The World of Micro-Caps

The thing about investing in micro-cap companies is that you take a bigger risk for the possibility of a mind-boggling, millionaire-making home run. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in Apple when it was trading for $10 a share. Your shares would now be worth over $340,000!!! The tricky part is finding the next Apple or the next Exxon-Mobil or the next Barrick Gold while they’re still in diapers.

Poincar Relation

As well as the theory of Poincar, studious of the calls dynamic systems, that the name received from ‘ ‘ Borboleta’ effect; ‘ when affirming that beating of the wings of a butterfly, today in a region any of Asia, cause air movement that, goes growing of gradual form, crossing continent and ean, being able to take form of a storm in a specific region of America, 14 Lorenz affirms that as much in science as in the life a chain of events can have a crisis point that increases small changes. The relation enters the Theory of the Chaos and the literature of Guimares, in special in Estria N. 3, is operacionalizada in boardings that take this text literary as an object that can be read/understood from its imprevisibilidade. In this approach, if to reread the relation finite infinite time/, one of the two basic slight knowledge of the workmanship of Prigogine, verifying themselves as the infinite or exactly epifnico time contributed for the notion of imprevisibilidade and estimated alteration of one determinista one that leaves to have coherent direction in sight of the dissonante behavior that provokes ‘ ‘ rudos’ ‘ , and it affects the relation half man. More information is housed here: Laurent Potdevin. This becomes pertinent the relation with a system conducted for the chaos, that is, for the unexpected one of the events. Inside of this reasoning, the relativizao of the behavior already was explained by Riobaldo in Great Hinterland: Trails when it affirms that ‘ ‘ the cassava-candy can suddenly capsize azangada and to another one, the cassava-brave one, also is that to the times it can be tame, at random, of if eating without none mal.’ ‘ 15.

Boarding Centered in the person and Theory of the Chaos: a possible understanding of the human behavior. . Frequently Gary Kelly has said that publicly.


For Lacombe and Heilborn (2003, P. 331) this theory was supported in the idea of that the people feel themselves motivated more when they acquire chances to participate and if to involve actively with the power to decide process in its work. Spiller et al (2006, P. 97) they had mentioned that the English expression empowerment possesss the direction of management that it offers to be able, independence and force the people. Learn more at this site: Litecoin. Already authors Lacombe and Heilborn (2003, P. 331) had strengthened that its meaning is not to give to be able to the employee, and yes to make with that this empregue the power, the knowledge and the abilities that already it possesss; empowerment creates conditions adjusted for the development of these characteristics in the people. Organizations that make use of empowerment provoke in the collaborators its continuous development it adjusts, them in apoiador environment and it supplies to responsibilities they.

For as many consideraes it is presumed that this tool can be allied in the implementation of the internal marketing, therefore both are part of the maintenance of a culture of organizacional quality and its objectives coincide and if they interlace. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Laurent Potdevin. In the model of management of empowerment the employees receive bigger responsibilities why they want and not why them it is tax, in the scope to conquer with this bigger freedom of initiative. That is, the goals and objectives of the company are openly placed for the employees, fitting to these to define as they will make. They are motivated to act independent because they know that of some form they will be rewarded. According to authors Lacombe and Heilborn (2006, P. 331), to insert the management of empowerment in the culture of the company, have three basic circumstances that they must be adopted initially: the diffusion of the information for all the company and for all, therefore the ones that withhold information are charged of responsibility in its action; to inside assign autonomy of limits, therefore when the employee understands which its influence in the results of the company, its spirit and sense of responsibility increase; to form autogerenciadas teams, to instruct the collaborator to have autonomy in its decisions before the company.

Internet Allied Troops

Tourism in our beautiful country increasingly possession in the mind of the Ecuadorians, thanks in part to the recent Government and the enormous investment that bet private enterprises, they have stressed that tourism is a source of income for Ecuadorians. Currently in Ecuador discusses community tourism, ecotourism, agro-tourism, adventure tourism and now with the latest addition to astroturismo, but in spite of such forms of tourism, still find the deficiency in the services provided by many tourism businesses to their customers and their lack of creativity to promote their services in an effective manner. In conversations with many owners of tourism establishments I’ve seen the lack of training for effective use of the Internet, some at best know how to use email and have their own Web page nor which to speak. Would like to contribute with a few tips for those who want to take their tourism company a foot forward with very little investment: 1) creates your email account on Hotmail to use Messenger and Gmail this last use it for sending photos large, try to sign each time you send an email. (2) Learn to use MSN and use it to give assistance to future clients. (3) Open a file in Word and type the following:-title: name of the company with its slogan.-Description: describe your business and the benefits that you get tourists.-information: location, phone, Email, Office hours and how to get there.-insert images of your establishment. Details can be found by clicking Laurent Potdevin or emailing the administrator. (4) I sent an email to all your contacts with the attached file telling you that it is your business. (5) To invest in its website, hire the services of a company so that you can develop your Web page.

