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Internet-shop of fashionable women's clothing wholesale "Evromoda" offers a wide range of products from well-known Polish designers. The company is the largest domestic supplier of business firms from blouses Salko and Mertex. In our store to the attention of buyers, we present some exclusive clothing collection of different styles. Each collection has its own distinctive design and color scheme. The assortment is constantly updated with new models, we are offering to purchase at special prices. Checkout or update the terms of cooperation can be in one of the company's stores, or contact by phone with our manager. The key distinguishing features of all clothing from the company Salko is high quality, flawless tailoring and exclusivity.

By creating their own collections, the Polish designers take into account the tastes of all age groups, so we can find a strong and elegant office blouses and bright, unusual options that will look good and as a holiday option. We are familiar with the rules that apply to the company's current business suit, so our model fit in all the required standards of dress code, but at the same time, each of which contains an original touch that distinguishes it from other similar models. Blouses from Salko are made only from quality materials, which not only look fashionable and attractive, but also give her a sense of comfort to owners. Our company presents its products in the domestic market since 1991. During this time she managed to gain status trusted partner and a reliable supplier. The priority direction of our activity is delivery of business blouses from Europe.

More than ten years, we are the official representatives of the companies Mertex and Salko, offering original collections of women's clothing for the office. Designers of these companies are developing their own models, taking into account current trends and demands of fashion, so their products will never lose its relevance. Blouses from Polish company Salko are in high demand in Russia and other European countries. The increased popularity of women's clothing business style is explained by the requirements of our time. Almost every working woman has to follow certain rules in selecting office clothes. It is known that such clothing should be not only practical, but also feminine and elegant. And that shirt is the main element of any Business attire. Interesting blouse can "refresh" and make unique, even the most conservative version of the suit. Models from the Polish designers meet all these requirements: they are beautiful, modern and original. In creating their models, designers try to take into account the tastes and preferences of all working women. These collections of modern business lady can find something for themselves. Nearly every model presented in the store has complete set of sizes, so our customers will never experience discomfort when wearing blouses from Salko and Mertex. The company "Evromoda" offers clothing for every taste and shape. We sell our products in bulk at affordable prices. We are regularly promotional offers and discounts on new models of clothes purchased by large wholesale. Some headings can be purchased at a price 30-50% below the original cost. Pick up model for implementation can be in our stores. There's experts will help you pick an outfit to suit your needs and wishes. We pay attention and try to find an individual approach to each of its client, which is the main reason for our success in the domestic market wholesale Women's Clothing

Corporative Government

Thus we must put record that the corporative government is the form or management system of the legal companies and people, in so supposed we must prefer the good good form or management system supposed in which we will be before a good corporative government, which we must prefer instead of an erroneous system of administration, supposed in who we will be before an evil corporative government. In order to avoid that the company is retired of the market by judicial processes initiated by the creditors. That is to say, if one does not consider the right of the organizations can be run the risk of being very vulnerable through future judicial processes. Consequently we recommended its study. Nevertheless, it is clear that now the doctrine of the rise of the veil of the legal people and companies acquires importance, thus is clear that until certain point of view it reduces importance to the right of the organizations. Since the limited responsibility can be left of side through a judicial process, in such sense the judges must be very careful at the time of solving these judicial processes, so that the risk is run of discouraging the investments. cribes an additional similar source. This doctrine we have noticed that he finds little development in the Peruvian right but one is but developed in the right of other states like for example in the Spanish right, with the book of Angel YAGUEZ, in which it appears enough executory on the subject matter of study as it is the right of the organizations. In our means we have not found not even a single book on this important branch of the right as it is the right of the organizations thus is clear that we recommended its study and can be taken this opportunity by the young lawyers who just initiate their studies of right, to specialize in this new one but important branch of the right, thus is clear that deserves the corresponding specialization, in such sense we recommended its study not only in the Peruvian right, but also in the foreign right and the compared right.

We have not either found definitions of this new branch of the right which makes difficult its study, nevertheless, the important thing is in including/understanding the subjects that include to be able to study the same in a world in which little information exists, in such sense is that we hoped to motivate or to have motivated the readers who can be industralists, students or professionals. Putting record that stops some, certain professionals also are students, thus is clear that we put record of this details for an ample knowledge but of the subject study matter. That is to say, according to this optics the professionals are still students, but they continue being such, consequently deserves a greater study of the subject study matter.

