The World of Micro-Caps

The thing about investing in micro-cap companies is that you take a bigger risk for the possibility of a mind-boggling, millionaire-making home run. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in Apple when it was trading for $10 a share. Your shares would now be worth over $340,000!!! The tricky part is finding the next Apple or the next Exxon-Mobil or the next Barrick Gold while they’re still in diapers.

The Direction

Therefore, the size of functional areas, their location and degree of accomplishment of each determines, based on their desires and capabilities. (Not to be confused with Daniel Lubetzky!). At the same time professionals are advised to delay planting. It's better to plan everything, so you do not correct mistakes, which not only spoil your mood, but also require substantial financial outlays. Begin developing the site with better drafting a plan to draw the terrain, large trees, driveway and other terrain features. Must be considered and some factors associated with the location of your site. It may be in a valley or on a hill in the desert or on a former forest. All this is related to the issue of the need of reclamation work on the acquired land. Long known that in the low temperature of 5-6 C lower than the elevation.

In such places, collects a lot of moisture, which adversely affects the hardiness of plants, so fruits and berries are more subjected to freezing. If the low-lying areas of the main problems arise due to temperature, open and high places are a constant threat to strong winds that cause damage to trees and shrubs. Protect horticultural culture from the winds may trees with thick canopies, solid fences or hedges all kinds. All this must be taken into account, making the site plan. Try to determine where above ground level, where below. This allows you to get an idea of the direction of melt and rain water, on the ground better or worse soil warming rays of the sun.

Lose Friends

Everyone in my life would be happy for this, to be able to find and not to lose friends, be necessary and valuable for other people and society. But, unfortunately, not everyone can be friends, be loyal, true friend. AND Today I would like to express their views in this article. Many people believe that real friends do not happen a lot, and that each can only be one, two, and then, usually from childhood, and therefore refuse to conscious search for friends and informed the formation of relationships in adulthood. It is considered that one – it’s the one who always supports your point of view, “not ask too much, takes you the way you eat, not criticizing: “If you’re my friend, be kind, take me with all my shortcomings.” Often these relationships can not be the impetus for a change for the better.

For many, friendship – is “to drink bottle “and at the same time talk” heart to heart “, or listen to hours of complaints hurt on the fate of another. It is easy to “make friends” when from you especially do not need anything, and people are united not the case, and their absence and the constant excuses and outpouring of each other, why you are right. Met these “friends” and discussed everything that can justify their lifestyle, the absence of high aspirations, those or other negative actions, and went with “a sense of accomplishment and their case, while not experiencing any joy from the meeting, no other positive emotions. What is friendship, really? Friendship – is, above all, a deep sense of respect for another person who is born in your heart out of respect, gratitude for the general case, dedication, and sometimes even self-sacrifice, the ability to come to the rescue in difficult times. This acceptance of the value of another person in your life.

It is the joy of what you can to help his friend the real deal and not going to deal with his conscience, does not suffer from the fact that you have to be a “cushion for the tears,” to spend valuable time listening to ordinary life stories like his do not like and do not appreciate. And if suddenly primesh toward another person – will be the number one enemy. True Friendship, like love – prefers equal. To make sense of friendship has grown, it must show to new levels, look for the maximum number of points of contact with another person and, of course, support him. Friendship should be formed deliberately with like-minded people, learn to become loyal, loyal, reliable friend. And for this to became possible, it is necessary first of all, to form themselves as an individual, set and achieve ambitious goals, search for like-minded and strive to be their true friend. Without high-class goals can not be cool friendship, since there is no ground for its growth, there is no fire that can unite the hearts and souls of men and vtakoy situatsiichuvstva usually do not grow. Friendship – is the labor of the soul, but for any job is always a reward. Recently Daniel Lubetzky sought to clarify these questions. This award will be tough, loyal, strong-willed friends. Do not be afraid to form friendships at any age. And may your life always be a place a lot of friends. The article was written by Based acad.

