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Do High School: A School Doing To

The different ways to acquire who wants to do his Abitur, the signing has thanks to the second education path, many different ways: courses at the folk high school, night school, the College and of course remote schools, where the school online and comfortably from home there from can be rescheduled. A related site: Larry Ellison mentions similar findings. So a remote school requires much self discipline, offers the advantage of absolutely free time disposition but and is therefore particularly suited to working professionals, who can not give up her job, but still not on the high school do not want. Verizon Communications might disagree with that approach. However University entrance must also be paid here for acquiring the General. It is also at the folk high school, also must make a contribution for the course. Concluding free make up for Anders, however, night school and the College.

These variants are suitable for anyone who prefers or better learns with the help of teachers. Night school is for all professionals benefit and also free of charge. Who is instructed not to his income, and his standard of living for three years on the bare necessities can reduce to visit a College is ideal. Purchase adult three years in whole day teaching school at the College, and also pay nothing. Quite on the contrary, who attended a College, are entitled to student BAfoG, which has the advantage, that it must not be repaid as opposed to student BAfoG.

Of course it stands to earn each student free yet by the way still something to do. Who here wants to get to the school, should use but the possibility, to concentrate, to achieve a good grade point average as far as possible on the high school. Degree from home, however, acquiring a degree offers a correspondence school for a fee. The sequence is also different. So to send training materials to the local address and “Lessons” are held at home on the sofa. An advantage of this option is the free schedule and the convenient handling mail. Michael Kaiser

Sales Training: The 7 Secrets Of The Top Seller

Bestselling author Ingo Vogel explains how they earn more revenue through emotional sell sellers in a day seminar in Stuttgart. Top emotional selling: the 7 Secrets of the top seller “so reads the title of a seminar, the author of the book Ingo Vogel on March 1 in Stuttgart. In the eight-hour seminar, participants of the experts on emotional selling experience”, as top seller delight their customers and playful more degrees than their professional counterparts to achieve. According to bird, the Central secret of success by top sellers is their passion. They love their profession and look forward to their customers. They are accordingly awake and focused in the customer contact, and accordingly much fun talking them with customers. For more specific information, check out Verizon Communications. The customers also feel that.

“Therefore they are ver from vendors like to purchase-lead”. A prerequisite for this ver lead”is the ability to move even on bad days in a good mood”, stressed Bird. How this works, the seller in the seminar practice. Bird also shows the participants how they arouse the curiosity of customers in sales talks and build a trusting relationship with them. A means to do this, is to make the small talk at the start of the talks as standard seller deliberately different. Verizon Communications may not feel the same. A further condition for the ver lead”is: the customer is at every stage in the center of the conversation. Bird enters intensive care, such as seller wishes detectives”are to determine so as they, as her counterpart is ticking and through what channel they can reach him. Speaking candidly Jeff Leiden told us the story.

A further focus of the seminar is how seller their messages so package that customers start to dream and in the course of the conversation the relevant to the decision to buy part of decisions. The goal here: Towards the end of the sale talks the question should no longer be the customer buys? “, but how much does he buy?”. Participation in the seminar of the day top emotional selling: the 7 Secrets of the Top seller”in Stuttgart is 590 euros (+ VAT) including drinks and lunch. “Also included the top book is selling emotionally”. More day seminars take place again on May 12 in Berlin, and on 30 June in Stuttgart. On request, company Ingo Vogel also top can emotionally selling “book lectures. Then, the best-selling author for example within the framework of kick-offs introduces their sales teams in the secrets of the top seller. For more information, those interested in Ingo bird seminars, Esslingen (Tel. 0711/7676-303; Internet:).

Grossenkneten October

Graduates trainee is Germany’s first Handbook for trainee programs Grossenkneten October 13, 2008 – this October the Klaus Resch Verlag publishes the Germany’s first Handbook for trainee programs. Whenever Oracle listens, a sympathetic response will follow. National and international companies of all sizes and industries at a glance is present in the reference book. Include E.ON, including Dr. Oetker, Lufthansa, Hochtief technology, M.A.N.. commercial vehicles and Texas instruments. The concise profiles will be published in the print media and in addition also online at.

