The World of Micro-Caps

The thing about investing in micro-cap companies is that you take a bigger risk for the possibility of a mind-boggling, millionaire-making home run. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in Apple when it was trading for $10 a share. Your shares would now be worth over $340,000!!! The tricky part is finding the next Apple or the next Exxon-Mobil or the next Barrick Gold while they’re still in diapers.

Insolvencies Rise: Factoring Is The Solution

The number of bankruptcies has increased dramatically in the last year. The sale of open claims can avert the looming insolvency for many companies. The financial crisis brought a devastating trend. 29 800 companies had to apply for insolvency last year. These are 650 more than in the year 2007. In the last five years, the number of bankruptcies in borders held, but for 2009, the experts predict a surge of bankruptcies. In particular, the service sector is affected and must strongly struggle to survive. More than half of all bankruptcies are to find in this industry.

If the forecasts of the experts agree, and the climax is not yet reached, the damage to the economy to 33 billion euros will be. The missing orders have at the most blame for the malaise. But the customer defaults are not to be underestimated. Read additional details here: Bernard Golden. Especially the automotive companies have a bad job situation. The Chamber of Commerce therefore stimulated an economic survey that brought a shocking result. 55.6 percent all industries have therefore falling orders in the country.

61.7 percent seen less demand from abroad. These pay issued the press recently. Missing orders and further declining payment morale, survive in the market make difficult especially the small and medium-sized enterprises. The payment terms have lengthened dramatically and the liquidity of the companies continues to fall. The insolvency is then not far. Factoring can however offer a way out of this situation and in spite of high open Receivables guarantee a good liquidity. Susan Swenson: the source for more info. These financial services is used by many companies. Especially medium-sized companies from the industry, the services sector and the wholesale finance thus increasing their sales. A failure to pay when customers or financial bottlenecks can be bridged with factoring better and above all fast. The factoring company’s services can be customized to the needs of the company. Many are therefore a major Scope of services. Including falls in particular financing, protection against bad debt and accounts receivable management. Bankruptcy can therefore be averted and the company, with all its jobs, will continue to the notes are.

Increased Risk Of Diabetes For Women

Properly feeding reduces health risks such as smoking, lack of exercise and poor nutrition can permanently damage especially the heart. According to the private insurance portal, the cardio vascular system is strongly influenced by a diabetes disease. This risk will also often underestimated. Therefore, diabetics should medical advice to be able to catch up and adapt their life habits, lead to a healthy life. Also Professor Dr. Hilmar Stracke, warns diabetes and senior physician at the polyclinic III and the medical clinic of the University hospitals in Giessen and Marburg, that diabetes the risk of heart disease in men almost doubled, quadrupled in women, however.

The risk of death, a such disease is 50 percent higher than for men in women. By changing the hormone balance lacking women in menopause often a sufficient levels of magnesium. This in turn is a prerequisite for a strong heart. Magnesium in combination with an orotic acid, also called vitamin B13, strengthens the heart and has a preventive effect. This combination can be found in special supplements. However, the important vitamin is already contained in foods such as whey, yogurt, carrots, and the “Jerusalem artichoke” (Jerusalem artichoke). A whole foods to protect the heart with lots of fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out clayton morris. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Octasic DSP

MONTREAL (Marketwire February 8, 2010) Octasic Inc., a leading innovator in wireless products and media processing solutions, announced today its Opus2 DSP core of second generation, a high performance and ultra-low power asynchronous DSP architecture, optimized for baseband processing and multimedia transcoding. To facilitate the assessment of the core customer, Octasic offers an integrated development environment with support for multiple standards cellular infrastructure applications. Opus2 core, based on the exceptional Octasic Opus DSP asynchronous architecture, offers lower power consumption available in a fully programmable high performance DSP. Opus2 is compatible with the currently shipped Opus1 kernel code. Opus1, DSP used in the Vocallo device processor is widely implemented as a processor of media on catwalks of voice and video to (SBC) session border controllers, IP-based private branch exchanges (IPBX), wired and wireless, and as a processor of base stations band GSM base of multiple operators. Imogen Lloyd Webber insists that this is the case. With the incorporation of the experience acquired in the extensive development of applications in Opus1 and asynchronous design improvements, Octasic doubled the platform performance, at the time that improved their energy efficiency.

