The World of Micro-Caps

The thing about investing in micro-cap companies is that you take a bigger risk for the possibility of a mind-boggling, millionaire-making home run. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in Apple when it was trading for $10 a share. Your shares would now be worth over $340,000!!! The tricky part is finding the next Apple or the next Exxon-Mobil or the next Barrick Gold while they’re still in diapers.

Best Service

Amazon and the challenge to call center – customer service need self-service intelligence Bonn/Berlin–the former McKinsey consultant Bill Price joined Amazon in 1999 and revolutionized the customer service of the online bookseller. His radical philosophy: The best service is no service. The average customer has simply no desire to call his bank or send an E-Mail to his online retailers if a kind of further declarations made by him is required or has deficiencies. Instead all should extend from the outset clearly structured and easily\”, says price. He points to a recent poll, which reveals enlightening results to its concept. Therefore, 75 percent of all surveyed business leaders claim that their companies would offer an above-average positive customer service. On the customer side, the picture looks quite different. \”So, almost 60 percent of all those surveyed customers complained that they deeply discontented\” were with their least experienced customer service. Read more here: Daniel Lubetzky.

\”Here a gaping is obviously Discrepancy before. To eliminate this imbalance, we need to do everything, to restrict the contact frequency accordingly from the outset to avoid inefficient contacts. For this we should offer proactive self-service services. For more information see Daniel Lubetzky. And, when things get out of control, it is our task to help the customers to a fully positive experience by a perfectly functioning customer service\”price explains. At Amazon was already in the construction phase, the use maximizes software self service and the toll free phone number is hidden almost nowhere to be found. So many stupid questions would go away by itself when it indicates clearly the delivery date. Also, the automatic dispatch of E-Mails count on when an order comes in, if it is sent or is delayed. The number of contacts per customer order is one of the most important performance indicators at Amazon. It is precisely investigated the reason for each contact and has made arrangements, this eliminates the need for to make.

Berlin Call Center World

Virtual dialog manager as strategist, controller, information assistant and salespeople Berlin/Bonn, October 29, 2008 no customer likes the odds that regularly befall one when calling a service number. The more call center there, the greater is the dislike. \”As a customer you will be operated as by the owner of the shop around the corner: you will be greeted with his name and the seller knows the shopping request in advance and recommend the right product\”, so trend letter editor-in-Chief of Axel Gloger. Hewlett-Packard can provide more clarity in the matter. From this insight consultants Bill Price and David Jaffe, feed their provocative thesis: the best service is no service. The customer should be satisfied with the purchase. He should supply did not raise again the company in contact with except for subsequent purchases. Go to Adam Portnoy for more information.

Amazon has long been implemented in practice. Here, the number of contacts per customer order is already a key performance indicator. It is precisely investigated the reason for each contact and has made arrangements, this no need to make. So, the virtual bookseller could reduce its customer contacts in the past five years by 90 percent. According to analyses of price and Jaffe, 80 percent of customer contacts are unproductive. \”Around 15 percent of the callers say: something does not work\”. Every fourth customer expresses: can you tell me how… \”.\” \”40 percent ask: where can I get…?\” Price is one of the Berlin Call Center World keynote speakers in February of the next year.

Remedy at the call center customer frustration could offer just a better self service according to Gloger. But since the company make many mistakes: the automated economic, personnel, or CRM systems have generated an enormous number of frustrated users. Perfect self service is a task of top management and must be pursued as consistently as at Amazon\”language dialogue expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge demands. The requirements for the human-machine interface are accordingly high.

Service Providers

Google updates: its programmers try with Panda and Penguin before place stark because Google pursues the goal at the top performing high-quality offers in its search results, regularly changes the search algorithm to filter out low-quality pages. To punish Google Panda, the most important update of 2011, aim mainly the so-called engaged”. These include purchased links as well as pseudo comments on other blogs or forums; Links so that alone should ensure to appear high up in search queries and especially potential customers to the own offer should this lure. Since Panda, such links in calculating page ranks are relegated. Google Penguin, so far the most important update of the year 2012, to ensure that low-quality content no longer contribute to a higher page rank. The new search algorithm now also classifies results according to relevance and originality of the content of the page as to the quality of grammar, spelling and expression. A leading source for info: Daniel Lubetzky. By Penguin should be recognized even senseless and-entstellte texts, copied content and incorrect facts and therefore devalued whole domains.