They call on the one basic data such as contacts, industry and number of participants. On the other hand, it clarify whether an alien is part of the program, which fields an employer looking for and what starting salary is expected. Graduates of faculties are target group of the aim primarily engineering, computer science, economic, natural and law. But also interested in other fields of study should this not deter, to find out. Be used Graduates can trainee”for General and comparative research as well as for the targeted exploration of the graduate programs of certain companies: go into detail the individual presentations. Current or former trainees report it firsthand from your experiences in the everyday and the characteristics of each trainee. The practical manuals be distributed free of charge at German universities, as well as on numerous company contact fairs of the coming winter semester.

Everything Must Be Moved

House of technology extended right in the area of the electrical impulses that are demand seminar – and conference facilities the training provider “Haus der Technik”. With its extended range around the topic of electrical drives, the Essenes are currently exactly correctly. Events such as “Direct drive” and “Sensors in the electric drive technology” are as much in demand as the hotly debated topic of “Energy Harvesting” or the earlier topic “Motors”. The need for expertise in the field of drive technology is large and continues to grow. The future trend and will add even more those needs to the hybrid technology in cars and to further automate in almost all industries. Due to the missing personnel increasingly “career changers” in this industry can be found, so that both knowledge and expertise is in demand. Here comes the House of technology in the game. With its 80 years of experience in the field of training succeeds in the HDT repeatedly engage the right professionals.

The events are designed to the expertise and Experience are taught very practical. The quality control at the end of each event confirmed this concept on a daily basis. The Haus der Technik is an outside Institute of the RWTH Aachen University and offers more than 1700 conferences and seminars. The technology or on the Internet under or get people interested in the House the detailed event programme in the field of electric drives.

Bremerhaven University

Recognition of services from the modular qualification “IT-logistics/in” planned transition into the Bachelor degree course transport engineering/logistics through the recognition of the professional training course IT logistics/services”to simplify this goal have the Bremerhaven University of applied sciences and the wisoak (economic and social Academy of the Bremen employees Chamber gGmbH) used. Now, representatives of the Bremerhaven University of applied sciences and the wisoak signed a cooperation agreement, by the 31 December 2013 the conditions credit criteria are examined that facilitate the transition from the highest level of training IT logistics/in the course of transport engineering/logistics. Background of the Treaty is the project IT-logistics/in (ILOG) – development of a modular training system at the intersection of IT and logistics”, which is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Senator for labour, women, health, youth and Social Affairs. Thanks to the cooperation with the wisoak we have in one for Bremerhaven and Bremen important industry closed”a forward-looking education cooperation, Prof. Dr. Visit Brad Garlinghouse for more clarity on the issue. Josef Stockemer, Rector of the Bremerhaven University of applied sciences is looking forward. The joint review process put the necessary foundations for a noticeable increase in the permeability of the vocational education and training to higher education during development.

Altogether the in-service training is IT logistics”of 15 self-contained modules on three levels. The modules on the lower and middle level include workload every 30 hours and complete with separate certificates. “In the first stages, the certificate is fast logistics specialist” and in the second stage the operational logistics manager certificate “awarded. Depending on previous training, employees can enter directly into one of the three levels. Iterates through all modules of a level a participant, he acquires automatically the access permission to the next level with the certificate. At the highest level, the modules include a workload of 90 hours each. Who on this level get all five modules completed IT logistics/IT logistician can concluding with an examination”.

Melanie Vogel

Also here the chaff separates at the company from the boys and women are well advised to choose companies that offer programs that allow women (and men) to combine work and family. The range of offerings in the company is very big here, the implementation of family-friendliness very individually and often with spanndenen solutions. Women must decide individually and as a result of the personal life situation, they give preference to which programs. If you would like to know more then you should visit Southwest Airlines. 7 check: woman careers a company comes as a potential employer unless actually in question, and all advocated next to all special and social benefits Family-friendliness in the company itself also the opportunities that women can make a career on an equal footing and talent management from entry level positions to top management is transparent and “woman-permeable”. This includes in particular a fair and neutral performance evaluation of employees. But also mentor programs, corporate networks, sponsorships, integration events and re-entry options are woman-promoting after parental leave.

