Month: August 2012


However, we cannot still maintains an attitude where it does not think that to stop taking alcohol he is favorable for his life. Contemplation: Charlie begins to pay attention to the information that before to him happened unnoticed, like for example the statistical data that throw the TV news programmes, pauses to watch how much and how the people of their scope of work and its friendships drink. Thus it takes brings back to consciousness car-re-evaluation of its problem of addiction and idea to change its behavior. Charlie still more feels hard the perception of barriers for the practice, begins to debate in its interior the benefits and costs to leave this addictive conduct. For Charlie, the alcohol comprises of many social activities that provide good food to him, good atmosphere but begins to visualize its somewhat pathetic emotional conducts under the effects of those nocturnal glasses and the matutinal consequences than or begins to value like excess or conduct of risk. Therefore, a begins to think about the change of attitude and is more open to all the suggestions and detailings that as much its Mnica fianc2ee, and their Mathew friendly, Phoebe have come to him doing lately. Mainly in the information that Mathew debates with the companions of floor in presence of Charlie methods and forms of quality of life and conduct of health. Taking place in this last environmental re-evaluation not only at mental but affective level, because it is thinking about how they would see him its friendly him without a glass in the hand. What it happens is that Charlie still thinks about the lack of inhibition capacity that mainly provides one to him small glass for the social activities outside this surroundings and in the labor scope during the business meals. This phase even usually lasts several months (6) and a year (with the alcohol), although are people who remain years in this period, even are chronic contempladores, that replace the action by the action to think.

Shipment Day

Despirtese! 6. Muvase towards its objective! Towards where? If it has not determined an objective, is moment for doing it. Without knowing towards where we go, surely we will arrive at any destiny. We will have squandered the resources that we knew to obtain, and investing still more to channel the course of our business.

Conclusion: it determines his objectives! Pregntese where it wants to be (where it wants that it is his company) within six months, a year, 5 years; how it will reach those objectives? And when? 7. It makes specific his weekly debatable idea. If something can maintain it active, that something is the promotion of its emprendimiento. Propngase to create a new form of promotion every week, every fifteen days, every month, every day! I leave it to the objective to its criterion and of its business. That, if before it seduced its clients, yes now conqustelos. An exotic design for the summer season in its show window, the hiring of a personage met for the children (and adults), who you are that well-known personage! , the shipment of a program for PC, customized with the logo of its company, etc. Muvalos towards its emprendimiento! 8.

Dynamic challenge. Every day propngase to discover a new form to make the things. How to put to us in movement always doing the same? Pardon, yes we will be in movement but I doubt for a long time that more. The challenge is to find ideas original that they allow his emprendimiento to evolve day to day: a new ingredient, a new package, a new name, a new logo, a new presentation, a new script writing, a new message in its answering machine, a new company/signature in its mail, a new color in his newsletter, a new section in its Web site, a new data exceeds you that meets their client, a new article, a new seminary that to dictate, a new course that to take, a new forum in which to participate, a new fair in which to expose, etc.