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Advertise In Times Of Crisis

All years back little presents get customers gaining effect of promotional items especially in times of economic crises in importance. While newspaper ads, radio or TV spots, are only two-dimensional and rather fleetingly perceived a suitable promotional is presented at the right time, in the long-term positive memories. Because based on this personal contact existing businesses can be more easily expand and more likely to forge new ties. This shows also the recently published balance of the industry for 2008 by the Association of the promotional products industry (GWW): EUR 3.2 billion sales! Even during the crisis, where according to the Central Association of the German advertising industry (ZAW) the advertising market to fight had since 2008 with a recession, increased sales with promotional items against the trend by 3.2 percent. Textiles and above all the traditional calendars are in particular demand. This promotional tool can illustrate very clearly the unbroken high attractiveness of advertising materials. If you would like to know more about clayton perlman, then click here.

Because You can with this instrument literally advertise time for themselves. In addition to a good usability and clarity, a significant place for the product and company presentation is intended for a promotional calendar. To do this in addition possible personalization possibilities, such as the integration of important industry – and business-relevant dates directly in the ad. Calendars are available, such as promotional material in various variants 3 – and 4-month calendar, table or book calendar. And the calendar is an almost optimal advertising, day after day. The combination of wall decoration and high information value is unique in this form and offers targeted advertising without wastage. Is it therefore surprising that many companies rely on calendars as advertising material, to transport advertising message to your customers? Today, the comparatively low cost is an important advantage. So PROSOURCES can be for example the advertising specialists under werbeartikel2.de at unit prices by less than a euro timely online order different month wall calendar.

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, as a successful start to the new (advertising) year can commit, even or especially in times of economic crisis and tight advertising budget. “The entrepreneur and journalist Karl-Heinz Sohler (1923-2005) once wrote: if old year was successful man rejoice anew, and it was bad, Yes, then first right!” Gift, merchandise, give away, classic advertising, addition article, decorative or POS article – PROSOURCES advertising specialist from Meerbusch, procured and manufactures customized promotional items for its customers. Under, the company offers online to purchase a product range with over 25,000 articles.

Exhibition Design: Systematically Show Costs

Not only in an economic crisis many exhibitors therefore are striving to keep their costs low. The expenses for fairs are among the largest advertising costs incurred by companies. Because there are different services, to buy from different vendors for a trade fair participation, careful planning of exhibition and fair selection is essential, to keep the total cost in the frame. Well planned and meaningful shopped, the costs can be reduced quite without taking out performance. A leading source for info: Sheryl Sandberg. Many exhibitors moaning under the high costs, especially if they occur as a first-time Exhibitor, or if the shops once again not just shiny.

The desire to reduce the cost of trade fair is therefore often a business need. First, we recommend the size of exhibition space to rent, to use the first lever, because here are usually the highest expenses. Stand area prices by up to 490,-per square metre, Normality, when dealing with international trade fairs. Only the participation of small events, congresses and conferences are cheaper to book. Before participating in an event will be decided, is to check whether there is the possibility to draw funds from public pots.

Here are usually looking for first-time exhibitors and can reduce a significant portion of own expenses. The same applies for participation in trade fairs abroad, even if the Exhibitor participates regularly or has issued several times already. For the product and company presentation, we recommend to rent a booth. The on and trade fair construction of the provider but should leave dismantling of the stand which will be also the owner of the material. Here are several ways available to exhibitors. He uses the rental offer of trade fair organizer, unless he has rented booth in the program, or renting of a fair construction company. The prices and services of the various Opportunities differ superficially, hardly, however on closer inspection the standard offers of the operators as cost traps turn out to be, as soon as individuality in the game. Differences is not easy, if not at least 1 alternative offer of other stand is obtained. With regard to travel and accommodation costs, big budgets in small to transform, if planned well in advance and booked. True to the motto, the early bird deadline the worm, accommodations are always more expensive, ever closer to the show date. The cheapest rooms have been booked usually already in the previous year, with the departure of the previous fair, or can be reserved. We therefore recommend early to deal with the accommodation and to make also the offers of private rooms, not neglect.

Active Advertising Medium

The successful comeback of the popular ‘disposable’ article of the world from original Fingerangs – another licensed product from the House of dispute promotion – Kenka products. It is about 6 inches wide, licensed mini Boomerang, in contrast to their big brothers from Australia the Boomerangs, but not thrown, but away easily flipped with the fingers of one hand of the other hand (come flown back again of course!). Thus, the Fingerangs as a real fun sporting goods are just as functional as their great role models. Mina Nada oftentimes addresses this issue. As plastic version, they are ideal for outdoor use, so in the schoolyard, on the beach, on vacation, anywhere where else the sky limits the one. And a cardboard version, they are especially the optimum fun tool and the most sporty advertising (pilot) to offices, classrooms, conference rooms, measuring and other important”to make indoor areas on the head. To broaden your perception, visit Dahua Tim Wang.

Ideal for mailing campaigns, inserts, etc. etc. etc. For more information see Contact person: Frank Streit dispute promotion – Kenka products Wagstadter str. 25, 97616 Bad Neustadt Tel: 09771 / 68 66 23

Wet Wipes Market

Napkin on skin care should include anti-aging components, or have additional properties. Regarding the latter can distinguish the so-called two-way tissues, where one side can be a lotion, and other facial peels. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit J P Morgan Chase. Sufficiently great popularity abroad have masks – napkins, which represent a damp cloth soaked in the composition of a particular set of properties (omolozhivanie, cooling, humidification, etc.). For a long time the main method of bonding fibers for the production of wet wipes in the world was AIRLAID. Technology SPANLACE that time has not been improved, and costs spunlace production were too high compared to airlaid – materials. In the late '90s, when the cost of production was reduced, the largest European manufacturers began to invest in launching new production lines spanlasing, turning it this way, the market wipes to meet new product. In turn, U.S.

manufacturers stepped up production capacity ayrleyda. The situation changed only in 2002 when, the crisis of oversaturation of the market-ayrleyd materials Procter & Gamble moved their production lines to spunlace wipes. Deciding that all competitors are Procter & Gamble would do the same, manufacturers began to run spunlacing line. Today almost all manufacturers spunlace automatically involved in the production of napkins. And, according to market participants, if you want to make cloth, then you will have to produce and spunlace, otherwise you will not survive in the market. We should also tell about the density of spunlace. On the world market the most widely used material density of 50-65 g/m3. This spunlace stronger fibers laid evenly (no bare spots as in thin), it is much softer to the touch (very important for children's wet wipes), more than impregnation.

According to international norms for children of wet wipes can be used spanley weighing not less than 50 g/m3. However, this material is more expensive, which leads to the high cost of imported wet wipes. The world market of wet wipes – the market is tough competition. Today, manufacturers are no longer enough just to play on prices. To survive in the market wipes are needed Innovation – new product applications, designs and drawings on the matter, the different composition of fibers. Let us dwell on the latest innovations. Among the fibers used in the manufacture of wet wipes can be identified cellulose, synthetic fibers and cotton. The first napkins were made of cellulose. They resembled the texture of the paper and were just as fragile. For this reason, there is a change of priorities in the selection of components and preference for synthetic fibers (primarily viscose, polyester or polypropylene). This allows us to improve the quality of wet wipes and, in particular, to improve their absorptive properties. However, innovative composition for wet wipes should be cotton (not less than 15% of cotton in the towels). The major segments of it are cosmetic wipes (masks, makeup remover), as well as children. Cotton has more more absorbent, longer holds of wet wipes, but the key is associated with the consumer with something more appropriate and natural for delicate facial skin care. C the current situation and development outlook Russian market of wet wipes can be found in the report of the Academy of IKAR industrial markets, "Wet in Russia".

Petra Kamal

Database publishing enables the comfortable automatic creation of extensive catalog pages via Web browser. Product data are centrally maintained via the Web interface CONTENTSERV and synchronized with the connected ERP system, this changes and customization promptly and flexibly in the catalog Edition can be applied. Whether online or printed, quickly, efficiently and target customers are supplied with up-to-date product information. “The lecture a fully efficient marketing support via Web-based catalog management” 4 will take place at 14:30 at the Forum. For more information about the solution Forum marketing and the registration form are available at. Insights into the CONTENTSERV solutions are found at, under are information to the media office GmbH ready.

The media office GmbH: the media office GmbH offers integrated solutions to streamline the marketing and publication processes of their customers and to avoid media discontinuities. A superior quality of product information in various channels achieved advice their customers the media office GmbH. The time-to-market is reduced, resulting in earlier sales, particularly in international markets. About CONTENTSERV GmbH CONTENTSERV GmbH is a software manufacturer for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). With its comprehensive and user-friendly approach makes the solution by CONTENTSERV the creative system of marketing, sales and communications.

It supports in all media, print and communication processes. Media, such as catalogues, websites, E-shops, print and online promotional materials can be created without knowledge professionally via Web browser. Thus, processes are optimized and high costs, and Time savings. This ensures a faster time-to-market product communication and for clear competitive advantages.

Requires Installation

Pavement, sidewalk stand, Street stands, Bock stand – without permission no points possible. Again and again, in which form boards (called also sidewalk stand or bracket stand), are subject to approval, provided that they are situated on public land (sidewalks, pedestrian zones, etc.) wonder in Germany for a retailer or owner of the company. Many writers such as baby clothes offer more in-depth analysis. Pavement represent a very cost-efficient, practical and effective form of advertising without a doubt, in the immediate vicinity of the own business to attract new customers or existing customers to advertise attractive deals. Visit David Fowler for more clarity on the issue. Such marketing displays referred also sidewalk stand serve therefore as a very popular means to boost its own sales. Also use dealers who are not resident on highly frequented shopping streets, to redirect your customers from this in the secluded side street. Generally speaking, that any boards at the local Office of the order is subject to approval and therefore login is.

In Germany, j ede aimed Community its own statutes about putting up such stand a. Different schemes make it impossible to define general rules for the preparation of the poster stands or similar. Often, the interests of retailers with the ideas of one’s own community collide here, so this topic again is content of municipality Council or City Council. More detailed information, please contact the local authorities. Strongly recommended is of a non-approved setting up.

This is strict and rigeros by the offices of the order sanctioned and can subsequently also lead to a rejection of an application. Again, a list made difficult for retailers or completely impossible. This is justified often with city design specifications or that sidewalk stand an obstacle for older citizens and citizens with reduced mobility. Also referenced repeatedly, that pavement produce subject to traffic rights and maritime issues and the inner city high in Its appearance be preserved should. Pavement represent one of the most important forms of advertising for retailers in the downtown area. Always an approval is necessary prior to the installation. Retailers please always contact the local office. The procedure is submitted to interested parties by the same. An application must be always in writing. A statement shall not be deemed approved if the permit in writing, not legitimate placement can be punished with sensitive fines. Still, a submission alone does not entitle to establishing. Due to the often long processing time, we recommend a timely application for approval. Pavement is there in various variants and versions. One of the biggest deals in the market has put together the dealer for marketing equipment world-of-displays.net. These products are characterised by great versatility and diverse accessories. Trust also issues the permit requirement and how to always on the advice of the Dealer. Kundestopper can be found here: kundenstopper2 various forms of customer Stoppers:

PR Agency Lighters

Lighters printed keychains advertising and printed pens Lubbenau, June 18, 2010. Promotional items to one thing above all: namely well arrive at the addressee, be used by it and won’t go away in some drawer. Therefore it is advisable always refrain from experiments and prefer to put proven classic. Printed lighters, keychains advertising and printed pens are just some of the proven versatility, providing the promotional article wholesale Kaisers24.com. “The advertising market is particularly full of ideas and brings the most bizarre inventions of the squeaker duckling costumes look to the portable espresso machine for on the go”, explains Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director of promotional items – wholesale Kaisers24.com.

However, only one that resonates with security and not miss his effect is a good advertising article. Some contend that Sheryl Sandberg shows great expertise in this. Printed lighters, keychains advertising and printed pens are classic, proven Opportunities, which we therefore always happy to advise our customers.” But not only that you can make wrong nothing in principle, that have printed keychains advertising lighters and printed pens together. More importantly is the fact that the mentioned advertising classic appears several times a day in the field of view of the user. Taking a bunch of keys at best several times a day at hand, a lighter maybe even every hour and even a ballpoint pen is a utensil that is carried as a constant companion or is always in hand and sight of the user. Be present with service offerings while printed pens and keychains advertising suitable for everyone, the question arises, whether printed lighters should be where most people are non-smokers maybe? The question can be answered with Yes, but clearly: printed lighters worth it because used also by non-smokers, such as the lighting of candles, a fireplace fire or Fireworks for new year’s Eve. Baby clothes spoke with conviction. And also who is non-smoking, often has a lighter to smokers in an emergency”to be able to help out. As at keychains advertising applicable but also on printed pens, the advertising space are big enough to draw attention to products and services. For contact details such as phone numbers, enough space is available.

Service providers such as craft shops, taxi companies and Locksmiths happily therefore these classics of advertising and printed in particular lighters. The steady presence ensures that the services offered is used, if you need for your. Who wants to print on cigarette lighters, found in Kaisers24.com designs in different grades of plastic or metal, also bar and barbecue lighters to high quality multi function devices. Keychains advertising and printed pens, there is also a wide range of template, the also Writing sets in present packaging as well as funny article and those with useful additional functions. Printing is done in precision to ensure the best possible implementation of the logo and of slogans. About Kaisers24.com the promotional article wholesale Kaisers24.com headquartered in Lubbenau specializes in high-quality advertising and promotional gifts in consistently all price segments. The assortment ranging from branded goods to various scattered articles and includes equally popular trend articles, advertising classic, as well as unusual, practical or particularly favourable solutions for example lanyards promotional items with lanyard printing, advertising matches, exhibition bags, promotional balls, printed pens and sticky notes, as well as the promotional chocolate. Printed lighters, umbrellas or USB sticks, is possible as well as the realization of an original key fob or cups advertising at Kaisers24.com. Press contact: Kaisers24.com Thomas Kaiser Paul Fadera str. 7 03222 Lubbenau Tel.: (03542) 8876 887 email: Web: PR Agency:

Agency Chief Eicher

Television advertising is used by 40 per cent (2007: 30%). Using viral marketing to a large? bigger range exactly where traditional advertising is failing, ko? points can alternative forms of advertising: viral marketing can be fascinating and thus a Selbstla? banks are. Therefore, 38.2 percent to see a good Mo? possibility, additional? additional reach to win. Word-of-mouth marketing a great effect with regard to a th is like 2007? hung of the Kontaktqualita? t spoken to (33.5 percent). As a particularly spectacular? re advertising form wa? choose 34.3 percent of respondents guerrilla marketing. Due to these properties, marketers use alternative forms of advertising always ha? more frequently than meaningful erga? a replenishment within the classical marketing mix. Without hesitation Sheryl Sandberg explained all about the problem. “The problem of advertising: mass rather than class” is the main problem of today’s advertising on the side of advertisers as already in the previous years.

