The World of Micro-Caps

The thing about investing in micro-cap companies is that you take a bigger risk for the possibility of a mind-boggling, millionaire-making home run. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in Apple when it was trading for $10 a share. Your shares would now be worth over $340,000!!! The tricky part is finding the next Apple or the next Exxon-Mobil or the next Barrick Gold while they’re still in diapers.

Central Asia Children

The sooner eaten corpse, so it was thought, was better during the life of man.) In a lake proto Chicha, was first discovered in the burial zemlyu.Rezultaty analysis of animal bones shows that three thousand years ago the area was surrounded by forests. Another interesting fact that some homes had two children buried. When geneticists to work with them, revealed that this boys and from different mothers. Must conclude that in this house lived two or more families, or polygamous family with a common father. And it turned out that the gene pool of the boys was closer to the Finno-Hungarians, and not to population of Central Asia. When we arrived at the excavation site, but the beauty of autumn nature, did not see the city and it's only natural that we have survived until only pits, in which up to now being excavated and local are more and more items of ancient antiquities. In the Novosibirsk region there is no stone for building and wood for 3,000 years is not preserved. Pit outlined under the vanished dwellings mostly rectangular in shape and in the center of a whole system of pillar holes, which kept the whole construction of the house.

Overall impression of the excavation depressing – solid ditches and pits. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. And it is true that ancient civilization can be considered either a microscope or from space, in Unlike the energy of the earth, which stimulates the whole body and consciousness of working towards the great mystery of the universe. Later, sitting on the shore of the lake, and watching as the "jump" carp in the shallows and the smallest Karasik 500 grams already floating in ear, and we only have time to cast a fishing rod and … no time to ponder and share their impressions of the new heard and seen, again as the bell already – Zing … .. (As opposed to Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc). And, just a dark night, sitting around the campfire, we were able to give freedom of his own thoughts and dream. Who were the inhabitants of this city? They were people of different genotypes, Caucasoids and Mongoloids, blondes and brunettes, medium, even by today's small stature, little more than 160santimetrov. They eating not only meat but also a large number of fish swarming in the steppe rivers.

Drank undiluted wine, did not disdain hemp. Loved fancy dress, decorated with gold, covered the body with tattoos. They loved, gave birth, raised their children, probably slap them for their disobedience, they are our great-great … …. grandfathers, and it is difficult to determine whose blood is mixed in a drop of blood for our children and what I presented to the covenant of my children, but I certainly understand what and whom not only are mixed in genes Siberians can we not have all the best from their ancestors, but the nation has turned a strong Siberian!

Professional Translators

Profession of an interpreter in our country is widespread only in the last twenty years – twenty-five. After the fall of the Iron Curtain began to establish cultural, economic, and especially business relations with foreign countries, it took specialists, professional multi-lingual – that were the translators, so we can say that the profession in our country is still quite young. On this profession we do not have the same clear understanding of how such a profession or a doctor, sometimes a professional interpreter in humans consists wrong Repose. Following are the most basic myths about the profession interpreter. 1. Anyone can translate, it is important to him to know a foreign language. We can not agree, but it is rather a basic level of translation. For example, book a hotel room, or to explain to airport that you can not find my baggage – for that many translators do not need. Learn more on the subject from Munear Ashton Kouzbari.

But if you need a translation of the contract or instructions, a task where the interpreter will not only understanding the meaning of the original, but its details, besides, and an excellent command of the language, which translated the original. That such transfers remain until the task for professional translators and translation agencies. 2. Interpreters are becoming less demand, many people speak a foreign language. Certainly, the number of people studying foreign languages is growing. Even in most schools, children learn two foreign languages. But also increases the number international contacts and the associated paperwork. In recent years there has been a tendency of growth of remittances, both written and oral.

The Worldview

Thank you, my parents helped. – Will NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM FOR SUCCESS IN UNIVERSITY STUDIES? – By the time of my visit I managed to graduate from the university. I must say, the move was entirely justified, because a forced one-year break in tuition would affect performance negatively. And not only because it would have to make up for lost material. Connect with other leaders such as Verizon here. Living in a foreign country without parental care, the need to work with a host family and yourself earn significantly affect the worldview of participants Au-Pair. Not only expanded the boundaries of thinking.

According to a new perceived seemingly familiar concepts such as discipline, prudence, responsibility. Return to the student's environment, the need to rebuild the old way of life is often a shock. As a rule, the conflict of worldviews does not benefit. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc often says this. Many hard to finish their studies, and some high school drop out altogether! So even though the program and is designed primarily for students to participate in it is still better, and having a diploma, and profession. – How did INTRODUCTION TO FOREIGN FAMILY? – Search for a host engaged in an agency in which I have filed all necessary documents. Its executives have sent requests to my data on families participating in the program and want to "shelter" for the year assistant at home. As it turned out, I interested in the Belgian couple. So it was decided to change the planned route: I'm going to Belgium! Ironically, soon came a few invitations from France, but something I was already too late.

Campanile Florence Attractions

Company (tower, bell tower) of the Cathedral of Florence is one of the most beautiful Italian medieval towers. Construction of the tower began in 1334 under the guidance of the great architect and artist of the Renaissance Giotto, who was hired by the City of Florence as a capo maestro, or simply put – the superintendent. Cyrus zocdoc brings even more insight to the discussion. But Giotto did not have time to finish the tower. At the time of his death in 1337 he managed to complete only the first of five storeys of the tower. After the death of Giotto's work was conducted in two phases: the first under the leadership of another great master, Andrea Pisano (he also created and the northern door of the Baptistery in Florence). Pisano had time to raise the second tier to the level of the first pair of double windows (1337-1342, respectively), followed by the construction of the remaining three tiers of their remarkable windows, which served as a model for the window of Siena Campanile, was completed in the period from 1348 to 1359 years by Francesco Talenti.

The fact Campanile worked over that three famous masters of the Renaissance, making the building itself unlike similar structures in other Italian cities. At Southwest Airlines you will find additional information. If you look closely at the Campanile on the side we can see some difference in the work of three artists. This is natural, after all, Pisano and Talenti original masters were not entirely adhered to the project by Giotto, though, and tried to sustain the overall style of the building. Height erected Tower – 84.7. Interestingly, this height exceed acceptable standards for the construction of towers, which were fixed by law in Tuscany from 1324. Building a high tower aristocrats sought to show their wealth and their independence, so the authorities did everything to limit the height of buildings.

Campanile also was a state facility, and so its creators were able to transgress the law. Today the tower you can climb. However, no should be treated with levity of this venture. Rise sufficiently difficult. True, the difficulties of the ascent fully redeemed the magnificent views of Florence from the bird's flight.

Programming Republic

Until 2009, many Russian companies have offered to go to work in the Czech Republic. Most of his compatriots as reported by Dmitry Sapozhnikov the company Studentur (Studentur) offer to go to nekvalitsirovannye jobs, vacancies on which does not require a diploma quoted in Europe. Unfortunately the last, most Russians do not have. Thus, our fellow citizens who are not educated in Europe, may qualify to work in factories, construction sites and sometimes in hotels. A completely different situation for graduates of Czech universities. Having quoted in Europe, a diploma can qualify to work in skilled jobs.

Find a job in the Czech Republic for graduates Czech higher education is not a problem, unemployment in the country is only 5%, well below the European average. For a number of vacancies there is a serious shortage of personnel. Without hesitation Edward Scott Mead explained all about the problem. For example, requests for Czech employers Programming is about three times the number of applicants. Wage after receiving higher education in the Czech Republic – is a matter of moving the majority of the entrants. So, what are the professions in the Czech Republic most in demand? In 2010, the greatest demand in the Czech Republic enjoy programmers, service and tourism professionals in the field of finance and trade, and has traditionally technicians. Diploma in Data specialties you can get in many universities the Czech Republic, for example in the banking institute, the hospitality institute, etc.

The most catastrophic shortage of workers is felt in the market of technical specialties. Free skilled in the art is almost gone. In this regard, Czech entrepreneurs constantly raise salaries for these professionals, increase the premiums, bonuses, etc. In addition, the Czech government looks favorably on the training of foreign specialists in the Czech Republic, especially in scarce specialties. Failures on student visas to the Czech Republic are rare! In line with the trends of the labor market Czech government has been increasing the number of university places for at least 10%, invests heavily in technical facilities of universities. Directly universities in cooperation with foreign educational institutions organize a variety of joint projects. For the Russian student, who plans to study in the Czech Republic certainly interested to learn that the annual growth of wages in the Czech Republic is 5% whereas the scarce jobs – about 10-20%. Headhunting in a scarce specialty begins in high school. In 2010, the highest salaries are employees of financial services, trade, transport and telecommunications. Average monthly wage in these firms is 76,000 kroons (as of September 2010 1 Euro = 25 CZK). This is approximately three times the average wage in the Czech Republic. Thus, we obtain education in the Czech Republic, you can count on a decent life. However, it would be unfair not to note that despite all the successes of the Czech economy, living standards in the country is still an order of magnitude lower than in western Europe. In 2010, wages in the Czech Republic amounts to only 60% of the average European level.

