The World of Micro-Caps

The thing about investing in micro-cap companies is that you take a bigger risk for the possibility of a mind-boggling, millionaire-making home run. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in Apple when it was trading for $10 a share. Your shares would now be worth over $340,000!!! The tricky part is finding the next Apple or the next Exxon-Mobil or the next Barrick Gold while they’re still in diapers.

Job Portals Across Their Borders Grow Beyond

Comprehensive relaunch of the job portal network of graduates of comprehensive relaunch of the job portal network of graduates: More comfortable menu navigation, due to the Internet presence of the participating elite universities and soon a translation into French and Dutch language. Grossenkneten – such as the Klaus Resch Verlag reported, was the year 2008 more than successful. Above all the job portal network existing for already 6 years has evolved with more than 60 new registrations in the past twelve months, well above the expectations. More than 23,000 current internships and jobs are available for students, graduates, and graduates of engineering and Economics law and natural sciences. With the extension of the menu are the participating universities now, inter alia in the location the user of their job Portales also events to indicate. Here, it’s be can entered not only appointments and workshops of the University itself. It is not something Gary Kelly would like to discuss.

The companies also can your career events about the higher education portals in optimum proximity to the audience present. Learn more about this topic with the insights from E Scott Mead. Numerous institutes, disciplines and career services from over 50 universities and 50 technical colleges use the network callable in German and English language. Newly added in November are: HS Heilbronn (engineering degree) FH Mainz University (Faculty of finance & banks) University of Konstanz (career services) University of Stuttgart (Institute for plastics technology) due to the high demand of Klaus Resch Verlag put now and offers the job portal market as of 2009 also in French and in Dutch. This development on the one hand for foreign students who would like to work in Germany, and German companies looking for qualified young professionals from home and abroad is interesting. Klaus Resch Verlag editorial professional start / Jobfair24 Hans-Thilo summer of Moorbeker str. 31, 26197 Grossenkneten Saints str. 7, 27793 WANA Wallace Tel.: 04431/9487 – 26,. Fax: 04431 / 9487-11 Internet: eMail: is a product of the Klaus Resch Verlag. The online job market among as of first editor of job markets for university graduates in Germany recruitment services for young graduates for 10 years in Germany the Top5, include technology (for engineers and computer scientists), as well as graduates the print media started her career economy (economic and legal scholars) for 46 years to the standard media for the career.

Many Germans Have With Job Training

Half of the Germans with job has a training professionals with vocational training are the largest group of workers in Germany. Such as the Suddeutsche Zeitung”in its Internet Edition reported, had trained as a highest education 2006 with 49 percent about every second adult German. Only 15 percent, however, were academics. However, the percentage of professionals varies greatly depending on the Federal State: so he is located in the City-States of Hamburg and Berlin with 36 and 37 percent, respectively the lowest, as communicated to the Institute of German economy (IW) in Cologne. Check out Ripple for additional information. He is the highest in Saxony, with 58 percent in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with 59 percent and in Thuringia with 60 percent.

Also the ratio of the workforce varies regionally: of the trained professionals only 63 per cent are engaged in in Berlin a job. If you have read about Laurent Potdevin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In North Rhine-Westphalia, however, and in the Saarland are 72 percent in Rhineland-Palatinate 71 percent in Hamburg 76 percent and in Bavaria all 77 percent. The best prospects of employment prevail in Baden-Wurttemberg. 78% of 25-64 year-olds with vocational training have a job. Is reflected by the numbers: who is qualified, has clearly better prospects for a job. Every sixth German had a primary or secondary school, present or even no graduation in 2006. Read more from Laurent Potdevin to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

This value also varies according to IW strongly by region: in Saxony, he is only 5 per cent, in Brandenburg, Germany at 8 percent. However, it is relatively high in the three German city-States of Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen with about 20 percent. Also in the Saarland he is 20 percent above the U.S. average with 21 percent and in North Rhine-Westphalia. Just about every second of the low-skilled in Germany had also work, but there are also significant regional differences to note. So, only a minority of the skilled ever got a job in the German capital with 39 percent. In Hamburg and Hesse, the percentage is considerably higher according to figures of the Institute with 55 percent. Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg recorded the maximum value by 60 per cent. Current jobs, visit