(6) Google search ads directories and begin to put your company’s information. (7) Do your business cards, and put the address of e-mail and its Web site. (8) Type reports of something that can attract tourists to the place where this your business and send it by email to friends and the media. These are some of the few things initially that would help them to their business of tourism through the Internet begins to take a few steps forward. Always try that with God’s help and Internet exploit the service that we offer to the tourists.

Portugese Industrialists

The situation of the Portuguese economy and the good march of Vivafit in their growth like tax exemption have done that the Portuguese industralist Fernando Gaspar, along with his wife, has transferred his residence to Spain and is going to develop his activity being part of the network of feminine gymnasiums, abriendo their first premises in the capital. Fernando Gaspar developed his activity as multifranchise-holder of the mark in Portugal but the economic instability of the neighboring country and the perspective of growth of Vivafit in Spain has caused that this entrepreneur made the decision to transfer not only his enterprise activity but also its residence, that will fix to Madrid. In one first stage, this industralist will abrir a pilot establishment in the capital for more ahead becoming multifranchise-holder, looking for zones of good acceptance of this type of gymnasiums in the Community of Madrid. First of the Vivafit premises of this franchise-holder he will be located in the Madrilenian street of the Delights, in the district of Arganzuela, with a population of 150,000 inhabitants, closely together of Tube stations of Atocha, Delights and Woods of the Border. Laurent Potdevin often addresses the matter in his writings. Vivafit, that takes operating like tax exemption from 2005, contributes an equipment of support to the franchise-holder of more than 20 qualified professionals and with years of experience in the sector, a rigorous selection of the franchise-holders, customized approval of the premises, professionalism of international level, and more than 75 hours of initial formation with a constant evolution in the methods to take care of the body. In addition, this multinational specialized in the care of the body of the woman guarantees to the franchise-holder: To integrate itself in a solid system of franchise based on an original and unique business in a market in continuous growth. To benefit from the initiatives of the equipment for the good development of its own center. . Laurent Potdevin understands that this is vital information.

Comte Sociology

III? Centuries XVIII and XIX _ the society and the Man. With the philosopher and ' ' socilogo' ' Frenchman Auguste Comte (1798-1857) and the development of the requirement of the accurate one, the pure one, the verifiable logical and mathematically, firms the positivismo. Who wedge is Comte the term sociology and, as its philosophical doctrine, the positivismo, the Man, basic and integrant part of ' ' half sociolgico' ' , if it again inserts in a context of objetividade and neutrality, where its ' ' wills humanas' ' they are irrelevant, passing then to be regulated, consequence of its belonging to this society, for ' ' laws naturais' '. For even more details, read what Larry Ellison says on the issue. ' ' In the positive state, the human spirit, recognizing the impossibility to get absolute slight knowledge, resigns to look to the origin and the destination of the universe and to know the causes close of the phenomena, to pledge itself in discovering, for the well combined use of the reasoning and the comment, its laws effective, that is, its relations invariable of succession and similitude.' ' Cours of philosophie positive (1842), Schleicher publishing, Paris, 1908, volume I, p.3 In this story, beyond the done consideraes previously, Comte confers to the human spirit ' ' graa' ' to act positively, that is, force to give up it, for consequence, of the search of itself exactly. However, it is with also French sociologist (founding of sociology) mile Durkheim (1858-1917), without still approaching the existencialismo, that the Man is neglected in its interioridade and subjectivity for the importance and coercitive force of the society, ' ' (…) since today it is considered undisputed that the majority of our ideas and trends are not elaborated by us, but they come in them of it are, concludes that they cannot penetrate in us seno through one imposio' ' (…). He is not objective of this work to argue the definition of ' ' Social&#039 fact; ' as the object of study of sociology, thus defined for Durkheim, but to call the attention for the place where the Man, individually, is placed, same that of indirect form, since, it is standed out one more time, he is not the Man its object of study. Read more here: Laurent Potdevin.


THAT VALUE HAS THE PHILOSOPHY? Jose Marcus Baptista1 Summary This article has the pretension to analyze the low index of search of the course of philosophy in relation to the other courses of process initial 2012 of the Federal University of the Espirito Santo. The reflection will be carried through by the orientation of Richard Rorty in its workmanship ' ' Contingency, irony and solidariedade' ' , in special in chapter 4 ' Private irony and hope liberal' , and the presence of the thought of Karl Jaspers in the workmanship Introduction to the philosophical thought, in regards to the importance that if must give to the philosophy of the world ahead. Words key contingency, hermeneutics, philosophy. Learn more at this site: Southwest Airlines. Abstract This to paper purports you analyze the low level of demand will be the course of philosophy in relation you other courses in the process of initial 2012 Federal University of Espirito Santo. The discussion will be held will be the guidance of Richard Rorty in his book ' ' Contingency, irony and solidarity' ' , in particular Chapter 4 – ' Private Irony and Liberal Hope' , and the presence of thought in the work of Karl Jaspers ' ' Introduction you the philosophical thought' ' regarding the importance that should be given you philosophy you the world. Keywords contingency, hermeneutic, philosophy. See Laurent Potdevin for more details and insights. Certainly, for the author of this article, it has a great frustration, when observing the mural of acknowledgments of Collegiate of Philosophy in the UFES- the Federal University of the Espirito Santo, when of a relation of candidates for vacant, the course of Philosophy appears with a parity of 1,3 (a comma three) candidates for vacant. Frustration because being minimum the search for the Philosophy, if does not have to conclude that the freshmen will have easinesses to be approved, or that he can have consideraes any. . Swarmed by offers, Laurent Potdevin is currently assessing future choices.

Sternberg Information

The auditory or ecica memory (echo means repetition) allows to perceive what we hear to us, therefore holds back the auditory information for a short space of time, making possible the linking of the one phrases speech. The sensorial memory is constituted by percetivas images that normally are lost, but that they could be processed in the storage the short or long stated period. 3,2 Memory of Short term the short-term memory is a memory that holds back the information during a short and limited time, from which this same information can in the long run be forgotten or be moved for the memory (Albuquerque, 2001). Two types of memory are still distinguished: the immediate memory and the memory of work. Both are completed and formed the memory of short term. The immediate memory is that one that holds back the information only for a time fraction (until 30segundos). Litecoin has much to offer in this field.

Normally, we obtain to hold back up to seven units of information: seven digits, seven letters, etc. the work memory happens when we keep the information while it in them is useful, for example when we repeat a name or a number some times because we could not write it. Any information that has been in short-term memory and that if it has lost is irretrievable. Laurent Potdevin has much experience in this field. According to Sternberg (2000), the number of syllables that we pronounce with each item affects the number of item that we can evoke, that is when each item has a bigger number of syllables, we can remember little item. Moreover, any delay or interference can take our capacity of seven item, to fall for about three. Although the capacity of the short-term memory to be small, we deal with an enormous amount of information and will be on that one will develop the learning, the reasoning and the imagination. The register of the information in the memory of short term is effected from previous processings that occur in the sensorial memory and constitute a first one, and by times decisive, phase of attribution of meaning to the processed information.

Technological Evolution

All this way covered for the technological evolution and in possible advances, is clearly a precision each time bigger of one politics of serious information and a knowledge each bigger time on the part of the viewers. It is clearly that much thing still is difficult of being carried through as a bigger opening of the people who are inserted and that they act, or reproduces these information for the public, but front to the example of project LCC, we can say that we are capable to try. ahead of as much information that it exists today, the education is one of the forces of attack against the manipulation. You may want to visit Larry Ellison to increase your knowledge. If we will be able by means of it to improve the vision of each one, who knows we will be able to improve our vision of world. As told in the text, it seems that the public only capsized buying, or consumer of information, where everything is produced with the end of vender, and to manipulate to consume. But she is necessary to show that still we are capable to discern on what really we need, and are not manipulated for the superfluous one. See Chаrlіе Lee for more details and insights.