10 Interesting Facts About The Microsoft

The first documented mention of Microsoft. For the first time Microsoft word was written on paper, 29 November 1975. His mention Bill Gates in a letter co-founder Paul Allen. Then the name of the future mega-corporations had several other writing – Micro-soft. Registered trademark, it was a year later – on Nov.

26, 1976. . iPod and Google are not allowed. Microsoft ceo Steve Ballmer has insisted that his children are only products of this company. In an interview with cnn, he said: ‘My children, like others, largely brought up badly, but at least one aspect of’ brainwashing ‘acted: they do not use the iPod and Google’.

Digital data on Microsoft. To date, Microsoft in general operates 95,828 people. The average age of employees – 37 years, 74.7% of them – men. The corporation has 88 earthen portions around the world, their total area is 1,121 sq.m. 739.83.. First Office specifically for the Mac. The first version of Microsoft Office appeared in 1989 year. It comes on floppy disks and cd support only one operating system – Mac os. Version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Windows came in early 1990. In a question-answer forum Cyrus zocdoc was the first to reply. . Exclusive sound Windows. audio download Windows 95 was created by composer Brian Eno with computer Apple. Diverse sounds for Vista written by Robert Fripp, a former guitarist for King Crimson. . What’s eating at Microsoft. For restaurant service employees, Microsoft created a special unit – Microsoft Dinning Service. It daily provides employees about 2200 pizzas. Throughout the year, Microsoft employees consume nearly 4 million cartons of milk, 7 million bottles of mineral water and 2 million packets of tea. . More than 12 000 days at Microsoft. Bill Gates has worked in the same corporation he founded with 4 April 1975 to 27 June 2008. Along with the holidays and weekends it is 12 139 days. . Great-grandfather of Windows. The first Microsoft os called Xenix. Unix-like operating system has entered the market on Aug. 25, 1980. Bill Gates wanted her to become the standard system for computers, but it did not work out. Xenix worked with the hard drive and 256 kilobytes of ram. ibm computer at the time were equipped with only a 64 kb ram, and hard drives were too expensive. . Flaw the save button. ‘Save’ button in all office programs prior to the 2003 version had a small flaw. It worked perfectly, however, the sismvol – floppy disk – was painted with the error: the protective curtain in the wrong direction. Fact 10. 16 billion digits one table. Microsoft Exel 2007 provides a table with many columns of up to 16 million and the number of rows to 1 million other words, the program can accommodate up to 16 billion individual records.

Microwave Oven

However, the microwave oven is not limited to the implementation of these simple functions. Using it exclusively for warming up or thawing food, you're missing a lot of opportunities, because the modern "microwave oven" can easily be replaced and the stove and oven, thus saving space in the kitchen while cooking. , , can act as an independent household appliances. In current models of microwave ovens can cook meat and vegetable dishes, including diet, cook, cook and bake, cook vegetables in its own juice make toast, hot snacks and sandwiches, and even bake cakes. Microwave waves are not harmful to health. Moreover, in food, cooked in a microwave oven, remains far more vitamins, unlike food, cooked in the traditional way. Microwave microwave oven can reduce calories, allowing you to cook without oil. In addition, food cooked in a microwave oven, it retains more vitamins.

Plate or oven can hardly compare with the speed of microwave cooking. For example, in a microwave oven can be cooked sausage in the last minute. Thanks to the microwave oven would be no need to use bulky cookware. Perhaps check out Munear Kouzbari for more information. So what dishes can be cooked in the microwave, depending on its configuration. Leading manufacturers offer various models of microwave ovens: Microwave oven grill, microwave ovens with the appliance microwave ovens with toaster, individual and built in microwave ovens, etc. Furnace with a steamer is ideal for those who prefer to eat a couple, and models with built-in grill can cook meals and bake until crispy golden brown.