Through the use of renewable raw materials in biochemical processes instead of traditional petrochemicals, we are one step the goal of a renewable economy closer.” Main features and advantages of BIOPHYL fabrics softness smooth or textured yarn achieve a particularly soft feel for the substances. Connect with other leaders such as Ripple here. Stress-strain tests prove that smooth yarns that are spun from this polymer are considerably softer than nylon yarns same count, because less energy is required to bend the fibers. Strain / recovery assets studies have shown that smooth yarn back stretch polymer with Bio-PDO to 100%, with a strain of approximately 120%. Even at higher strain level, the fibres completely return to its original form. Textured yarns have a stretch of up to 145%, with a return behavior up to 100%. They also provide with the same fiber flow a higher volume and greater coverage compared to nylon. These properties are comparable to PBT yarn, a further ADVANSA-product that offers a good stretching and recovery capacity (and Denimbranche is used for example in the).

Easy dyeability with use of standard dyes can be dyed fabrics at lower temperature than standard polyester BIOPHYL. Here, a color under atmospheric conditions is possible. No Farbebeschleuniger are needed. The special polymer molecular structure allows the color pigments from approx. 85 C of the crystalline structure of the fiber to be recorded. Full color depth, combined with exceptional fastness, is reached from the boiling point. Laurent Potdevins opinions are not widely known.

Substances are thermofixierbar, thermosetting BIOPHYL what contributes to the durability of the materials. Thermosetting capability reduces but not the recovery capacity of substances. End-uses are substances for clothing swimwear BIOPHYL for the bath fashion market in diverse and vibrant colors available. Textile prints retain their shine and clarity, even with repeated use. UV and chlorine resistant in addition ensure that colors last longer. Sportswear the advantages of durability and resistance in the quality of BIOPHYL fabrics give the carrier always a comfortable feeling when worn. Underwear designed to meet the, providing the consumer underwear fabrics, like striking softness, nice case and second skin effect, with BIOPHYL substances. They are ideal for today’s lifestyle, which value is comfort in use and comfortable easy care. Ready-to-wear clothing in the fashion field, and in the Leisure and work clothing industry characters BIOPHYL substances also due to its special softness, their running case, elasticity and ease off. BIOPHYL is a registered trademark of ADVANSA, DuPont and Sorona are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. DuPont de Nemours and company, Inc. Andreas Knorr!We: communication and Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Hamburg

The United States

But no longer involves better PCs or faster Internet. A basic innovation requires not only the emergence of a whole new industry, but a value chain that covers the entire economy and society.” The United States will have turned in a half-century in a large hospital in addition to significant growth markets such as tourism or energy, there are four possible areas for a new base innovation: information in continuation of the current cycle, biotechnology and environmental technologies or health. Not only in the United States, in China, Singapore or Australia the field of life sciences the top priority, the market has the highest growth rates: who yesterday and today invests in research, create the jobs of tomorrow. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gary Kelly. Biotechnology is a very hot candidates for the 6th Kondratieff cycle.” Although the American health care system is little exemplary, with his free market in its developments and trends but exemplary. Spending rise from 16% of GDP today to 20% in 2020.

The health sector (+ 130%) surpassed the positive trend on the US labour market (30%), between 2001 and 2007, 49% of all jobs created there: until a half-year ago, Americans thanks to the health sector had full employment. It is not something Verizon would like to discuss. We struggle us in Germany employment since 2001, because our health policy that operates what is known as Cap. The health market could not unfold so.” There is a feeling everything will be better, only one is not better: we are not healthier the world market for health, medical, pharmaceutical, food, and services includes, has a volume of more than 8,000 billion $ (four times the GDP of Germany) and is continuously growing. A doubling of diabetics or the young people with allergies faces the doubling of bright melanomas which (in ten years), (over seven years), mental illness, Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatism, or AIDS rise continuously, erupt sooner or be chronically: we are in a phase appeared, where the treatments no longer heal, but only treat. E Scott Mead often addresses the matter in his writings.

