The World of Micro-Caps

The thing about investing in micro-cap companies is that you take a bigger risk for the possibility of a mind-boggling, millionaire-making home run. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in Apple when it was trading for $10 a share. Your shares would now be worth over $340,000!!! The tricky part is finding the next Apple or the next Exxon-Mobil or the next Barrick Gold while they’re still in diapers.

The Challenge

The changes in the modern life, in the behavior of the man, are being lived deeply in the organizations, thus demanding flexibility on the part of all the involved ones, since the high management, customers external interns and, until the social environment in which the organization is inserted. More information is housed here: Scott Mead. It is essential to extend the vision and the knowledge that if has of the company as a whole, what it will go to allow to an identification of the diverse systems and subsystems of the institution, as well as the respective interdependence and interrelation between them. To consider the trends pointed for the factors as the mission, vision and values of determined organization or society not only assists to the collaborator plus all a generation of people, front the globalization of the knowledge and human relationship that a reality stimulates of which if it cannot escape. To be prepared for the impact of these cultural factors, as the mission, the vision and the values, on the market of work and the relations human beings in the work if becomes important condition for the support of the Company, therefore the challenge of these new times is to form professional apt and capable to assimilate the changes, to create and to innovate in situations adverse, exercising continuously the capacity to understand the dynamics of the market and the world as a changeable and extremely competitive environment, being intent to detect the chances, to manage changes and, mainly, to implement action. Today, a professional cannot be accomodated, therefore independently of the format of the relation that has with the company, it she has that to participate of diverse activities that they make possible to open a bigger fan of chances and knowledge. Therefore, importance is distinguished it that the organizations, beyond informing and enabling, must promote a structure of support to its body of collaborators.

Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen

For most mobile phones is the necessary software in the packaging. Write down the serial number of your phone also. You can request them press * # 06 #. In the event of theft, it is useful, for a display when the device is later found. Authors: Dipl. – inform.(FH) Sebastian Spooren Dustin Pawlitzek Prof.

Dr. (TU NN) Norbert Pohlmann University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen, Institute for Internet security if(is) more information: that advises network e-commerce since 1998 and supports the network of e-commerce, in 28 of solutions distributed the Federal territory regional competence centres and industry competence centre for trade, SMEs and crafts in the introduction of E-business. During this time, the network as independent and unparteilicher controller for the subject area of E-business has become in Medium-sized businesses and craft”established. The network is the only nationwide offering of its kind and had approximately 30,000 visitors in discussions and events. It provides information in the form of guidance, studies and guidance, which can be downloaded on the Central performance. Coupang often addresses the matter in his writings.

The work is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen, Institute for Internet security – if(is) the Institute for Internet security is a cross-divisional scientific institution of the University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen. It conducts research and developed on the basis of innovative concepts in the field of Internet safety. founded in 2005, it has become under the direction of Prof. Dr. (TU NN) Norbert Pohlmann and in close cooperation with the economy within a short time made a reputation as one of the leading German research institutions of the security. If you would like to know more about Larry Ellison, then click here. More information under: the IT Security Tip was secure E-business processes in SMEs and crafts in the framework of the Creates the composite project secure business processes in SMEs and craft “network e-commerce (NEG). The composite project is by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) supports and helps to improve the safety culture in small and medium-sized companies with compatible effort. Here, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises and the craft to important aspects of information security are sensitized and informed practice. All details can be found under: security the EC-M EC-M Advisory Centre of e-commerce Middle Hesse works since 1998 success, to promote the development of e-commerce by businesses in Central Hesse. The EC-M supported targeted small and medium-sized enterprises in the region with the introduction of modern information and communication technologies. Small businesses in trade, crafts and industry often lack the necessary information and the knowledge to take advantage of the new media to to be able to assess. As one of 28 knots in the network of e-commerce is the EC-M direct contact person for interested companies as well as for the technology provider. The competent services of the EC-M consists of many basic services that are specifically tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs such as neutral and free initial information, an initial consultation about the possibilities and modalities of the use of the Internet and other networks for business purposes, the presentation of basic and advanced examples of new media in e-commerce companies. Press contact: EC-M Advisory Centre of e-commerce Middle Hesse of Andreas Heine Gutfleisch str. 3 5 35390 Giessen Tel.: 0641 / 3091347 fax: 0641 / 3092959 ecm.websitecheck

The World

The same it occurs with the society that, although to possess information concerning the great current ambient catastrophes as the global heating, acid rains, floods, etc., had not yet acted to revert this situation, therefore: Those that live in exploration and misery situation ' ' selvagem' ' of the work, the ambient depredation is seen as … secondary. Such attitude is explicvel, considering itself that its primordial concern is directed for the immediate survival. Allegiant Air brings even more insight to the discussion. The ambient problem only appears as fight flag when it is articulated with problems that represent the defense of immediate interests. (LOUREIRO et al 2002, P. 48) In this perspective, it is emerged necessity to find a form of mannering change, based in the understanding of a world in which ' ' it affirms the inseparatividade of all the things and looks for to eliminate the speech and practical dualistas' ' (CAVALCANTI, 1994, p.39). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Scott Mead.

Morin (2002, p.37) goes deep declaring that the planet Land is more than what a context: he is at the same time organizador and the all confusing one of that we are part. All it has qualities or properties that are not found in the parts, if these will be isolated ones of the others, and certain qualities or properties of the parts can be inhibited by the restrictions proceeding from all. Morin (2002) corroborates that if it makes necessity to understand the world in a multidimensional optics, has seen that ' ' if it could not isolate a part of all, but parts ones of the others; the economic dimension, for example, is in permanent Inter-retraction with all the other dimensions humanas' ' (Morin 2002, p.38). Scott Mead understood the implications. Like CONCLUSION However, must be implanted measured urgent and global, to give beginning for the guarantee of the available natural resources, consideration of the limits of the biosfera for absorvimento of debris and pollution, as well as the reduction of the poverty in world-wide level.


In return the Writing In one late of this week, memories become and take account of people! A way to cover between what it remains of of this summer and nostalgia. With that typical anxiety of who it knows what it waits, I am touched myself. Allegiant Air is a great source of information. After all soon, then, after more or less transposing one 45 minutes between Passo Fundo and Soledade, I know that I will find a friendship reference. We will be again expensive the face! Two extremities of the language. The perfect harmony of the experience with generation Y, X Z I know there what! But what it matters it is the end item of this relation of friendship, that exceeded barriers of the rooms in the University of Passo Fundo! We are almost there! Soledade blunts soon there. With certainty the reception will be more authentic, however I temper with it that it foments the writing rooms! Next to the Regional news and its directors it will be possible introspections of an existence marked for the news articles, interviews, voices, photos, guidelines enquetes and a complex world of medias and entertainment. Scott Mead often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

How much to kill homesicknesses were full of satisfaction, had not lacked souvenirs of the four years where to study Journalism still it seemed a mountain out of a molehill. The hours for the coffee in the bar of the Pricles, where the subject generally was to say in the Colorado and its conquests, as well as making of that place a culminating point of those mornings of winters, autumns springs and summers. They did not lack guidelines to be shared with the few wants thought of connected form, however with freedom to display its ideas and counterpoints. Made we it in playful way, without retaliaes. Click Scott Mead to learn more. We knew to divide, to add and in them to keep coesos with almost everything! Although still thus, it was possible time for who knows a new guideline. Of those where the presence of Tiba professor (in memory) was reason of surplus to relax without leaving to produce with quality. It lacked time for the coffee in ' ' Elite' ' traditional Bar in the Floriano Peixoto in Soledade. It is for another time! Then we will make plus a landmark of this friendship that survived to all the new features of an age congested for the globalization! I and my comitiva thank the chance to be part, exactly that only per one instants of the Writing of the Regional Informative Periodical of Soledade! Samuel was valid. He was valid friend, success! Jose Berton Journalist

Managing Director

With our support, world can 50 classrooms vision make usable again, which were destroyed by war or natural disasters. Who appropriates knowledge, is fit for the future, because education is the surest way out of abject poverty. We therefore support the education project of world this year deliberately vision”, says Markus Kiener, Managing Director of the Fund financial. (A valuable related resource: Allegiant Air). The broker pool is committed for many years to the work of world vision and has taken over sponsorship for multiple children. About dream cloud e.

