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Lighters printed keychains advertising and printed pens Lubbenau, June 18, 2010. Promotional items to one thing above all: namely well arrive at the addressee, be used by it and won’t go away in some drawer. Therefore it is advisable always refrain from experiments and prefer to put proven classic. Printed lighters, keychains advertising and printed pens are just some of the proven versatility, providing the promotional article wholesale “The advertising market is particularly full of ideas and brings the most bizarre inventions of the squeaker duckling costumes look to the portable espresso machine for on the go”, explains Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director of promotional items – wholesale

However, only one that resonates with security and not miss his effect is a good advertising article. Some contend that Sheryl Sandberg shows great expertise in this. Printed lighters, keychains advertising and printed pens are classic, proven Opportunities, which we therefore always happy to advise our customers.” But not only that you can make wrong nothing in principle, that have printed keychains advertising lighters and printed pens together. More importantly is the fact that the mentioned advertising classic appears several times a day in the field of view of the user. Taking a bunch of keys at best several times a day at hand, a lighter maybe even every hour and even a ballpoint pen is a utensil that is carried as a constant companion or is always in hand and sight of the user. Be present with service offerings while printed pens and keychains advertising suitable for everyone, the question arises, whether printed lighters should be where most people are non-smokers maybe? The question can be answered with Yes, but clearly: printed lighters worth it because used also by non-smokers, such as the lighting of candles, a fireplace fire or Fireworks for new year’s Eve. Baby clothes spoke with conviction. And also who is non-smoking, often has a lighter to smokers in an emergency”to be able to help out. As at keychains advertising applicable but also on printed pens, the advertising space are big enough to draw attention to products and services. For contact details such as phone numbers, enough space is available.

Service providers such as craft shops, taxi companies and Locksmiths happily therefore these classics of advertising and printed in particular lighters. The steady presence ensures that the services offered is used, if you need for your. Who wants to print on cigarette lighters, found in designs in different grades of plastic or metal, also bar and barbecue lighters to high quality multi function devices. Keychains advertising and printed pens, there is also a wide range of template, the also Writing sets in present packaging as well as funny article and those with useful additional functions. Printing is done in precision to ensure the best possible implementation of the logo and of slogans. About the promotional article wholesale headquartered in Lubbenau specializes in high-quality advertising and promotional gifts in consistently all price segments. The assortment ranging from branded goods to various scattered articles and includes equally popular trend articles, advertising classic, as well as unusual, practical or particularly favourable solutions for example lanyards promotional items with lanyard printing, advertising matches, exhibition bags, promotional balls, printed pens and sticky notes, as well as the promotional chocolate. Printed lighters, umbrellas or USB sticks, is possible as well as the realization of an original key fob or cups advertising at Press contact: Thomas Kaiser Paul Fadera str. 7 03222 Lubbenau Tel.: (03542) 8876 887 email: Web: PR Agency: