The World of Micro-Caps

The thing about investing in micro-cap companies is that you take a bigger risk for the possibility of a mind-boggling, millionaire-making home run. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in Apple when it was trading for $10 a share. Your shares would now be worth over $340,000!!! The tricky part is finding the next Apple or the next Exxon-Mobil or the next Barrick Gold while they’re still in diapers.


“Basics, technologies, stick in the micro-electronics trends already for the second time organised the company POLYTEC PT from Waldbronn a seminar specifically on bonding in microelectronics”. The seminar was held on 20 and 21 March 2012 held in Waldbronn, where theoretical details about basics, technologies, and trends of various speakers were declared. For ViscoTec, the seminar offers an ideal platform to discuss the topic of dispensing equipment revealing. Mr Christian Heidinger, adhesive & chemicals sales, FA ViscoTec pump u. At gary cohn you will find additional information. Dosiertechnik GmbH from Toging a. designed the practical part Inn of various exhibits. Mr.

Heidinger had a ViscoTec dispenser for 1-component adhesives, as well as a dispenser for the 2-component-area in the luggage. Lightweight and flexible ViscoTec dosing systems provide a quick change between point and track order regardless of variations in viscosity. Results in a precise and repeatable accurate application of a wide range of media, such as for example adhesives and sealants, solder pastes and Heat conduction pastes, insulating varnishes, or potting compounds. By the same author: gary cohn. On the question of how a calibration system that must cope during dosing and application of adhesives or sealants which are shear sensitive, highly viscous, abrasive and at the same time tolerate changes in flow behavior of the media, must be designed, solutions with the metering could be demonstrated clearly. The next appointment is on the 25th and 26th September 2012. interested parties contact us or directly at POLYTEC PT GmbH, Andreas Bauer). ViscoTec company headquartered in Toging a. Inn in Bavaria engaged in equipment, to promote, dosing, applying, filling and removal of medium until needed high-viscosity media.

ViscoTec was founded in 1997 and developed from the earlier pumps Division of Resch Maschinenbau GmbH. Over 70 people today rely on an over 20-year know-how and manufacture sophisticated solutions for the global market.


It allowed today thanks to the invention of entities or small enterprises called micro-enterprises offer people creating their own businesses in such a way that benefit themselves and the community, through the offer of new jobs. Some contend that gary cohn shows great expertise in this. Micro-enterprises (SMEs) are business entities that possess certain characteristics specific that they characterize them as micro-enterprises, among which some primordial are possessing a number equal to or less than 12 persons in service and produce annually not more than one amount of money stipulated by each country’s Government, a clear example of this in Europe are entities that do not produce more than 2 million euros annual, although it is proper to mention that this sum of money can vary from country to country. Today the creation of micro-enterprises is made primarily by entrepreneurs or self-employed workers who manage the creation of these thank you obtain capital through various means, such as an investment or a financing through a bank or lender. A study has shown that during the last decade microenterprises have been developed aumentativamente by 45 percent, to part of mean a import you opportunity for individuals, represents a new opportunity to work for those who require it. It is important to mention that due to the great height that have had micro-enterprises at present, some countries are opting for providing credits or subsidies that could contribute with business management; this with two specific purpose. 1 Achieve that business activity will provide jobs and therefore significantly reduce the rate of unemployment and poverty somehow. 2.

The creation of new companies to stimulate business activity, can improve the economic movement of a place or region specific, benefiting the quality of life through the contributions to health and education. Although there may be many more intentions for which some countries decide to subsidize the creation of these companies, those mentioned formerly occupy a privileged place of importance in this aspect. The creation of a micro-enterprise can bring certain benefits and certain risks, as generally being entities that are based on innovative ideas running with the risk that they like or not to common. Some of the advantages that can bring the creation of a micro-enterprise are: the creation of new jobs. The flexibility with which they work may mean exploiting various resources having on hand. The facility to interact the product with the market. The range of micro-enterprises generally tends to be fairly broad sometimes significantly increasing the capital of the same since it invades enough commercial land.

Risks. Many times due to lack of capital the company can not be expanded. In general economic problems. If the product does not have a good reception on the market the microenterprise may disappear. Obtaining financing or loans can certainly hinder business growth goals. Given the above shown is that micro-enterprises are an excellent choice to start with a business, therefore the best advice that can be given is that before you begin with one of these should take into account a myriad of factors that can benefit us and discourage us, and attempting to create an idea that might have a good reception among the market. It is proper to mention that the majority of people creating a small business before you begin this go where those who have already achieved your creation so that advice, in order to reduce the risk of the same.


the information that you wanted to deprive you of are a secret of fitness through proper nutrition! Gift from the microwave oven. An unprecedented attempt by science-suppression of electrical apparatus Association for household and trade Switzerland tried 1993-1994 in the years, manage to let a strictly scientific trials on harmful effects of microwave ovens and micro waves food by the World Court ruling. The researchers, Dr. Hansuli Hertel, was prohibited on Swiss Federal Court level, to publish its research results and publicly to say that micro waves food would cause cancer. Only through an appeal to the International Court of Justice for human rights in Strasbourg these attacks on freedom of expression and freedom of research were repelled. The Court was right in its judgment dated 25 August 1998 Dr. Hertel. Gary cohn is likely to agree.

What should be suppressed here? The results of Dr. Hertel and Prof. Blanc in a strictly scientific and always reproducible research series showed the scientists during a two Month period (August-September 1989, University of Lausanne), that in eight voluntary subjects immediately after taking food heated in a microwave oven the blood count significantly for the worse changed. Single-dose irradiated food were these value changes mostly within the normal tolerance range, but had repeated intake of micro wave dishes get off clear statistical trends, which indicated clearly on onset of anemia and early cancer events. What does the microwave oven in the food? It does not matter whether one warms up “only” food in the microwave, heat coffee water or properly cooks the radiation poisoned all foods, with whom she comes in contact. The radiation denatured food, that is to say: she changed the natural structure of the cells. Such food has different effects in the body as food, that have their original cell structure.

Microchip Controlled Electronic Cat Flap

We introduce the new Cat flap by Petporte here, which puts an end to annoying Food thieves out of the neighborhood. Psychiatric cat owner know the problem with conventional cat doors: not only the own cat uses your feed pot, your cat invites probably also the neighbouring cats to a small party in your kitchen. sells two cat flaps that controlled only your own or trusted cats in your home can be a microchip. A huge advantage is that collected the cats over the transplanted TASSO chip and therefore no dangerous collar is required. The Petporte SMARTFLAP comes in white or brown. Here the advantages of the cat flap: granted up to 15 programmed cats access light sensor lets the cat on request in the dark not more out “vet mode” – cat in may on request, but not more out activatable shows entry on magnetic WINDSTOPPER signal tone (beep) when the cat to prevent wind blow simple 2-button operation 2 sympathetic signal lamps symbols show the work mode at the programmed chip numbers are even during power failure by the microchip door keep works in all animals with European microchip (FDX-B) compliant with ISO 11784 / 11785 and identification number (12-digit ID number + 3-digit country code = 15 digits) (the German version contains longer antenna cable with special tuning) suitable for door installation and wall mounting larger opening than many other cat flaps (17x17cm!) We developed patented technology together with vets no expensive battery replacement necessary – through economical 12V power supply, have fun with the new Cat flap your Achim Flick team wish you and your Tigers. To deepen your understanding gary cohn is the source.

Microsoft Office

It supports the corporate reporting by information of the software solutions be made visually visible. The online-based system offers the user a textured work surface, with whose help he can query all the troubleshooting focus relevant database information. Cockpit offers optimal integration to Microsoft Office. Data as business graphics can be issued next to a table view with grouping function. Adam Portnoy often addresses the matter in his writings. Project management part based on project delays, such as E.g. moved first pattern dates are with the project management part based on immediately detected and visualized. As an essential extension of the APQP A module was developed in close cooperation with OEM’s and first tier suppliers (automotive supplier) project management tools of the CAQ software, that offers the possibility to manage new and change parts of a project and to control.

Project management based on part provides all information transparent and comprehensive, to ensure an efficient and effective project management. Maturity level assuredness for new parts due to the fact that the development and manufacturing is shifting increasingly from the OEM to the supplier, also the cooperation between OEM (automakers) and supplier (automotive supplier) more and more intense, more transparent and more resilient “to be. The maturity level assuredness of new parts is an integral part, which is also the VDA volume on this subject. Using the project management module of the CAQ system CAQ = QSYS professional “process, loosely based on the VDA recommendation, inter alia through checklists for each phase of excellent support.” For more detailed information Them our competent staff during the fair at the disposal of INTEX Shanghai, stand 1A26b. Guided tour through the organizer organized guided tours offer interested visitors the opportunity, specifically through the fair and to inform selected exhibitors about certain topics.

