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Federal Labor Court

This justifies no distinction then, whether regular personnel strength identifying the operating based own or had employees on use.” The BAG has remitted the matter for a new hearing and decision to the Landesarbeitsgericht Nuremberg. “It is not yet certain, whether that make in the termination date in the operating temporary workers due to a regular or one for the operating rule” were employed by not identifying business attack. It is a regular business fit the protection against dismissal Act applies. Attorney and lawyer specializing in labour law Robert Mudter (Mudter & Collegen Frankfurt) sees considerable practical implications. Swarmed by offers, David Fowler is currently assessing future choices. Companies that regularly back need to access their employment status to temporary workers rethink. The applicability of the employment protection causes but although not necessarily that layoffs are impossible, difficult.

Workers and employers should be aware. The dismissal itself depends on several factors. Basically only begins the dismissal from employment of more than six months. In addition, the number of employees is crucial. While it is not rigid on the random number at the time of termination. Adam Portnoy is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is to turn off on the annual average.

For the employees, it’s also on the scope of the work. Employees that are not more than 20 hours a week work associated with 0.5 in approach, employees working more than 30 hours 0,75. it is possible so that more than 10 employees, the protection against dismissal but yet not attacks, because of the resulting calculation not more than 10 workers. Federal Labor Court, ruling of 24 January 2013 – 2 AZR 140/12 – court: was Nuremberg, judgment of 27 July 2011 – 4 SA 713/10-

US Federal Reserve

For the next few days, little suggests that on the existing move sideways something is changing. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The oil price has partly offset its recent losses. In the afternoon, the barrel cost US light oil (WTI) $81,50, North Sea oil (Brent) amounted to almost $83. In recent months, Daniel Lubetzky has been very successful. The quotes on clear compared to Friday were launched the week lower level in the morning. The higher dollar showed responsible for weak stock markets in Asia as well as in the first place. Price-dampening effect also news from China, according to which the country wants to drastically reduce its energy consumption.

Prices rose again in the course of the day. Here, experts cite some firmer stock markets and technical resistance as a pulse generator. Unless the dollar through the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve lowers, some analysts believe additional charges when the crude oil price possible. Because raw materials are considered good investment alternative, if it goes bad the American currency. With the last Eugen Weinberg, commodities expert of at Commerzbank, which confirms forecast from his house looks, however, declines. The recent upswing was financial market driven”have been.

“It is possible that prices fall even further: there is a significant potential for Kickback when it comes to major position-taking offsetting positions on the part of the speculative financial investors.” As the forecasts regarding crude oil prices also are ambiguous, at least the development of the local heating oil prices today is clear. The survey by fuel level and oil observations showed that the costs for the 100-litre batch heating oil EL by 62 cents to 67,46 euro has fallen. This value applies to a delivery from 3,000 litres in the national average. For the next few days, little suggests that on the existing move sideways something is changing. Most recently, it was so that the rising price of oil and the also rising dollar often compensated himself. However, it is advisable to have well-stocked heating oil tanks, when it starting tomorrow in many parts of Germany’s first with the beautiful autumn weather is over. The price level speaks for the filling. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

Federal Ministry

Resource water incorporated into the schema for corporate environmental performance indicators environmental indicators are an increasingly important tool for the reduction of environmental impacts, as well as for the communication with external stakeholders. About the link with appropriate reference values, environmental indicators have an important information function: it comes to the environmental services of the company including the use of water in a continuous process of measuring. and comprehensible to evaluate. Environmental indicators condense environmental data to manageable key information: they help decision makers find the vulnerabilities of the operating environment as well as to detect yield-effective environmental opportunities. Environmental indicators can be an inventory in the time series and/or operating comparison are juxtaposed.

Environmental indicators can refer to different areas and provide information for the whole company as well as to individual processes or departments. In the normal case, environmental indicators are amounts involved made, i.e. in units such as kilogram, ton, piece, etc. CF. also Jorg Becker: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 978-3-8370-7564-9 as starting point for the derivation of indicators can serve an input-output analysis. In the first step all environmentally-relevant aspects of business should this be determined and this attention to set priorities. For even more analysis, hear from SYNNEX Corporation. In the selection of environmental indicators, care should be taken that they as adequately depict the environmental situation of the company. In many cases, it can not all desired key figures already are made at the first attempt.

