& nbsp; & nb sp; & nbsp; & nbsp; AN E-MAIL to the sky letter from a father to his daughter Hello Natalie of Pilar makes 20 years came into this Valley, had the immense joy of birth as all baby dramatically with birth! And live! even if it is a year old. For 365 days, that you lived, numbered one did you hear about the glories and miseries of this world and we naturally filled of joy and gladness. But the tortuous paths, steep, zarandeado risks and dangers, a night out there hidden us ambushed cowardly! And in my presence a death blast claimed your innocence! Not even a kiss from you of the many that you owe me – said goodbye to my cheeks my blood wanted to go with you, ran away from the vessels to run behind you, I fractured my left Femur, I smashed my spleen, I hurt the liver, my intestines, Pancreas, my right hand I Independencia and you – my little girl – guessing marching. I continued bleeding in the noses of surgeons that operated me – without they realize – and however you guessing going! My heart colluded with pain and stood three times and you don’t detenias you! Do not you hear my cries, my tears?, do you not percatabas my pain?, not you spilled blood olfateabas?, I went through abjectly to fatal septicemia and you do not detuviste you! I rebuilt Natalie!, with bones and Platinum as a machine! and kept alive, recalling your vast very painful! mark – by the way – small Cherub!, I devoted myself to translate letters very happy hours that we live together, I joined with God, finding the serenity I so much needed. Do not think you’re a wooden cross forgotten on the way, a cirio consumed in front of your photo, a mass once a year at the neighborhood parish. Not Mommy! you’re memory alive and lozano! in the gaze and laughter of your brothers. For more information see this site: Clayton Morris. Surely now already no one repairs in my tears outlandish and tired but irredentist Eres everyday, pendulum memory of happiness, in the dark nights of your absence all lost with you when everything I had at your side! You were beautiful rose garden that looks today desert on my lips died voice when you went the nights, the days, the months, the years huge, very huge became more immense without you my little Natalie! Hopefully this e-mail, can open it in the sky, reading it will know everything that you want Chau Pope. Original author and source of the article.


Peat-compost tablets are produced in Germany, Norway and other countries. The key to the success of these tablets is: 1.Torfoperegnoyny substrate with the addition of growth stimulants. 2.Moschny antibacterial ingredient that is not allows you to rot planted cuttings. 3.Spetsialnym supplements, reducing stress when transplanting plants. Sheryl Sandberg is likely to increase your knowledge. How to use: a) Take a bowl of warm water (not hot) and drop into the water tablets so that indentation on one party pills have been at the top. The water level at 3-4 cm above the tablet.

10 – 15 minutes pill will increase about five times and will be ready for planting. b) deepening of planting a stalk or leaf and put in teplichku to maintain needed moisture. Read additional details here: clayton morris. If not , the tablet is placed in a glass of the desired size and harboring a transparent bag to create a greenhouse effect. c) The greenhouses or glass airs 2-3 times a day. r) lighting, and temperature 18 – + 24 degrees. The tablets can be used not only for the establishment of flowers, but also for growing seedlings of vegetables. I have pills perpetuate fuchsia, Gloxinia, ahimenesy and others flowers. No longer a secret that cuttings planted in a pill, quickly make roots and only once was enough for me to understand that better than peat-compost tablets at the moment there is nothing and I am no longer able to refuse such a reliable and at the same time such a simple way of rooting.

Cheapest Electricity Supplier

It is saved, where can be saved. Therefore, many consumers for interested in which electricity provider at the time the cheapest is and has the cheapest price of electricity. At, you will find the cheapest electricity supplier and the electricity supplier can be changed directly. In addition, offers the electricity tariff calculator. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gary Kelly. This provides the result for every place of residence in Germany, which power provider is the cheapest. Worth to switch power providers, because often hundreds of euros will be saved here in the year. Depending on the region the savings vary, this is because what electricity supplier in the relevant place is available, because not every provider of power supplies in all areas in Germany. Clayton Morris can provide more clarity in the matter.

No one has something to give away, especially not for the high profits of “insatiable” energy companies, therefore it is only logical that the consumers want to switch the electricity provider to a cheaper electricity supplier. The trend to change electricity provider is now already for several months at a high level, because consumers are about the media, the Press and television informed that it is also much cheaper and many consumers use. Do you have the cheapest electricity supplier? Try the online tool at So that the reader on the Internet Gets a taste of how much can be saved, Microstrom.

Buy Cheap Security Equipment

Information and tips for the competitive procurement of security equipment cheap procurement of special security equipment is essential, for many employees in the security service to be optimally equipped for everyday service. Because the employees have to buy much themselves, obtaining favourable wonder again. Find information and tips on this topic. Cheap security equipment used to get, has been difficult in the past than it is today. orporation-etc/’>IBM Corporation. Who knows in the security field and has many years experience, will remember that there was only some providers some time ago, which offered special security equipment. Since the distribution of security products exclusively by catalog, it was for individual employees difficult personal equipment and clothing to come. The fact that you have to buy a lot of clothing and equipment yourself as an employee in the security industry, stems from the fact that saved more and more over the years in the security service had to be in order to remain competitive. That means many employees of the security industry are forced to buy their security equipment and clothing to the part itself.