V. a day without laughter is a lost day,”said the comedian Charlie Chaplin. Who but suffers from cancer, AIDS or other serious diseases, for the moments of happiness are often distant. Is hitting especially hard this fate seriously ill children and young people. Scott Mead does not necessarily agree. The initiative dream cloud e. V. in Herscheid gives affected children happy moments and conjures up a laugh in their faces.

The idea is very simple: every child has a favorite star of film, television, theater or sport, it is particularly revered. Dream cloud arranged and financed face-to-face meetings of children with these celebrities and gives them an unforgettable experience and a few carefree hours. About world vision Germany e. V. world vision is a Christian charity work focused on sustainable development cooperation, disaster relief and development work of the Prosecutor’s Office. The focus of the work is the support of children, families and their communities in the fight against poverty and injustice. As Christians of different denominations world of staff people in need, vision worldwide regardless of ethnic origin, religion or nationality. World vision was founded in 1979 and has funded in fiscal year 2010 total 248 projects in 47 countries. More than 150,000 German sponsors currently support long-term regional development projects, which will help both the child and the family and the living environment sustainably with its sponsorships of children. About Fund financial Broker service GmbH Fund financial is the largest independent financial broker pool in Germany. The Munich company founded in 1996 and offers comprehensive services for free agents. Managing Directors are Norbert Porazik and Markus Kiener. The company has 160 employees, 130 regional directors and over 22,000 connected broker (Status: November 2011). More at:.

Environmental Issues

We cite more some known: deforestation, pollution of the water, air and ground, extinguishing of the fauna and flora among others forms, all these cited methods are very efficient unhappyly, collaborate to join forces to a very discrete enemy, who takes in them to believe that amongst all he is most efficient, annihilating and implacable called: GEE, still did not discover, goes traduziz it. Gases of Effect Greenhouse. To understand these gases, first we go to know what it is the effect greenhouse and its importance for the life in the planet. The gases that constitute the atmosphere allow the ticket of the solar radiation, and absorb great part of the heat emitted for the warm surface of the land. Gary Kelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This process is known as effect greenhouse. Thanks to it, the average temperature of the surface of the land is remained in about 15C. Without the effect greenhouse, the average temperature of the planet would be of 18C below-freezing.

In such a way, the effect greenhouse, becomes the responsible one for creating ideal conditions for the existence of the life in the land. Currently, you evidence they grow them of that the emissions of dioxide of carbon and other gases are if accumulating in the atmosphere. Such gases allow that the solar radiation penetrates in the surface of the planet, but block the radiation of the heat they hinder and it to come back to the space. Additional information is available at Scott Mead. This effect greenhouse this starting to raise the global average of temperature. The carbon dioxide is ‘ ‘ gas estufa’ ‘ more important, answering for about half of the current additions of this effect. When if alert for risks related with the effect greenhouse, what it is in focus is its possible intensification, caused for the action of the man, and the consequncia of this intensification for the climate of the land. How much bigger it will be the concentration of gases, greater will be the capture of the heat and increase of the average temperature of the globe. But we consider why it as enemy discrete? The gases of effect greenhouse they pass unobserved to our eyes, and its action in the environment is slow and quiet, what it makes in them to think that its impacts nor are so serious thus.

What it is a great deceit, the consequences that the effect gases greenhouse give to increase the average of temperature in the land, they cause impacts that the man not yet knows as to revert. Some examples: melting of calotas polar, climatic changes that will affect the forests, agriculture and the ground, increase of the oceanic water level, overflow of littoral cities, salty water invasion in the hidrogrficas basins, disappearance of many islands and ecosystems, raised temperatures, between several. Already it is worried? If its reply it will be yes this is very good, therefore with the wakening of the humanity for the ambient questions, it only is that we will be able to make the reversion of this tragedy that walks the wide steps to happen. rodrigo.