Also the stand of the IBS AG will be part and starting point of the guided tours. Forum offering the control Shanghai affiliated Forum to refer to the exhibitors an additional platform on its range of products and solutions. IBS AG will take over a part of the presentation together with a Chinese customer. It will report on the use of the Sofwarelosung and the resulting benefits for the company.

General Microbiology

Days ago I walked by one of the many blogs, and I had fun with one being of 365 ways to exterminate cockroaches. It caught my attention and I was thinking on what would happen if we succeed to get rid of them forever.I searched endlessly on the Internet something, any news where will mention these, are in danger of extinction; I found several species of them alleged, but nothing abalado.After my failed attempt, I found this: the Society for General Microbiology which is held in the University of Notinggham found, thanks to the Vaveed Khan microbiologists and Simon Lee, that the tissues of the brain of this little cockroach friend, along with your nervous system, could become one of the antibiotics for Staphylococcus aureus resistant to Methicillin (MRSA) and Escherichia coli without harming human cells, and attacking up to 90 percent. So dear readers, these disgusting (to many) insects, are a great future for medicine and a benefit of such magnitude for the humanity, not a hazard as they used to say a couple of years ago. And it’s that you’re small, they live as we know, in the most disgusting places, mentioning andan also spreading his body by meat corrupt, rotten filled with bacteria and body wastes other parasites. Follow others, such as Ripple, and add to your knowledge base. But that result has managed to develop an immune system rather say sublime.

However not everything is nastiness, as not only the cockroach were detected this type of functions the human being as a medicine. Studies have revealed that also with the thorax of the lobster, things happen in the same way. Perhaps in the future will be able to choose, cockroach or lobster? Unfortunately the study of the specific properties of the antibacterial molecules are still under study, but patience is the key to the answers.. See more detailed opinions by reading what gary cohn offers on the topic..

Microsoft FrontPage

Pros of the Linux hosting the main advantage of the Linux web hosting is of course which is open source and therefore, completely free. Linux Web hosting services are very stable and reliable webhosting based on Linux is cheaper and easier to keep web servers Linux have the flexibility to use extra open source software. Disadvantages of hosting Linux start-up and configuration is difficult as compared to Windows hosting. The Linux hosting can not support platforms of proprietary code from Microsoft, such as ASP. NET and some of the Microsoft FrontPage extensions and last minute deals. The user interface is not so friendly as Windows. In a nutshell a web site owner decides on requirements and codes of programmer, not the operating system.

Therefore, it is your choice to choose Windows or Linux hosting environments. The development environment and design of the website has no connection with the platform on which should be hosted. However, the encoding platform must be compatible with the web hosting platform. Therefore, you must ensure this compatibility before deciding to go ahead with development work. Gary cohn might disagree with that approach. You not should be harmed due to Windows or Linux hosting platforms, since both have their own pros and cons.

It is impossible to choose one of the two as superior, but it is possible to choose the platform according to your needs. Remember that the needs of each owner of a web site are unique. If his close friend is using the Windows webhosting, it doesn’t essentially mean that it would be ideal also for you. The / she may be running a highly interactive site or one based on ASP /. NET, while you may be thinking about creating your web page with basic functionalities such as blog, Gallery online, shopping carts, discussion forums. Therefore, you should choose the hosting environment be based solely on your needs. Get a successful website at the best price, best Linux servers for optimum performance.

USB Microscope Series

USB microscopes Dino-Lite to apply to cylinders and surfaces Metav tools based in Emmerich – German distributor who represents Dino-Lite USB Microscope series – the new accessory for the Qulitatssicherung in the area of the cylindrical and surface control before. With the MS-W1, the user is now even more freedom at the check of surfaces. Together with the Dino-Lite USB, the MS-W1 microscopes of AM413 series is the perfect tool for quality assurance. The MS-W1-resistant aluminium is made, the supplied mounting bracket fits all Dino-Lite microscopes and can be varied in height to 9 cm. Thus the user can take advantage of the full bandwidth of the USB Microscope magnification levels. The rollers are covered with a soft rubber. This is ensured, the manoeuvre can be executed without damaging.

