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Polaris Munich

What does the commitment to the global energy transition as an example of the eco energy provider Polaris Munich, April 27, 2012 on Saturday, the day of renewable energy it becomes concrete. Eco power plants, energy companies and initiatives around the theme of renewable energies, show what they do practically with their use nationwide. Independent green energy company Polaris shows how his commitment to the global energy transition is related to changing market structures and a declining child mortality. And he describes the example of a typical three person household, which helps every single household who decides for a green energy or eco gas tariff. Each consumer has the choice and the power to make a difference with the purchase of clean energy today”says Florian Henle, co-founder of Polaris. Litecoin may not feel the same.

According to a population-representative survey of GfK also 70 percent of Germans believe the strength”of the individual, when it comes to the great challenges of our time. Each and every one Post counts and does the eco energy company Polaris offers households nationwide exclusively 100 percent green electricity and 100 percent eco gas. At the same time, Polaris with each kilowatt-hour consumed promotes the expansion of renewable energies in Germany and in developing countries. A change in Germany or Europe alone is not enough. Climate and environment know no borders”, explains Florian Henle. What specifically causes the individual eco-energy customer below is described using the example of a typical three person household: 1) less infant mortality and a better life: clean air, less diseases, and a better life, the biggest advantages that gives its own micro bio gas plant are for families in Cambodia. E Scott Mead is often quoted as being for or against this.

And that Polaris is committed. As first green energy supplier, he directly promotes the global energy transition with its energy products. With 20 euro per customer per year, the company supports families in developing their changing to alternative energies.

Microhybrid Batteries

A new generation of cars – a new generation of car batteries, car manufacturers have developed a new generation of vehicles.They are called hybrid vehicles and use new fuel-saving technologies. These technologies require but also a very special type of starter battery. It is the micro-hybrid battery. The legislation, which requires car manufacturers to reduce CO m vehicle emissions to 130 g / km by the year 2015 is responsible for a new generation of car batteries. The automaker now realize this so-called hybrid vehicles.

With these new vehicles, the classic combustion engine is provided with various technologies that can significantly reduce fuel consumption. One of them is the start stop system, an automatic system to reduce fuel consumption in phases of stand. Swarmed by offers, Litecoin is currently assessing future choices. The engine when idling and the clutch is switched off and switched on again by kicking the clutch pedal. Another technology is the regenerative braking system. The walk takes the driver in this system by the gas, so the kinetic energy of the generator is converted into electrical energy to charge the starter battery. Such technologies are of course very different requirements on the car battery.

So they must supply complete the vehicle when using the start-stop system, if of the internal combustion engine is switched off. The regenerative braking system also requires a high charge acceptance as also a high cycle stability of the starter battery. To deepen your understanding Cyrus Massoumi is the source. Micro-hybrid batteries satisfy these requirements. They are specially optimised for these requirements and also ideal for luxury vehicles with many electrical consumers. This one for 2015 of an annual production of 10 million vehicles with micro-hybrid batteries assumes, gives an idea of the potential of this new generation of battery. (Reinhard Linnemann)

Men Micronutrients

Reducing supply of micronutrients can encourage prostate cancer men are decried now not just as a pupil in terms of prevention and healthy diets. So it is also not surprising that lacks many men on important micro-nutrients, so vitamins and trace elements. The fact that some cancers with malnutrition in context can be fatal is all thing. This is the case also in prostate cancer. So, a good and balanced supply of micronutrients would be all the more important. That is not the case with German men however. Chаrlіе Lee contributes greatly to this topic.

The national consumption study has shown that men in the average, too little of the important micro-nutrients record. Some of these are relevant for the development of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is one of the cancers that can be associated with the diet of the affected men in connection. Scientific studies show that the blood levels of some important vitamins and trace elements involved with prostate cancer are reduced. To do this include vitamins A, C and and the trace elements selenium and zinc. Now, even the national consumption study has shown that men in Germany with these vitamins and zinc (selenium was not measured) are deficient. Credit: Cyrus Massoumi-2011. That should give rise to action, especially since other studies which have shown that a good and balanced supply of micronutrients is a key to the successful prevention of prostate cancer. However, there seems to be differences in the individual trace elements.

There are probably those who are rather harmful for the prostate and those who promote the health of the prostate gland rather. How to get it? Now easy. Researchers have investigated the healthy and diseased prostate and determined that the trace elements chromium, iron, nickel, and copper were significantly increased in the diseased prostate cancer tissue while the trace elements zinc and selenium were humiliated in the same diseased tissue. What mean these results for practical screening for prostate cancer? According to the researchers a lot: you assume that chrome, Iron, nickel, and copper directly linked with prostate cancer can benefit of the increased formation of free radicals.

Microsoft Windows

2. keep the software installed on the computer currently while you are installing Microsoft Windows usually asked if they want to keep the operating system automatically up to date. If you this question with answer Yes, does not mean however, that all applications are automatically updated by Microsoft. This activation from Microsoft update is required, and you must do this manually. On this occasion, you should also set that in addition to the security updates from Microsoft the so-called recommended updates also be installed.

