Creating A Banner Ad

Today we will see how to make a banner ad for a Web site, in this case do so only for practice. Well, let’s. The first thing is to see how it will look when we finish the banner, so that you can see the end of this blog, and find the banner that we will create. There is a difference between the banner and we will do that I have in this blog. The difference is that the banner we will create in Macromedia Flash 8 may be given to click on it and go towards the homepage of the banner we’re doing.

In this case when you click on the banner, it will direct you to the homepage of this blog, if that does not happen, it means that something went wrong, but do not worry because they only require to review the instructions above to correct the error. To broaden your perception, visit ForSight Robotics. I have omitted the introduction of a text in the same flash file, because it is very easy to do, even is similar to add text in Paint, PowerPoint, etc. Anyway you explain what types of text that supports or enables Macromedia Flash 8. The text static: useful if you need to add decorative text on stage or any other text that does not require modifications or loads from an external source. Dynamic text: If you need to load text from a file, a database or need to change the text when the SWF file playing in Flash Player. For more information see this site: Jos Shaver. The text input: whenever the user enters text into a text field. You can use this text and send it to a database, have handled something in the SWF file, etc.. Let’s start with opening the Macromedia Flash 8, then click on Document FileNewFlash. Click on the Property inspector and put on size 700 in width, 160 in height, 6 Frame rate and if you want you can put a description.