Month: August 2014

Micro Website

A micro-website is a section of a web page with special features. On many occasions is chosen to give the new micro web site a sub domain for several reasons. In principle, the complexity of these pages tends to be greater or different than the original mother website, but give a sub domain is also a representative element in if same, i.e. award a semantic value that can be helpful to potential users and to promote the proper SEO. This way if my web site is and I am dedicated to the manufacture of medicinal products and I decided to create a micro-website for my Genesis product, would be a good idea that my micro web site URL would be, for example. In this way is someone searches for this product – Genesis – part of the domain will have many better chances to go out at the top of results pages. What are the reasons that should lead us to create a micro web site instead of a traditional page?. First is an element that stresses the importance of our products.

If I decide to create a micro-website for a product in particular, the user will interpret the same is of special importance, greater than the rest of the products. Also micro-site offers me many advantages from the point of view of information organization. Not be included within the main site map, but which operates virtually as a separate site, allows much more freedom in designing it and structure it, it is not necessary to maintain the same look and feel of the original site. Development of a micro-website gives much more freedom when developing your content. We can also consider pages on Facebook as micro sites themselves. In the case of these last we must adhere to the technical possibilities offered by the portal. However if our micro web site is a sub domain of our main site, there is limit to what we can include. Is also true that there is a limit to the number of micro sites that we host on a page.

One or two are usually the recommended maximum. One larger number can lead to confusion in the user and cause the opposite to the desired effect, i.e. failing to give relevance to this new product we are launching. It is also necessary to consider micro web site must have a value-added in yes same, because the content must validate his own existence. If I include in my micro web site what it would in a traditional page, since then is not justified its creation. The fact that is a sub domain allows me to implement online marketing campaigns differentials of the of the website mother. And this is a benefit that not all administrators of web sites know how to use. Ultimately, the creation of a micro-site is a little used although tremendously effective technique when used in specific places (like Facebook) or within the same site, highlighting the importance of this product. It is worth trying to get the most out of them.

Education Marketing And Consulting Marketing

PR facilitates selling 14 tips for your press work many trainers, consultants and coaches look at public relations than cheap ad replacement also as a sales tool. But PR sold nothing. She can facilitate the sale for example, sellers but by they the (not yet-) customers your company conveys that your company exists and its work guided there by which quality standards. Here are some tips for your press work looking at you the editors of the newspapers as customers. Finally you want to sell something to them\”your text, your news. Deal appropriately with them.

\”You give them what they need: for example news, insight into company practice, crisp\” quotes. Communicate with the press moderately but regularly\”, thus you are except in the minds of your potential customers, in which the editors gradually provider anchor xy exists. \”He is a specialist for…\” Pour over the Do not press with all possible nonsense for example of the message that you or your company had a birthday. \”You send them only the information the your expertise or your company as a specialist for…\” underline. Make sure: Almost all journals have long lead times.

If your message in a certain issue to appear in a journal, this is typically six weeks before their appearance on the desk of the editors. Overestimate the effect of the published Word. Be so generous\”in the proofreading of texts, in which she cited are. Always remember: the editor is your customer. He paid but not with money, but with Seiten(-anteilen) in his magazine. Therefore, he may with the purchased\”article do what he wants. Be unprofessional so does not turn sour, or from your point of view when he cuts your manuscript\”edited. Have no fear before the professionals and business press. There is a really critical economic trade press \”in \”Germany no longer, since, as Ferdinand Lasalle wrote earlier in the 19th century, the nature of the ad was invented\”.

Publish Articles

It is looking for a way simple to obtain advantage on its competition? The successful businesses in Internet, nowadays, continuously are applied to innovating strategies of marketing and tactics to be different itself from the others. Two fundamental strategies of marketing exist that they are: The positioning and the relation with your prospectuses. And they guess what? The article publication is very effective tactics that increase the quality of these strategies of marketing. He is everything what there is to do, positioning themselves well and the establishment of relations? By all means that no. Nevertheless, is an excellent step in the right direction.

And upon that, it is easy, that there is a good probability that its competition is not using this tactics. Acptelo. Taking something of time, ability and effort, writing and to use articles effectively, is why many do not do it, but the one that wants to work well these two strategies makes an effort in doing it. So why to choose the publication of articles like one fundamental tactics of marketing? Here they are 7 important reasons: 1. He is very simple. To people it enchants to him to buy and to make treatments with the best experts.

