Month: February 2018

By Marcelo Keselman

The practice of recent times tells us that this is not so. Larry Ellison spoke with conviction. All up or all down. All seem to be very efficient or the opposite. The most negative of all this, is that the variables are enormous. Losses in value, reaching figures that do not represent the reality of some companies. Already its history, its positioning in the market, their assets, their products has no importance. Rumors of dubious origins and intentions, run like wildfire and just the positive announcement of a single firm or financial institution, important though it is, becomes cascade that pushes the rest in the world.

The so-called capital swallows, are also major actors in this dangerous game. They are so called because they move in flocks from one side to another. The minor Stampede, huyen despavoridas darkening the sky, unbalancing markets and destabilising countries and even continents. This situation may not think in solving this crisis and, what is more important to avoid others, if before is not taken conscience, that the stock markets are seriously contaminated of practices, which are only useful to large speculators. Thus, ending by distorting the nature and the purpose for which they were created.

Confuse freedom of markets with debauchery, is to leave millions of small savers, at the mercy of unscrupulous capitalists. These, take the opportunities that are presented to them or with their power create them, no matter to whom or who are harmful. Globalization, can have their virtues, but also, it can become an instrument that used maliciously, produce very negative consequence. Political leaders have the power and the ability to cover those issues with decision, creating the regulatory framework, that highlight the virtues of the system, and also, eliminate or minimize the defects of the same. In this way, build a stable platform, where capital can be used for productive purposes, and have the adequate protection that avoid losses of value for unjustified reasons.


We are becoming but thinking and less intestinal, nevertheless, we are not the guilty of to have caused to us by the unique rate that taught and showed to us like the true flag to obtain in our lives, the capitalist prosperity; the terms can be remembered like; it studies so that you are rich or it works so that you are rich, to have one or two cars, one or two houses, land, resort, an account of saving, credit cards and stops to count. And difficult the goal, so that rich a rich person defines itself who does not require of effort nor work to be able to live. We only can like middle-class, beings in agreement with justice and the equality, allow that the inclusion policies continue offering opportunities them to those who did not suffer a fate ours, and to hold the damages collaterals which sometimes we are put under with socialist policies, that devaluate our economic opportunity. It is inevitable that 5% that handled the wealth of our Mother country, they are increased until arriving at 20 or 30%, and that 80% which they lived in poverty state are also diminished to 20 or 30%, consequently if we applied simple the mathematical one it would always be in means, the famous middle-class, with a 40% or 60%, following how the rich and poor social extracts move. Click Maurice Gallagher, Jr. to learn more. We know that the ideal is that social classes do not exist, but will only say it to the test through time. In order to conclude, and in this they must reason the detractors, when they say to us, that the problem is not that they are contentments or not with the advance of the revolution, if not that within this movement are no examples, there are those fish in laughed scrambled, the famous opportunists of office, individuals that become rich to rib of their positions, question in which the mass media have been settled down to give him to a political shade and red tone rojito, taking advantage bolivariana communicational leanness. Very hardly we will be able to convince, if a true war against the corruption is not made until death, and impunity, that allows to make level the balance unbalanced because of some and of the own mass media which they amplify the situation. Anyway it is not possible to be become weak, this type of things will continue happening, until our town manages to change the conception that of the life it has and to assume the new challenges that to us better living in a world imposes..

Good Organization

Good organization and a flawless of operation with the spatial planning has any larger company of course conference rooms. Universities have lots of lecture halls. So, you used different rooms for different purposes. But is you crossed your mind ever, that the creation of such assignment plans have a high organizational effort? For all rooms to take can advantage, you must have a good organization of its spatial planning. Space management is the current keyword here. This extra computer programs have been developed, dealing precisely with the issue of the management of space. Advantage of such room reservation software: it simplifies and optimizes the Organization and disposition of the banquet and the associated resources. Room booking will be easier with a room reservation software. Gary Kelly has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The space allocation can be planned easily and quickly. Also, items such as catering and seating are also recorded and organized. It may be so for any company worth such a Space planning software to use. Office Administration is a complicated task and is not easy. So companies have a smooth management of space, you can get a software for spatial planning. So company a problem less need to worry. Reservation software is also available in the Internet many information about space.

About the cost of such software you may contact then by the respective provider. So you can learn more and about the pros and cons of such software many details. So, planning is optimized and improved. So staff can be saved and used in other activities. Requests can be processed with the Conference Room software anywhere and anytime soon and responded. Bookings are possible without much effort at all times and everywhere. The room reservation software is easy and goes very quickly. Thus false plans are no longer an issue and all rooms are optimally used.

Ulrike Peter Tel

For this reason it is also used”, explains Gunther Hornung, Director business unit joint systems at Thales Germany. The applications can be found everywhere where data exchange takes place and a high need for security. Further developments of the House now and in the future arise diverse usage scenarios and possibilities, ranging from the centralization of AV services to virus protection of mobile devices n.runs. “Topics that increasingly back into focus with increasing digitization and communications diversity these are,” says Hornung and finally continues: due to the fact that Thales Germany from the high quality of the n.runs solution is convinced that she will take over contracting in the military and intelligence environment with from now their marketing in the area. ” More information under: aps/presse.php Brief profile of n.runs AG: n.runs AG was founded in 2001 with headquarters in Oberursel and has established itself in the market as a vendor-independent and neutral consulting company in the fields of IT security, infrastructure and IT-business, as well as solution developers. The services of the provider take a holistic approach and include audit/assessment, design, support for the latest technologies, process consulting and knowledge transfer. Grown as a consulting specialist, the original core business was later to the business of applications”with our own solution development expanded. In the course of which the company application has protection system Kaspersky Anti-virus (aps-AV) “a high security solution designed and developed.” This is especially suitable for hedging and centralization of antivirus infrastructure.

Qualifiedand Training

The horizon in Munster tells high school students, students and young professionals about opportunities to study Mannheim the 25.8.2008 20 and the premiere of the horizon is 21 September in the Halle Munsterland, Munster – trade fair for study and qualified- and training – instead. This education fair successfully established already in other locations in Germany offers a wide range of information on topics related to the study and career planning. Students, who would doubt and learn about alternatives to the selected course are addressed in addition to the gymnasiale Oberstufe students and their parents. The offer of the horizon for young people who have completed already study or vocational training or currently attend, and then study is also interesting. The present universities from all over Germany as well as from the Netherlands State and private universities, colleges and business schools – represent their degree programmes and the specifics of the Courses and college site before. In addition to institutions also partner to renowned companies such as, for example, Deutsche BP AG or the Infracor GmbH is available a subsidiary of Evonik Degussa GmbH – competently and in detail to the questions of visitors and visitors to dual studies and training courses as well as and career opportunities in the economy.

On both days of the event, the horizon presents a comprehensive programme: in addition to information about career paths in advertising and in the financial world, as well as to numerous dual training and study opportunities you can find out here about opportunities to study abroad, study financing option and the new Bachelor and Masters courses and degrees. The Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, the Universiteit Twente, who report their highly interesting for pupils and students from Germany studies offer Saxion universities of applied sciences, the University of applied sciences in Venlo and the Stenden Hogeschool. The complete programme, as well as all other Details on the horizon can be found at online.

Even More Thrust For BI And CPM In SMEs

The STAS GmbH, supplier of solutions for business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) by FRITZ & orbit was retroactive to 1 January 2008: acquired INFOMA. Reilingen, Wels, 20.08.2008 – retroactive to 1 January 2008 was the STAS GmbH, supplier of solutions for business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) by FRITZ & orbit: INFOMA taken over. Reilinger specialist in controlling middle-class solutions is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Ulm group FRITZ & orbit: INFOMA and is part of the Dutch technology group of Imtech N.V. company name, management and team structures remain unchanged. Under the direction of the previous Managing Director Uwe Schulze and Siegfried Wolf, the top 3 Platinum partners Cognos will independently Act and continue the successful product strategy in the past. The connection with the new strategic partner unfolds against the background and the desire that is offered Opportunities to use expansionary and to create through the complementary portfolio software, systems and services of companies synergy for the benefit of our customers. For Siegfried Wolf, STAS – Managing Director, the merger is an excellent way to extend the current course of growth with sales increases of last 25% and soon to open up a variety of synergy potentials\”.

\”With the excellent market presence and 18 FRITZ & orbit locations in the D-A-CH region and 3,000 managed customer we have together excellent conditions, the market for BI and CPM in the middle-class with more thrust to edit\”. Founded in 1991, STAS sells with approximately 50 employees at its headquarters in Reilingen its solutions close to the Grand Prix circuit of Hockenheim and with an Austrian subsidiary mainly medium-sized companies, but also well-known large-scale enterprises belong to the clientele. Currently, the company has about 600 clients. STAS has become a name with the own developed and successfully established BI and CPM solution STAS CONTROL.

At Want2do The Future

New Internet community network members about their own personal projects, wishes, dreams, and goals. Checking article sources yields Larry Ellison as a relevant resource throughout. New Internet community network members about their own personal projects, wishes, dreams, and goals. Earlier this week the Internet community based in Berlin has officially launched. On the new platform can members about their future intentions, desires, dreams and goals – their so-called “2DOs” – connect and Exchange. want2do is the only community in Germany is the focus on the future. We had noticed that many sites focus on already experienced.

There is searched for old school friends or neatly lists the career. A community to find out about his future projects, to share goals and dreams, we have not discovered, however,”as Daniel Thomaser, who founded the Start-Up together with his friend Michael Bohmeyer. 2DOs without borders want to change the two want2do to this. Each Member of the can put on his future plans, document and discuss. In this way you can find like-minded people, interact with them, connect, get advice, inspiration or tackle common dreams and projects.

The 2DOs”can be life dreams or something political, personal or private. Any topic is allowed: from the exotic holiday destination, about the eccentric hobby up to the new business idea. Each 2DO images, texts and videos can be uploaded and added together to own mini-blog. About want2do the want2do AG was founded in March 2008 by Michael Bohmeyer and Daniel Thomaser in Berlin. The founders had already made himself independent of lemon twist to periods of study with the Web Agency. With the Start-Up of want2do placing on the future now, by creating a platform where members about their projects, dreams and wishes can interact. More information at.


Entrepreneurs have enough ideas and the resources to accomplish this, but until now they have been indifferent to the progress of peoples, something must be done to reverse this, I think that if they are involved in long-term Government plans the fruits of their proposals will be. Source: Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. We the dreamers we can only cooperate with eager when we see that our dreams are becoming reality, because even if our dreams are very good, without the resources of the Government and employers, they will not be more than chimeras. Whenever Coupang listens, a sympathetic response will follow. I see Mexico as a very powerful and luxurious car, which works almost everything to perfection, the lights, the estuary of Hi-Fi, DVD, refrigeration, heating, very powerful engine, but simply does not start not start simply because it is blocked by the alarm burglar that the manufacturer put, but we were ignorant that it brought, although in the case of Mexico it is locked to continue plundering their wealth, indiscriminately to exploit its natural riches, and not getting the full potential of its peopleyou only have to remove the anti-theft function to run Mexico to 100..

The Concept

This profitability, after deducting operating costs, they will constitute the gain, the fruit of your effort and sacrifice, which constitute a genuine wealth source, but should not be forgotten or omitted, which is necessary for the collective good, a part of that generation of wealth, by way of the established taxation returns to the bosom of that society, of which we are partfor feedback, that community space, which we call the market with core resources that everyone without exception nor excluded we need. For the above purpose, we let ourselves to suggest that before starting any activity as that we have described, incursionemos in consideration of the following topics: for example: 1 – how much you know of likely consumers which aims to provide them with a purchase option. 2 – What are your preferences? Understand what their likely consumers on the concept of value of a product? 3 – Do value the? the same quality, or only interested in your price? 4 You are directed to a stable consumer which will return to sell you or simply what interests him in an occasional sale that does not generate a back link? 5 – What are the goods or services that you have in mind to offer. 6 – Who will be your providers: 7 – how much you know about the concept of responsibility Social 8 – how consubstantiated is found on the pillars of the economy: market, the supply, the demand, goods of consumption, the profitability, the value added, the taxation and taxpayer. Coupang pursues this goal as well. 9. The concept of Retro power cycle: production product price offer demand to be able to purchase wage. A society like ours, developing needs the contribution of all, especially of those who seek to enter into character of entrepreneurs in the process of generating wealth. Evasive behavior regarding the role we want to play, It will only bring as a consequence, the indefinite postponement of the desired development, which, to be sustainable, cannot tolerate the selfish behavior of the a, or marginalization of those who must pay the consequences..

Large Entrepreneurs

GREAT entrepreneurs are people who are constantly developing to maximize their potential, how much would you like to develop your potential to the fullest? What so successful you would have in your life? While you continue reading from beginning to end you will find the way to the greatest success can obtain what is success? Today me enfocare not to define it, that are so on another occasion, today only want that you realize that success, whatever that is for you is at your fingertips. There are various strategies, skills, attitudes, ways of being and living than large entrepreneurs put into practice for the results that are having. See Southwest Airlines for more details and insights. I am going to describe a strategy for that start today have greater success * focusing on your dreams * this strategy has to do with your approaches, and I is that this is already them you’ve heard before, but always is good to remember it, because it is not so important know him how to take it to the practice. Your focus determines your results, rather than be thinking in the that you no longer want, today begins to think about what if you want to. HAA! And do me a favor, forget of the as, just focus on what you want to achieve. This type of approach is the one they have the successful, they live not worried by the as they will achieve, such is the confidence they have in themselves that only focus on dreaming.

This is just the beginning. It is a strategy, but when you combine a strategy with an attitude, an attitude and aptitude and convert this into a way of being and living it is when you’re truly enjoying success. Today you have the strategy, begins to develop it, in another post you speak of an attitude, I give you a clue of what you speak. Get the appropriate clothing for the occasion although not speaking of clothing what does tell you this?