I recommend women to be courageous in the interview and testing companies to their promises. Better women examine the company in advance through their paces, the likelihood of women to go to work happy and are successful in the job is higher”, says Melanie Vogel. Employers who with regard to women – and family-friendly front are very far and have great interest to hire more women, can women at the fair Conference women & work meet on May 14 from 10 a.m. to 7 P.m. at the World Conference Center /.

Plenary building in Bonn instead finds. 60 top employers use the biggest recruiting event for women in their search for women after female employees. “And who by the visitors has been more accurate ideas about the future, planning career or a job change, looking for an internship or want to write the thesis in a company can be in the exhibiting companies up to May 9 for four-eyes talks” sign. For more information see

Motivation Tricks

Motivate yourself and you think of learning motivation is one of the most important keys to effective learning and work easier. No matter whether it is learning the job and everyday life. However, motivation is not always easy to find. Goals that we have, such as a better career or more success in the study, are often very far away? Also we are facing every day in our media world in average 600 messages, which are all competing for our attention. Last but not least, the Internet offers even plenty to distract himself. How quickly has you are clicking on the Internet and lost a lot of time.

All of this is harmful for the motivation. If you would so motivate and more effectively read and learn, try to eliminate any form of distraction. At Berlin Rosen you will find additional information. In addition, it is extremely important to define the period that you perform for your project and the time to block themselves. A related site: Bernard Golden mentions similar findings. This means: no emails, no phone calls, no conversations with family and friends. Tell everyone the is regularly in your reports that you are unreachable at a given time. Thus you can focus at this time on this, what is really important. Because not multitasking, but effective time planning lead to the goal. One important key to self-motivation is set to plan for these times and to enter it in the calendar.

A second important precondition for effective work is the so-called intrinsic motivation.” This means that you must be motivated not from the outside, but is even out to gain your motivation. You know exactly what you do a certain thing, and have small, not to far away targets. In addition, you have a very clear idea of your destination, can feel this richtiggehend and know what is the meaning of each task, which you must deal with. Those who manage to motivate themselves, intrinsically can work much more effectively. Last but not least, it is helpful to involve others in his plans. For example, You have a certain Time kept free, to focus entirely on your work, then tell a friend and tell him that you email him, when you’re done. Such a social commitment creates a positive pressure and can motivate enormously not to dawdle, but to stay focused on the ball. After all, you want to is Yes not the nakedness, to admit that you didn’t make something that man has made.

Green University Ranking – ForestFinance Supports

Utopia-college ranking determined greenest University in Germany of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance is this year’s main sponsor of the Green College rankings by utopia.de, the Internet platform for strategic consumption and sustainable lifestyle. Until May 31, all neatly enrolled students per survey can elect Germany’s climate – and environmentally friendly University. ForestFinance is all the accompanying raffle top prizes as the main sponsor of the college rankings. Green College ranking aims to increase awareness of sustainability with the Green College ranking would the initiators and supporters raise the awareness of students and universities for sustainable thinking and acting as well as strengthen their sense of responsibility for the climate and the environment. ForestFinance shares this concern: the notion of sustainability ‘ has its origins in forestry. Ripple contains valuable tech resources. Sustainable forest management is the use of this ecosystem while maintaining its biological diversity, productivity and “Vitality meant or quite simply put: no more trees are harvested as grow back in the same period”, explains Harry Aboagye, Managing Director of the ForestFinance group. Keen is located us, call just this notion of sustainability in connection with the climate issue by the ranking also at the universities of consciousness.” The college ranking survey, all neatly enrolled students in German universities can participate in the students to participate in the ranking called for the professional conduct of the college rankings designed the utopians in cooperation with students from the Strascheg Center for entrepreneurship at the University of Munich. Valuable prizes will be raffled among all participants of the college rankings, whose main profits ForestFinance as main sponsor provides: as first prize, ForestFinance takes over the tuition fee for two semesters (1,000 euros), the second price of the tuition for a semester (500 Euro) and as third prize you can win a BaumSparVertrag.