The writing and the effective publication of its articles, him aid to position itself like the expert in its field. 2. Going a step a step further on. When somebody becomes expert in some field, it can increase his tariffs and receive more by his products. 3. If their articles are good and they are distributed correctly, they can extend like a powder drip and, literally to secure the effect of viral marketing. In last instance they lead its business by the good way. 4. A great part of marketing in Internet has to do with the motors search like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc It is very important that we play its game.

Business Card Printing

Who would like to have printed business cards, should hire a professional design service despite the increase of importance of Internet advertising and the increasing digitization have lost hardly important classical advertising media such as brochures, flyers, brochures, etc. in Germany and continue to represent an effective form of advertising as an important part of the presentation of companies in most industries. As with all forms of print advertising worth for business cards, to make use of a professional design service. This need not be expensive, can however be very rewarding, because the card is often the first impression a company leaves and in case of doubt even can decide if there is a further contact, or a business degree. Who want to create business cards and print business cards, is in good hands with trend power. In addition to the aspects of colour, design and typography, the caring for a recognizable company logo is one of the most important elements is one Business card. In the Berlin print and advertising agency trend power, a professional and creative logo design belongs to the Fulllservice offer. Also designs and manufactures trend power printed materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, brochures, letterheads, invitation cards, calendar etc. and it arrives to the customer’s individual design wishes. Also, who needs a professional technical and creative Web design, is at the advertising agency with satisfaction at the right address. Daniel Maluk

Managing Director Ingo Schloo

Now, companies and economy interested have its own video platform on the Internet. Now, companies and economy interested have its own video platform on the Internet. The multimedia possibilities of representation and the simple distribution channels over the Internet to encourage more companies to publish their own video content. is similar to YouTube & co. hosting and marketing platform, only that we focus on business topics and target groups and provide videos with business content so the optimal environment “, says Managing Director Ingo Schloo over the current Internet project of mold media publishing. on economic target group is optimized navigation, optics, and business model. Everyone can publish free of charge up to 20 videos in his own name as Publisher.

The videos are then available on the platform and can be embed in Web pages from there or forward via eMail newsletter. is now launching with more than 250 business videos from all Areas. A thematic navigation structure and detailed descriptions to promote the simple search for users and search engines. Video is ideally suited for public relations, opinion presentation, event and trend reports. Advertising for products, services, job offers a new level of effectiveness via video.

Promotes the effectiveness is greatly reduced technical costs and the high acceptance of video content on the Internet”said Ingo Schloo. speaks even professional publishers such as agencies, video service providers and media companies. The start will be rewarded creative Publisher particularly. The best two new videos are deducted monthly from with 500 or 250 euro especially promoted and awarded. About presents itself as the first open and free platform for Web videos with business content. For the official launch, more than 250 videos are online. Publishers are businesses and media such as Avaya, defacto call center, Siemens, Mhoch4 television agency, Media-TREFF, webeffekt or can be used to host free videos, to the integration of the movies in your own Web pages and eMail blasts. In addition, the platform helps Web videos about as well as via search engine marketing. – in motion for success over the mold media publishing: the publishing house headquartered in Wurzburg is specialized in business portals in addition to the magazine’s central market. “The wholesale marketplace to zentrada” and trade information services expertSites “used monthly by more than 500,000 business visitors from Germany and Europe. PR contact, further information and photos Martin Hausmann project manager Tel 09 31 / 3 59 81-28 E-Mail: Web:

Current Business Climate Index

Compared to the last evaluation, has removed the 1.44% and now stands at 24.5 points. Thanks to the participation of over 160 companies in the Bodensee at pure he States Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Konstanz – was unable to detect the current business climate index for the Lake Constance region The index number of the last survey with 24.5 points to 1.44% below the value. This decline is mainly to a collapse in the mood component. This may be a psychological result of the US subprime mortgage crisis. The calculation of the index by means of three different factors was carried out here. While the factor 2 to 16.89% comprehensive sustainable areas investment and employment has risen, also declined in two other factors: factor 1 (blurred snapshot of the current business situation) recorded a decrease of 6.63%, the factor of 3, which United, even for the first time was a decrease of 11.58% revenue and backlog also created a cluster analysis, which now different Clusters can be found. This particular type of analysis makes it possible separately to various companies with similar Clustermerkmalen.