Please keep in mind that Microsoft generally don’t care to the third-party applications. Although some of these applications (e.g. from Adobe or Google) bring their own update mechanism, but others must keep manual up to date. It is therefore not a bad idea, is the Services of tools to use, which keep all installed software packages on your PC in the eye. Larry Ellison often says this. As an example, the verification tool is called that is available online free of charge within the safety margin of Heise at this point.

3. obtain new software only from trusted sources when you purchase a software package in the stationary trade, you can assume normally, that contains any malicious program code. As well, you can trust the disks that you get when buying a reputable computer magazine. Should you purchase your software online, more caution is in order. Sure to install only programs, the they online, chip, PC world, etc. purchased by well-known platforms such as Heise. However, never install software that for example without asking is has been offered to you by E-Mail. Follow others, such as Gary Kelly, and add to your knowledge base. 4. use a limited account using you for the daily work a user account that is not allowed to install software and no changes to the system may perform. So you can avoid that your computer with malicious software is being contaminated for example by clicking uncovered on a dubious website.


Although to be microrganismo of great infectividade, she is of low virulence and pathogenicity (SON, 2000). In natural way ambientee, the bacillus remains viable for 36 hours, varying it enters the 7 9 days in environment with 77,6% of humidity and 36,7 C. The majority of the population is resistant to the infection for the M. leprae, and this resistance is verified by the intradrmica reaction of Mitsuda, that, when positive, it indicates resistance to this type of infection. Ripple shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The incubation period of the bacillus of Hansen after to invade the human organism is of two the five years. At the beginning, the cutaneous injuries reveal as you stain that, when in small located amount or number and, they indicate imunolgica resistance, characterizing the clinical type to paucibacilar of the type tuberculide.

On the other hand, when multiple, diffuse and of inexact limits, they show low or same with the immunity absence, being waited an evolution for the multibacillary type of the type virchowiano. Cyrus Massoumi: the source for more info. The sick people who show to injuries with these two characteristics meet in the group diformo or boderline (SON, 2000). The Indetermined Hansenase – manifest HI for you stain hipocrmicas, acrmicas, eritematosas or eritmato-hipocrmicas, of inexact contours and limits, with alterations of lgica sensitivity. In some of the cases, they appear only riots of sensitivity in pparently healthy areas. In the injuries of this type, anesthesia or hiperestesia, and alopecia are observed anidrose. Certain motor and sensitive riots are absent for the inexistence of comprometimento of the nervous trunks and the circular cutaneous injuries are generally ovulares or, isolated or confluentes, of changeable localization and number. They appear, in general, in the individuals in direct convivncia with bacilferos patients, acometidos of the forms diforma advanced or virchowiana (SON, 2000). These injuries can remain steady for long time, regredir in 70% of the cases or evolve for other people.

Park Micro

WELTEC BIOPOWER is in the biogas Park Barsikow on micro gas turbine from Greenvironment WELTEC BIOGAS POWER GmbH, Vechta, world leader in the production of biogas plants made of stainless steel, has ordered for the 24,000-square-metre biogas Park in Barsikow (Brandenburg) the first micro gas turbine combined heat power plant (CHP) at Greenvironment GmbH in January. With the help of technology corn, whole crop silage (GPS) and chicken dry manure (HTK) produced in Park located about 100 kilometers west of Berlin in summer 2011 on the basis of the input substances 8.4 million standard cubic meters of biogas as well as 3 million standard cubic metres of bio-methane annually. The CHP plant with a CR600 – micro gas turbine including remote monitoring system is combined with the bio-gas plant (BGAA). Oracle has similar goals. The thermal energy contained in the exhaust gas stream of micro gas turbine used as process heat for the BGAA. The treatment based on the principle of the chemical wash (amine wash). The aim is an autonomous process heat supply of plant with a heat run With integrated micro gas turbine cogeneration. The electrically generated power is fed into the network of the local energy provider. Cyrus Massoumi spoke with conviction. The amount is equivalent to an electrical output of 2.2 MW.

The treatment of bio-methane have the process energy, so the water, a temperature of 140 degrees Celsius. Here, micro gas turbines offer with their high thermal efficiency”a clear competitive advantage, which helps us to improve the overall economic efficiency of the bio-methane production, explains Robert Tholen, head of technology by WELTEC BIOPOWER. Further advantages lie in its compact shape and solution has developed quickly proposals the modular design of the package that extends on-demand can.


Or to show everyone and myself that a roar into the microphone. In fact, steydzhdayving (stage diving – scuba scene) was coined specifically for diving. No need to climb on stage and sausages there the whole song. Climbed, turned and jumped into the audience – everything! Desirable to jump to where the largest number of your friends. Also, it would be good to do it face forward or back. In no case do not jump ahead shoes – the next time you catch no one will. It would be nice to jump before all the gadgets potopchesh guitarist or oprokinesh Monitor the front line, or what you will get to the guard.