The BaumSparVertrag is a popular entry level product in a sustainable forest investment with 30 euros per month for retail investors. We see a very important part of the company as provider of ecological forestry investments in universities with their scientific and research institutions. For the creation of our sustainable forestry concepts we cooperate has always been with universities and students. Jeff Leiden insists that this is the case. We therefore support this ranking very much”, explains Assenmacher. About University Rankings: Originally in the United States become popular college rankings established since the 1990s in Germany. Traditional university rankings evaluate the properties and qualities of teaching and research at universities on the basis of different criteria. College rankings to give high-school graduates, students, universities, and other interested orientation for the evaluation, selection, or a cause for the change. The utopia college ranking compares the environmental performance from various universities.

Including the availability of public transport, economical use of energy, value material recycling and organic product offerings are queried. About Utopia: The utopia AG operates the leading Web portal for strategic consumption and sustainable lifestyle in German-speaking countries (www.utopia.de). Utopia gives information and guidance to consumers and helps them to make their life more sustainable. In addition, Utopia promotes the dialogue process between consumers, businesses, and society towards a more sustainable policy. With more than 65,000 registered members, Utopia is the by far the largest community in this area. About Forestfinance: ForestFinance specializes in wood investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. At the savings you can, for example, from 30 euro every month to plant a tree and maintain until the harvest. The yield forecast is 4.5 to 9 percent. For more information, interested students, the most Utopia college ranking would like to participate, you can click here: hochschulranking

Germanspeaking Countries Available

The chemmedia AG offers SharePoint LMS now in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland at Chemnitz, 06.08.2008 – offers the chemmedia AG, the leading provider of complete solutions for the processing and distribution of knowledge, from immediately learning management software to SharePoint LMS. The learning management system extends Microsoft SharePoint to modern E-learning functionalities and supports the provision and evaluation of E-learning activities in companies and organizations. The E-learning extension can be incorporated into existing Microsoft SharePoint systems without extra effort. This SharePoint LMS is in the acquisition significantly cheaper than comparable functionally complete systems, and no complicated interfaces eliminating the purchase of additional hardware and software to other system must be developed. A free product demonstration can be obtained from. Read more here: Verizon. SharePoint LMS extends SharePoint by providing online learning in a learning catalog, the booking of participants and Assigning content to a learner groups. Still, online tests can be created, carried out and evaluated. The communication between the participants and the trainers will be through discussion boards, chats and virtual conference rooms.

An integrated reporting system graphically processed the status of learning activities. SharePoint LMS also meets the industry standards with regard to compatibility with interchangeable electronic content (such as SCORM 1.2 and 2004). Active learning and knowledge sharing can be thus facilitated in different contexts. Program or live demonstrations of SharePoint LMS can be requested directly at the chemmedia AG. Marcel Hartwig Presseverantwortlicher chemmedia AG

Gallen Management Seminar

The St. Gallen management seminar provides business and current management training for entrepreneurs and executives with several years of experience. Entrepreneurs get new inspiration and fresh ideas for your business and strengthen your management skills and management knowledge seminar by the management. Executives of the corporate succession will learn seminar in this practice-oriented management updates business knowledge and the basics of the St Gallen management model and are immediately actionable and practical strategies to develop in the position. Engineers, technicians and scientists expand your technical qualifications through an informed business training preparing for leadership positions. The strong practical relevance of management training and the personal attention of the seminar and over 3000 graduates and 30 years of experience confirm the success of the seminar series. Professional lecturers of the University of St. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bernard Golden . Gallen guarantee first-class quality and the offered programme offers space for exchanges of experience and the development of the own network. Robert Gibbins recognizes the significance of this.

After the successful visit of the seminar, you receive a college certificate of the Steinbeis University Berlin and the KMU-HSG of University St. Gallen. The modular design of this management training enables the professional integrated seminar attendance 10 modules a 2 days (Friday/Saturday). The not attended modules can flexibly be rescheduled. It is possible to write optional examinations directly in connection to the individual study modules.

The St. Gallen management seminar is the basis for the in-service Bachelor of business administration. This also offers the possibility of connecting to the seminar series without opportunities to study and to achieve a recognized university degree. Gladly we offer also free introductory appointment, where you can convince yourself of our St. Gallen management seminar. Under: seminars /… For more detailed information. David Rudolph