Also with the evaluation of the 2007 autumn survey a prognosis for the future business climate at Lake Constance could create for the first time. The Lake Constance bordering expect a significant damper for spring 2008. The participants of the 2007 autumn survey forecast a decline of by 22.2% to 19,04 points. Because the value is positive, it can be by sustained economic growth. The lower absolute amount of the projected number of index suggests that economic growth will capture fewer companies than in the past. The index value on the one hand is a level indicator for the economy of Lake Constance. Also, he draws attention to the concerns and needs of the Bodensee farms due to its signal effect. The index number of the shows the direction of the trend and the intensity, i.e.

whether the development is supported by a broad base of businesses and whether the tendency of the Companies in several areas covered or only partially. In addition to a detailed analysis in pdf format a recommendation for action can be found on the webpage of advises companies of the Lake Constance region to establish cross-border contacts and nourish the region to bring together. Raphael Straub

Mediumsized Businesses

Affordable professional E-Commerce through use of components from WMS4 the extraction of several features and components of the well-known distribution management system WMS 4 / VMS opened small businesses but also larger online retailers new ways to operate like a professional E-commerce. Following eComponents can be individually integrated into any website and enabling E-commerce or contribute to increased sales and increased customer satisfaction: shopping cart management, shopping cart tracking, ordering process, download component, cross-selling, search engine monitoring, product evaluation, rewards program, newsletter Manager, voucher generator, agent, FAQ – frequently asked questions, games. The usage of this stand-alone components particularly suitable for merchants who _ would have only a few products on sale and need therefore not a Shopsystem, offer certain advanced functions on their Web presence, however, _ already use a third-party system and this to one of the offered features want to expand. In both cases, it is to be expected depending on the relevant component and the system used an integration effort. More information about the individual eComponents, see below. About eCCOMES the eCCOMES GmbH is a Stuttgart-based company offering consultancy and integrated solutions in the areas of complex customized shop systems and Web-based process optimization since 1997. In addition to the use of innovative, practice-oriented software is our focus on close collaboration with our customers and their intensive care. As venture asset investor (VAI) supports eCCOMES young and ambitious company with software and technical services as well as strategic planning, management and development of the online business. How to contact with Maria Widra Tel. + 49 (0) 711 9353-840

Business Intelligence

Novem business applications the Cognos solutions for business intelligence Hamburg presented at CeBIT, February 20, 2008 The Hamburger consulting firm novem business applications, awarded 2007 by Cognos as a Platinum reseller partners, presented at this year’s CeBIT in Hall 3, booth D 5, its broad spectrum of performance in the areas of business intelligence (BI), balanced scorecards (BSC), corporate planning, data warehousing and CRM. His innovative solution portfolio ranging from strategic advice on the design, technology selection, implementation and commissioning of the solutions to extensive training and a coaching of professional Projektmanangements. In the Center, the Business Intelligence Cognos solutions including an industry solution for the pharmaceutical industry are at CeBIT. The market-strategic and economic benefits of business intelligence is now undisputed”, explains novem Managing Director Anastasios Christodoulou. However, is bi not only with the Analysis of business issues satisfied, but established increasingly as an instrument for secured business planning.” So, about the tool Cognos enable 8 planning, in the framework of the specific market conditions to design alternative business models and analyses to what if scenarios”to develop. The consulting company, which is among the market leaders due to his over 200 customer projects, will concentrate on the CeBIT particularly this solution area.

Given the wealth of information produced nowadays, many management decisions are inevitably certain risks, which ultimately also negative can present themselves in the business results. Intelligent analysis techniques, however, create for the company – and process management. a reliable information base” This assessment was confirmed at the beginning of the year in a survey of novem. Then companies achieve better economic results with BI solutions on average. You have one last return on sales after Taxes by an average of 4.41 percent achieved, while the comparison group without the use of business intelligence with 4.08 percent had to be satisfied. Also, BI users evaluate their current market Outlook more optimistic than companies without this technology. So the return on investment of analytical concepts and their positive effects on the competitiveness of the company be demonstrated clearly”judge Christodoulou.

Over novem business applications as independent consulting designed and realized novem innovative methods and solutions for the areas of business management, finance, controlling, sales, marketing product development, production and logistics to the sustainable increase of in company value of our customers. In novem as a market-leading solution providers such as IBM, COGNOS and Informatica partner offers its customers the best conditions and State of the art security. With over 200 realized projects in the areas of sales and marketing information system (VIS / MIS) and more than 10,000 the consulting company is satisfied students and users who work with solutions implemented by novem, a market leader in the German-speaking world. More information: novem business applications in GmbH the Strohhause 31,20097 Hamburg Henning Schwass line marketing & events Tel.: + 49 (0) 40-27 159-225 fax: + 49 (0) 40-27 159-229 E-Mail: Web: Agency think tank Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth Bernhard Duhr Tel.: + 49 (0) 2233 – 6117-75 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 – 6117-71 E-Mail: Web:

Good Business Plan

There are more and more people are planning to start a business. Finally arriving at a company benefit from a completely new sense of life. But before you can stand on its own feet, a business plan must be created. If you addressed namely to potential donors, it can show a good business plan the lenders. Of course, the World Wide Web offers very many ready made business plans for download.

But the potential donors will quickly recognize this and then not participate the business. For this the result will be all the better; When the plan to create an expert. Unfortunately, the importance of a business plan is not known to many people. Such a plan has a very important task: he should describe how the company should be managed. Especially the financial part of this plan must be made professionally. Only if the plan is excellent; be convince to donors. Of course, one can speak only of a grand plan; If certain Requirements are met.

A good plan starts with the introduction and ends with the conclusions. In addition, the various statements must be substantiated with statistics. Of course you must adhere to the usual outline. When addressed to a professional and create a business plan, are different concepts to choose from. The demanding clients choose this for the “exclusive founding concept”. More information about the plans be made available on the World Wide Web. Of course, there are also people who simply own customize the business plan. But while it may be again a serious error. The errors in the financial area are of course particularly severe. Serious error can be the reason for the failure of the business. On the basis of this undeniable fact, it is logical that more and more expectant entrepreneurs on a professional contact to create a professional plan. On the World Wide Web, you can the the interesting Web pages visit various professionals. Most Internet sites of this type were designed by the way very clearly. If there is still an important question on your mind, you can take a personal consultation service. Normally the contact information directly on the website of the provider are located. Lena Marie

Martin Schaarschmidt

Hearing impaired should show itself possible solutions and consistently and repeatedly ask them,”says Franz Hermann, President of the German cochlear implant company (DCIG), in a recent interview in the worm. “” In the publication of reflex publishing better see and hear”, which appeared in millions Edition in May and various audience magazines, the Handelsblatt and the current snail” is, is communicate the interview wheelchair accessible “to read with Franz Hermann. Also the possible aid in the event of a hearing impairment are as varied as the people”, so Malu Dreyer, Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate, in their greeting for the current issue: while I wish a good coexistence of deaf or hearing-impaired people; “because only together we can achieve the goals of inclusion.” For more information see and. Media representatives we provide upon request also a view copy of current worm”available. “Editorial Note: the snail” is a 1989 independent magazine, society DCIG ( issued by the German cochlear implant. The magazine, which acts as a non-profit limited company, informs its readers about the issues of cochlear implant, hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus, hearing aids and hearing aids. Expert contributions and experience reports from concerned give the reader deep insight in the problem of hearing impairments and their management. At the same time, the magazine offers readers a forum and contact possibilities.

Thematic focus is life with cochlear implants (CI) and hearing aids. The reader of the worm are hard of hearing persons and their relatives, professionals from the areas of ENT, hearing aid acoustics, pedagogy, speech therapy, self-help organizations and interested in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The Foundation certified health in October 2010 the worm among other reasons, because the articles cover a wide range of claims, adapted to different information needs and are usually well understandable. The journal provides reliable information people with hearing impairment and their families, as well as professionals, published dates around the hearing and presented in each issue of contact details of self-help groups in Germany and also in Austria, of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Luxembourg. The worm”appears four times a year with a current circulation of 5 500 copies. The editorial office is located in Illertissen; Editor-in-Chief of the worm”is Hanna Hermann. Since 2008, there are in addition to the “Print edition of the snail the snail online information portal magazine”.

With this relatively young medium, we want to complement the worm with current property and service issues and events around the topic of hearing. These include among others CI, hearing, ENT, early intervention, school, study and vocational, social law and the latest product news and company information. Editorial Worm / worm-online, 3032, D-89253 Illertissen, Tel. (07303) 39 55, E-Mail, press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60, mobile: (0177) 625 88 86, E-Mail:,