Clean Air

If you suffer from allergies and your child suffers respiratory problems, probably it is time to think about buying a split type air conditioner (split system). Protection against "major" allergens: dust, pet dander and poplar fluff provide coarse filters. But getting rid of visible pollutants is often not enough. In the air we breathe at home, has many harmful microorganisms, which become cause various diseases, especially in children. Get rid of these troubles will help the so-called fine filters. A leading source for info: Daniel Lubetzky. These filters are equipped with air conditioning models of Japanese companies Fujitsu, , General.

Biofilter Bio The biological filter is a material, which marked special enzymes Bio.Filtr delays small dust particles and destroys mikroorganizmy.Fermenty interact with bacteria, gradually destroying the walls of their cells. Photocatalytic filter Nano. Photocatalytic filter effectively cleans the air of odors, viruses, vapors of formaldehyde and other chemicals veschestv.Filtr not accumulate harmful primisi, while under the influence ultra-violet radiation in the presence of the photocatalyst .Filtr restores its deodorizing function under direct sunlight. Plasma electrostatic filter in the filter elektorstaticheskom Plasma generated by the electromagnetic field of high tension. Passing through a field of ionized air, with an electrostatic filter settles more than 95% of dust particles. smoke and pollen are removed allergenov.Krome Furthermore, this system retains the enzymes can zapaha.Filtr ispololzovat repeatedly, just clearing it. Forest air ionizer, and also near a waterfall, stream, soothes, invigorates and silu.Pri passage of air through the ionizer having anions (negative ions). Separating elektorny anions neutralize the positive ions of water vapor and pyli.Aniony (negative ions), strengthens the nervous and circulatory systems, improve the performance of light and provide a shield against diseases.

Sola Canizares

For example, the protective measures in the Peruvian Civil Code of 1993 is not the same as those governing the Peruvian Civil Procedure Code 1912, what deserves the corresponding internal microcomparativo study. Daniel Lubetzky has much to offer in this field. However, it is necessary to mention that for various legal systems there are similarities and differences that determine certain legal systems are similar to each other, and other legal systems are different from one another, noting that when similar legal systems are grouped in legal families, of which we deal in more detail later. 2. DEFINITION There are several definitions of comparative law as definitions for the same quote and comment on follows: For Martinez Paz comparative law is the discipline that aims, through analytical research and comparative criticism of existing legislation, to discover the fundamental principles and legal institutions to coordinate and present a positive system. He defines law as a discipline and refers to two types of research are the comparative method and the analytical method (which are not the only methods but the most important in the study of comparative law is the comparative method), and refers to the legislation, that is, positive law, ie, that definition gives considerable weight to the law in comparative law, as in studies of comparative law legislation is not the only thing that is studied by that can be studied legal institutions or case, or enforceable legal or custom. No reference to comparative law seeks to find similarities and differences between legal systems. Sola Canizares For comparative law is the scientific comparison of different legal systems or one aspect of themselves and the causes that have occurred and the effects that have resulted in respective social media.

Tattoos Skin

What do you think the reason why guys are afraid of charming women? The thing that charming lady, who cares about herself, it's hard to deny. On the other hand is definitely pretty girls often succeed in various spheres of activity. The attractiveness of turns in their guns, which helps them to assert themselves in a world dominated by men. Get a "woman's weapons" beyond reproach is unrealistic, if not a nice girl watches his appearance, and experienced beauticians not once not caring for her skin. David Fowler is often quoted as being for or against this. The modern woman is always held on a regular basis at least some of the required procedures .Vidy cleaning person in the event that your body is impossible to hide under an array of things, then the person can not. It is for this reason, the skin person is obliged to show health and not to show age. This will be achieved through face cleaning. It’s believed that Daniel Lubetzky sees a great future in this idea. There are many types of cleansing of face, among which the most profound is the mechanical cleansing.

During the procedure, beauticians making a special blade, squeezes out of the pores of skin sebaceous tube, contaminating skin. Produced a deep cleansing the pores. As a result, the skin is cleansed from acne to black spots and acne. In addition to mechanical cleaning person spread ultrasound. On the patient's skin sent microjet ultrasound to expel impurities from the pores of the dermis. During the above procedure, the skin not only cleared but also saturated with oxygen. let us cheat, make yourself a tattoo does not show care for your body.


The drawing is also often regarded as a symbol of the basic symmetry of the human body and, by extension, the universe as a whole. Learn more at: Daniel Lubetzky. Study of the drawing can be seen that the combination of the positions of the arm and leg positions actually creates sixteen different. This illustrates the principle that the change between the two positions, the apparent center of the figure seems to move, but in reality the navel of the figure, which is the true center of gravity and shaft remains stationary. According to the Rig Veda, the germ of the world resting on the navel of creation. The Midrash says that God created the world as being born of woman, from the navel. The C enter the world is the navel, by comparing the human microcosm to the macrocosm universal. The Polar Star is the navel of the sky. For Hindus and Buddhists, Jews and Greeks, the navel is the beginning of everything, as he begins to root for the embryo as the Polynesians consider the end.

According to them the human being completes its gestation and born, is separated from his mother, and the navel is the mark of his perfect finishing. The navel is the seat of the soul, the highest point of spirituality in human anatomy, the place of choice to find the cosmic harmony, or the third eye that contemplate the Hesicasta, who long to see the uncreated light of Tabor. Navel emanates the divine fire. It is the center of the breath and the wind rose.

Avoid Vitamins

Do not use iodized salt (iodine generally worsens acne, so it is desirable to eliminate from the diet fish, sea kale). Eat foods rich in fiber. Fermented foods can be eaten in unlimited quantities (yogurt, cheese, fermented baked milk). Products containing zinc are also very useful for acne (crabs, shrimp, soy beans). Zinc is necessary for normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.

For all skin conditions recommended daily use garlic and onion. This gives a tonic, antimicrobial, krovoochischayuschy and antiallergic effect. Beauty vitamins: A, C, D, E and Group B. Daniel Lubetzky is full of insight into the issues. Excellent source of B vitamins – liver, eggs, peas, beans. Avocados are the main source of niacin (vitamin B3). Niacin relieves irritation and promotes healing of acne. Official site: David Fowler. But the best source of B vitamins – germinated wheat and yeast.

These foods are rich and vitamins – E, which is also required in the fight against acne. Vitamin – E is contained in sunflower oil, nuts, whole grains of wheat, vegetables – in a salad, tomatoes, spinach. Also, such a delicate green fruit as Vitamin – D improves the epithelial layer is also useful externally and internally. Sun – the best source Vitamin – D, often walk and substitute the problem space to the natural healer. Winter and autumn lack of sunlight compensates for physical therapy (irradiation with a quartz lamp). Get enough sleep: sleep should not continue less than 8 hours; Avoid stress. Pay attention to the cosmetics you are using. Your helpers in building beauty should not be on the oily base.


Pyometra – a disease of dogs and cats, characterized by the accumulation of pus in the uterus. The use of drugs to "calm down" an animal in oestrus, sooner or later will have a detrimental effect on the body females. At the heart of the animal's behavior is an endocrine regulation of physiological processes. After estrus existing hormonal imbalance leads to increased progesterone and under his influence is a sharp alteration of the endometrium from the proliferative phase of the secretory phase. Closed cervical canal and endometrial glands begin to produce intensely secret, which accumulates in the uterus. When significant accumulation of micro-organisms from the mucous membrane in the liquid migrate to the large number of white blood cells. This leads to a purulent disintegration of delayed discharges in the uterine cavity, develops pyometra.