Free Letters

Luis Hernandez described Navarrese them and wrote thus, in the Day: Nevertheless, in spite of their recent protagonism, the prophets of the aim of the utopia leak. They do not have anything to offer to the towns of Latin America. Who they listen are, as soon as, its hearings of always. Their opinions do not norman criteria nor legitimize conducts. In spite of their opinions, by all the corners of the region emancipatory projects bloom. The indigenous fight is unstoppable. The critical marxism appears again. The social movements put in check to the oligarchies.

The economic crisis sank definitively to the Consensus of Washington. With him they sink who sailed in that boat decreeing that was the unique viable option. If Enrique Krauze creates to have the power to right judge left-hand side and to which there will be to happen to the biographies of the power, because Hinojosa does not do already with Felipe Caldern, not having to hope that he turns six years, because if there is something in favor of the biographer, historian, essay writer of the power in Mexico, are the cortedad of the stature and the investiture of the presidencialismo of clean hands and the PANista use, throwing to him the hand, by the rest of the presidential term, to the return of the long and corrupt hands of the PRIsmo? He writes in, Intellectuals and Politicians, Arnoldo Kraus: brings back to consciousness critical is a gift; to exert it, to confront our political ralea is not only a possibility, but an obligation of intellectual means, responding a reader to him of the Day, Eduardo Avila, with the following commentary: arnoldo: I observe certain naivete in your tradicin in Mexico the servility of an ample sector from intellectuals the government. for examples of the present moment Enrique krause and company their books estan UNTIL CUATRIPLICADOS IN the LIBRARIES YOU PUBLISH OF the COUNTRY Carlos sources. .aval the fraud and OBTAINED the TRIBUTE BY THEIR 80 YEARS and one thus long one, need, detailed and significant list . The work of Enrique Krauze has coexisted in the collusion of its claridosas fidelities of the man tried who it. But the one would be entreacto of ensaystica justice that, in the Free Letters of its life and in the Clio of its glory, would be defined of the political and intellectual business and would put its prestige to the service of mainstream ideological of the Think Latin American Tanks. Although perhaps already it has been possible. Those certain things only happen in the tests of Enrique Krauze. Original author and source of the article.

International Exchange Of E-bills

All relevant responses to E-invoicing and E-billing practice Forum EXPP Summit indicates only two days on 26 and 27 September 2011 it 7 EXPP Summit takes place in Barcelona. So far experts and practitioners from across Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Australia to the leading Congress on E-invoicing and E-billing have registered already over 300 E-invoicing. High-profile speakers from international organizations and businesses of all sizes present their innovative concepts and solutions with exclusive reports and present a variety of projects for automated invoice processing. How the Spanish Government promoted the spread of E-invoicing, the participating by Salvador Soriano Maldondado from the Spanish Ministry of industry, tourism and trade experience. Oriol Bausavon AMETIC signs on the way for a transition from national E-Invoicing standards toward international interoperability. The participants first learn which projects to E-invoicing and E-procurement at European level have been launched, Hand of experts of the European Commission.

For the first time, also highly successful projects of the public sector from Brazil and Mexico will be presented at the Congress. The EXPP Summit participants based on field-proven solutions get the complete know-how for the own E-Invoicing project. In just two days, learn how is realized with the introduction of E-Invoicing great cost savings can and at the same time, according to electronic exchange of invoices quickly – and legally – be met the louder growing demand of customers and suppliers. The organiser offers companies that want to introduce E-Invoicing or expand, a limited allotment of free tickets. For more information, see: registernow_100.htm and company description the EXPP Summit is one of the leading Congress on the subject of E-invoicing and E-billing. It is the main meeting place for all E-Invoicing experts, offering a perfect platform to gather and share information on the latest trends and developments. Company contact: EXPP Summit, organiser AG Stephan Mayer Hauptstrasse 54 8280 Kreuzlingen Tel: 0041 71 677 87 00 E-Mail: Web:

Customer Proximity In The Executive Suite

In times of powerful social Web a must has never been as urgent as it is today, as possible to be as close to – the customers and kundenfokussiert to make leadership. Because companies no longer reach a primacy by what they do, but about how the customer perceives this – and what he tells the world to do so. Interactive Web platforms make it possible, warmly recommend countless interested any any offer or icy to dissuade. And people make use of them actively. Without mercy. Only, who acts as a provider such as a cast, will survive in this new scenario.