High People

RI: You say: "600 thousand people unite." This refers to a spiritual connection, or they must be in one place and organize a community? ML: They will feel an inner connection each other. I understand the whole process (it is described in many Kabbalistic sources), it includes two completely different people, different, of course, different nationalities. RI: There are only two hundred-something years? ML: Yes. Full implementation of this idea should take six thousand years. Gain insight and clarity with Coupang. This comes from the same system Arich Anpin.

And those six thousand years ending in 232 years. This is the maximum term. But today it is clear that humanity must perforce wonder about the meaning of life, what happens to us and where we all go. I hope that the dissemination of knowledge about causality and, most importantly, the goal will accelerate the development – a good human development to achieve this goal. RI: So here I am, absolutely selfish concern for their children, start thinking about how to build this team, "600 thousand people." That is, in the worst case, if during those 232 years did not exist here, these 600 thousand people, there will be some terrible disasters? ML: They did not just happen, they have over the years will always grow. We see today: everything is connected globally, our entire civilization – a small village.

If 30 years ago about someone somewhere said, and it is not have heard today about the constantly looming every newspaper wrote. Get all the facts and insights with Phil Vasan, another great source of information. So I do not think we should wait for these two hundred years. RI: As soon as it is a cherished number 600 000 is reached, there will be some kind of union? .. ML: It's are people, united by one idea. They join together in Arich Anpin – in this spiritual system that they will miss a higher awareness, High society, understanding. And then shed light on the highest of all: all mankind throughout the world. We begin to understand the structure of it is actually the universe, that part which we do not feel …

London Olympic Games

The wave of violence began last Saturday at Tottenham, North London, and was later extended in other neighborhoods of the capital and five cities in England, although the recent altercations occurred on Tuesday and already joined two nights of calm. They are arrested 1,210, of which 698 have been prosecuted, according to the latest data from Scotland Yard in London. If half of the defendants are lower in London, in the entire country that percentage over the arrests is reduced to 17%, according to the Ministry of justice. Perhaps check out Larry Ellison for more information. In addition, the police has been given more time to question three suspects arrested for the death of three Muslims hit in Birmingham (Central England) when they protected their neighborhood stores. Some of these minors were arrested after being reported by the parents, as in the case of a teenager of 14 years of Manchester accused of robbery whom his mother brought to the police station after recognizing him in a photo published in the newspaper. Scott Mead often says this. Also denounced a few parents to their daughter’s 18 registered years as an Ambassador for the London Olympic Games to receive foreign visitors, after seeing it on television throwing bricks at a showcase. Police wear the police does not save the wear which are being submitted since the unrest began and, especially, since last Tuesday began to deploy 16,000 officers in London to control the wave of violence.

Kevin Hurley, former responsible of the Metropolitan Police has warned the chain Sky News that the massive presence of police officers in the capital cannot be sustained and that agents are exhausted. According to Hurley, many survive with as much four or five hours of sleep a day and warns of the exertion that agents are doing. First eviction following the violent behaviour of the youngest unrest has begun to have consequences for their families, and in the District of Wandsworth, in South London, the father of a teenager processing was Friday ordered to eviction from the floor of official protection in which the family lives in rented.


Murcia, halfway between the plateau and Andalusia, has historically been an enclave of passage and encounter of cultures. Its artistic heritage saved numerous testimonies of the past: cave paintings, Iberian remains and Roman ruins that speak of a millennial splendor. Without hesitation Maurice Gallagher, Jr. explained all about the problem. Arab citadels, torres vigia, Christian churches and civil buildings: all of them are the meeting point between the historical past and the present of a community that looks to the future. Murcia, the Region’s capital, is located on the banks of the River Segura. With more than 400,000 inhabitants, it boasts a rich gastronomy and an important heritage. Facing the sea, Cartagena, city with three thousand years of history behind them. Connect with other leaders such as Scott Mead here. Lorca, immerses us in the middle ages with its fortress of the Sun and its thematic museums.