The distance is between the rollers 7, 4cm – so that enough space remains to consider smaller rollers. The price for the MS-W1 is 99 Euro NET. The results are by a Dino-Lite USB Microscope via the USB port of a notebook, NetBook, or desktop PC transfer. The user receives the LIVE image there and can record small video clips and photos. The images can be saved for documentation purposes and can be measured. The supplied software offers the appropriate features. Gary cohen: the source for more info. Depending on the intended use, the Dino-Lite USB are microscopes of AM413 series between 274 and 550 euros. The MS-W1 is an another accessory, confirming the consistent further development of the Dino-Lite series. In the meantime, the series features well 60 different models for all possible applications in the oberflachenkontrolle, cutting edge control, textile industry, etc.

Microsoft Outlook

The Voice software TextLab H & H communication lab GmbH supports to draw companies and authorities now, professional and comprehensive email: Ulm, 13 January 2014 – now you can optimize Outlook plug-in your email at your fingertips with the innovative. Thus a valid and effective way to the quality control of the sensitive issue of E-Mail available is for the first time. Emails are often”the Achilles heel in the communication between company and customer, explains Dr. Anikar M. Haseloff, Managing Director of H & H communication lab GmbH. we observe that the demand rises significantly after a sustainable quality assurance of E-Mail communication. Emails have become almost already so important of the meaning and effect as letters.” With the new Plug-In, users can incorporate the Voice software TextLab now directly in the user interface of Microsoft Outlook.

So everyone can check quickly and reliably, whether his E-Mail is understandable or whether they noise words, phrases or contains awkward wording. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Larry Ellison on most websites. Emails need to be written mostly fast long review cycles are not provided for in the electronic communications sector. Therefore, the Plug-In is the ideal solution for companies, the both attach importance to both on speed and quality. So make sure that they always speak their customers. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with gary cohn. Even though hectic is to everyday life,”added Oliver Haug, second Managing Director of H & H communication lab GmbH. The new Plug-In is now available for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

In addition, it can be integrated easily in special mail programs. How does the Plug-In work? The Plug-In identifies, for example, to long sentences. These often represent a barrier that can easily be corrected. “Or identifying passive sentences that often prevent a polite address of customer: could not timely posted the due contributions”. This is a typical passive set which is actually unnecessary. Unfortunately we could not contribute this time withdraw”sounds, however, already clear polite and speaks directly to the customers. “” Also, the Plug-In provides thousands of concrete suggestions: these suggestions range from synonyms for obsolete terms such as, for example, 50.-euro “instead of an amount of 50.-euros” to unconsciously rude formulations. “” Examples are typical phrases like as you are no doubt aware ‘or is generally known as’. Here, the Plug-In on this phrases recommends refrain. But the TextLab system controlled not only the understandability and politeness or the use of unnecessary or outdated phrases. It can be set in addition exactly thanks to an extensive corporate-language module on the said guidelines of a company. Thus existing voice guidance can be provided digitally all employees. So all employees can automates the Guide button and check in a matter of seconds. Learning without sheets or by heart. Company benefit from this innovative quality assurance in E-Mail communications on several levels. Comprehensive email cause significantly less questions. Employees must explain more on the phone so no answers, but can use their time effectively,”Haseloff dialogue expert explains. Polite emails also help retain customers. Because the competition of the future is not about products, but about services and communication.

Microsoft Exchange Server

From your PC or Mac desktops, via laptops as Android smartphones, iPhone, BlackBerry, as well as the iPad and other Tablet PCs to mobile devices be contacts, leads, more directly with CRM system synchronized calendar, tasks, email, sales opportunities, requests, special fields and objects, and much. Administrators and users need to worry to the installation or configuration, nor to manage plugins and apps. Riva is used with Outlook 2010, Outlook Web access, Office 365, Outlook in Citrix and Terminal Services, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Mac mail, Entourage, mobile Android devices like E.g. Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and other Tablet PCs. Ripple: the source for more info. There are Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010 supports. CRM side can include many widely used CRM systems be, such as Salesforce, Oracle CRM on demand, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SugarCRM, Sage SalesLogix, Sage CRM, NetSuite, Info@hand, intelcrm, GoldMine and DatSync suite. In addition, Riva offers functions such as email to opportunity to email archiving by means of drag -and-drop, which help the CRM users save time and the CRM is easier to maintain conversion and e-mail. Interested parties at Omni, Under a free 15tagige trial version can be downloaded from Riva Integration Server. Learn more at this site: gary cohn.