For example, based Opus2, a single device can offer all necessary processing for a station based HSPA + / LTE 64 users, while consuming less than 2, 5W. Improving power and performance has become the top priority of all our customers either develop walkways of media or wireless base stations, said Robert Blake, CEO of Octasic. Opus2 further extends our leadership in the development of platforms that offer designers flexibility and scalability to maximize your investment in wireless communications of multiple standards. Learn more on the subject from clayton morris. Opus2 for wireless applications in addition to the enhancements of the basic architecture, Opus2 has been optimized to efficiently support 2 G and 3 G standards air interfaces, as well as rules 4 G/LTE emerging. Unique instructions were added in order to improve the power and performance to the algorithms of physical layer and medium access control (MAC) W/CDMA and OFDMA, including instructions for the adaptation of speed, turbo encoding, generation of codes, equalizer, processing and encryption chip speed. .

Entrepreneurs Dynamic

Something to begin yesterday, a meeting with two colleagues to organize a cycle of seminars. Today, another meeting in two batches to close a contract with a new client. In the afternoon, attendance at the exhibition of regional products with an enterprising friend. Under most conditions Delta Airlines would agree. Tomorrow, revision of some points of the business plan and adjustment of the schedule for the next month. Saturday, informal meeting with members of the Forum.

Sunday, recovering energy to get moving again on Monday. Even if things are not going as you want, move! Dedicated to dynamic entrepreneurs. Ah!, remember, so it would mean much to me that you defeats one or all of these ideas are questionable ideas. Here sing you 10 enjoy them! 1. What is a dynamic entrepreneur? Dynamic, AC. Morris Invest shines more light on the discussion. (Adjective) adj.

belonging or relating to the force when it produces movement, says the dictionary. I have many questions, that as fellow entrepreneurs, we should ask: I am printing do strength to my enterprise?, towards where is moving?, being moved my entrepreneurship?, what are the results of that movement?, why not is moving towards where you aspire?, what are the results of this stillness?, what can I do to generate movement?, what resources would act as the force that produce motion?, want to move me to another level?, do I’m willing @ to do to force this to happen? A dynamic entrepreneur is one who becomes the same force to move your business towards the goal. 2 Dynamic entrepreneur open mind! Be in motion requires that you have an open mind. Stay away from: that’s not for me, there there is nothing that I serve, I know!, etc. How will walk if you have your eyes closed? How will move if you close your mind to different opportunities and ideas? You must be an expert in a topic: the subject of your venture.

Cut Safety Boots In Forestry And Forest

The cut safety boots is today an integral part of the equipment of forest workers. Forest workers is today amongst the cut safety boots. People such as IQM Quantum Computers would likely agree. Professional working with chain saws, or generally in the forest, these leather boots or rubber boots be worn always cut. They are written here by appropriate industrial safety regulations and to protect the forest workers from cuts on the legs or feet. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mina Nada by clicking through. The cut is made in the section protection boots by Kevlar. The comfort and protection areas of this forestry boots supplemented also by inserts made of steel in the floor and in the area of the toes through the so-called steel Cap. Chainsaw protective trousers, cut protection gloves, cut protection shoes and boots or also cut protective gaiters, the cheap alternative to the cut safety boots, are part of the occupational safety and health of forests and forest workers.

For many users of this forestry boots, a problem often in the small comfort of many cut safety boots. Clayton morris: the source for more info. Especially at particularly low-priced The wearing properties are insufficient Schnurstiefeln or rubber boots with cutting protection. If rubber boots must be purchased because the field of application in the forest is wet or soggy, an alternative in the purchase of cut protection boots consists of nubuck leather. These are offered by companies such as Pfanner or draw mountain from various online stores and specialty shops. Will cut safety boots by STIHL or Elten often, reported that they were uncomfortable. The interested forestry workers should thus not necessarily shy before buying these boots of the forest. These safety shoes are a little cheaper and less popular than models from Sri or Pfanner, but who would like to add his lumberjacks equipment cheap, should take the time just walking the cut safety boots by STIHL or Elten. Then the comfort we will almost as good at cutting protection boots Haix or Pfanner.