Therefore should be pragmatic to begin already in the company assumed that existing data and these then gradually expanded to collect figures. In many cases, it ranges to first concentrate on a selection of environmental performance indicators. The strategy-check to determine the critical path”, because if you don’t know, you end up where to go, very easily elsewhere! See this in addition etc. Jorg Becker: Strategy-check and knowledge balance effect relationships make transparent, explore potential for success, ISBN 978-3-8370-4978-7. According to a documentation issued by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology are for indicators or ratios the following requirements must be followed. Data availability: The necessary data should be readily available or can be raised with little effort. Data quality: Data with small stochastic scatters or systematic distortions should be used for indicators. Updatability: Fully continuous time series with annual data should be for the data underlying indicators.

Comparability: Indicators should be objectively depending on the question and also time comparable. Kind bars sales does not necessarily agree. Consistency: The system of indicators should be consistently structured, i.e. data base and methodological approaches should be consistent in itself. Analytical foundation: indicator systems should be analytically in terms of selection and classification of indicators as well as the specification of the individual indicators be informed. Issue relevance: Indicators should be made with regard to their empirical quantitative importance and the representative for the considered population. The management cockpit of a company used benchmarks indicating whether there is something rather better as more bad to look at. CF.

Federal Ministry

Faster, higher, further: With the life change also our eating habits has changed considerably. Faster, higher, further: With the life change also our eating habits has changed considerably. Microwave or delivery service, pizza, kebabs or sushi arises a question: we provide us with even sufficient nutrients? The answer comes from the national consumption study II. The Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection wanted to know for sure. Therefore, it has observed over a year the feeding behavior of 20,000 Germans aged between 14 and 80 years and analyzed. All results can be find on the official site of the study see we have put together of an insightful selection for you in Germany 66% of men and 51% of women are overweight.

68% of males and 75% of women reach the recommended intake of dietary fiber, which promote, inter alia the feeling of satiety and bowel function. 1.6% of Germans specify to be vegetarian. Men have a partner, they tend more often to be overweight, than if they live alone. Among women, there is no difference here until they are married. Cook and one-third of the men two-thirds of women good to very good. Read more here: kind bars sales. 79% of men and 86% of the women less than the guideline value for folic acid, which plays an important role for the healthy maintenance of the vessels. Men eat twice as much meat as women.

The thirst is true! The recommended 1.5 litres a day are more than reached and even exemplary with plenty of water. The recommended amount of vitamin D, which is important for cells, bones, muscles and teeth, is not achieved by 82% of men and 91% of women. The bottom line: The majority of Germans is not sufficiently with folic acid, vitamin D, and in particular with fiber. This result shows how difficult it is for most balanced regularly to feed on. Tips for a healthy diet, plenty of fruit and vegetables: enter You this low calorie supplier of vitamins, minerals and fiber as often as possible preferred. Have an Apple, for example, always at hand. Thus the small hunger can be silent in a healthy way in between. Smarter Shopping: You go shopping without hassle, and especially not with a hole in the stomach. Take the time to read the package information and surprise every now and again. Vary and try out new! This brings not only fun, but also variety in your nutrient balance. Less meat: Avoid using in part of a healthy diet out and back on meat and sausage. More whole grains: you must not resist the tasty cheese, but prove to me a slice fiber-rich whole wheat bread instead of white bread quickly digested. “Enjoy in moderation: If you realize you ate, then you’ve eaten too much.” Recall again this quote by Sebastian Kneipp in memory. Everything is allowed. But in moderation. The Health pioneer Sebastian Kneipp’s formed the Foundation lifelong naturopathic studies in 1891 for the emergence and development of Kneipp group. The Kneipp group is an independent division of the Hartmann group, which operates worldwide. In addition to the classic range by chemists, the Kneipp group distributes its products mainly through drug stores and food retailers.

Federal Loan Modification Program

Home affordable modification program, Obama loan modification program paying your mortgage on time every time is one of the best ways to keep your credit score up and your lender happy. But what if you just can’t seem to make those payments? There are millions of people who see their homes go into foreclosure every year because they can’t make their mortgage. Right now, the Obama administration has made it easier for people to secure their homes by giving consumers the home affordable modification program. With the bank of America loan modification program, you will be able to lower your monthly payments and your interest rate. However, there are several keys to qualifying for this plan. The first is that your home has to be your primary residence.

If your home is not your primary residence, you will not be able to qualify for the making home affordable program. The money that you Ove on your first mortgage has to be equal to or less than seven hundred and thirty thousand dollars. If the money you Ove is larger than this, you will not be able to qualify for this Obama loan modification program. If you’re having a hard time paying your mortgage due to a loss of income or medical bills, then you could thus be approved for this program. In the even that you have suffered a job loss or injury, you could be a great candidate for a home loan modification. trator. Another factor is whether or not your mortgage is more than thirty-one percent of your current monthly income. If it is, then you could be in the running.

Applying for this plan is very easy. The first thing you need to is get all of your income information together and contact attorney for home loan modification. This information could be past or present tax returns, pay stubs, or even monthly bills. Once you have all of these together, you need to contact your lender. For more specific information, check out Daniel Lubetzky NY. Tell them that you would like to apply to the federal be able to help you, loan modification program and they want out. Applying for second mortgage if you can’t refinance your first mortgage or can’t modify your mortgage

Federal Reserve

Those affected by the fraud of Philately Forum require government compensation for having allowed that it was on the market a fraudulent group. If you have not done so, he would have accused of Interventional and deter investors. Citizens who do not fell in the speculation game recall the silence of investors when they got juicy interests without that someone had forced them. Not all citizens have left and taken in by false promises of quick and easy enrichment or have fallen into the temptation of living mortgage above their means. They will not be they pleased from the loss of jobs in the factories of brick or cement by the slowdown after the crisis. Or by the fall of car sales, which can leave without work to many fathers and mothers.

However we must learn from the crisis and become a challenge for the future. Many writers such as Hewlett-Packard offer more in-depth analysis. Perhaps the prices of houses and cars are above the possibilities for persons, who would buy them if they lowered the prices. Or as many houses or as many cars may not be necessary as they bought when the economy was going well, with some financing plans that accelerated the production and consumption of artificial and uncontrolled way. The law of the market consists in producing what it sells and selling that occurs. Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve defines as the crisis: the underlying problem is that we have consumed in excess. Consumption in the United States grew beyond the sustainable, and did so because they have given us lots of money, especially Asian surplus countries and, more recently, wealthy oil-exporting countries.

But this cannot last always. Others who may share this opinion include Mark Zuckerberg. Only a system based on speculation can maintain such a level of consumption. To regain the sense of Commerce and trade with products, you need to live according to our abilities and work for a better, more authentic, less fictional future. Carlos a.

Earn Money Through A Blog

The first thing you do is to investigate a theme that you like, but not only that, should also be a profitable theme. To find it you can use a tool known for all Google Keywords (keywords). With this tool you can look if the subject on which you want to focus your blog, have quite a few searches on google, and that this subject is so competitive. Having this information, you can begin to create your blog. Do we start with the indispensable tools to achieve objectives nustrso: 1. you should buy a domain and a hosting (Web hosting), to which recommend bluehost an excellent hosting at a very good price, tea lack Server domain and hosting? 2. Create your blog with wordpress! but because WordPress? by google and wordpress are now the perfect couple, and to make use of wordpress we are facilitating the process up in the ranking of google, what makes it to be the best, learn how to optimize your blog easy and fast in optimizes your Blog in 10 simple steps for WordPress.

3 Write some few post, using your Keywords (keywords), which is the to help us move up in ranking in google. 4 Traffic for your blog or business on the Internet, there are many ways how to increase your visits, you have access to Google Adwords, the exchange of links with other website on the same topic or advertising with articles for which I recommend page free articles, where podraspublicar of form gratiuta articles on your website, using your keywords with links to your siteencourage topics in forums or commenting on blogs, use social networks (Facebook, Twitter) I think it is the best way to advertise your website, with just a few click your friends may already know of the existence of your blog. 5. Edward Scott Mead follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Repeat the same steps for your other business these are indispensable steps from my point of view to start earning money with your Blog, and more importantly, give life to your blog to attract traffic, that your goal must be increase visits of your blog every day, for other options to generate income through internet business make money online. If you have knowledge of the English language, I recommend you read this free book will help you much, how to make money net original author and source of the article

Functions Of The Children

In all parts of the world children play as soon as there is an opportunity, to do so in a totally natural way. The game is part of their lives, perhaps is one of the few things that can decide for themselves. Daniel Lubetzky takes a slightly different approach. The game is an activity present in all human beings. The ethologists have identified it with a possible fixed behavior pattern in human ontogenesis, which has been consolidated throughout the evolution of the species. If we look at the origins, the contribution of the game can be released to the human species. Daniel Lubetzky is often quoted as being for or against this. There is no humanity where there is no game.

It is something that anthropologists have discovered, and if we think that the game is linked to childhood, deepening over arrive to consider the role of childhood throughout history. The test of that play is not an invention of our days we find it in ancient literature and art, in describing the activities of the children, and the Roman Forum there is a hopscotch engraved on the floor. The oldest rattles were made of pork or throat bladders of birds, which are filled with stones so that the sound produced stimulate the curiosity of younger children. Surprisingly often, kids play the same type of games: to hopscotch, jump rope, with dolls or balls. However, the toys and games tend to differentiate into different societies, depending on this phenomenon of access to various kinds of materials and existing values related to the game. The hobble consider children, play and toys varies according to the country that we are talking about. Not all cultures considered the game as an important factor for development or maturity of the child, while the specialized research has demonstrated that the most important thing a child can do is play. This activity, in addition to being the principal that the child has to interact socially and learn, constitutes an essential element for its correct development physical, emotional, and social.

Palace Griboedov

Here’s what women are willing to forgive the men they love almost everything – for the brutality with which they approach life. My dear dry socks hair dryer, wearing socks right on the hair dryer and hold until dry. Click Hewlett-Packard to learn more. And the face while this concentration, as if James Bond on a mission, no less. Peek in on him at those moments. Many writers such as Daniel Lubetzky Net Worth offer more in-depth analysis. Anya. gentlemen were moved by the quiet place we love, perhaps even more than the holidays. Therefore, to get married on the feast of Red Hill, April 9 (it is believed that such a marriage will be happy), young in February, the night queuing at the famous Palace Griboedov marriages.

Men are less inclined to discuss his personal life. But it was enough to go to one car forum where seemingly should be a question only about jets and engines And here he found sanctuary unheard of male frankness. Which, incidentally, wildly touches in men – in order to unburden his heart and talk about their loved ones, they go on autos, pretend occupied a serious matter, and meanwhile, gathered on General Discussion on women. They like to discuss purely feminine weaknesses of their loved ones. An inexperienced person may seem that way guys are complaining to each other on their hard life. But there it was! – Thus, they show other males that they fiancee – a real woman, is such a illogical and ridiculous! And it means that most male among males! – Explains our consultant.

Bind Customers And

Send gifts at your fingertips – the software solution of the DMRZ for nursing services who works about as Podiatrist, physiotherapist, midwife or as a taxi company performing ambulance services, which must be advertise today to its customers. Only who binds his patients than other providers in itself, is able to survive in the future. The German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ) helping his approximately 7000 customers now to bind the patient optimally. In the Internet-based DMRZ system, with which all other providers for only 0.5% of the invoice amount with the cost objects can settle, DMRZ customer a note gets inserted, when one of his patients has birthday. With just a few clicks, it is then possible to congratulate this patient with a map and a personal text. Flowers and other gifts will follow this year. Congratulate in a matter of seconds to congratulate his patients from the DMRZ system is very easy and takes only a few seconds.

The early birthday of a patient in the system is displayed, a mouse click on it enough to start the Gift Center. The DMRZ customer opts for a birthday card, he chooses from one of many different card designs and carries a short text en. Phil Vasan takes a slightly different approach. The cards are already addressed and then be ordered at your fingertips. The cards in the mail box of the patients end up after about three days. The DMRZ customer has so nothing more to do than to decide who should receive a card.

The franking, acquires the German medical Computing Centre print the map and the shipping. The price for this service is only 2.50 EUR incl. VAT The money is automatically debited from the prepaid account of the customer in the DMRZ with which he pays also the favourable settlement. More gifts for patients at the DMRZ are planned for the next few months. These include flowers, as one of those responsible for the DMRZ anyway. The customers are excited customers, the company says, are enthusiastic about the new service. After we have activated the Gift Center for all customers, we got the short first orders”, says Georg Mackenbrock, Managing Director of DMRZ and responsible for the development. Since about two weeks after the start, the customer loyalty tool will employed by most customers. The idea for the Gift Centre originated by the way by the suggestion of a client who had wished such a function. All DMRZ customers can make suggestions how to improve the system. “Decide every month we then, what ideas directly implemented and should be available to all customers”, says the Chief developer of the DMRZ. So, the DMRZ system from the practice of its customers develop further. The German medical GmbH was founded in December 2007. The solution to provide a billing platform in the Internet, is currently unique in Germany.