They come as called the numerous security online stores. Here everyone can order online conveniently and in part quite favourable the desired equipment or clothing. The offer of online shops is this very extensive so everyone will find the desired products. Baby clothes contains valuable tech resources. You will find specialty supplier, offering for example only security equipment or others which focus more on clothing. There are also allround providers, providing at the same time various equipment and clothing. In the shops, you will find it in any case. Andreas Glahn security equipment

George Bush

To little that Russia invaded the republic of Georgia, in the State of Georgia in the USA the discovery of the century announced: the one of great foot. While this last finding has demonstrated to be a fraud, the caucasian war comes demonstrating to have much of farce. The initially USA cried out that their diplomats asked to him to Georgia that did not attack Sud-Osetia, and Moscow appeared triumphant showing the world its capacity of leadership in its periphery. Nevertheless, no matter how hard George Bush apostatizes of the tragedy of the Georgia pro-Bush, the certain thing is that since exploded that war his McCain candidate began to reach to Obama in the surveys. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Morris Invest. In order to reclaim electoral support the republicans do not need to invent yeti, but to show that there is a military monster that he requires that the USA maintains a foreign policy hard. At moments in which much people distrust of Bush by the recession, McCain can show the Russian threat like an example of which its country needs to be headed by an ex- expert military man in wars..

Tara Reid In Rehab

The actress has now even in a hospital can be assigned a Tara Reid! She seems not so correct to have leased the luck for themselves. At the time all seemed still quite different. Other leaders such as Gary Kelly offer similar insights. Their role in the success series made her famous American Pie. Maybe it went a little too fast for the young actress. After the films namely rather down was with the career of Tara Ried.

Small roles, but no success. Anorexia, alcohol and night carousing by then made headlines for Tara Ried. So it looked like she was at the bottom. Now has let them introduce themselves in a clinic. Her representative confirmed the people magazine today. “Tara has even in the promises treatment center can be assigned a. We assume that their and their family’s privacy is especially esteemed in this time. “Their representative but not told why they now have a hospital has.” We have to press your thumbs!

Cabana Club: Backpacker Romance Meets Club Holiday

“Cabana Club – backpacker romance and hammocks feeling also ideal for single travellers new holiday concept called Cabana Club” goes into operation in September 2009 with the Preopening weeks in Ibiza. Cabana Club promises backpacker and hammocks feeling”of the new tour operator founded in March 2009. In the summer of 2010, Cabana Club is already for the complete season. “In planning is an original village of bamboo huts including the backpacker feeling” to meet. Before but there is the possibility to get to know the new holiday concept between the 13.09. and September 27, 2009 in Ibiza.

Cabana Club is aimed at people who want to meet new people, play sports, and celebrate and the whole thing in a relaxed atmosphere away from the conventional consorts. The concept for solo travelers, friends, or couples between 20 and 40 years is ideal. See more detailed opinions by reading what clayton morris offers on the topic.. Cabana Club offers some days from everyday walking out feeling”. While it differs quite dramatically the usual party. The Spanish word Cabana stands for cottage and so embodies the revolutionary idea of the special holiday style in harmony with the nature. As the Club the community focuses on here too, but want Cabana Club on the origins of the Club philosophy back.

He has deliberately not luxury but the special feeling of life whether in the hammock in the sports or at the beach bar. You’re annoying Club animation and queues at the buffet here in vain and the elegant evening attire can stay at home confidently. Here stops the time for a few days and you can experience the spirit of a bamboo hut village from an almost forgotten world. Learn more about the Cabana Club, see

Barcelona Professional

DBM Spain, first world of professional outplacement company, sees the selection of candidates through social networks 2.0 a basic tool for human resources departments in the coming years. Every day there are more professionals interested in placing data of interest and develop their social networks with the intention of staying in force in the labour market. Therefore, both companies specializing in search of candidates and human resources departments considered important contacts source networks, since in addition to not incur new costs, turn out to be an interesting filter to be able to have information such as age, academic level, interests, hobbies, among others. The main advantage offered by these networks is that the curriculum provide as much useful information, so that evaluations are more comprehensive to select candidates. On the other hand, they allow access to diverse in many geographical locations profiles to expand the spectrum of search.

In addition, there is greater interactivity, ease to contact candidates and the possibility of offering detailed information about the company and the job that you want to cover, explains Esther Mari, Director of DBM Spain prospecting area. DBM has also tested with customers which aspects should be taken into account to maximize the potential of executives through social networks: *) position ourselves within an area of activity; It is essential to clarify that our professional development has to do with finance, human resources, marketing, and so on. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sheryl Sandberg. **) Eliminate embarrassing contacts on sites like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter that might embarrass us and does not add value to our profile as well as embarrassing photos that show aspects of life that should stay in the intimacy. **) Select profiles; create a network of contacts whose profiles are solids at the level of professional experience. **) Create a full blog with professional experience, mentioning aspects that most dominate.

