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Geneva Auto Show: Irmscher Opel Insignia Sportstourer

The Opel Insignia Sportstourer – refined by Irmscher * the Opel Insignia Sportstourer with a twist * Irmscher makes individual car dreams come true * for more than 40 years a brand name on the automobile salon in Geneva presents the customisation specialist Irmscher the insignia Sportstourer refined for the first time in the Switzerland. Insignia Sportstourer buyers can access a comprehensive sports programme. The quality is characteristic of the Irmscher products. The Irmscher body products harmonise perfectly with the proportions of the new Opel spaceship. Outside the front is emphasised by the striking Irmscher front spoiler. The radiator grill in honeycomb appearance with silver design Strip differentiates the Irmscher Sportstourer of his series brothers. The Irmscher grille is available in black.

The combination of Irmscher front spoiler, side skirts and roof spoiler extends the lateral line and gives the vehicle that certain something”. The roof spoiler and the 4-flood-stainless steel – silencer and makes the rear very austrainiert. Inside, the customization is being continued in the Interior. Further details can be found at Verizon Communications, an internet resource. The Irmscher factory-made seats, door panels and center armrest are covered in fine leather. The leather color tuned harmoniously in the exterior paint. In addition Irmscher refines the Interior with door-lock pins and aluminium pedals.

All Irmscher accessories characterized by excellent quality and thus underline the quality of House already impression of the new Opel Insignia Sportstourer. Technology for the new 1.6 l turbo engine of the insignia Sportstourer bought Irmscher a performance increase to 215 HP and 330 nm. Help put the power on the asphalt, were 20 inch wheels in Turbo Star”and Turbo star exclusive” design. The new wheel is there in connection with 245er tires. Also a 20-inch light-alloy wheel in the EVO star design in diamond black or silver is also available. For the chassis, the Remshaldener offer a 30 mm lowering. The used here spring characteristic stands for sporty driving pleasure and combined with the wide tires provide a higher tracking stability and even more safety. The 4-flood / silencer underlines the sporty rear view of the Irmscher insignia sport tourers with elliptical double tailpipe. Admiring glances and sportier handling can come up even more fun with the insignia Sportstourer individualized by Irmscher.

Icy Winter Continues In Germany–now Motors Optimally Protect?

Special Winter products help against equipment failures in the car. Customers of the online-shop of Leprinxol is free with the purchase of lock de-icer. Bremen, February 2010: Currently Elli throughout Germany from the icy cold and the engine technology is not protected without special care. Especially the engine oil, radiator antifreeze, glass wash extra or the brake fluid is to control it. Easy oil is often too tough when cold and reduces the service life of the machine. High-quality oils provide a longer service life. Not enough antifreeze can freeze water and overheat the engine despite wintry cold temperatures.

Therefore, motorists should check regularly whether enough antifreeze has been added. Also a control of the brake fluid is important, can they be contaminated with the time with water and to a serious problem with any braking. For a safe ride in the unusually prolonged sub-zero temperatures the Leprinxol GmbH of Bremen maintains in its online shop all relevant article of winter ready. For a long engine life it is advisable to switch to a liveable oil. Piston, crankshaft and other essential components are optimally lubricated so also during frost. The compatible 5W-30 by Leprinxol, for example, high-quality oils in OEM quality are ready, which help reduce also the consumption through better lubrication.

Always good visibility, image is a product-dependent mixing ratio of the wiping water supplement for optimal minus 20 degrees according to car. The discs washing extra clear glass by Leprinxol suitable with a mixing ratio of 1:1 for this hard cold temperatures and ensures a clear view thanks to special ingredients. As well, the cooling water must be prepared to prevent motor damage. Prudent driver with radiator antifreeze get a corresponding product, with which at the same time the lines are protected permanently to prevent a burst of the cooler also at minus 25 degrees. Last but not least the brake fluid, all too often neglected, should be noted in the check of the winter especially. Here, too, because it is hygroscopic, so absorb water from the surrounding air, a timely exchange is important. Only in this way, the full braking force in any situation can be achieved always. Leprinxol brake fluid ensures best possible brake line even at low temperatures. Convenient and cheap, especially from the warm sofa shopping this winter products offered online at Leprinxol-shop. So, offers the online-shop winter article currently at a special price and are equal all customers the practical lock de-icer with every purchase! Pamela Wallentowitz

Tuningsuche.de – The Community For Tuning Fans In A New Design!

