Month: April 2012

The Companies

They are them customers, suppliers, collaborators and also the society its return, being thus the spectators. with this, many companies intend to reach a level of very great recognition in relation to its competitors who it are not. That they are not above all worried about the commitment of to be ethical and citizen. This finishes generating an inaquality of jobs, however beneficial. It finishes that creating air to be able under that one that does not make its part it stops with the environment and the society inside and outside of it. But this rivalry finishes that foradamente inviting its competitor to more also make. To make something that until good little time behind was considered luxury and for few. this rival climate is good for the community in general thus becoming each time more close to the level of improvement in the social, ambient and cultural subject for each organization.

It is being a disadvantage, therefore the competitor she will make also it and if the company will not be good the sufficient will lose part of its picture of collaborators without a doubt some. as today Brazil suffers with the distribution of resources of investments, is natural that it has a lack in this subject. If all the companies who today are active in the country, thought with a little solidarity more than, our problems that are seen as ' ' alheios' ' they would not be ours. Of the door pra is, the companies consider as other people’s and when in the truth the problem is of all. would have to be enxergado and faced for all, who knows thus the inaquality would not exist. Although the majority of them, knows that it has immense to be able where they act, they prefer not to open the eyes, or better, to dissimulate not to see what it passes to its redor.

Creation Evangelho

Since that the World exists the anxious person or not, has that to cross them, waiting its to develop. LIFE PR-EXISTE TO EVERYTHING Because the life is more than what the food, and the body, more than what the vestments. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP. 12:23. GOD only has the Power to give to Life to the Human Universe and Spiritual. What It cannot make to keep alive all its Creation? TEENY FLOCK you do not fear, teeny flock; because your Father if pleased in giving its kingdom to you. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP.

12:32. Ahead of the Superior Plans, what it is the Planet Land? A teeny flock in the primary age. exactly thus, the Celestial Father, already order until it all its goods. YOU SEARCH ITS KINGDOM You study the Moral Laws of the Master JESUS and the Universal Laws of GOD and will widen yours horizontes, making to grow the longed for goods. You look the Knowledge all, why GOD is Wise and Saint. You work and you will increase your goods, for sustenance yours and to help who not yet it arrived at your state of bigger search. God everything distributes for all its children and is each richer time.

You first search the Kingdom of God and its Justice and all things will be added the material you. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 6:33. This Law of Divine Economy is for being used by all the Human beings. It is this Economy that supports the Universes. EITHER ALWAYS HEALTHFUL Therefore, not inquieteis you with at some future date, therefore tomorrow it will bring its cares, is enough to the day its proper evil. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 6:34. The balance in the primordial search of benesses for the Immortal Spirit becomes healthful any creature.

Coordinator Questions

So that let us have the waited results, we need to develop our minds to think different, to enxergar what it is written by behind of the words, that stop we, pparently, has the same meant that the other people had identified. This is the secret, for example, to understand what it is written by backwards of the word Periodical, we can not only have another interpretation and ' ' Jornal' '. The periodical is the vehicle that goes to transmit the message, and alone we worry in them in transmitting through the same standardized research, ready questions, a long full avenue of questions, even so elaborated well, can not be the questions that serve of questionings for our company. Vocs can until thinking that such questions had been made for your company, I agree, you is seeing with its eyes and not with the ones of the receivers (Jornal+ista), the periodical is the sender, but the interested party is the Journalist, between the periodical and the journalist we have the journalism that practises he is it to collect, to write, to edit and to publish information. The Journalist in this metaphor the collaborators of its company are all, through its perceptions they will be able in giving spectacular contributions to them, them they are writing the history of its company, and they will only be able to offer the questions to you that will be part of its research.

If the answers are internally, logically that the questions also are internally. When the company formulates the questions that really are of interest of its collaborators, it starts to adopt a participativa communication, taking to the four cantos of the organization the satisfaction and the certainty of that, at least, we were heard. Some positions as: Leader, Manager, Head, Coordinator, Supervisor, among others, would have to accurately make what the position demands, that is, To lead, To manage, To command, To co-ordinate, To supervise, not to work, they are strategical positions, and for being strategical they will have that to work with the mind and not with the hands, they are the pensantes minds of the organization.