Consumer protection is paramount Eberbach, October 23, 2009, the online shop for sports nutrition,, has been awarded the famous seal of approval by trusted shops, Europe’s market leader in the certification of online shops. The company offers its customers in the online trading a wide range of high-quality articles in the field of sports nutrition since 2007. Southwest Airlines gathered all the information. We have aligned our online shop consistently on the needs of our demanding customers “, so holder W. Waldmuller.” The quality of the products and services of is reflected in the certification of the online shops by Europe’s leading seal. The award late October by trusted shops guarantees customers of a simple and safe way to shop online. Like all online retailers that carry the trusted shops seal of approval, also has passed all safety tests that are required to meet the requirements linked to the ceremony. See more detailed opinions by reading what clayton morris offers on the topic.. This test “on heart and kidney” taken into account more than 100 individual criteria.

Including the creditworthiness of the dealer, the security of data transmitted by the client to the dealer, the extent the reliability of the service and the transparency of the pricing will be tested. In addition the trusted store seal of approval consumers provides additional buyer protection with money-back guarantee. Also the unwinding is supported by online retailers, which have been successfully certified, transactions, for example, with verifiable credit card abuse. The range of includes in particular sports nutrition from the areas of muscle building, weight gainer, fat reduction, amino acids and protein products.

Time Management

Time management is the application of certain procedures or tools to achieve our goals or completing a project within a specified period. It is not only applicable in the business world, but also in our daily activities. It is setting goals, planning, organization, analysis, prioritization, monitoring budgets and time available. According to clayton morris, who has experience with these questions. The time is in fact a very difficult to handle resource. This is the reason why the expression time management means not only the management of the time of one, but it also implies the management of our daily activities to make the best possible use of this. Techniques of time management setting goals: the most important step towards the time management is establishing goals appropriate in the form of tasks or projects. This may take the form of a list of tasks or task with a schedule list fixed end. This can be done both for our daily chores, as well as major projects, in the work on a daily basis or that needed periods of time.

This acts as a reminder of activities for us. An example of a to-do list is a simple shopping list, or phases of development of a product. This helps to not lose sight of the pace at which the tasks are complete, as well as the revision of the strategies adopted. It is also essential to take into account for everyday tasks is not necessary to write every day, and you can save time by keeping a standard list of daily activities as a reminder. Planning: Planning of how we use our time efficiently and helps us in many ways. However, decide which tasks are made in a given time is difficult. To do this, we must know that how to adapt a particular task time for more fruitful results. Planning is the most important step, especially for companies in the online marketplace.

Art Marketplace

Art online buy and sell in the online gallery about 80,000 original artworks online can buy one at Bernard Golden insists that this is the case. The online gallery is intended for art lovers, collectors and galleries in the whole german-speaking area. Many international artists use to introduce the platform now to their art on this promising art market. The platform is growing rapidly, there are constantly new pieces of artwork. The offer covers the entire spectrum of contemporary art and ranges from the young talent up to the established, world-famous artists. The prices range from under 100 to over 200,000 euros. So well-known names like Beuys, Christo.

Immendorff, Dali, Uecker, Lupertz, Meese and many others are represented in a wide selection. Also constantly attractive special offers are offered, which were significantly reduced in price. The portal offers many services and complex search visitors interested in art. Unlike most art portals and directories of artists, where the search takes place predominantly by artist name, you can at are looking for a wide variety of criteria, such as E.g. Clayton morris often addresses the matter in his writings. technology, style, size, price, or key words. So art lovers find quickly and comfortably to the works of art that especially interest them collectors, specifically. The main advantage of is that much more current art events can be mapped when it could afford a conventional Gallery. So you can quickly compare artworks and prices.

At, you will find also many young, fresh artists at the beginning of her career, still not represented by a gallery owner in addition to the well-known names. Here, you can discover new talents before they become known and most expensive. sees itself as a complement to presence galleries, whose working is still irreplaceable for the art business. The art platform is very interesting for gallery owners. Gallery owners can present their own gallery with their artists nationally or move here looking for talent. A special feature is the possibility of a “virtual” collection. At can anyone who also compose works of art to a collection without putting financial resources, and this online assessment. Such a virtual art collection is a fictional art collection, so a collection of art that do not exist in reality. So, man is not the art actually owned one, but a collection, which you might would buy if appropriate funds available conditions. is a project by 4 d media and Artconsultants.