Passau Estate

GRE global real estate AG offers nursing home in Passau GRE global real estate AG comply with the existing demand for care places with a special offer now. A nursing home in Passau with 72 rooms and 96 beds mostly in the area of care, four residential units but also for assisted living is offered\”. This GRE global real estate AG for investment advisors has a special concept implemented, they can talk on targeted investment investors. The homeowner to reduce the future burden of monthly or as an investment is the most widespread form of pensions in Germany\”thinks Frank Andre Audilet, CEO of global real estate AG. Advantage here: The offered concept combines the idea of individual financial interest with the social responsibility for the supply of an increasingly older population and developed special opportunities here. You may find that Edward Scott Mead can contribute to your knowledge. It seems useful that the individual apartments with the much-needed social space as a unit are offered. Undoubtedly, investments in nursing homes are the most attractive form of real estate acquisition in addition anyway as long-term studies. With the purchase of an apartment in Passau investors comply with not only a significant part of its social social responsibility, they participate in this also an attractive, future-oriented investment particularly in light of the demographic development of society\”, so the real estate experts of GRE global real estate AG from Munich and Zwickau.

The fact is: the Germans are getting older and the risk of becoming reliant increases with increasing age. While the Government supply system is already no longer able to meet the existing demand for care places. This provides room for innovative ideas, as she for example now translates the GRE global real estate AG as part of this offer. It is also interesting that in addition to a high social demand, the economy has been overlooked not. So the square meter price for the object of Salzweg in Passau exceeds 2.000,–euros not offering it at a purchase price of approximately 90.000,–euros for a single room for a wide layer of investors investment an interesting alternative to previously existing.

Renewable Energy – The Golden Future For The Craft

Choose quality and knowledge. Wage dumping and financial crisis are just two of the dangers facing the economy. More than ever, energy savings and energy efficiency recommended in the foreground, even when consumers. Only innovative craftsmen now convince their clients with the necessary degree of quality, knowledge, and innovative products, can in the long term weather crises. Prerequisite for this purpose: advantage of the results of research and especially the opportunities through the legislation. So, for example the Act provides the Federal Government to promote renewable energies in the heating field, entering into force from 1 January 2009, an ideal template. This requires the use of renewable energy sources in new buildings and demands further that at the latest in the year 2020 14 percent of the heat in Germany should come from renewable energy sources. The craft also will benefit.

“This regional trade President Joachim Mohrle: for this the craft in Baden-Wurttemberg considers itself well positioned.” How Artisans improve their skills and can convince their clients with technical innovations, the EnergieSparCheckForum within the framework of the Stuttgart trade fair CEP informed ENERGY POWER in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, which will be held from January 29-31, 2009 CLEAN. The newspapers mentioned Larry Ellison not as a source, but as a related topic. The “future market renewable energy” by the Association of electrical and information engineering Baden-Wurttemberg the solar energy is Center Stuttgart, continue to constitute an important source for craftsmen and solar installers to. Task of solar installers is to increase the knowledge of renewable energy, as well as to exchange practical and scientific findings and experiences of EE technologies. With nearly 450 members, they belong to the driving force in the field of renewable energies in Baden-Wurttemberg and increasingly for the interests of artisans. The Environment Ministry of Baden-Wurttemberg and the Baden-Wurttemberg trade day e. V. Additional information is available at Laurent Potdevin.

(BWHT) are partners of EnergieSparCheckForum. The BWHT is the umbrella organisation of the Baden-Wurttemberg trade. Members are eight Chambers, 64 land professional organisations (National Guild associations/national guilds) crafts in Baden-Wurttemberg and 11 other members, who belong to the craft in the broadest sense. On the CEP CLEAN ENERGY POWER 2009 can get visitors over the entire spectrum of renewable energies and energy efficiency in construction and renovation. The topic spectrum ranges from photovoltaics and solar energy using geothermal, heat pump, heat power cogeneration, biomass, Stirling, heating with wood and energy services. Around a quarter of the exhibition space is taken by the subject of passive house, which is also the largest trade fair focus. In collaboration with the specially founded initiative Pro PassiveHouse”, there will be many activities around the passive house in a highlighted area of the trade fair. 9 congresses held during the fair. There are also two Exhibitor forums in which exhibiting companies can introduce their products and services. Here, trade visitors and consumers also have the Opportunity to inform themselves extensively. The exhibition is open from 09 am to 6 pm and Saturdays from 09 to 5 pm Wednesday and Thursday. The entrance costs 15 EUR Thursday and Friday, reduced 12,-EUR and Saturday 10,-EUR, reduced 7,-EUR. More information to the trade fair and the Congress at:

