Month: June 2017

CompuMaster GmbH Opens Branch In Cologne

Employees for the business development digital solutions sought for beginning of April a new Office located in the heart of Cologne opens. It process optimization and management of digital contents and data of any kind in the foreground stand for CompuMaster. Specifically, customers are supported in the areas of individual programming, application development, databases, interface development, content management (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO), Web-portal solutions and project management. Thus the software company wants to enable its customers especially, to minimize inefficiencies in work processes. A motivated and dedicated employee (m/f) with business administration – or IT background will be space of first contact of the Agency for the Cologne is looking for the successful growth of the Branch Office. For example, the construction, operation, and the establishment of the branch and the business development team are among the tasks”. Bill O’Grady addresses the importance of the matter here. As service provision for the consultants to create concepts and Trending topics prepared, determined and economically prepared, as well as the long-term development of the business and the acquisition of customer orders, are supported. Furthermore, the representative for task coordination and project management of internal orders and teams, as well as for the administration of the Office, including back-office support of the headquarters, is responsible.

Interested parties should have a poise and be binding in nature. Also has a university degree and minimum of two years experience in an agency, confidently deal with MS Office and be flexible and willing to travel. Team leadership experience, result-oriented and independent work, organizational skills is expected also, ideally experience in PR and a fast learner. Offered is a safe work place in the center of Cologne, versatile and challenging tasks, design freedom in an innovative as well expanding agency, independent work and the possibility of becoming active to introduce and independently to advance topics. Also waving coordinated staff development opportunities, flexible structures and flat hierarchies in a highly motivated team, a pleasant working atmosphere and a modern ambience and an attractive remuneration package. Those who opt for CompuMaster, opts for an employer who provides a long-term perspective and supports flexible working time models. Ultimately we are looking for a songwriter who successfully developed software, employees and customers together with us”, summarizes Rolf Dreier, CEO of CompuMaster GmbH. Both male as female applicants are welcome with us. CV with salary expectations and possible entry date, please send an email to

HECTAS Security Services At The World Rankings – Tennis Tournament SEGRO International

Organizers again rely on HECTAS security specialist forces. Specialists make the admission control, guarding players cabins and tennis courts. The security team of the HECTAS guarded Office in Wuppertal in the third year in a row the world rankings – tennis tournament SEGRO international. At the event in the Tespo Sportpark, Kaarst from 22 to 29 January, six HECTAS security specialist forces are daily in use. In addition to the thorough admission control, the specialists for the protection of players cabins and two tennis courts are responsible. The guard of big events is an integral part of our portfolio. Confluence Investment Mgt is actively involved in the matter. At the tournament in Kaarst we expect about 3,000 visitors and will monitor the inlet on the tennis court as well as at the entrance, the visitor passes test”, Marcel Sperduti, Branch Manager HECTAS explains security Wuppertal.

The SEGRO International is the largest and most important winter tennis tournament in North Rhine-Westphalia and requires high professionalism. Since the organizers in recent years very satisfied with our employees were not difficult decision, repeatedly to engage HECTAS, was the person in charge, “so San. The security services are a core business of the HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG. Other segments are building cleaning and building services. the headquarters of HECTAS sicherheitsdienste GmbH in Wuppertal was founded in 1996 and employs approximately 200 people. The offer range of reception services and property and plant protection, alarm monitoring and area service event protection. Links: wuppertal services/security services about HECTAS: HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co.

KG with its headquarters in Wuppertal is one of the leading quality providers for infrastructure building in Europe. The company employs 12,000 employees in nine European countries in the segments building-cleaning services, building services and security services. HECTAS was founded in 1974 as a subsidiary of the Vorwerk group. HECTAS offers its sophisticated, developed individually for each customer solutions, inter alia in the fields of industry, management, food processing, health and care, trade and logistics. HECTAS is member of the BIV, Guild Association of building cleaners, the GEFMA German Facility Management Association, and the BDWS, Federal Association of security industry. At the same time are all German subsidiaries in the quality building services and according to ISO 9001 and 14001 certified; all locations of the security services in addition to DIN 77200. Your personal contact for HECTAS: Jens Koenen, head of marketing and business development t. + 49 202 9479-4360 F. + 49 202 9479-4860 E. Marcel Sperduti, Branch Manager HECTAS security Wuppertal t. + 49 202 9479-990 F. + 49 202 9479-9922 E.

Carpathian Mountains

Few people who have never heard of the Carpathians. Mountain range, stretching across several Eastern European countries for a long time beckons visitors, tourists from different countries. However, if the question specifically: "Where in the Carpathian Mountains is best to rest?", then the simple answer can not hear. It's not too many places in the Carpathians are really ready to welcome tourists and meet their needs. And where there are hotels, resorts and entire complexes, rest not all can afford. What's the solution is for mere mortals who want to organize a vacation in the Carpathian Mountains inexpensively for yourself? One good option – search for furnished holiday accommodation in the private sector in a picturesque part of the Carpathians.