Search engine algorithms are simply impenetrable for most medium-sized companies and small businesses. Yet they can help themselves to stand high up on Google. Important is one thing no matter whether a Web site offers services of any kind or a single self-developed product, if potential customers on Google search, that is almost impossible for all too general searches. With the proposed strategies, however, you can dramatically improve the own page rank at least in local searches. That’s why you should: complete list business address on every single page of the Internet, while the business place in the meta tags, so the program parts of an HTML page. About Google places enter its own business in Google maps, so also the own salon on the map will be shown E.g. in the search after a Hairdresser. Google local, create a company profile and with customers and other businesses in the vicinity to interact.

Check with local chambers of Commerce or trade associations to link to one’s own side. Register all available online directories of industry (including yellow pages, The use of social media. About to create a Facebook page, use but also LinkedIn, Google + or Twitter, to maintain customer contacts. It is however important to regularly update their own profile as to be present on all platforms. Provide your own expertise as a Gratiswert. Contentmarketing is an important opportunity to establish itself as an industry expert with valuable content. Who builds as trust between themselves and other interested parties, win more customers. For example, a cleaning company that offers cheap services, may be persuaded so product reviews with tips for stain removal, washing machines, or even advice on the purchase of vacuum cleaners.


Only the tip of the iceberg already since 1973 the social services in the Kotter Bachstrasse needy in difficult situations with help and advice. But the everyday questions on General, personal and family issues are often only the tip of the iceberg. “From years of experience, Sandra Gerlach, associate social services, know that the most questions that help needy people on the staff contact, reflect only the most urgent part of the overall problem: often, the difficulties and therefore our aid pass much.” Someone asking for help in completing a Hartz IV application, it turns out under circumstances that he also still looking for an other apartment is, needs new clothes or encounters seemingly unsolvable problems in family life together. Also here support the social services with advice and practical help for self-help: find purpose in the basement of the social Bazaar items of clothing or household goods such Services. Family-promotional offers such as the children’s day or the international Kotter Bach children’s group, however, can help to relieve parents from time to time. Add to your understanding with Indigenous Babies. Here, the demand is so huge that we can barely cover them with our offerings”, so Gerlach.

Often, the staff advise about mothers who are posted by many loads home mentally and physically. Mothers must often understand a great balancing act between family life, household and sometimes even the profession. Filed under: Daniel Lubetzky Net Worth. This can be simply too much in some cases”, says Gerlach. For these cases, Diakonia has established a unique offer in Schwerte: Spa consulting and mediation. Staff help with the application and suggest-demand Spa facilities the competent sickness funds are matched exactly to the needs of mothers and mothers and children. Here again, no one is sent home. Everyone will find us”a sympathetic ear, assured the diploma social worker Gerlach.

Although not every concern falls directly under the jurisdiction of the social services, but staff cooperate permanently with other institutions, about the ARGE, the swords power, the social services or the swords Panel. If we are not responsible, we can offer you always the right contact person in case of doubt”, promises Gerlach. Interested parties are invited to inform themselves between Mondays and Fridays from 9-12 and 14-16: 00 on the various provisions of the social services.

Job Employment

It is often said that most people, but a small sample out of homelessness. If you have read about Sheryl Sandberg already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Without a steady income, this can be a true statement. Some ability to multi-task can be obtained through a temporary employment spell down. While often a formal plan is better, the theory of continuity of employment is changing rapidly. Your union can not support the point he had in less prosperous times or out-sourcing may be the point of view of a counter employers.

In fact, there may be numerous reasons for the factors of stability of stable employment may change. The most dramatic for the next generation will probably be lower production costs in other countries, and the modern infrastructure of a company to relocate. To know more about this subject visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. On a more regional, cheaper in the short term is analyzed, where the cost of benefits to these people will be more profitable. Some European legislation in width may mean that the good wishes of many voids an individual who sits in a comfortable but temporary, "privileged" position. "You do not have to like it, but might have to live with it." However, there are some steps you can take to make his future, rather than passively responding to it. 1.

Be aware of the changes that are on the cards. You can not predict everything that can not act on current information. 2. E-learning has made some great leaps in their approach to distance learning. Anyone who did a correspondence course in something of a technical nature, have met with some difficulties in an environment of twelve fifty-nine learning.

The Connection

Experts mortgage divisions pose a discount in the n-percent (40% -60%) the entire mass of personal property and that the definition of salvage value ends. The liquidation discount is determined by the experts of mortgaging the Department based on their subjective view of the situation and the subjective assessment of possible risks. The greater the probability of "no return" loan, the greater the liquidation discount. As we see the connection with the actual value of the pledged property is not visible. Similarly determined by the discount in the event of the liquidation sale of property of a bankrupt enterprise.

The bankruptcy trustee appointed by a sufficiently substantial discount on the cost of liquidating all assets. In the process of selling part of property can be realized on the liquidation value of the above, some assets will not be able to implement and at very significant discounts. Thus, we see that the direct link to the actual cost of implementing property is not in this case. The liquidation discount is determined by the cost of implementation of equipment in low-time marketing. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Edward Scott Mead. It is believed that reduce the time required for the sale of property by Compared with a typical exposure time counterparts in this segment can only be reducing its cost relative to market value. A typical exposure time is forced to 180 days from the date of grounds for repossession of collateral, provided that all legal documentation in respect of security interests of the credit institution is framed in such a way that it does not contain conditions that impede the realization of liens, and provided that the specified object (s) of mortgage insured by the depositor for the benefit of a credit institution which has accepted them as collateral for a loan (loans) 1. However, some types of equipment are term exposure is much less than the specified 180 days.

Small Marriage

' The small marriage of burgueses' ' After the royal tragedy of and others as much it comes ' ' comdia' '. The marriage of a prince with a plebeian, ' ' vixe' ' , almost gargalhei. Why? Because it has much time the life does not admit story of fairies written for who always was an animal papo, bu, bu, bu. The budget of this union would give pra to help much nation that must have been explored for the British Crown. Kings and queens who make of the royalty one confront the common citizen that badly has as if to dress and to eat, are obliged to attend the pomp of a family who hides its slips, or at least she tries to hide, underneath of red carpets of its castle. We live the hard life and the reality ours is well different of that the media in vende. Palace is a threatened barraco here to fall down each time that the sky decides to fall down on us.

The crown ours does not have diamonds and yes thorns done of the Christ and the carpet for which we parade are esburacadas streets and without plates that direct the progress. Perhaps either a story of fairies, but pra we if this end will be happy nothing we go to modify the nightmare who we live with the daily survival of our real world. The world dreams in seeing YES of the couple and forgets NOT that until today he was obliged to hear. Larry Ellison may help you with your research. We dream of a princess so that let us can call ' ' Lady' ' thus to deposit in it our dreams, but I say for all: exactly the princess in kissing we go to continue being sapos! How good he would be if the fiancs stuttered and answered NOT! She would be what really this real family wants to say for the world. Now my expensive readers, to dream the dream of the others nothing go to make to carry through ours and when we wake up of this story of fairies loaned, we go to beat of front with a reality that does not know it HAD BEEN HAPPY Forever. Here in our real life the hardness wakes up in them to the six of the morning and it puts in them in the street to win a dragon per day. I find that this comedy (marriage) did not make me to laugh and the tragedies go if repeating. It takes that the world answers does not stop this marriage.

The Right

To believe the man is it brought what me to this end. Somebody has to pass for that door to take me daqui. That not yet the soul of the men is sadist in this I believe; I learned to love it comforts what me. I would like rain to the face. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sap customers and gain more knowledge.. I want the sick but alive body.