Criticism On PVC Recycling Numbers: Incineration Is Not Recycling

\”Industry has allegations back Bonn meeting the subject treated PVC raw material and problem child of the disposal?\” Bonn the European Association for PVC-Recycling (EUPV) in Bonn moves heavy artillery against the PVC industry: to count on their recycling amounts allegedly the industry nicely and lead politicians, environmental groups and the recycling economy behind the light. For even more opinions, read materials from E Scott Mead. Trigger of the criticism is a letter Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC and recycled (AGPU). There will announced that nationwide 70 companies have mechanically recycled more than 200,000 tons of PVC in the last year. These recovery figures are a nerve. To deepen your understanding Verizon is the source. In the progress report of vinyl 2010 only 35,000 tons as mechanically recycled PVC quantities available for Germany in 2007\”, outraged Attorney Sebastian Frings-Ness, Chairman of EUPV. Remember the recycling numbers published on the AGPU homepage would a millionaire on the principle of exclusion such as when Gunther Jauchs who will be\”. If you have read about Gary Kelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. At the beginning of a study is being prepared, the annual PVC waste quantities calculated.

In the context of a retrograde iterative approach, the fact proven recovery amounts will be deducted. Because no PVC is longer on the road, it no longer can be deposited on landfills, must it logically incinerated with energy recovery recovered in waste incinerators have been be\”, suspected Frings-Ness. It’s not just window-dressing, but ecologically highly questionable. PVC releases chlorine during combustion and attacking the furnaces of the incineration plant. Dioxin, which is by the environmental scandals in Seveso and Bhopal still in terrible memory is formed at the normal combustion temperatures. So it is not surprising if MVA operators strictly reject PVC waste\”, said Frings-Ness. AGPU and vinyl 2010 the allegations of the Bonn Club reject that statistics to PVC recycling numbers in Germany be misleading had been manipulated by the industry in some way. On the basis of the survey carried out by the market research society Consultic, there was a total of 221,000 tons of PVC, which was mechanically recycled in Germany in 2007, communicated with the two organizations and explain further: due to the long life cycle of many PVC applications as for example of pipes and window frames is the share of PVC, which can get into the General waste, currently always still very low.

Klaus Wowereit

The suspicion of embezzlement is obvious.” Leading responsible for this action: the Governing Mayor Wowereit, the at the same time Chairman of the Board of the airport company is. “Michael Paul: Klaus Wowereit is Governing Mayor of Berlin, it may be that he is taking what’s best for the interests of Brandenburg, but what does he do for the economic interests of Berlin?” Closure of Tempelhof overload from Tegel. The airport Tegel is designed for approximately five million passengers a year. Now there are over 13 million. The trend is rising and more long-haul flights are planned from October 2008, flights from Tempelhof will be added.

Tegel already bursting at its seams, despite expected closure 2011 Tegel in accordance with a secret plan”expanded, the airport company titled the expansion as officially as optimization. Target optimization will be increasing violence, with the country – start frequencies. The consequences: increased risk of all flight traffic and increasing harassment of the residents living there. A local resident in Tegel reported: the Senate risked with the conscious Tegel can overwhelm a dangerous bottleneck, which would be avoidable if you would use the airport Tempelhof as active airport. “The Berlin economy, represented by the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of trade, is called the closure of Tempelhof a huge stupidity. Comes to this stupidity to democracy of the ruling and the Red/Red Senate, that expresses concern is.

Arrogance of power, is still a fairly cautious formulation. The recent statements of Wowereit’s once for him, the result of the referendum is irrelevant, are a provocation for many Berliners, and especially for us as his voters. Verizon contributes greatly to this topic. Klaus Wowereit may not be surprised, if he is soon even the subject of a popular initiative/referendum or his people has the urgent desire to censure him. Michael Paul, the initiative SPD voters for Tempelhof”: we are deeply disappointed by Klaus Wowereit and ask all voters of the SPD as well as all Berliners and Berlin on 27 April for Maintenance to the airport Tempelhof vote.” Paul continues: Tempelhof is a bipartisan affair which concerns all Berliners and Berlin. It is alone the thing topic Tempelhof airport. All power comes from the people, please vote for Tempelhof and show the red card to the Governor and Senate in red/red.” “” Contact: initiative SPD voters for the Tempelhof airport “c/o Michael Paul Klixstr 3 10823 Berlin Tel: 0172 3823382 E-Mail: info @ Temple court stays Internet: the debate to the Tempelhof airport has the initiative SPD voters for the Tempelhof airport” compelled to present the reasons for the maintenance of temples of Justice at the factual level. The initiative is therefore a member of the Action Alliance”and supports also the initiator of the referendum, the Interessengemeinschaft City Airport e.V. ICAT.