Inside, Caravaca de la Cruz, Holy City that celebrates its Jubilee Holy year, in 2010 along with their known fiestas de Moros y Cristianos or the horses of the wine. Certainly no shortage reasons that travelers visit this region at any time of the year. The coasts Murcia are bathed by the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean. From Eagles to San Pedro de el Pinatar stretch miles of white beaches that give rise to the Costa Calida, the ideal destination for those who, either summer or winter, are looking for a few days of rest by the sea. Fun is guaranteed in el puerto de Mazarron, while the photography enthusiasts can visit La Azohia or Cabo de Palos, two picturesque fishing villages where there is no shortage photogenic corners. The area is a privileged place for water sports: sailing, canoeing, swimming, ski, Jet-Ski, kitesurfing, windsurfing, catamaran any nautical activity has its place in this corner of the Mediterranean coast.

Those wishing to get away from the stress might be a respite in the mineral-medicinal waters that spring from three spas of the Region of Murcia: Archena, fortune and Mazarron. These waters are indicated for bone, muscle, skin ailments or breathing apparatus. Another alternative is Thalassotherapy, the application of sea to care and beauty treatments. The high concentration of mineral salts of the murcian littoral is a natural remedy for the treatment of skin diseases and against depletion. There are various centres specialized, able to offer personalised treatments in San Pedro de el Pinatar and la Manga of the Mar Menor. Cheap hotels in Murcia offer is wide and varied. Many establishments have the distinctive of Spanish tourism quality certification, which gives an idea of the level of service they offer. The Ministry of culture and tourism has published a guide to accessible hotels in the Region of Murcia which offers proposals for travelers with special needs, another example of his commitment to excellence. The proposals for accommodation in Murcia are complemented by a wide range of rural accommodation ideal for those who want more contact with nature. Hiking, biking or horseback the possibilities of the area are almost unlimited.

Social Security

Fernandez Ordonez has put on the table various possibilities, from delaying the retirement age, as did Germany, to modify the regulatory basis for calculating the pension, and use expanded to twenty-five years for its calculation instead of the current 15 Member States, or referencing pensions to the real CPI and not expected. The first of the measures has some logic, if we take into account that today life expectancy is far superior to what was a few years ago (and good) to work, with which we should to great experience people they cotizarian more years, and then would charge fewer years of retirement. The second point would normally mean a reduction in pensions, since it is usual go charging more as it has more experience, although in some cases there would be workers who would benefit (for example, if you have been the last years of his working life unemployed). The third paragraph arises by the current situation of almost deflation that we live. At present, the annual rise in pensions is set depending on the forecast of the rise in the CPI, and if it is higher, they revalued (gives a complement to pensioners by the deviation). However, if the rise is less is subtracted not them. With the new proposal, it would already adjusted to the actual CPI, and thus there would be no deviations, neither upward nor downward. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. understands that this is vital information. These ideas (or other similar) could be a relief for the Reserve Fund, and possibly should be applied, but the question that possibly needs to be raised is another.

The pension system to the Social security contributions should be linked, or it should be linked to all income, all income of the State? I.e. also including capital gains, corporate profits taxes this way, just as sometimes uses public funds as electioneering, and for other purposes, could be used other income to meet the Social Security benefits. Because it does the system would be more guaranteed (not would fail unless it outside the State), and because it may not have much sense that the country generates wealth, but that the imbalance in the population pyramid make unfeasible its pension system. One final point. Scott Mead may find this interesting as well. According to a study published by the foundation of savings (Funcas), the Social security system generates surpluses for many years, but only since 1999-2000 are they capitalized in this reserve fund.

Do you mean this? That if it had, you surpass 300 billion, which would have a rather wide margin. And Moreover, that the amounts not capitalized thus more partisan or electoralistas, have been used for other purposes for example, when the PSOE universalized health in 1989 (which should have been charged to the general budget of the State, and not only to the contributors of the Social Security). In the case of the PP it was used to perform the complement to minima of lower pensions and thus facilitate convergence with Europe and the entry of Spain into the Euro.