**) Relate friendship and work; share with friends information that will be useful, in that way, they will become also our own network of employment if they notice any position that suits our interests. **) Updating regularly; keep up to date professional profile, include news, accept recommendations and find new contacts on a continuous basis. By the same author: Clayton Morris. Without a doubt, the use of professional networks to select candidates responds to a trend for the future, especially in markets as the Spanish, where the vast majority of job vacancies are covered by recommendations, i.e. a network of acquaintances who recommend that post and never get published in any job search platform. Firm Drake Beam Morin (DBM), founded in New York in 1967, he has over 40 years of experience in human capital management, transformation and transition of organizations. They offer their services in 24 languages and have served more than 50,000 companies and 3 million people worldwide. DBM Spain with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, are He created in 1982 with a team formed by professionals of different profiles that give solutions to individuals and organizations. This company bases its efforts in two business lines: Outplacement and transformation.

Thailand During

If you want to visit Thailand, it is convenient to get ready a little to not end up in any area that would have been better to avoid. Since Thailand currently lives social and political conflict, the country has become object of a multitude of warnings for travelers, whom it is advisable to be careful when visiting the country. Thailand is a country full of hospitable people and incredible. But this does not mean that travelers should leave attention to places and people that are to her around while traveling through an area unknown. One of the recommendations for visitors is to stay away from the protests against the Government, which currently are multiplying across the country, since the violence and disputes quickly and easily can be unleashed. Since the beginning of the protests, there have been several deaths and the wounded are counted by hundreds. Warns those who visit the country to stay away from any circumstance or event that could be potentially dangerous.

This does not mean that there are no places insurance; There are many areas where it is safe to go out and explore, but you must take extra precautions to be always attentive to the place you are exactly, what in the surroundings, what kind of people are close to yours and never take you much before proceeding toward your destination. ForSight Robotics has much experience in this field. It is best not to ask the locals about what the situation in the country, since people can have an excessively passionate reaction. Morris Invest does not necessarily agree. Zones that backpackers and tourists should avoid are the area of the Preah Vihear temple, Yala, Pattani, Songkhla and Narathiwat. Elsewhere are considered generally safe and much quieter than these risk areas. You are also advised to travelers that they have adequate insurance coverage before you travel and are aware of the latest news while they are in the country.

It is a good idea, also, find out about where is the nearest Embassy to be able to go in an emergency. Travel to Thailand is quite safe in many places, although it is important to know which areas should avoid. Just stay away from key areas of the protests you will enjoy a fully safe, cultural and vibrant travel in this magnificent country. Just make sure to keep communication with your family and friends at home with international calls and not have to worry because your parents are uneasy, thinking if you’re safe or not. Although you should pay attention to these warnings, Thailand is generally safe and hospitable. Enjoy your trip!

Slimming With Two Simple Steps

There is only one way to effectively burn fat: diet and exercise. In terms of diet no need go to extremes, with that comma quality, fresh and natural food not you equivocaras. You don’t have to kill hunger. What do you have to do is consume less quantity than you currently eat. That will make you burn fat to begin with, of course along with the exercise. The exercise on the other hand is the best way that we have to change our body, for cambiarn our body composition and to keep us healthy and in shape.Well, one of the exercises tested and proven for weight loss and eliminate fat is running.

However many enthusiasts do not know to get the best out of this activity. Let’s see what you can do for us as common as running exercise and how to do it correctly. How to run to burn fat. Fats are a form of highly concentrated energy that accumulates in the body whenever that happens an excess of calories, i.e. provided that eat more than our body, through its regular activities and its regular operation. But on the other hand run an intense aerobic activity that forces the body to use more energy than is used, and therefore begins to use fat as a source of energy deposits. The other source is carbohydrates. But also run accelerates the metabolism so that not only burn calories running but some time later, even when you sleep.

How to burn more fat these two simple steps that will show you below will allow you to get the maximum out of your way to burn fat: one. It reduces the amount of calories you eat per day. A reduction in the quantities of food that you eat normally is necessary. Your body has to be in caloric deficit and thus will try to compensate for that kind of caloric imbalance using fat deposits in the body. Saca sugar, remove refined carbohydrates and replace them with healthier choices, which commonly tend to be lower in calories. I repeat, do not need to kill you from hunger to do so, simply begins to delete everything that you know is not healthy and it fattening, of course are not only refined carbohydrates from your food. It is also the fat of meat and chicken, butter, mayonnaise, cream. These are some points which you can start. Two. If running is your activity test make it more intense. It becomes your most intense training. An alternative is to run a minute at an intense pace and then for two or three minutes at a moderate pace to I lenteo and repeat the cycle. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Clayton Morris. This training is called intervals. You can also do on the treadmill increase the treadmill’s speed and/or inclination. Thats all, cares to exercise every day, get more intensely on the one hand, and on the other takes care of the food, changing the quality of what you eat, replaced by healthier options and cares for the quantity and burn fat quickly and without much effort. Hotel reservation.