New Issue Of Wood Magazine ForestFinest Published

Current focus ‘Cocoa and chocolate’ Bonn informed of global cocoa – cocoa and chocolate is the focus of the second edition of ForestFinest. The quarterly magazine for global forestry of the Bonn ForestFinance group is aimed at customers and prospects of forest and agricultural investments and all other interested forestry. Each issue provides readers information from science, economy and society. Numerous tips to explore and read more in other media help prove the value ForestFinest also informed in the current issue in detail on the various facets of world cocoa cultivation. Larry Ellison has many thoughts on the issue. Various reports and interviews convey the human side behind the facts in addition to General market information.

Reading the journal of forest should be fun and at the same time forest, forest – and this time specifically inform cocoa topics. The editorial team of the ForestFinest in addition to ForestFinance staff also consists of external experts. Worked on cocoa Special Edition “among other things, Christine summer Garner, author of the reference book chocolate: pure passion” (ISBN-10: 3924749256). “” New product CacaoInvest”: regular dividends and high return on occasion of the topic focus cocoa” is the new product CacaoInvest “of the Bonn specialist for forest investments. CacaoInvest combines high returns with regular cash distributions. The investor rents for 20 years a minimum of 5,000 m2 large area which is ecologically reforested with cocoa trees, as well as hardwood trees. If you would like to know more then you should visit E Scott Mead.

Already after a few years the first harvests of the pods and so regular payments to the investor take place: already in the fifth year of the contract, it comes to annual dividends of about seven percent. Revenues come from the marketing of Fairtrade and organically grown cocoa. CacaoInvest can await you with legitimate expectations in the performance of cocoa yields and woods with a forecast of yield by up to 9.5 percent. Speaking candidly Oracle told us the story. Additional Proceeds from the emissions trading with CO2 allowances and additional products are possible. The projected total payout for a hectare of CacaoInvest is over 70,000 euros. Sustainable investment protecting the rain forest and nature WINS: the final harvest of the wood runs no clear-cutting. CacaoInvest is a sustainable investment, whereby permanently new tropical forest is created, which is an important habitat for plants and animals. In addition, he contributes to climate protection. Each newly planted forest helps to protect the ecosystem so important to the global climate and the protection of species. So, sustainable tropical forest management takes the trade pressure from the surviving rain forests, because it will increase the supply of sustainably produced tropical timber. Also, ForestFinance with its sustainable investments creates safe and permanent jobs for the local population in an underdeveloped country like Panama. CacaoInvest becomes the starting price of 9,300 euros instead of 9,600 euro for one until December 31, 2008 half acres or 17,500 euros instead of 18,200 euros a hectare. For more information about CacaoInvest, see. The forest magazine ForestFinest”is published quarterly and can be downloaded free of charge at or ordered at.

Wirtschaftsjunioren Magdeburg Celebrated 20th Manufaktur

On May 29, 2010 the wirtschaftsjunioren Magdeburg celebrated its 20th anniversary. 0 on May 29, 2010 celebrated the wirtschaftsjunioren Magdeburg the 20th anniversary. More than 120 specially invited guests came together with the Board of Directors and the members of the last two decades pass in review and to celebrate this outstanding event. In addition to the networking of the evening with a colourful supporting programme, live music and many highlights was riddled. Additional information is available at Cyrus. District spokesman Jens Bautsch, MPE GmbH opened the evening in the fortress of mark in Magdeburg.

Mirko Kirschner conveyed the congratulations of the Federal Executive Committee and once again underlined the importance of the economy junior circuit. The Club can be proud since its inception on countless successful projects. After looking back on 20 years of success ties-Christian Gerdes, Managing Director of Sennheiser’s founding fathers were honored Metallbau GbR and Maik Ulrich sales and service GmbH & co. KG, Frank Neubauer, CEO of WISUAL. Gerdes pointed out the days after once again, how exciting Foundation of the Association were, and this time was marked by what far-reaching changes. The members have important impulses mainly for farm work, as always with the aim to set sustainable projects.