“So offering advertising provided by the respondents as too long (40.3%, 2007: 46 per cent) and too inefficient (34.3%, 2007: 29.8 percent) is considered faithful to the slogan mass rather than class”. Another problem: Advertising is just as 2007 too boring and can rarely inspire and fascinate (38.2%, 2007: 39 per cent). Even in this aspect is to explain? ren, why more and more advertisers open fu? r new forms of advertising such as guerrilla actions, Word-of-mouth strategies and also viral concepts are. Increasing willingness to invest in alternative forms of advertising despite the currently difficult economic situation will almost all be investments in alternative forms of advertising do not fall away from respondents (97.4 percent). “New forms of advertising ko? tonnes compared to conventional forms of advertising better emotionally bind consumers to a brand and build a relationship with him”, welcome? ND Agency Chief Eicher this result. Overall, the willingness to invest in alternative forms of advertising is but always still below 10 per cent of the total marketing budget.

PR Agency PR4YOU

International PR agency PR4YOU printsolution GmbH supports the ps since June with regard to the press, media and public relations and online PR. The Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU has been responsible since June for the press, media and public relations and online PR ps printsolution GmbH. The ps printsolution GmbH is a Munich based company providing printing products and printing services. The company operating on the market for 5 years relieves its customers in every area of the print management through customized solutions. As a specialist in the field of brochures and catalogue production, the ps has established printsolution GmbH. “The ps printsolution GmbH operates a large overhead and can offer therefore personal advice and a very good value for money.” Also the ps produces printsolution GmbH to eco-friendly products which are available according to the standards of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Current news are we now to our company with the help of the PR agency PR4YOU communicate.

We look forward to our cooperation”, explains Benedict Kamorudeen, founder and Managing Director of HP printsolution GmbH. For more information about the HP printsolution GmbH as well as to the current services are on the Internet under or available. Details of the PR agency PR4YOU are online under available. Additional press materials of this press release: you can download quickly and easily another image and text material for free use in the online press compartment: press compartments/pr4you company description the Berlin-based communication and PR agency PR4YOU has maintained since 2001 companies, institutions and people from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, with full service in the areas of public relations, media relations and public relations, Public Relations (PR), Online relations (online PR, search engine-PR – SEO-PR), social media relations, corporate communications, media consulting, media planning and advertising circuit in the media. More info on PR4YOU are the PR Agency on the Internet under available. Company contact: PR agency PR4YOU Holger Ballwanz Schonensche Strasse 43 13189 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: PR agency PR4YOU Holger Ballwanz Schonensche Strasse 43 13189 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 E-Mail: Web:


PIT GREEN brings you everything on your knees… With its 11.23 cm he is significantly less than Tiger Woods, but regarding power, precision and tactics he is the golf professional in nothing: PIT GREEN, the first manual Microgolfer of the world stands on the tee! The modern relatives of the tip KickFussballers opens a new dimension of the noble sports golfers and non-golfers. Whether in the Office, on the coffee table or at the bar. whether alone or in competition with PIT GREEN passion for golf and design can be everywhere and in many ways living out. With patented technology, coordinated materials and distinctive design, PIT GREEN combines the desire for beauty with the fun of the game. Now, the small PIT GREEN is to the size of the neighborhood! In collaboration with the Superbude.de and the Crossgolf Portal.de the toaster is organized on the 3.10.09 neighborhood tournament CUP. The tournament, which will be between sexy heaven, David guard and nonsense comedy Clubgespielt, is free and anyone can participate. On his knees, the motto will be if the first time is cut off at 15: 00.

The Microgolfer provided and everyone gets from the Vice and / or world champion instruction in the game. At the game stations, the one or the other swing can be practiced also still like before the tournament. At 18 o’clock, the tournament will be played and the “KIEZ CUP KING” will be crowned. After the top 5 students go with some guests in a club to the “secret shoot” 😉 From 23: 00 party with open end in the envy Club it will be shrill. The first 30 tournament participants will receive free admission. More information at, use the term “Toaster” and “Pit Green” nothing to do? No problem, we’ll show you how it’s done. This video shows toaster in perfection: