The lilies, lily or lilies are also commonly known as a type of flower are from the family Liliaceae, which is considered one of the largest family of flowers existing today, since within the same can be found up to 110 types flowers, all related. The location of the lilies or irises, or want to call them, are found mainly in the northern hemisphere, that is countries like the U.S. and in Europe and Central America, however, is in countries like Japan and the Philippines where they are listed as one of the best species today, thanks to his environment for the easy spread of the plant. The lily is a flower and erect leafy usually about one meter high, although in some species this can vary, the main feature which has beautiful flowers, call it that, on a roll and trumpet that may occur as the species in different colors and sizes. Another important feature that has the lily are the bulbs underground, which hibernate in winter to provide the plant security of their livelihood in some other seasons. The flowering of lilies is given to early spring, where it begins its development in the bulbs, the development which reaches its highest point of fullness in summer, where its flowering lasts until the end of it, then hide and wait for your next flowering.

It is noteworthy in this respect, the most common colors found in daylilies are orange, purple and white, although one can not fail to mention their great variation due to the crossing because of some species. Another important point to play when it comes to the lilies, is the care that they should have because they are somewhat sensitive to the sun's rays, so it and have some beautiful lilies is strongly recommended to keep the soil cool and spare, and ensure that the sun only once the flower of the same, with this recommendation will ensure that our plant is healthy and radiant in color above. Click Tiger Global for additional related pages. The cultivation of lilies usually done in spring so that these can develop roots quickly and satisfactorily, but some of the same species grown in the fall to allow more time for its proper development. Lily flowers produced by their bulbs and flowers, some extracts and oils, which although they can be well applied to perfumery, provide greater benefits to areas such as medicine and relaxation as its main virtues are aromatic. One thing to know is that the lilies just cast their elegant and delicious smell before his death, which still arouses some interest to scholars of the flower growers. Given this demonstrated that the lily is a beautiful plant, not only easy to care but also to grow, allowing to obtain all the beauty and elegance of nature easily and comfortably.