can be easily customized. Also, additional modules ShopFacer offer various additional functions for Twitter and YouTube.

Attractive Presentation

“Decoration specialist Worner Heilbronn/Leingarten, 7 August 2013: with its sustainability concept” the Heinrich Woerner GmbH is committed for years to sustainable practices within the company. The balance of ecological and economic aspects in the production of the product assortment plays an important role in the company’s philosophy. It is respected including compliance with animal protection laws, proper recycling of the packaging, low energy consumption and an efficient transportation. The extensive product portfolio includes many years global & fair”the in-house label, in which sustainable and resource-conserving production of decorative items and shop fittings attention is. The aim of the company is the ecological footprint”to reduce further and to meet the increasing demand for natural items. For this reason expands the range of natural materials within the range of traditionally produced goods year after year. As the basis for a collection of The wonderful organic and visually attractive material wood is used natural decorations or nature presenters.

In the current catalogue fall/Christmas 2013 is a diverse selection of global & fair “products in different scenes as design proposal presented. All items are of course also available individually and with the other offer to combine creative. Not only at the time of the autumn fit rural rustic decorated shop Windows and salesrooms to the product range. The forest is a model for natural objects throughout the year and offers plenty of space for creative ideas the imagination. Natural logs provide an appealing framework in different sizes, spacers, XXL Birch trunks up to 220 cm length, bundles of birch branches, flowers, and felt leaves in autumn colors. Tea tree wood, decorative objects made of untreated Liane wood room divider, the Paravent from natural bamboo and wooden Palisade cut different product ranges in attractive areas. Act like artistic decorative elements Wood balls made of solid wood, wood vases made of wood, rattan balls and giant lianas.

With the original stool root”, a kind of dark, varnished wood, each delivery is an eye-catcher. Unusual present in the form of old fruit – and wine crates, curious wooden tables, mesh plug-in wooden boxes, placemats in the factory style or natural Wicker baskets offer many creative ways to present its goods unusual and striking. Spreading malware is always a decorative addition to natural arrangements in the form of cones, natural Moss, wood chips, mini straw bales and much more. Packaging materials with the seal of approval for responsible forest management”are included in great variety in the assortment.

Managing Director

There are gifts for Christmas to the new year and at the end of the year different values and traditions are maintained, quite different from family to family. Some people fondue or raclette to new year’s Eve is always a Christmas goose on the festive table, which are decorated Christmas tree and the Nativity scene erected the Church belongs to the holidays or Molybdomancy. And of course gifts. Also at global office as a family business”you can further rely on important values. Also in the new year. Continue to be very satisfied customers.

To do this, you must know but also the customers and know what they think and need. Stay in contact with customers. As with the members of a family! It was also in the fifth year of its existence to consult its customers reason and motivation of global office. With the aim to be even better and further expand the all-round carefree package. The new portfolio, which is found on the redesigned homepage now arose from this idea of improvement. It provides many new services to optimize the customer dialogue. And not only that, but also more condition benefits for various areas of everyday of entrepreneurs about the shopping platform.

New: global office scheduling service also supports its customers now office for telephone accessibility service global also extensively in their scheduling. There is a personal online planning calendar, to everyone and make dates in real time can access and manage. Global automated complete office call service to the customer dialog package, office global offers an automated phone call service. In this case, office takes over the quick dissemination of information on the basis of the person recorded voice message global. global office travel deals travel management is tailored to the needs of customers and global office professional is available now as a travel optimizer. global office connects services to optimize a holistic customer dialogue now condition and service benefits of a shopping platform and gives you so many more values: on the one hand increasing the accessibility and thus accompanied by the increase of customer satisfaction. But the improved utilization of date, case-closing registration of incoming calls and increase of orders and sales. And cross-industry for any entrepreneur. Are happy about the new services, as well as its earnings and now Martin Kaiser, Managing Director of the exact active Rosenheim is a gift. He was drafted from the participants of the customer satisfaction survey. Exactly active in its holistic approach combines health oriented training and physiotherapy. Kaiser was pleased, not only about winning, but in particular also on the successful and professional cooperation with global office.