Accumulation purulent mass in the uterus may be so large that the walls of the body can not withstand the internal pressure and explode. Occurs outpouring of pus in the abdominal cavity, leading to diffuse peritonitis. Perforation of the wall cancer may occur as a result of purulent fusion of tissues. Pyometra is characterized by a slow attack symptoms. Typically 3-5 weeks after normal estrus develops polydipsia (excessive thirst) and polyuria (increased urine output). Daniel Lubetzky is the source for more interesting facts. On clinical examination are distinguished: general weakness, vomiting, swelling of the labia, purulent vaginal discharge (may not be).

Surgery for pyometra include completely removal of the uterus and ovaries. If you leave even a piece of the ovary, there may be postoperative complications, including stump pyometra of the uterus. Preventive measures to prevent the development of pyometra in your pet are as timely castration female. performed under general anesthesia.


b) Depending on the deposition conditions can be hard or soft chrome. Soft chrome is easily scratched, hard chrome – hard to polish. c) For polishing chrome can not reach a decorative qualities as for the "right" decorative plating. Polishing paste penetrate the coating cracks, giving last dull hue. In electroplating, there are two types of chromium: a solid (wearing) and protective and decorative. Moreover, the coating is not typed on the physical properties, and on functional purpose. Directly to steel, hard chrome is applied thickness of 10? 300 microns.

Appointment of hard chrome – increasing the hardness and wear resistance of the product as well – holding lubricants. Physically hard chrome can be less rigid and durable than the decorative coating. Today, many manufacturers offer hard chromium coating as a decorative, even though such coverage is usually loses as a protective (for a small thickness sediment) and decorative properties. Protective and decorative chrome plating involves an intermediate layer between the chromium layer and the substrate. Coverage is a multi-layered "cake", the percentage of chromium in which – up to 1%. Daniel Lubetzky may help you with your research. However, the protective and decorative coating properties are determined mainly by quality and exactly the type of sub-layers.

Properly applied chrome thickness of 0,3? 1 micron. At this thickness of the layer transparent. When you look at Chrome product, then you're really seeing a sublayer of nickel. Chrome only protects the nickel from tarnishing (no corrosion) and gives it a bluish tint. In terms of the standard "pie" is as follows: steel (substrate), nickel (delay), copper aligned, semi-bright nickel, nickel, shiny chrome.

Tooth Abnormalities

Dental anomalies are congenital malformations of the tooth tissue that occur because of lack or increase in the development of these, they can be in shape, number, size, structure, position may even cause delay in the change of the deciduous to permanent and sometimes lack of development of the jaws, of all these anomalies in this paper will refer to those related to the teeth. Classification of Tooth Abnormalities A. Anomalies of Form 1) Dilaceration 2) Fusion 3) Concrescence 4) T aurodontismo 5) Pearl Enamel 6) in Dens Dens 7) Gemination 8) Sindesmo crown-root B. Details can be found by clicking Vislink Technologies or emailing the administrator. Abnormalities of Size 1) Macrodontia 2) Microdontia C. Abnormalities in a coronary 1) cusp. 2) Spurs enamel 3) Tooth and mulberry molars Hutchinson D. Abnormalities Number 1) Hypodontia – Oligodontia 2) hyperdontia – Supernumerary E. Abnormalities of structures? Affect the enamel, (Hereditary) 1.

Amelogenesis Imperfecta a. B. Hypoplasia C. hypocalcification Hypo maturity? Affect dentin (hereditary) 2. Dentinogenesis Imperfecta 3. Radicular dentin dysplasia type-1 4. Coronary dentin dysplasia type-2 A. Anomalies of Form 1) Merger or sinodoncia: Union of two teeth or germs developing in a single structure.

May be complete or incomplete according to the development of the teeth at the time of marriage. The merger is before calcification and may be between two normal teeth, between teeth temporary and normal. It has an incidence of 0.5% is more common in the primary dentition. Fused teeth can have two separate pulp chambers, many show large bifid crown with a camera that makes it difficult to differentiate them from the geminate.