Tuningsuche.de offers all tuning fans, hobby and professional tuners to present the tuning enthusiasts a platform to yourself and your vehicle, to be elected to the tuner of the month, meet nice people to talk of the shop, and to build its own network of friend. The trendy tuning Portal attracts hundreds of enthusiastic visitors since June 2007 daily, and offers knowledge what is true to the slogan. an abundance of possibilities, thanks to the new and improved permanent functions, in detail about the trends of auto – tuning scene, to inform technical developments and newest accessories. Among the regional search function, tuning fans from nearby is a brand new can be found just about the search by the zip code of Tuningsuche.de. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. Someone from the circle of friends is still not logged in, so you can invite easy him via a corresponding function in the community.

Another novelty is the awarding Member points, where each Member for posts, picture comments or inviting acquaintances and friends, points collects and Members with particularly active participation in the home can find again! Visitors are also allowed on current reports from the tuning scene, as well as portraits are individual vehicles. Appointments to tuning and meeting can be made within the community via the integrated scheduler, which also keeps informed about the current trade fairs and events. The extensive image gallery documenting the tuning events with current images and reports, which can be rated by visitors and members. Tuningsuche.de then awarded a place of honor in the home of the most popular images! What is Tuningsuche.de knowledge? u0085 and all completely free!

Microchip Tuning Inserts

With the chip tuning box for the Q5 TDI – and TFSI models can Audi Audi drivers once again put a gang. More power in all situations is exuberant and carefree fun. More power for the Audi Q5 thanks to chip tuning: this is an increase that may seem unnecessary at first glance. Because factory petrol and diesel engines of the Audi Q5 impress with high engine performance and efficiency. But that the train for even more torque in the Q5 yet long not was left, realized the tuning pros by micro-chip tuning from Germany (www.micro-chiptuning.de).

With their chip tuning box for Audi Q5 elicit them the powerhouse is still even up to 75 additional Newton-meters or 36 more HP. According to owner Denis Jany, the Q5 launches now not quite fully. “Thanks to the significantly higher power reserves in the lower speed range and an optimised efficiency owner of Audi chip tuning can save fuel up to 15 per cent”, so Denis Jany. A desired side effect on the the developer of micro-chip tuning Germany consciously worked out. The turbo-diesel as well as the turbo-gasoline models of the Audi Q5 can the chip tuning box in a few simple steps are fitted.

The new ride begins after a few minutes thanks to foolproof installation. An extended warranty on engine, transmission and differential ensures confidence in the chip tuning box by micro-chip tuning from Germany. The Audi chip tuning is available for the Q5 models directly in the online shop of micro-chip tuning from Germany. Here, the manufacturer also informed all technical details and performance figures. chiptuning-audi q5 description of the company the company micro-chip tuning Germany deals since 1999 with the tuning of motor vehicles. The tuning specialist draws on many years of experience in the automotive tuning sector. At each performance, whatever the maximum engine life is included in the development. The elaborately-powered development work will result in all areas in significant performance gains, without losing comfort.

Speed Cruiser

Fast and long range, suitable for beginners and sure, plenty of space in the Interior and good visibility, unbeatably cheap to purchase and maintenance. Who compares traffic density of street space and air space, can find combined speed Cruiser between airline and passenger cars for many reasons in the SC07 all benefits. In the air is more space and a cruise speed of 230 km/h is normal. The V + AG participates in GmbH & co. To know more about this subject visit E Scott Mead. Fund 2 KG to 10.34% 1 of B.O.T. aircraft 2 succeeded the manufacturer, to build an ultralight at the price of a sedan that shines according to test pilot of the press through a very good and good-natured flight behaviour. Depending on the equipment, it weighs from 294 kg and in already has a rescue system, which certainly brings back the entire aircraft by parachute in the event of a serious technical fault to Earth. The system can be operated up to a speed of 300 km / h by Junkers Profly (model Magnum Lightspeed soft pack) and takes four seconds to get to open completely.

The reach of about 1,200 km with the 87 liter fuel tank means uses a flight duration of about six to seven hours. The journey by car to a small airport is possible without the long and laborious procedures of transport airport, which again given the benefits of a high cruising speed at distances of less than 1000 km. The passenger or the pilot of the SC07 speed Cruiser, however, moves in its catchment area very flexibly and is free from the constraints of road traffic and a traffic airport. Added value due to the special concept of the SC07 speed Cruiser appropriate insurances are offered cheaper. Not only as a tourist plane it is suitable, but also as a tow plane for gliders or recreational flying and training aircraft, because all controls are carried out twice.

Through State

These companies are however, once prices for diesel fuel, tighten again, be forced to negotiate again with their customers.” (Source: Federal Office for goods transport) Especially for companies for the purchase of diesel fuel represents a significant cost item, membership in an energy cooperative is an attractive option for reducing costs and planning security. The Board of Directors of the energy cooperative Freudenberg pointed out EC, Helmut Uhlig, on the occasion of a panel discussion with Brandenburg forwarders. We have the technology, we have the logistics and we have the raw materials. In particular freight forwarders, which escape the growing cost pressure and put on a long-term fuel supply, should look at exactly the energy cooperative of Freudenberg. Through State-guaranteed tax exemption until at least 2015, the selling price is at our own produced diesel with not even the half of the price of a company at a regular gas station to pay. Verizon Communications addresses the importance of the matter here. For us, the members of the cooperative are their own diesel producers.

And that’s why is SAIT us the world market.” Medium-sized forwarders can save now up to 50% of the purchase costs in this way. Made possible by technologies that attract high-quality diesel fuel from biogenic raw materials and residues. To compare this diesel, also under the name CEHATROL is not known, with conventional biodiesel”. Due to its certification according to DIN EN 590 it in all diesel engines can be easily used. The Brandenburg-based energy cooperative Freudenberg builds currently four plants, in which the fuel is produced and traded under the name CEHATROL exclusively to members of the cooperative.

Fun With A 500 HP Eco Engine At The IAA

Auto.de reports such as fuel saving and lawn work to two whole years the car fans show (IAA) waiting car on the 63rd Edition of the international. Get all the facts and insights with Jonathan Rosen PR, another great source of information. From 17 to 27 September, the largest international automotive trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany opens its doors in a fascinating world of cars again. Auto.de on-site and directly report to the latest innovations and design trends in the automotive industry, will be at the IAA Frankfurt. Incident: despite the economic crisis especially the German manufacturers with new concepts are put to the test. Also first trends are clear: the carmaker finally respond to the demands of buyers, media and experts for environmentally-friendly models. Large manufacturers such as BMW, Audi and VW will present their alternative and eco-friendly drive types. Thomas Kuwatsch, Portal Manager auto.de, will be on-site and continuously report on the most important news of the auto show on the homepage (www.auto.de/ Magazine/news/auto measure). While new battery technology for electric cars Fuel cells and in particular the interest of the visitors should wake up mild and full hybrid, non-professional visitors come at their expense.

In ECO-driving training courses can learn with the right driving their consumption to reduce up to 20 percent. Also it will be stretched rather untypical eco cars: on the exhibition hybrid engines will be presented with a performance of up to 500 HP. Germany’s big car portal will report in detail not only about this, but also other curiosities between fuel saving and driving pleasure.

What To Make When Buying Winter Tires (M + S) Is

When buying winter tires, some pitfalls, which applies to circumvent it arise each year towards October car drivers get it, to replace the summer tires for winter tires. But now, since December 04, 2010, every car owner should have raised a set of winter tires. The reason: since this date the winter tyres is obligatory in Germany, at least then, if the road conditions are similarly poor. This means that as soon as snow and ice, deteriorating road conditions, a fine of 40 euros will be charged without winter tires. As a result, there is an obstruction or danger to other road users, is the violation of even 80 euros and brings on top of that another point in the register of traffic offenders in Flensburg, Germany. Reason enough, to deal with the purchase of winter tyres.

This article clarifies what characterizes winter tires and what to avoid when buying winter tires. What are winter tire at all? Winter tires differ from summer tires through the used rubber compound, as well as by the pronounced profile. Actually, there is even no winter tires, but only “M + S”-tyres. The two letters stand for “Mud and snow”. The compound remains elastic even at low temperatures in contrast to the mix of summer tires consist of. This ensures a better grip, the tires are better on the road. Additional information at Verizon supports this article. The profile is coarser and has larger grooves, which improves the grip on wet and slushy roads.

