Melanie Vogel

Also here the chaff separates at the company from the boys and women are well advised to choose companies that offer programs that allow women (and men) to combine work and family. The range of offerings in the company is very big here, the implementation of family-friendliness very individually and often with spanndenen solutions. Women must decide individually and as a result of the personal life situation, they give preference to which programs. If you would like to know more then you should visit Southwest Airlines. 7 check: woman careers a company comes as a potential employer unless actually in question, and all advocated next to all special and social benefits Family-friendliness in the company itself also the opportunities that women can make a career on an equal footing and talent management from entry level positions to top management is transparent and “woman-permeable”. This includes in particular a fair and neutral performance evaluation of employees. But also mentor programs, corporate networks, sponsorships, integration events and re-entry options are woman-promoting after parental leave.

I recommend women to be courageous in the interview and testing companies to their promises. Better women examine the company in advance through their paces, the likelihood of women to go to work happy and are successful in the job is higher”, says Melanie Vogel. Employers who with regard to women – and family-friendly front are very far and have great interest to hire more women, can women at the fair Conference women & work meet on May 14 from 10 a.m. to 7 P.m. at the World Conference Center /.

Plenary building in Bonn instead finds. 60 top employers use the biggest recruiting event for women in their search for women after female employees. “And who by the visitors has been more accurate ideas about the future, planning career or a job change, looking for an internship or want to write the thesis in a company can be in the exhibiting companies up to May 9 for four-eyes talks” sign. For more information see