In the meantime, worry in many companies the various units always have more or less uncoordinated care of the needs of the customers. It’s called silo think ‘. The customer, however, a company always considered a wholeness. And he demands excellence – top providers provided. Excellence but not demanding, you can only enable. You have two components: the skills and the desire to.

Executives thus have the task to create framework conditions, so that they enable employees to give their best for the clients and most importantly: to do this also. Anne M. Schuller, leading expert in loyalty marketing in the European area, shows in their book customer proximity in the boardroom”, how it works. Among other things, she treated a new leadership approach: the customer-focused leadership. This includes the following five aspects: the employees are actively involved in the company’s strategy. Leadership visible lives focus on customers. Employee motivation is measured regularly – and it is high. Customer focus is promoted, praised and rewarded. Constantly working on customer-focused process optimization. All this needs not only to the customer-oriented models, but also customer-oriented management models. And open spaces. Because creativity the key resource of the future needs width. And she can unfold only in serene brains. Therefore grows”true customer focus only on basis of a smiling business culture. And by using an idea management that integrates both the employees and the customers ideas. The author is available for interviews and articles on these subjects like the. The book, updated with the Swiss economy Book Prize awarded 3. Edition Anne M. Schuller customer proximity in the Executive Suite, how do you kundenfokussiert employee Orell Fussli, Zurich, 3. actual. Edition 2011, 26.50 Euro 44.00 CHF 255 pages, ISBN: 978-3-280-05282-2 more info:

Being Investment Grade

The Colombian economy has been doing very well duties to recover the credit rating of investment loss in the year 1999, grade but the international financial crisis has generated him unexpected problems that away from the cherished goal.Investment grade is a very big step for which Colombia is not yet ready, at least not in the next one or two years. We have always had doubts about the fiscal situation of the country, which could worsen as a result of the crisis, said the analyst of Moody s Alessandra Alecci, generating uneasiness among Colombians in general and in particular between the Colombian business community.External factors come knocking the Colombian economy that originally had to struggle against external inflationary pressures and must now cope with the slowdown in the growth of the global economy which affects the dynamics of the Colombian economy, an economy that in recent times has increased its efforts by open to the outside.The fiscal and external situation of the Colombian economy have been the two elements which prevented Colombia to regain its investment grade. That is why that Uribe’s Government has made efforts to improve both fronts, reducing the tax gap and celebrating several treaties of free trade agreement (FTA), to balance the external accounts.But the international financial crisis will represent a blow on both fronts for the coming year. Although it was expected that in 2009, the fiscal deficit of Colombia increased by an increase in public spending (for defence and pensions), the international financial crisis that will result in slower growth of the Colombian economy (as revealed Richard Francis, s & P, the Agency is revising its projected growth of Colombia, which will very likely be downwards)It will have implications on the level of tax revenues which will reduce worsening fiscal situation.On the other hand, the slower global economic growth will be translated in a minor demand external and an increase in competition in the local market, of imported products.

Liquidators Explosion Worldwide

Inhale the dust, the participants rescue after a while got lung disease that was the reason for filing a court complaint. As a result of the process, the majority of the plaintiffs agreed to the proposed state conditions and can get 625 million, with a list of the victims were not only firefighters, construction workers and police, and volunteers assisted them. People who agree on the world, will not have to prove that is involved in the rescue operation was the cause of their illness. It will be recalled that in addition to state services, in the aftermath of the explosion of the World Trade Center were actively involved about a thousand well- organized by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. They were among the few who was allowed to remain and work with groups such as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army. Priests can be was recognized by the bright yellow shirts that were everywhere. They brought food and helped rescue workers recover their strength with the help of assists *, assist victims, in general, they were there, which needed help.