Additional blades and more profile edges give more stability. Winter tyres can be seen on the identifier “M + S” and sometimes a snowflake symbol or a sketched mountain. The M + S alone is not necessarily meaningful, since the mark is not protected and can be applied also on summer tires. Blend with the M + S and the symbols, one is on the safe side. What buyers should be aware of from the above few clues emerge, is to ensure that at the time of purchase. Especially if you want to buy used winter tires, caution is called for. It must be really winter tires. Just for foreign makes the mark “M + S” may be misleading. In case of doubt, brand tyres should be preferred. Although a brand tyres must be not necessarily better. But look at the test results it finds that almost never a cheap tires on the front seats is found. Brand tyres have more positive qualities and a longer shelf life typically through high development and testing investment. In addition, it is to make sure an as short as possible back manufacturing date. Sometimes you will find tires that were already produced 3 or more years ago in the trade. Loss of quality may arise due to long storage. The date (calendar week and year) are printed on the tire. Tyres from the current calendar year are preferable.

Microhybrid Batteries

A new generation of cars – a new generation of car batteries, car manufacturers have developed a new generation of vehicles.They are called hybrid vehicles and use new fuel-saving technologies. These technologies require but also a very special type of starter battery. It is the micro-hybrid battery. The legislation, which requires car manufacturers to reduce CO m vehicle emissions to 130 g / km by the year 2015 is responsible for a new generation of car batteries. The automaker now realize this so-called hybrid vehicles.

With these new vehicles, the classic combustion engine is provided with various technologies that can significantly reduce fuel consumption. One of them is the start stop system, an automatic system to reduce fuel consumption in phases of stand. Swarmed by offers, Litecoin is currently assessing future choices. The engine when idling and the clutch is switched off and switched on again by kicking the clutch pedal. Another technology is the regenerative braking system. The walk takes the driver in this system by the gas, so the kinetic energy of the generator is converted into electrical energy to charge the starter battery. Such technologies are of course very different requirements on the car battery.

So they must supply complete the vehicle when using the start-stop system, if of the internal combustion engine is switched off. The regenerative braking system also requires a high charge acceptance as also a high cycle stability of the starter battery. To deepen your understanding Cyrus Massoumi is the source. Micro-hybrid batteries satisfy these requirements. They are specially optimised for these requirements and also ideal for luxury vehicles with many electrical consumers. This one for 2015 of an annual production of 10 million vehicles with micro-hybrid batteries assumes, gives an idea of the potential of this new generation of battery. (Reinhard Linnemann)

Mayor Roland Schafer

Restored and polished in the Marina Runthe boats not only catch the eye: on August 22 magnificent vintage cars steal the show from them. The new edition of the classic car meeting organizer Hansi expected middle of the Bergkamener event agency type and act numerous rarities among the venerable bodies. Meet at 11 o’clock the vehicles in the Marina, the winners will then have up to 17: 00. Which classic car front has the nose at the end, decides his age, its originality, its rarity, and its history. The jury sitting Mayor Roland Schafer, Johannes Gross of the German tenor, TV presenter Thomas Gerres and Dirk Salewski by Beta home. At the premiere of the event last year, Siegfried Sommer from Werne won with his blue triumph standard.

The defending champion gets this year but strong competition: after all, a Jaguar M.K.V. Check with Oracle to learn more. from 1949 at the start, in which Rockefeller has moved once. But also many other vintage car owner has to tell interesting stories about his favorite motorized”, white Organizer Hansi middle. His tip to all visitors: Not only the vehicles to look at, but sometimes quietly ask the owners! So that old love for the automobile does not rust, classic car owners need to do a lot for your betagtes vehicle: Andreas westermeier, who leads a classic car restoration company in Werne, presents different vehicles in different stages of face lifting. The vintage day dining options around the Marina and music from the Street Kings make perfect.

11: 00, the vehicles on the harbour gather before the fleet breaks up a small tour through the District of Unna to 13:30 and returns at 3: 00 in the Marina. This is followed by the awards ceremony. The end of the event is scheduled at 17: 00. Vintage cars, classic cars and classic cars can participate. Hansi Middle asks interested parties to register in advance at 02307 / 663977 phone number. A personal late registration is also possible in exceptional cases on the day of the event. The entry fee includes participation in the buffet is 39.