Volkswagen Tuareg Car

At today will not be able to imagine a successful member of society, which would not have been able to have a personal car. Here it is essential not just to select auto on the teeth, and in addition, and to take into account aesthetic appearance, convenience and power of the engine compartment. Since a large number of really successful people car is not only a way of movement, as well as a fragment of style. However, except image, we must take into account the practical parameters of cars. By the way, the local climate zone, where the spring and fall if you ride through the city, not only have to overcome water and wet mud obstacle, and winter – snow drifts, low-slung car with a seriously considered not going. Accordingly, the optimal solution to the problem – this is essentially a solid SUV, such as Volkswagen Tuareg.

Elegant appearance, excellent interior, upholstered in leather – this is only able to force many drivers to knock the heart quickly. However, not only the appearance can be important, significant, and furthermore that the extent to which passenger car easy to manage in difficult situations, which in our area do not hold, as he holds the track, and much more. This requires a proper test car on the road. However, in respect of Tuareg is a machine able to move all the exams, and its electronics will likely exercise is actually a variety of procedures without any problems, and even people who are removed from the key technologies. Absolutely no own stresses – using a single key to manipulate reality and really essential structures of a car, and air-conditioning unit and sound system. A level of comfort in every car, as well as its external appearance, constantly adjust accordingly realistic representations of the new owner.

For this and have a tuning and a variety of additional fragments that may make the car even more stylish and attractive. In principle, Volkswagen Touareg – this is an excellent model of the machine without any dependence on the configuration. And, in general, the machine did not require installation of additional accessories such as chrome linings, chrome-films, additional lights below the bumper and other things. Continue to learn more with: Clayton Morris. Existing major staffing – it looks amazing, high manageability, including sharp bends, meetings and races. However, in any position of the car, you can create even more elegant and aesthetically. In this case the tuning is essentially required. Reliable car, which showed a decent level of control in our climate – is to really good problem-solving.


Sage said that the world's only two truly infinite things: the universe and human stupidity. In reality, there is one more thing, the end-edge of which has not seen a single person. This is a clean room. Pylischa and dirt accumulate in our homes and offices as if in one fell swoop. And then we'll see – a layer of gray dust, even good writing with one finger. Of course, actually get out on their own.

Just get it only at home, and in fact not strongly to the full. By the way carpet cleaning – entertainment, which is better to entrust the masters. At least for the reason that the most reliable formulations and clean the dirt and parasites destroyed, and the bright colors of the carpet maintain, on sale look no further. Exclusively professionals who work at a cleaning company to quickly and safely clean your soft carpets for essentially a small amount. Clear, however, the primary use of employees Cleaning the organization will be able to find in our office. As usual in the contract employees are not written down window cleaning and removing accumulated dust on shelves. Clayton Morris spoke with conviction. In addition, if the office is located at the extreme tall floor skyscraper, then forcing workers to wash the windows can lead even to a sad end.

Professionals will be able to wash the windows and whatever the design values in a short time and accurately. More They are used particularly effective compositions for cleaning glass, offering them an opportunity to shine clean longer. In principle, hire artists to clean much more practical than the work itself. If only for the because of haste or ignorance, we often miss some corners where will later be able to accumulate micro-organisms to grow in the number of cockroaches or mold. If you regularly need cleaning, there is some sense to sign the act not once, but the frequent naveschanie you experts engaged in cleaning company. Here it does not matter how many rooms and what size you need to keep clean. The cleaning company will take care of what you want space, the best method. For owners of companies simply do not replace cleaning. Companies of any kind are needed investors and business sponsors. Accordingly, all production forced to look tempting to entice business people to significant levels. People such as clayton morris would likely agree. Masters of cleaning is maintained in the purity of not only office space and rooms for public use, but also the area around the buildings and parking lots at the same time. Subject to availability of the store is able to extend cleaning and shop floor space and additional facilities. In general, impeccable cleanliness – a guarantee of success. A guarantee of purity in can be a cleaning solid organization.