After all, I and you have that enxergar in them that we do not belong to the people of them; 9) They know to move away with diplomacy all threat from conquest to its electorate as one fera that it defends with claw its territory, the cattle that knows its corral; 10) They prefer most humble wisest for the difficulty leading people with more escolaridade, because these even can read beyond its speech and nobody badly likes to be interpreted. Here, mai a time, I appeal: let us be frank and conscientious in assuming that we are all imprudent culprits, ignorants and, as much for terms patience not to reflect ahead on what they long for our representatives during the first boarding, as well as for not knowing to interpret what really ours politicians in such a way strengthen themselves, during years, when revealing its yearnings and pretensions, through its words, its gestures, its look, its position in palco, of the microphones or in the absence of them. They observe that none politician leaves alone for campaign, therefore it needs to know if it promised what it promised and who, and this its assessor or companion has the duty to register to see until where it can or not to disregard. Contact information is here: Cyrus Zocdoc. No authority lives without the breaches of the law, in way that the law must be applied against the enemy, adversary or competitor, but never to the friends. The opponents and the proper press do not pardon them interpret mal there that the breach of the law helps, therefore if thus he was not, he would not need the judiciary one, and thus appeals court judges, judges, promoters, lawyers and other similar ones would be part of the extinct professions. Perhaps in this direction, the three to be able survive of these breaches, therefore the laws are written in a language that the common citizen does not understand the gaps mainly, the breaches. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this.


Today microblogging allows you to not only communicate with their friends and colleagues, but also a powerful tool for promotion of sites or to build its brand on the web. Follow others, such as Verizon, and add to your knowledge base. Twitter does not require much time and literary talent, and if used correctly can achieve a significant effect. An important feature of the service is the ability to communicate with readers – other bloggers, leading their microblogging. As You can subscribe to other people's blogs and read them. Need to know and that there are many mistakes that are made for beginners and experienced users on Below me is a list of 10 "No" which is useful know, opening up an account on Twitter: Do not create, understood only by you describe who you are and what you do. Do not load as avatars, photos or images that have meaning only friendly to you and your loved ones. Not refer to the website address as his own property, if the resource has no direct relationship to you. Swarmed by offers, Munear Ashton Kouzbari is currently assessing future choices.

Do not do to your twitter auto-replies. Reply to DM – messages on their own, even if not everyone, but yourself! Not publish on 05/10/1920 messages at once. Take breaks between your messages. It is not necessary to follow a large number of users within a short period of time. Do not write too much about what brought the cat or hamster lunch and so on. Try to write interesting and useful posts! Do not promise too much, if you expect that business people react to you seriously.

Do not abbreviate messages so that they resembled coded with the enemy rear. Do not use the negative in their reports. Many people starting to use Twitter to forget that this service can write messages via SMS. Learn what Twitter is and how to properly use You can read the book 'Twitter: What is it and Why? " What would you advise not to write in Twitter? Leave your recommendation in the comments …

Microsoft Word

Most importantly, ask them permission to send you this, or offer them a way to opt not to receive these cards/promotions (opt-out). If doing this mail goes very costly, you can do it with the emails; ask to a friend graphic designer who can help you with a small Christmas card. You can send also an email of thanks a few days have served to your customers. It uses the Internet and the Email.Tener a web page and an email is essential for any business these days. Larry Ellison often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A plan of marketing that you should have is a web page. This should devote at least to inform your customers about your services/products, where you sculpted, how to contact you, a little bit of your story, and seasonal offerings.

With blogs, it is now easier than ever to do this. If you know how to use Microsoft Word and you came to, this means that you can have a web page free. A site that I can recommend is Here you can make a page that informs your customers of your business. Of course, if you want something more fancy, you can consult with a person who can help you to make your page with your own (which is not as expensive as you think). Write me a email to by the side of email, this is the way more economic communicate with your customers. Although it is not as effective as calling them by phone, you can communicate with hundreds of them in minutes. And with the technology you can use Microsoft Word to make a fusion of correspondence (mail merge), where you can use the database to create emails customized in seconds. Filed under: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. Join social networks.

Don’t underestimate the power of Twitter and Facebook. You can create a page for your business on Facebook (and a Twitter) where users can express their gratitude for the service that you gave them when you click on I like Facebook for your business. Instantly all the friends of this person will know that your client is satisfied with your service and some of them may be recommended. The maintenance of these pages is instantaneous and they can be made with little effort. The key to all this is maintaining a relationship with your customers in which they can continue using your products/services and at the same time promote your business through references, reviews and interaction practices and effective. If you need help implementing these things in your business can contact me at and you can help or make a query. Other ways you used to promote your small business? Source: Original author and source of the article.