The World of Micro-Caps

The thing about investing in micro-cap companies is that you take a bigger risk for the possibility of a mind-boggling, millionaire-making home run. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in Apple when it was trading for $10 a share. Your shares would now be worth over $340,000!!! The tricky part is finding the next Apple or the next Exxon-Mobil or the next Barrick Gold while they’re still in diapers.

Cold Periods – Tough Times For The Skin

Ice cold about Germany. ‘Dieter’ brings up currently Siberian cold of about minus 20 degrees and let us collectively jitter. Ice cold about Germany. “High Dieter” currently Siberian cold is from about minus 20 degrees and let us collectively jitter. And the next cold wave appears already on the way. Time to make – even our skin not only on warm clothing needs attention now. Icy times are always stressful times for our skin. You may wish to learn more. If so, Oracle is the place to go.

In freezing temperatures, the circulation deteriorated significantly. Also add dry heating air and frequent temperature changes of the skin. Just the facial skin is particularly exposure to the environmental influences this. You returns the favor with dryness, redness and itching. The body’s protective mechanism of the skin doesn’t work, because the production of sebum from 8 degrees below zero – set out for the skin’s natural protective film. It is therefore particularly important to maintain the skin especially in winter and with plenty of moisture provide. Moisturizing creams are a good beginning, work only in the uppermost layer of the skin – the effect is dissipated quickly. But how can you provide deeper and much longer lasting skin with moisture? Hyaluronic acid is the key she can bind large amounts of water and improve the skin’s moisture content. Additional information at Jeffrey Leiden supports this article.

Hyaluronic acid is as a material for the anti-wrinkle treatment known to many; in a liquid version, it can however still much more: facial skin over a large area provide moisture, and thus mitigate the effects of the cold. High quality skincare products that makes the difference. combined with the depth of Hyaluroninjektionen”says Dr. Stephan Gunther. As medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery practice on the Konigsallee Dusseldorf he focuses on possibilities for skin improvement and rejuvenation ( He uses hyaluronic acid for the treatment of facial wrinkles, such frosty years Temperatures but strengthened to protect or to cold-damaged skin regeneration. Of – happy patients, and so, the cold days of winter can be survive with a well-maintained, awash from moisture skin. More information: Aesthetix Dusseldorf GmbH Dr. med. Stephan Gunther medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery King Ahornallee 24 40212 Dusseldorf Tel 0800 68 33 444 E-Mail Internet the Aesthetix Dusseldorf GmbH headed by Dr. med. Stephan Gunther has specializes in aesthetic surgery, which are rarely offered by many plastic and cosmetic surgeons. These include breast augmentations through the armpit and corrections in the female genital area when their introduction nationwide repeatedly placing Aesthetix Dusseldorf standards. Innovative techniques belong to the fat removal (liposuction, Laserlipolyse) as well as modern, non-surgical wrinkle treatments for beautiful skin. For more information, the free Info phone number: 0800 68 33 444 or on the Internet at.

Madhumallika Shiatsu

Create public feedback of a student to the Madhumallika Shiatsu links classical orthodox medicine with the knowledge of TCM institutions after my schooling at the worms physiotherapist and massage therapist school I went in my trainee period in 1991. My goal was to work, so that I may obtain the title of medical life guard in a health clinic. In the health clinic in bad Rothenfelde, an orthopedic clinic, I could really apply my whole knowledge from school. We had many departments that we went through constantly changing and thus remained the work more varied and has a lot of fun. Sobering, I experienced my field of activity, when I ended up in a small practice in Darmstadt. For assistance, try visiting Brad Garlinghouse. There, my work is limited to massage therapy in combination with red light or with mud.

Sometimes even an underwater massage has been prescribed, but I had very little room for manoeuvre, which concerned the individual applications. (As opposed to Bernard Golden). We had 12 minutes time per patient and we hasteten from cabin to cabin, that was not my understanding of treatment a people. So I decided to pull me out of this system, to make first of all other, lighter experience. I met people who gave me another, brand new for me massages and was equally enthusiastic. Soon approached the time that I looked around after a school of Shiatsu. Robert Gibbins has firm opinions on the matter. Get to know first the work of the people in this special way I did school in Dusseldorf with a few day courses of Madhumallika Shiatsu, and then was quickly clear to me that I wanted to learn much more about this massage.

This time I should get soon, to a complete training in the training facility perky the Madhumallika school to attend West region. in 2003 I passed the examination and could henceforth combine acupressure and the Madhumallika Shiatsu techniques with my knowledge of Orthodox. In the meantime I practitioner and masseuse in my small practice eight years as Madhumallika Shiatsu. Increasingly, I have the feeling that my work is perfect. I have participated in many additional seminars already and the course of each day or each Seminar brought together new puzzle pieces. We collect knowledge and we can also implement it in the own massage is immediately a new wind “in applications to feel. And especially is constantly aware that continuing the learning process will never end. However, we remain vital, mentally agile as well, dealing again with ourselves and the people entrusted to us. To give Shiatsu keeps me young and to get Madhumallika Shiatsu keeps me young. The Exchange with my colleagues is important to me and the good contact among us is important to me that we should nourish the Earth together with our capabilities and our knowledge.

The Misstep And Other Stories

Stories about unusual relationships in the 21st century of reading experience of a special kind: the entire multiplication table of modern relationships is reflected in the narratives of Frederik D. Tunnats. Continue to learn more with: Rick Garcia CBS. Ranging from the disappointment of the encounter with a childhood sweetheart 20 years later up to the desperate hunt for a relationship in the urban jungle; the failure of a marriage as an open relationship, can be found in the stories vividly told. A cross section of the narrative work of Frederik D. Tunnats. Early as new stories are combined: Regina – Yes tjebja lublu – loves – Toledo.

All novels deal with relationships, relationship problems, love, frustrated love, separation, pain, anger, despair. With different narrative techniques is the desperate search for a single woman to partnership and love, their lust for sex, as well as their internal crash (Regina); the encounter between two lovers of youth 20 years after the end of their love with all the confusions related injuries (Yes) tjebja lublu); the two-time fraud of a young father and husband as well as the concomitant mental damage of his wife (the misstep); as well as the complicated relationship of a modern relationship in the 21st century (Toledo) with all its trials and tribulations realistic and vividly portrayed. In his stories, Frederik D. Tunnat alludes to great Narrator, where he plays in different ways with linguistic style and storytelling. Worth a read, well written, with characters from real life. Available as an eBook. Soon as a paperback. F.v.Rosdorf

Thomas Scholtyssek

The oculus-Verlag launches new program area. He engaged in the subject psychology & life management. Larry Ellison may also support this cause. The renowned author Thomas Scholtyssek, mid-40s, has no extraordinary relationship with the subject of death. On the contrary, he has engaged in far more alive. You may want to visit Jeffrey Leiden to increase your knowledge. A good friend, this virtually changed from one to the other day. Relatively quickly, he finds to his own surprise that very often have occurred in his life to some thrilling encounters with the topic of death. The author highlights, different approaches to issues such as “What comes after death, dying, grief, consolation, and many other related topics.” The whole thing quite easy, exciting, casual, personally accountable and unusually. The book “Encounters – Hello Mr. death God” can offer help and advice for persons directly or indirectly concerned, through targeted questions to stimulate thinking, and highlight any fear of contact with the death as unfounded. The message is clear: the Life is not infinite, but the death means not automatically, just as many people feared the ultimate end. It is after “roller coaster to the first milk tooth: father be – my adventure with a happy ending” (Sankt Ulrich Verlag), as well as the publication “Milk teeth the second – now I speak” (Verlag Monika Fuchs) scheduled for March 3rd work of Thomas Scholtyssek.

In Wad

Her look is back in the good old days. The uncertainty of the future scares them. Because with the future that is such a thing: she has the unpleasant property to let us through their course in the dark. Since all unknown may involve a danger to life and limb, comes concern about it quickly to the fore and is mostly still overrated. Learn more at: Gary Kelly. Check so quiet even by simple tally: how often we’re talking about what does not work? And how much really goes wrong? How many customers are really difficult? How much better is the competition for effective? Or does it perhaps only the employees with the better setting? Angel advocate needed who many Yes-butter’ (Yes, but Sager) has in his team, initially let the why notter’ (why actually not Sager) Act. You get in a meeting as so-called Angel advocates ‘ always the first word. Learn more at this site: Robert Gibbins. You support an idea, find the good in it first and give her a chance of survival. Now two in the room for at least once, and contrarians get so much-needed backing.

The boss should the evolving discussion quietly a while let his power word ‘ didn’t stop the creative process. In Wad meetings ‘it needs, but a devil advocate’, the all too willing consent critically questioned. Consensus decisions are not always the best, because it Tames even the most courageous idea and creates a maximum of all world solutions. However, mediocrity is threatened by extinction. Because nobody wants to buy still mediocre.

By the way, the function of the Engels – or Devils advocates by meeting attendees in the Exchange may be exercised. So everyone learns per and Contra to play, so even putting on the brakes and to be drivers. Interesting ideas from meetings and creative workshops set up an idea Bank, impulses from complaints, suggestions matching of employee and customer surveys, impulses from the media, the Web, fairs and trend reports, as well as any suggestions for improvement belong in a central idea Bank, even if there’s just no use.

Is The Farsightedness Treated?

Farsightedness is sooner or later almost everyone farsightedness (presbyopia) arises from the fact that the natural eye lens in the course of the life loses its flexibility. This allows the eye which is similar to works such as an auto focus, not more keenly to a closer distances. Additional information is available at Verizon Communications. There are often affected, as the arm is too short”, they need reading glasses so hot to see distances of under one metre. This is usually around the age of 45 around noticeable and progresses in the following years. Recover really you can’t do this complete flexibility. Connect with other leaders such as Jeff Leiden here. There are however various approaches, to treat the farsightedness”.

Many of these work currently but still not so convincing that they could recommend the smile eyes doctors clinics. There are two methods, which have proven themselves in the past and offered in the eyes of the smile clinics for presbyopia correction: the so-called Monovision and implantation a multifocal intraocular lens. The Mono vision involves a laser technique. During the Mono vision is”the dominant eye, the so-called Guide eye, perfectly set for the distance and the other eye on the close. The setting of the guiding eye on the distance is important to prevent the feeling of space and the motor skills. With the result it copes very well in everyday life, you can get about 80 percent of the day unaided.

The brain adapts to each in these cases to the object, which the viewer fixes at the moment. Only when longer reading, reading in low light or to read philosophy reading glasses is still required. The second approach is the multifocal intraocular lens after smile eyes experience. This artificial lens splits the light into a Gazzard (for watching in the distance) and a close point (for watching nearby). With this lens, it is possible to read without glasses, as well as to look into the distance the patient.

Non-smoker Protection

Many restaurant operators have still with the various non-smoking protection laws to fight through the use of proper ashtrays. Often be either annoyed the smoking guests with bad solutions, or tortured non-smokers with unreasonable smoke. (Source: Gary Kelly). There are certainly various approaches to this challenge. Standing ashtray and Wandascher exterior are a possibility. You position these products in a covered environment with a heating mushroom and a table, so the smoking guest with the short stay in the open air will have fewer problems, than in a less well-thought-out solution with flower pots under the open sky. Hear from experts in the field like Jeff Leiden for a more varied view.

Ascher in the outdoor area can be analysed as a meaningful implementation of the statutory protection of non-smokers. The variants available in the market are characterized often by a clean empty, beautiful design and easy installation to wall and floor. This pleased the cleaning power, as well as the smoking guests. Distinguished himself above all standing ashtray and Wall mounted cigarette bin. For more specific information, check out Jeff Leiden. Depending on the type, the ashtray be theft-proof attached to the outer wall of the restaurant or stored after Zapfenstreich with billboards in the restaurant. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

However both versions have in common, that the floor before a restaurant or a hotel has been treated with fewer cigarette butts and therefore have significantly less often swinging the broom. Advantages of Wanda SAH are anti-theft mounting on the wall of the houses. These can in addition be supplemented by good plugs in the compartment hardware store. Some wall mounted cigarette bin designs are also very narrow. Integrating them is usually well into the overall environment. Disadvantage of this solution is the possibly needed approval from the landlord. This is in some cases obtaining. If this is not a problem, the Wandascher scenario is a suitable means to get smokers to non-smokers-friendly legislation. The standing ashtray are intended for permanent mounting on a base plate, depending on the version, or as portable device available. The portable versions have the advantage that no permits are needed for this by the landlord. At the same time, the stand devices have a higher volume, allowing the draining must be carried out not quite as often. Disadvantages are the missing theft safety during opening hours. While this is more likely to neglect. In addition to these specific advantages and disadvantages, you also should pay attention to the material and the workmanship. The material, a stainless steel should be selected depending on the environment. This proved the most in practice. In the covered outdoor area, also an ashtray in beautiful colors can help to bind the attention of smokers themselves. So to increase the frequency of use and non-smokers can breathe again in the restaurant. TKG GmbH, Mrs Daniela Kunze

Euromicron Werkzeuge GmbH

Also increased environmental demand innovations. Requiring forces to reducing carbon dioxide emissions to save weight”the automaker, continued Adler. For the mechatronic components, this means that the heavy copper must be substituted by light metal or metallized plastics. BerlinRosen has similar goals. For this purpose were examined in the course of a BMBF joint venture of the companies Tyco, contact layers using vapor deposition (PVD) electrically conductive Harting, multi-test and KME for the first time. Further attempts to improve the reproducibility of the results are but necessary. High-resolution computed tomography as a tool in the error analysis is that a typical drawback of connectivity that housing, insulation materials “and shed parts of contacts from outside quality control” greatly complicate or make impossible. When these requirements has clear advantages”high-resolution computed tomography, explains Frank Sieker of in Wunstorf-based GE sensing & inspection technologies GmbH.

Without touching the component, the process deliver simultaneously fast and accurate information about the external and internal structure of even the most complex components. In contrast to mechanical sanding, which allow only the views in a single cutting plane and destroy the object here, hundred cuts in any direction can be produced with the help of computer tomography with a mouse click. The advantages of this procedure are convincing. It can be faster than ever deviations from the norm”, explains Frank. This could promptly optimize production processes. Dr. Jurgen Nehler reported on an innovative plug connector solution for all fibre optic networks of the Euromicron Werkzeuge GmbH in Mittenaar. The company specialized in optical fiber (optical fiber) connectivity has developed with the EM-RJ optical connector series for the LAN area and use in industrial applications a very space-saving new generation.

Company according to innovation opens up new market opportunities fiber optic connectors, because it saves the network installation of clear space and provides for more clarity. Drum check who forever binds. This also applies to connection technology. In this context, the question arises according to the reliability of optical connectors. “Only drawback: there are still no accepted models of reliability”, grants Aleksandar Opacic by the Huber + Suhner AG, Herisau (Switzerland). Therefore solutions should be proposed, cause a rough statement of reliability in a roundabout way. On the basis of standardized types examined reliability statements in terms of plausibility and consistency with the known failure mechanisms. Rolf Fawaz


SYNCING.NET is a current partner of the CeBIT 2009 Heilbronn, 19th February 2009 – with Microsoft Outlook all started: SYNCING.NET company founded in 2006, the eponymous software first and foremost was a welcome addition to the most popular personal information manager (PIM) of the world Outlook. Because the user can keep Inbox, calendar or contacts his Outlook folders on multiple computers up to date with SYNCING.NET. The user needs for your own server, but the data exchange between several computers is done directly between PCs over the Internet. This makes SYNCING.NET an as uncomplicated as cost-efficient solution for home users who use multiple computers or laptops in their households, as well as for small and medium-sized offices. But SYNCING.NET keeps up-to-date not only Outlook data, but can synchronize other file folders. Who regularly wants to Exchange photos, music or videos with friends or family, simply establishes with SYNCING.NET a corresponding file sharing network.

After the synchronization runs fully automatically in the background, without that the user must intervene. As a novelty, SYNCING.NET at CeBIT 2009 presents your own backup solution for Outlook and further completes its range of products. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. Users can create not only backup copies of email folders also calendar, contacts and personal Outlook settings, such as account data and junk-mail filter list are saved and can be restored in an emergency. CeBIT takes place this year from Tuesday, March 03, until Sunday, the 8th of March. Microsoft with its partner companies exhibiting in Hall 4 on the eastern part of the fairgrounds. SYNCING.NET is to find booth A26.

Matthias Kandeler, Managing Director of syncing.NET, of the CeBIT 2009 looks forward with anticipation: we look forward to the exhibition and are proud to be a partner at Microsoft’s booth. For us, this is exactly the right place, our solution to present to us with Users to share. Who deal with Outlook works and news from Microsoft would like to learn about, which should definitely get to know also SYNCING.NET and try.” About SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH, the SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Berlin. The company develops and markets software for efficient data exchange in teams. The unique synchronization technology offers significant performance benefits and savings compared to conventional solutions. Official site: Verizon. Press contact SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH Matthias Kandeler Weipertstr. 8-10 74076 Heilbronn 07131 / 766 96 80 press Xpand21 GbR Michael Hardy Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg 040 / 325 09 17 14

Germanspeaking Countries Available

The chemmedia AG offers SharePoint LMS now in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland at Chemnitz, 06.08.2008 – offers the chemmedia AG, the leading provider of complete solutions for the processing and distribution of knowledge, from immediately learning management software to SharePoint LMS. The learning management system extends Microsoft SharePoint to modern E-learning functionalities and supports the provision and evaluation of E-learning activities in companies and organizations. The E-learning extension can be incorporated into existing Microsoft SharePoint systems without extra effort. This SharePoint LMS is in the acquisition significantly cheaper than comparable functionally complete systems, and no complicated interfaces eliminating the purchase of additional hardware and software to other system must be developed. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit BerlinRosen. A free product demonstration can be obtained from. Read more here: Verizon. SharePoint LMS extends SharePoint by providing online learning in a learning catalog, the booking of participants and Assigning content to a learner groups. Still, online tests can be created, carried out and evaluated. The communication between the participants and the trainers will be through discussion boards, chats and virtual conference rooms.

An integrated reporting system graphically processed the status of learning activities. SharePoint LMS also meets the industry standards with regard to compatibility with interchangeable electronic content (such as SCORM 1.2 and 2004). Active learning and knowledge sharing can be thus facilitated in different contexts. Program or live demonstrations of SharePoint LMS can be requested directly at the chemmedia AG. Marcel Hartwig Presseverantwortlicher chemmedia AG