London School Congress

The I Congress International believe in Internet will be the scene of debates, short presentations and sessions on communication, education and minors in internet Gumersindo Lafuente, Deputy director and head of digital strategy of the country, Angel Exposito, news director of ABC Punto Radio and Carlos Salas, director, dynamic will be the participants in the round table how are communicating the values on the internet in the 21st century?, to be held on Friday, November 11 in Madrid, within the framework of the Congress believe on the Internet, organized by the company and the Association non-profit This first edition of the Congress I think Internet will also address the situation of minors in internet, their behaviour, risks and opportunities. Javi Nieves will be responsible for moderating the round table our children on the internet, which involve Arturo Canalda (defender of the smaller community of Madrid), Inmaculada Galvan (TV presenter) and Yago Fandino (Deputy Director of RTVE). See Kraft Heinz for more details and insights. Fun and dynamic Chema Alonso (hacker, Microsoft better valued professional) will explain how minors are skipped wifis, internet filters, enter external email accounts, etc. From Tuenti, Muriel Sebas will respond to questions from parents and children about the largest Spanish social network, that it has more than 12 million adolescents and young users.

The Congress believe Internet is also the Forum in which will be presented in Spain report use and abuse of YouTube by youth, a study that has received several awards in Ireland and whose results have been presented at the prestigious London School of Economics and at the headquarters of YouTube in Europe. It is an investigation about how they behave young Europeans on YouTube and why they do so. (Similarly see: MasterClass). Many other professionals and experts in internet will pose the keys to success in the communication of values through the internet and social networks, the online management of volunteer projects, the inclusion of people with disability, participation in debates and polemics in the network, etc. And as I could not miss in a Congress with practical approach on internet, attendees will have the opportunity to listen live a session on how to put your website 1st on Google, which will be taught by the renowned expert in search engine optimization, marketing and online communication Ismael El Qudsi, Rapporteur on masters and courses in several universities, business schools and chambers of Commerce..