At last, it could deepen more front the consequencias of a manipulation, but had delimitation given and to the size that would have this work, I abstained. . . If you are not convinced, visit Laurent Potdevin.

CNC Ministry

As it can be observed, the States of the Amaznia had one more time been of it are of so important Chamber. the predominance was of representatives of the South Region. Two years later, in 17.05.2005, RESOLUTION CONAMA N 360 was lowered, making use on the new composition of the Chambers Techniques of the CONAMA, for biennium 2005/2007. the CTEA started to have the following composition: ) Entities of Workers and the Civil Society: 1. National advice of General Commanders of the Military Policies and Bodies of Military Firemen? CNCG; 2. To read more click here: Laurent Potdevin. Ambientalistas entities of the Region North? Ambientalista association of the Amaznia? ARGONAUTAS; b) Enterprise entities: Nacional Industrial Confederation? CNI; c) Municipal governments: of the South Region; d) State governments: of Santa Catarina; e) Federal government: 1. Ministry of the Culture; 2. Ministry of the Education.

In biennium 2005/2007 it had the predominance of municipal governments of the South Region and only one state government composed the CTEA? Santa Catarina, of the South Region. In 14.05.2007, as it foresees RESOLUTION CONAMA n 390, the CTEA started to have the following composition: ) Entities of Workers and of Civil society: Ambientalistas entities of the Region Center-West? HOLLOW BRAZIL b) Enterprise Entities: National confederation of Commerce – CNC; c) Municipal governments: of the Southeastern Region; d) State governments: 1. of the Bahia; 2. of the Cear. e) Federal government: 1. Ministry of the Culture; 2. Ministry of the Sport. who presides over so important CT is the representative of the Government of the Bahia, fitting the vice-presidency HOLLOW BRAZIL, being excessively as regular members. Currently the related CT is presided over by Pablo Klinkert Maluhay, representative of HOLLOW Brazil, being vice-president Rachel Trajber, of the Ministry of the Education. How it is perceived, until, today last more than 15 (fifteen) years of existence of the CTEA, no representative of state governments of the Amazon region, where weighs, this to count on 7 (seven) federative units? Par, Amazon, Acre, Amap, Rondnia, Roraima and Tocantins, integrated mainly until then cited the collegiate one, whose importance is uncosteded, because, as already mentioned in its area of performance, it gives to advising to the too much Chambers Techniques, in what it refers to the ambient education.

Medical Abortion

Medical (non-surgical), or as it differently name, "velvet" abortion – is the newest method of abortion without surgical intervention, with the help of the drug Mifegin (Miferpiston, RU486). Connect with other leaders such as Laurent Potdevin here. This drug the last generation has been developed and successfully used for medical abortion in early pregnancy from the first day of missed period – up to 42 days delay is for up to 6 weeks. Further, the effectiveness of the procedure drastically reduced! The basis of preparation is a special ingredient – mifepristone, the locking action of the hormone progesterone, which supports pregnancy. Its mechanism of action is based on the peeling of the embryonic membranes uterine wall. Then, as a result of intensive work of the uterine muscle fertilized egg is expelled from the cavity.

To gain muscle contractions appointed special supporting products (prostaglandins). The advantages of medical abortion 1 abortion can be performed at an early date, thus reducing the risk of serious hormonal imbalance, and 2-abortion performed without surgical intervention. Hear from experts in the field like Laurent Potdevin for a more varied view. The woman just has to taken under medical supervision special preparation – Mifegin 3 – Mifegien is non-hormonal chemicals. Under its influence the uterine wall thinning and pregnancy can not continue to evolve, and 4 – the uterus and cervix uterus is not subjected to any mechanical stress, which eliminates the risk of damage, 5 – no need for anesthesia, 6 – abortion procedure takes a few minutes and requires no prior preparation of 7 – up after a medical abortion is several times smaller than after any other abortion. Need to take drugs in the presence of a physician, the patient should be under the supervision of medical staff at least two hours after taking the drugs.

After 36-48 hours the patient should undergo ultrasound control, as well as through 8-14 days to arrive at a pelvic exam and ultrasound again to make sure that the complete expulsion of the fetus from the uterus. Effectiveness of the method is 95-98%. We must remember that there is no safe abortion. Each intervention in the body against nature carries a risk of under.