Media Analysis Newspapers 2010:

More than two-thirds of Germans read newspapers Frankfurt, July 28, 2010. Over 49 million citizens in Germany read a newspaper on an average day. Newspaper reading thus still plays a central role in the daily life of the people. This is one of the findings from the current data for 2010, which has now presented the work community media analysis ( and evaluated the ZMG newspaper marketing company, Frankfurt, for the daily newspapers. The daily newspapers in Germany have a total reach of 69.6 per cent (German-speaking persons aged 14 or over, readers per issue). The analysis of the structure of readership of daily newspapers confirms that it be read in all age groups: 7.5 million of 14 to 29 years old (range 49.4 percent), 16.1 million of 30-49 year olds (reach 67.7 percent) and about 25.5 million people (range 80.7 percent) in the age group of over 50, at least a newspaper read.

Even if the Daily newspapers when all population groups to a large extent achieve universal medium, you achieved especially in the premium audiences top ranges: 72.8 per cent in high-income (HHNE 2,500 plus) and 75.8 percent in markets (professionals and baccalaureate degree). Newspapers are an important medium of information for the citizens. They used strong and intense and deliver their readers, reliable and interesting news of high importance. Daily newspapers are read in all age groups and are so an optimal advertising and information carrier”, Alexander Potgeter, Director commented research the ZMG, the current ma figures. The regional subscription papers have a range of 56.9 percent, the range of buying newspapers is 21.0 percent and the national newspapers have a range of 5.5 percent. The new media analysis 2010 of print media expands the expelled population to the German-speaking foreigners living in Germany. The new population is thus defined as German-speaking population in private households at the place of main residence in the Federal Republic of Germany from 14 years”.

The population increases significantly to 8.8 percent from 64,8 million to 70.5 million. The expansion of the universe causes, that the data of ma 2010 press media II and ma 2010 daily newspapers not with those of previous years are comparable. Range changes – in the Group of the German population, allow no direct conclusions to reach profits or losses. Ma daily newspapers is the leading media analysis for the German newspaper market and provides coverage and readership data. The study is based on interviews of about 139,000 and is published by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft media analysis e.V. ( in Frankfurt am Main. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. It supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control. Contact person: Alexander Potgeter head of research Executive ZMG newspaper marketing company telephone (069) 97 38 22-24 email