"If someone does not agrees with the crime, cruelty, injustice and violence that exists in this society, it might have something to do with it. He can become a Volunteer Minister and help make society civilized, to bear it society's conscience and kindness, love and freedom from suffering, and bit by bit by bringing in his trust, honesty, fairness and tolerance. " L. Ron Hubbard * Assist – Scientology process is used to relieve symptoms

America Time

And as one French philosopher Jane Budrillyar: ‘the smile remained on his face for a long time after all the feelings have disappeared. It’s the smile, which is available at any time, but at the same time, it does not allow himself to give. According to the properties it is similar to immunity. That smile seemed to speak for itself: This is a good country. I’m good. We the best …

‘And this subtext can really get upset and even act to someone’s nerves. Many believe the U.S. smile is not only the ‘nerve-racking’, but also insincere. This rejection occurs because ‘Everyday kind smile’ is not common for many people, especially for the Slavs. Russian writers have long defined American smile as strange and artificial in comparison with Russian. Satirist Mikhail Zadornov calls American smile ‘chronic’, and, according to M.

Zhvanetsky Americans smile, as if they are connected to the device. Maxim Gorky wrote that the first thing that catches your eye when meeting with an American it is his teeth. However, we must remember that in American culture smile in the first means being polite. The more American you smiling during the interview and the more he is friendly, the more positive his attitude to you and those closely He listens to you. The smile with which the American representatives of service meet you, means nothing more than politeness. And such a smile can be seen not only in the U.S.. One Chinese proverb says: ‘He who can not smile, can not open a shop. ” In Japan, the woman at the entrance to the escalator in the big stores are smiling and bowing to everyone who walks on it, but it’s 2500 smiles and bows a day. American psychologists say also that polite smile in America entails the protection of the listener from the problems of the speaker. But in the communicative behavior Slavic Smile “for politeness’ or ‘out of courtesy’ is not considered to be the norm. Therefore, we must always remember that if a certain phenomenon has no place in our culture, it does not mean that it does should not exist. And finally I want to say that, in my opinion, the U.S. does not smile is not sincere. May simply Americans are less inclined to mask their positive feelings and more prone to hide their negative emotions?

Clean Slate

Statistics estimate that one person a year has about 72 kg of laundry to be washed. A family of three persons "produces", thus, about 2 quintals of linen, which need to wash, dry, iron and provide appropriate storage conditions. From these observations one simple conclusion: today's own "laundry" is necessary for each modern man is much more than many other household appliances. Blurring the lines So the usual, clothes need washing, drying and ironing. This can be done both by manual labor, and modern engineering tools. The second option, of course, preferable. Washing machine responsible for the main operation of all laundry process can be divided into two types: activator, and drum. Activator creates a whirlpool inside the tank of water, linen and foam at the same time, not too careful when handling linen.

Such machine is mostly prevalent in the U.S At the European and Russian market has traditionally represented drum machine from the front and top loader. Both types have both advantages and disadvantages. Devices with vertical loading are potentially more reliable: in this case the drum firmly fixed on both sides of the bearings (at the front door bearing the location of only one). Vertical loading also gives opportunity to remove items during a power failure. However, the method has some drawbacks. Embed this machine in a niche does not work, put something on top, too difficult. When selecting a washing machine is important to assess its functionality. Such popular technologies as Easy Logic, Fuzzy Logic, Aqua-Sensor, will help determine the weight of clothes, the degree of contamination, the water required and the number of rinses.

Russian Federation

In order to start somewhere creativity in poetry or prose, it is necessary to explore the opportunities. Accessible place to start is published in the literary Internet portals, such as cottage-reading room, Litprichal,, Litzona, Element, sieve,, mound, Cha and others. All of them can be found on the Internet search engine, driving a site name. In this article we want to draw attention to the site "hut reading room." This is a fairly new literary portal (he went third year), which provides a place of free publications of the author of their poetry or prose. In addition, the most lively part of the site – a forum (ie entertainment writers and readers).

As with any litportale always worth the issue of copyright and plagiarism. To "Izba-Reading" copyrights for works fixed laws of the Russian Federation. Literature portal allows to publish virtually any works that allows authors and readers to discuss almost any subject, directly or indirectly related to the literature. And of course, the administration of the site excludes the possibility of publishing is prohibited by law incitement of ethnic hatred, incitement to violence / war, propaganda of pedophilia, etc. Just trying to fight the portal swearing that goes from some authors on the forum. "The Hut", as it christened the authors site, bears the slogan "Incoming know, you are welcome – freedom of speech and comfort" Therefore, dissent is not prosecuted, and even at times supported not only by the forum administrators, but also the leadership of the site.