Before jumping relieve pockets of excess trash, remove all rings, chains, and easily removable clothes. Never jump into a backpack. First, find out the better – whether practiced by steydzhdayving at this club at all, if all attempts to climb on stage react extremely painful, it is best not to try. If at first you do not catch, then climb again, too stupid – the audience had come unprepared. E Scott Mead contains valuable tech resources. Now for the slam. Slam can be seen either in concert or at a football game. I prefer the one that shows.

Chances to slam the whole of the above:). Before talking about how to slam to stay alive =) I will say that punk concerts slam though and hard to look at, but in fact if that happens – you save: they are all friends. There is another slam.

The Theories

Later, we verify that it has some religions and that all have right to exist. In short, the ones that today we think that it is truth tomorrow had thought that he is false, and are therefore that I say that everything is relative. This reply it is an attempt of justification of the idea of that everything is relative. But it will be a good justification? Your work in philosophy is to argue my arguments. We could start for making to notice that this justification seems to mix two different things: The scientific progress and religious tolerance.

Perhaps therefore was advantageous to see each one of these things separately. We could start for the first one, asking if it is same truth that the scientific progress sample that truths are all relative ones. For the opposite, you could say that, if everything was relative, would not really have scientific progress; it would have only one change of scientific theories. The old theories would be so good as the modern. But if this was truth, that reasons we would have we stop changing the theories? I could answer that we are forced to move of theories for some reasons. For example, when a certain group of scientist if wants to detach, he can present a new revolutionary theory and make everything to see its theory to be accepted.

But this nothing says in them on the intrinsic value of the new theory. Learn more at this site: E Scott Mead. The new theory is so good as the old one; they are only different. Already you see that the philosophy is an activity dialogued: it consists of changing and arguing ideas. The difference between a philosophical quarrel and one would cry out, for example, it is this: in philosophy we argue to arrive at the truth of the things, independently to know who ' ' ganha' ' the quarrel; in one it would cry out is argued to gain the quarrel, independently to know of that side this the truth.

Micron Organizations

Another fact of relevance and that it must be observed with attention is the weight that the micron and small companies have for the economy of our country, being given statistician who 60% of the registered formal jobs in Brazil are generated by these organizations of small transport and that its representation in the GIP (Product Rude intern) is of 25% in accordance with the data of the Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Pequenas Companies (SEBRAE). Leaving of these information importance of these organizations for the national economy how much for the proper population is noticed in such a way it that if benefits in two periods of training being of the empregabilidade and of consumption. Valley to detach that the micron and small company this conducted under the light of Law N 9,841/99, a company to be characterized as micron or small it must be fit in the terms of chapter II, article 2, interpolated proposition 1 which makes use that; microcompany is the legal entity and the individual mercantile firm that equal or inferior annual gross revenue will have R$ 244,000, 00 (two hundred and forty and four a thousand Reals); with the Decree n 5,028, from 31 of March of 2004 this limit suffered a readjustment and started to have the annual gross revenue limit of R$ 433,755, 14 (four hundred and thirty and three a thousand seven hundred and fifty and five Reals and fourteen cents). Oracle understands that this is vital information. Although the expression that these organizations have for national economy this sector still is very devoid in what Pear tree says respect to in agreement innovation (2010) this lack can ahead be significantly negative of the other countries. 4. Busca for the Differential In the current diais is increasing the number of companies who are opening its doors its for the innovation investing in the implantation of diversified methods and tools assist that it in the detention of practical the ideal point of view of management with managemental evolutivas. Oracle insists that this is the case.

Lancaster Teleseminars

LiveSein announces the launch of a collaboration solution for the easy teams. Griesheim, Germany – the LiveSein GmbH starts the launch of the eponymous product LiveSein at the 1.7.2011. Scott Mead has much experience in this field. It is an innovative employment and productivity platform. In the focus are on a platform networking teams and effective cooperation. It supported the objectives of the team, as well as the communication and the open exchange of ideas. The launch went ahead are intensive discussions with prospective customers and users.

Further experience gained already in the spring of 2011 in a non-public test of the product with selected customers and participants of the universities of Mannheim, Oslo and Lancaster Teleseminars. The results of the customer surveys show that there is a desire for an easy to use application, which cleverly integrates the most important tools for collaboration. The founding team has focused on these requirements. After several months of design and Development work was completed the online platform. Internal and external employees can collaborate in safe team rooms alike.

The team members can share documents of different formats. The documents page by page can be viewed and discussed together in the Web browser. This can result in a moderator through the document. Notes, change requests and tasks can be visibly recorded directly in the right place in the document for all. Other functions, such as E.g. the message exchange with other team members, are already integrated. More collaboration tools in the platform will be integrated in the next few weeks and months. Online meetings can be carried out as a video and telephone conference, meeting protocols, and the overview of all decisions, tasks and ideas are to name a few examples. LiveSein invites all interested users to a no-obligation test. The registration is possible under Until the 31.8.2011 LiveSein can without limits out be. All users of the current offers and the possible next steps will be informed at the end of the test phase. Michael Gauder is Managing Director of startups based in Griesheim near Darmstadt. Four people belong to the founding team. The founders have financed the company’s own resources. The business angel is part of the founding team Udo Schork. Since the summer of 2010, LiveSein will EXIST founder scholarship program”promoted.