Vintage Plates In OEM Quality

Over 6,000 different windscreens for oldtimers & classic cars, you have a perfectly intact old Ford Capri but your windshield shows her suspicious Milky bodies from the side? Your Opel Manta A has broken wipers traces in the front window? At the restoration of your Mercedes stroke eight”is the windshield torn in the expansion you? Sure it’s definitely annoying, but also not a big problem. In the Rhineland, near the Cologne-Bonn airport, a medium-sized company has focused on auto glass for Oldtimer and Youngtimer. For a Ford Capri I can provide classic car glass for example, 11 different windscreens versions as flawless new goods in OEM quality. This selection is also needed, wants to equip his Capri of the first series again faithfully reproduced E.g. with a bronze-colored thermal insulation glazing which has a blue wedge (or green or bronze wedge…) in the upper part of the panes. Redesigned Web site if you are looking for a slice of vintage or up only generally inform titled vintage discs, address on the redesigned corporate Web site at on the right (Internet). The page gives a clear insight into our current stock, draws attention to special offers and provides useful information on the subject of auto glass.

Constant updating almost daily new vehicles are recorded on this Web site, which then a list of the available front discs, as well as the auto glass view relevant background information clearly are prepared for. In November including the following vehicles and their windscreens were added new: Alfa Romeo: 2000 Spider (type 102), 2600 Sprint/Spider (type 106), Giulietta Sprint / spider/Berlina Audi: 60/72/75/80/90 (type F103) BMW: touring 1600/1800/2000, BMW 115 (1500/1600/1800/2000), BMW 02 series (sedan and convertible) Ford: Capri I, II, and III Mercedes: W110 (small fin), W114/115 (stroke eight), W116, W111/W112 S-class (large fin) Morgan: Morgan + 8 Opel: Manta A and B Porsche: 356 A / B / C Volkswagen: VW Corrado, VW Beetle 1200/1300/1500/1302/1303, VW Scirocco I and II, VW bus/transporters “Bulli” T2 VW 411 / 412 (type 4), VW 1500/1600 (type 3), VW K 70 (type 48): windscreen, VW Karmann Ghia (type 14), Karmann Ghia (type 34) VW different combinations of glass color for all of these vehicles (mostly clear, green, blue or bronze) and color of the stripe of Sun protection available. But even if a wanted vehicle not yet on the homepage of classic auto glass is listed, the disks are usually easily available. Alone more than 6,000 different classic car windscreens are currently available. An inquiry about the request form on the website is always worthwhile! Promise of quality classic car glass only works with well-known glassworks, the car Windows for the OEM supply. All discs of classic auto glass meet the quality criteria of the automobile manufacturers and meet the legal requirements. Classic car glass sold generally not used vintage discs, B-stock or auto glass from low-quality low-cost production.