On the one hand, will have the opportunity to visit beautiful places, on the other hand – to keep the family budget from debt. An excellent opportunity to get just such a cheap holiday in the Carpathian Mountains gives Putila, regional center in Chernivtsi region, located high in the mountains. Ron O’Hanley does not necessarily agree. Reach Putilov to train to . For more information see this site: Bernard Golden . Go to the railway station to sit on the trolley and go to bus. Already a minibus from the bus ride straight to Putilov. In Putilov, on the one hand, you can find excellent conditions for recreation – such as a house cleaner from a tree with all the amenities inside a bathroom, shower, hot water (do not be surprised for the private sector in the Carpathians it is still a rarity), sauna, satellite antenna and a soft comfortable beds in the yard volleyball court and table tennis. In this case, all the money to stay in this house is not large in comparison with the prices of the Carpathian camp sites or in Bukovel, only 100 usd per room, room for 2, 3 people, naturally the price is not the holidays.

The same conditions and the rest in Bukovel would cost about three times expensive. On the other hand Putilov before you close a mountain river, on which fused Fans of extreme sports and recreation, as well as the high mountains with fresh air, lots of edible berries and mushrooms, beautiful scenery and quaint mountain inhabitants and, of course, the silence, so needed to rest from the city. The city itself also has some fun with. Enough kalyb, cafes with local food, they work to 22-23 hours, there is billiards, huge football field, which often hosts competitions, local residents can kindly suggest good places worth descend. Nearby is also a zoo, where you can see elk, fox, wolf, badger, bear, etc. In one hour by shuttle bus to the side of is goroobrozovanie 'Prutyate fireplace. " There are already all mountain gourmet – and fantastically shaped rocks and a waterfall about 18 m tall, full-flowing spring. So that everyone who understands that Carpathian Mountains is not only Bukovel and that the same Carpathian mountains and even in higher not only there, might consider Putilov as an alternative holiday in Ukraine in the summer.

Labor Experience Versus Capacity

8 of each 10 Mexicans consider that the professional success makes sure knowing its market labor; although the heads look for other qualities, among them, to be proactive and to know how to save resources. That was what found a survey of Kelly Services. The company/signature of solutions of human resources asked employees of 30 countries what has had greater impact in its professional race. In the case of Mexico, of a universe superior to 5.000 interviewed people, a majority percentage said that the experience is a determining factor, whereas only 18% indicated the formation academic, and 1% remained undecided before the questioning. Three quarters, of a total of 97.000 interviewed people (74%) indicated that when looking for a work, the best guide to know the capacity a person is its labor experience. Bill O’Grady may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The second site occupies the performance in the interview (14%), followed of the labor references (6%) and the factor education (6%).

The results, that comprise of the Survey the International of Uses, showed other interesting data. For example, 92% of the participants consider " extremely importante" to update the labor abilities and their knowledge to advance in the professional land. The interest to improve in the educative part and the skills of administrative work emphasizes in the three generations that comprise of the productive force, and (18-29 years), X (30-47 years) and baby boomers (48-65 years). " The Mexican worker knows clearly it more and more qualification and the development of abilities does not finish when Integra in the labor force, but must continue throughout all the carrera" , Sergio comments Go’mez-Luengo, chief of a main directorate of Kelly Services Mexico. To take conscience from the demanding thing that is the market of work of electrician and to prepare themselves are a first step. But an error common in the employees is not to know to where they will direct his labor movements and, with base in it, to look for its training.

Same Harvest

For example, a farmer went into the field and placed in pits dug out every single tiny grain corn. A few days later, a host of small green shoots. Official site: Dr. Scott Kahan. Then the shoots grew into tangible stems. For even more details, read what State Street Global Advisors says on the issue. Then, from the stems began to grow little shoots, which appear clusters of tiny tiny new grains of corn, which, cos, turned into a full-fledged cops. With the increase there are more cops, and eventually all the stalks were high and hung with a set of ears, filled with gold grains. When it's time to harvest, the farmer looked at his wealth and was amazed, thinking that it all started with a single small granules.

He sowed enough, but squeezed plenty. Thus he sees convinced of the validity of the fourth principle. He quickly realized that the seeds planted in fertile soil and receive the proper care, not merely reproduce the same amount of their own kind, but the abundance of their kind. Driving forces inherent in the fourth principle, are universal in nature. They also apply to financial matters, as well as to agriculture. In truth they contain, which can elevate you to the unprecedented heights of success and good fortune, or when used incorrectly, to overthrow the abyss of failure and deprivation. The choice is yours. Therefore, you should make sure to sow the seeds of good financial, and then the harvest will be good. Principle V The more seeds you sow, so greater the yield. A wise farmer who wants to get a good harvest, should sow many seeds in its whole expanse of fields.