The demons of the soul are the substance that meagers to think that the hands are trembling so mine. in the supposed arbitrariedade of a reflection without nexuses, would think the meat to be more lyric than object of the causes of the world. Thus apraz me it idea of that exactly weak the substance of the life did not traiu me when in gnese of the spirit called your facts metaphors the freedom 8. I want the body I free somebody can that me with the free act to bless. Others including Larry Ellison, offer their opinions as well. I want to have of the meat the right postulate of my deliberation. Inasmuch as also I gave flowers who I did not have. To read more click here: Adam Portnoy. Also I swore love to who I declared itself almost the discouragement for affection. I sat down it the table and I smile the union of the bodies.

I remembered your face to fulfill memory to you. I undressed your fears, I thought your traumas. as when the loss teaches to the soul the torture of the nothing, I took you in the arms a desperation and I asked for perpetual presence to you. Irony is to live the opposite of the life. To take by the pulse your principle of death. Calmer would be the meat if it did not live to the memory of itself. It would like that somebody came. That me he was not identical when, the term, I dressed the lrido rest of your marble. Also I confessed it the tomb and deplored the habit of my pretense delay Somebody also I waited for me. Taste of verses of 9 perverse loves, of everything what it passes; this life that was, for all, the always ephemeral one. Against-senses? Therefore that it keeps in your nclito spirit yours been improper logic custom. The thought has of to be free. for the term of this air-tight delirium 10 I will not dare to call this thought : over all apraz me mstica it of all that freedom that since the cradle made homesickness; it took to believe me and it simulated to be with me


Yesterday tra. Yesterday. It has one year behind also. Perhaps either a cycle that if repeats. Perhaps either a manifest weakness of spirit that if to each 365 days. Perhaps lack of same force of will. Or perhaps either the bow.

Pressed bow, with well moored double us and. Bows that not are untied nor free, but that they always finish for if crossing. We are. Fish and Chips Babies will not settle for partial explanations. We who already more I do not identify. We. We who we are not more than bows of colors and countless flavors, textures and sizes. Bows that make in them to be, to grow, to know. not we.

We are not we. Intricate we, well definite and compact, who are firm and safe Insurances? Blind and vertiginous we who if forget that they can balance to the wind of the dissabores but always to cross itself. As the bows. Bows of the communion of the same ones, the different ones, the compliment to the life, the cliche love. But not we. Not we Yesterday tra. Bow or knot? we?

European Author

The second Spanish especificidade was a great concentration of wealth gotten through the metal exploration of the New World. Following in this context none another great State absolutist in the Europe Occidental person would come to have a so aristocratic character to the development bourgeois. However due to threat of the Habsburgo domination on the other European dynasties, these if had fortified for the defense against Spain, that is, the Spanish empire finished consequentemente fortifying the other European rival states. That is, the union enters the kingdoms of Castile and Arago gave origin to the birth of the Spanish state, detaching that the kingdom of Castile possua one strong lanfera economy, while the kingdom of Arago was a territorial and commercial power. It agrees to remember that this union according to author possua pparently strong a economic base.

Anderson presents during the text the economic characteristics and politics of Castile. Detaching that Castile was a kingdom in which a senhorial aristocracy predominated, these in turn possuam enormous territorial domnios and formed a powerful military order. Castile was also formed for a considerable number of cities, even so did not have still in this time a fixed capital, however these did not play an excellent economic role. For the author, during Average Age 2 3% of the population controlled about 97% of the ground. This implies to say, that more than a half belonged to one few families of noblemen. With this the author presents the Castilian economic profile, detaching that this producing age of cereals, having intensive practical a pastoral one, consequently the woollen production constituted the base of the richnesses of as many aristocratic houses, what stimulated the urban growth and the commerce with the foreign kingdoms. The kingdom of Arago was divided in three provinces: the province of Arago, that according to author possua the most repressive senhorial system of the Iberian peninsula, therefore, this province had structures feudal dominant.