Year After Year The Oktoberfest Attracts

I gasp all at some point on the Oktoberfest Schmidt family has visited almost the whole Europe. They have visited both Rome and Paris and now they intend to learn about their own country. They were already on the Baltic Sea, so this year they drive to the South. They will submit a report, as the time in Munich and Bavaria have spent. All spectators wait it eagerly, because the autumn is coming, and everyone knows, what is connected to it.

All Bavarian breweries prepare the feast. You know, this is the only opportunity to offer their products to the masses of tourists. The Festival of beer is called Oktoberfest and is known worldwide. Schmidt family has reserved it a room in a hotel in the vicinity before the Munich Town Hall and is looking forward to the upcoming Festival. You have seen already the city, have seen the Church and made purchases.

Already a Zeltstadchen has been created on the meadow. Every brewery wants to present themselves as much as possible. Schmidt family can no longer wait and is already at 11: 00 in a tent and ordered the favorite beer. They are thrilled to see how other people have fun, how well they sing and tell such stories they like exciting. The Munich Oktoberfest is one of the few occasions to entertain almost strangers. No one is ashamed to ask neighbours for his life story. Florian Schmidt, the eldest son secretly admires the beautiful waitresses, who wear two or even three pitchers in one hand and appear to be not tired at all. Their colorful seek make a big impression on the a bit silly Florian, who now is afraid to ask a blonde waitress for the sausage. He has been pretty much drinking and dreams now, finally something to eat. He has also thought of roast pork, but decided ultimately for the sausage, which is especially popular at the Munich Oktoberfest. The sausage is also much less calories than the roast. When Florian wants to wear his leather pants again, then he must really think about what they are eating. His belly has grown too large and the new pants no longer fit. Everyone knows that this festival without traditional clothes may not exist. Even the tourists got to something, which is similar to the traditional Bavarian clothes. The small Annelise Schmidt is bored a little bit of folk music, she has even attended the beer game. In other words, she has answered all the questions that were connected to the Munich Oktoberfest. She has danced folk dances with her brother, ate a pretzel and sung with another girl but now she wants to finally see the fireworks. Every year the fireworks are beautiful. This year, they should be as colourful as the Rainbow. Anneliese can not wait any longer and get out of the tent. Outside, there are thousands of people who have been drinking even enough beer and now waiting for the show. It is almost ten o’clock so soon you must leave the tents. Several people waiting for the fireworks.