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Cash For Clunkers: Nobel Brands Are Losers

New registrations show Division of the German car market of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) new figures confirm the trend of the past few months: while manufacturers of small and medium-sized cars achieve growth rates in the two – and three-digit percentage range new registrations, break the sales at the Nobel brands despite the now-expired State support. The Internet portal auto.de reveals which brands belong to the winners and losers. In October 2009 Nissan was able to achieve the greatest jump along with its Infiniti luxury daughter forward. As shown by the figures of the KBA, the Japanese manufacturer increased its approvals in comparison with October 2008 179,6 percent and thus sold absolutely 7.873 vehicles. Skoda increased 141.5% and thus newly brought 18.489 cars on the road. Together with its parent company Renault, Dacia increased its sales by 74.6 percent.

This corresponds to 22.658 new vehicles. As the car magazine further reported that the Volkswagen brand in absolute terms remains despite the large growth rates of competition, undisputed leader on German streets. Overall, the Wolfsburg sold 71.774 cars, achieved but only an increase of 30.4 percent. All premium brands from German production have suffered losses. The registration figures for Audi decreased by 15.5 percent to 20.168 sold cars. BMW and mini together 22.158 vehicles sold, and that 14 percent less than in the comparison period.

Mercedes lost 12.7 percent and dismissed only 25.779 cars from its factories. In sum, the KBA registered 321.120 new registered vehicles on German roads. (Source: Steve Kassin). So is 24.1 per cent plus compared to the previous month. More information: ../Abwrackpraemie-spaltet-deutschen-Pkw-Markt contact: Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Finally Winter Tyres Compulsory

Long overdue was this law in Germany? For motorists, who are traveling in the cold season still with summer tires on the streets, it will now close. Winter tyres compulsory in Germany is: since December 4th, 2010. The road traffic Act (StVO) requires every motorist to drive in winter weather with winter tires on black ice, slush and snow icy summer tires must give way to the winter tires The tyres must, as described in the EU Directive 92/23/EEC with the M + S “marking must be provided and must have the properties referred to in that provision.” This allowed are also all-season tires – or all weather tires. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Verizon Communications. It is important that the tires tread have at least four millimeters and not older than five years. Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles must inflate the tires on both axles, heavy commercial vehicles but only pull the drive shaft with the appropriate tyre ranges.

Motorcycles have also equipped with the appropriate tyre are, however, here arises the problem that only a few winter tyre sizes in this sector are offered. Discouraged by the ADAC but anyway these vehicles to drive in the snow and frost. Who ignored the winter tyres compulsory, risked a fine of 40 to 80 Euro depending on how hard is the obstruction of traffic by the non-compliance. A point in the file of traffic offenders in Flensburg can also be added. It is also important to know that car insurance can cut the services, if you caused an accident with summer tires.

Then it may lead to liability insurance, that one remaining seated on parts of the costs. In the worst case it may cause the full freedom to provide the insurance, for example in case of gross negligence. Also it can cause injured parties of liability, if the accident evidence could have been avoided with winter tires. Despite the use of winter tyres it is not immune from accidents during the cold season, because this finally physical limits are subject to, and only in the Can work together with the most important winter rules”. The speed must be adapted to the weather and road conditions in particular. This is sure to accelerate with feeling, brakes, as well as to steer and to ensure enough clearance. Is always to ensure the unobstructed view out of the car and avoid unnecessary trips to the vehicle. There is the theme of winter tyres compulsory in many Internet forums”and the consequences lively discussed. So for example, in the Forum of the Web mail provider Webmail.de. Look nevertheless simply times purely and join the discussion. Helena Schmidt)

Vintage Plates In OEM Quality

Over 6,000 different windscreens for oldtimers & classic cars, you have a perfectly intact old Ford Capri but your windshield shows her suspicious Milky bodies from the side? Your Opel Manta A has broken wipers traces in the front window? At the restoration of your Mercedes stroke eight”is the windshield torn in the expansion you? Sure it’s definitely annoying, but also not a big problem. In the Rhineland, near the Cologne-Bonn airport, a medium-sized company has focused on auto glass for Oldtimer and Youngtimer. For a Ford Capri I can provide classic car glass for example, 11 different windscreens versions as flawless new goods in OEM quality. This selection is also needed, wants to equip his Capri of the first series again faithfully reproduced E.g. with a bronze-colored thermal insulation glazing which has a blue wedge (or green or bronze wedge…) in the upper part of the panes. Redesigned Web site if you are looking for a slice of vintage or up only generally inform titled vintage discs, address on the redesigned corporate Web site at on the right (Internet). The page gives a clear insight into our current stock, draws attention to special offers and provides useful information on the subject of auto glass.

Constant updating almost daily new vehicles are recorded on this Web site, which then a list of the available front discs, as well as the auto glass view relevant background information clearly are prepared for. In November including the following vehicles and their windscreens were added new: Alfa Romeo: 2000 Spider (type 102), 2600 Sprint/Spider (type 106), Giulietta Sprint / spider/Berlina Audi: 60/72/75/80/90 (type F103) BMW: touring 1600/1800/2000, BMW 115 (1500/1600/1800/2000), BMW 02 series (sedan and convertible) Ford: Capri I, II, and III Mercedes: W110 (small fin), W114/115 (stroke eight), W116, W111/W112 S-class (large fin) Morgan: Morgan + 8 Opel: Manta A and B Porsche: 356 A / B / C Volkswagen: VW Corrado, VW Beetle 1200/1300/1500/1302/1303, VW Scirocco I and II, VW bus/transporters “Bulli” T2 VW 411 / 412 (type 4), VW 1500/1600 (type 3), VW K 70 (type 48): windscreen, VW Karmann Ghia (type 14), Karmann Ghia (type 34) VW different combinations of glass color for all of these vehicles (mostly clear, green, blue or bronze) and color of the stripe of Sun protection available. But even if a wanted vehicle not yet on the homepage of classic auto glass is listed, the disks are usually easily available. Alone more than 6,000 different classic car windscreens are currently available. An inquiry about the request form on the website is always worthwhile! Promise of quality classic car glass only works with well-known glassworks, the car Windows for the OEM supply. All discs of classic auto glass meet the quality criteria of the automobile manufacturers and meet the legal requirements. Classic car glass sold generally not used vintage discs, B-stock or auto glass from low-quality low-cost production.

Dacia Logan

Dacia Logan Combi a unknown car? Certainly, there are many people who have never heard the name of Dacia or even Logan. For example, one reads rows where the Dacia Logan MCV (combined) for his place is praised as a 7 people in this car can sit up and also enough space for shopping etc. remains. “Furthermore can one also read on the technology-related LOB, so the Logan also is being touted, that he has still no technical disadvantages after a driving mileage of 100,000 km and on the street still has his car” is. Filed under: Larry Ellison. Recently also the price-performance ratio is praised, because with a new price of 8.400,00, this car is simply unbeatable.

But why the Dacia Logan is still quite unknown? Now, this may seem quite simply it is that one does not necessarily know the manufacturer brand Dacia. Would run the Logan among the main companies Renault, this would certainly on everyone’s lips, but even honest, then would be It also not for a purchase price from 8.400,00. Well, somewhere cuts must be made. Fact is and remains in any case that this combination certainly can hold a candle the renowned station wagons Mercedes, Audi and co., not only price seen, but also can be the facilities, which are filled with extras, extra charge of course, but it is possible without ifs and buts.

SandX Cooperation

Platune present the world BBs fastest off-road vehicle Platune to conquer unforgiving desserts once again, a new milestone has been reached, as Platune takes on a new challenge in order to advance their expertise in automobile construction. As a matter of fact, Platune is proud to announce a highly promising cooperation with sand-X, a Swiss company specializing in off-road vehicles. It what only a question of time until the company would expand its crusade from t to the roads and waters of the civilized world to the unforgiving terrain of the desserts. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gary Kelly on most websites. And they could not better find fit a. The future collaboration of Platune and sand-X is not gratifying completion in their mutual quest a coincidence but a rather a for luxury, perfection and exclusiveness. Both companies simply strive for extraordinary driving experience, and they surely accomplished their goal.

For instance, Platune is particularly proud to announce that both companies currently work on the development of a Platune-sand-X mobile, which will be only available at exclusive limited edition. Moreover, it speaks for sand-X when Gulf News once wrote that “the SAND-X will soon Callisto Dune riding the way we know it”, off-road bike is claimed to be the safest, fastest, and powerful dune most bike. Clearly, Swiss quality and precision to finally conquer the unforgiving desserts of the world perfectly merged with Platune’s expertise. In fact, the new SAND-X is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in as little as 2.8 seconds, which is double as fast as a Yamaha Raptor 700 (0-100 km/h < 5.4 sec.). However, its breathtaking speed is not enough.

the vehicle is highly maneuverable, mobile, and certainly indispensible in transporting equipment, for the SAND-X has a bigger loading capacity and is able to carry more gear combined with a bigger fuel range (> 350 km) for longer operations. And lastly, Platune its unique and sharp design makes the new SAND-X a feast for the eyes, and seems to take’s concept of luxury and technology to a whole new level. It simply appears that not even the most unforgiving places on earth will be spared because Platune taming them all. For additional information about Platune, please visit Platune is a development company in the areas of sport and luxury automobile construction, yacht construction, tuning, hybrid technology and LED technology. Platune combines design, technology and luxury in order to create unique products in the high price segment, in short: Platune luxury starts where premium stops. All the way at the top. “We are unique in design; We would like to polarize, to arouse reactions. A Platune product is more a piece of art than a product. This piece of art always places the user in the center and makes the user into an artist.” Exclusiveness is the central element in the world of Platune.

The Car Make Cute Bumps Instead Of Flowers – The Sweetheart Valentin Day

New from the \”The paint doctor\” on the 14th of February is Valentin day, the unofficial holiday of flowers, chocolates and greeting card seller. Why not even give something else the loved one? For example removing the ugly bump that have long graced her car\”. Too time-consuming and too expensive? It doesn’t have to be. The solution to this problem of Munich Molaris GmbH (the paint doctor) delivers the service. Valentin day is originally a religious holiday in honour of Bishop Valentin from Terni, against the will of the Emperor, lovers believe the legend.

It comes to love even today at the’s day of Valentin, although the holiday seems to be firmly in the hands of flowers, chocolates and greeting card seller. But why not even give something else his loved ones? Statistics show that the number of women who have their own car, is steadily increasing. Women emphasize even more in the appearance of the own car than men who worry about the technology of the car for more. What so obvious, instead of flowers just once that Removing a bump or a lacquer damage to give. Flowers are wilting after three weeks. A Fender, who shines in new splendour, should keep generally last longer.

However, repair of a Fender in the brand workshop can be quite expensive, because this is there mostly built. \”One way to save costs, in this case is the so-called SMART – repair procedures, as by the Munich Molaris Ltd, better known as the paint doctor\”, is applied. This partially eliminates the damage by our service engineers with special tools and equipment. A new painting or replacement of parts can usually be avoided. This huge cost savings compared to a traditional repair results for our customers\”, explains Martina Waidhas Molaris GmbH. The offer of the paint doctor\”includes removing paint damage of all kinds as well as upholstery, auto glass and Alufelgenreparatur, and much more.

Summer Tyre Shops Compared Test

Testsieger.de has the various well-known summer tire shop from the Internet tested need summer tires stores compared with the now upcoming daylight saving time summer tires also again. Currently on this topic, the site testsieger.de has tested 12 online shops for car tyres. Four categories were crucial for the eventual placement, product and price were the most important criteria, behind it, then how good the stuff works and how good the service is. Also, the security of the entire ordering process and the website was tested, as well as the construction and comfort. Here you will find a summary of the test winner.

Taking into account all results, the online store was Reifendirekt.de with a score of 1.6 of the test winner, who with “very good” in the categories of product and price, as well as security, convinced in the other two “good”. Followed with the endnote by 2.1 Popgom.de everywhere reached the grade “good” and thus landed in second place. The dealer tire-tires Online.de reached a 2.4, as for all tasks, on order and Service with “satisfactory”, a “good” has been reached. The well known tyre dealers in this country, ATU, came up with the own homepage the same average score as # 3, but the most important point, product and price, section here only with “satisfactory”. Reifen.com, who was able to convince mainly because of very good security and good website and the order placed just behind also fifth.

Only the price and the product achieved a “satisfactory”. Sixth, the shop of Autoteilestore.com succeeded with the endnote by 2.8. Here product and price, as well as the appointment and the service shared a “satisfactory”, however, the security and the building of the website was “good”. You can query the prices of the summer tyre shops with cheaper tires free of charge and without time. The other six tested pages cut off all worse, the grades ranged from a 2.9 up to 3.5. Here was in product and price for all providers only a “fair” reached, only kfzteile24.de had the best deal. These Provider, with the exception of car tyre Outlet.de, achieved in security even just a ‘poor’. All other headings vary depending on the page, but none achieved the extensively explained test results. Summer tyre test 2011: alarming results in the summer tyre test GTu summer tyre test: Ecology versus security

So Does A Catalyst

The catalyst of the car is important for the environment, everyone surely knows that. But how does a catalyst work? In any internal combustion engine, also poisonous, polluting gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons occur in addition to carbon dioxide and water. As far as possible to reduce the emissions of these substances harmful to humans, the catalyst is used. It converts the poisonous substances in non-toxic gases. The catalyst of the car is also called the three-way catalytic converter.

Today’s catalysts reduce pollutants by 90% or more in collaboration with the lambda probe. By definition actually no real catalyst, catalyst for the car is a three-way. A catalyst is an element that is able to speed up a chemical reaction without itself to be consumed. This is not the case in a three-way catalytic converter, catalytic converter is the correct term. To convert the toxic emissions, the precious metals used in a car’s catalytic converter Palladium, Platinum and rhodium. Catalysts are car parts, which are subject to more wear and regularly checked and exchanged must.

What chemical processes run in a catalytic converter? The harmful exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine contain unburned fuel residues, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. These substances meet the catalytic converter on a chemically active layer, which contains the precious metals Platinum, palladium and rhodium. Due to the chemical reaction of the substances carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon in water vapour and nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen are split. The substances produced by chemical reactions are largely harmless and at least not directly harmful to health. The emitted carbon dioxide is also not good for the environment (greenhouse effect) while not poisonous, but of course. The chemical process takes place in a block, which is made of rough pottery. There are 62 individual honeycombs per square inch cross-sectional area inside of the block. Because of this construction is the entire Surface of the block 20,000 m.A cleaning effect is achieved with the latest catalysts by almost 99%, which is already a remarkable achievement. For the ceramic block to be as long-lasting, it is soft and is inspected every two years within the framework of the emission analysis (AU). Although the ceramic block is well protected, it can happen that a catalytic converter is inoperable. This happens, for example, in case of accidents through mechanical damage or even putting on uneven roads with many potholes or careless driving in traffic-calmed zones with bumps. Also leaded petrol and defective ignition systems are detrimental to the catalytic converter. When defective ignition systems, it can happen that gasoline dripping unverbrannt in the ceramic block, ruined any catalyst in a short time. Eva Otter

Sunny Cars

Slovakia in the fall for winter tires between November 1st and April 30th, 2012 depending on the rental partners from three Euros per day plus the local VAT on. And Slovenia all vehicles are equipped by October 2011 to March 2012 for free with winter tires. When driving in ski resorts is basically a cautious driving style. The weather conditions can change rapidly, and especially secondary roads or narrow mountain roads are difficult to negotiate in snow drifts. Under New Zealand, also old pressed snow or ice can lie and make a slippery surface. Important is the car rental booking on including services such as collision damage waiver protection (also for glass, tire, roof and underbody), a motor vehicle theft insurance without Selbstbetei-involvement or a guaranteed insurance coverage to make sure is this an integral part of every booking in the event to be densfall covered with sunny cars. About Sunny Cars: A vacation rental from Sunny Cars is available for over 5,000 resorts in more than 90 countries. While the broker that was founded 20 years ago by owner and Managing Director Kai Sannwald, works with local car rental companies in the target areas together and makes the holiday car available for the best possible price / performance ratio. An integral part of Sunny Cars price packages are all important inclusive services, all-round protection on great ride with the car can go with vacationers. Also winter tires for car rental are partly in the package.

Leipzig Tel Drivers

Tiredness while driving a car resembling alcohol for the most common causes of accidents on German roads of Microsleep. As the car Portal reported auto.de, the danger of the Einnickens driving on the highway is greatest. According to scientists 24 hours without sleep affect similar to driving ability as a per mille of alcohol in the blood. It is extremely dangerous for just a few seconds that close to eyes just driving the car. Finally, drivers at a speed of 130 kilometres per hour put back nearly 200 feet in five seconds.

Even if no obstacle is located on this route, the Microsleep can have disastrous consequences. In particular upon waking people incorrect responses tend to. These include violent braking or sudden steering, which eventually leads to serious accidents. Especially professional drivers are affected. Especially in freight forwarders often large date, that truck drivers indulging in no breaks resulting pressure.

But even after a long lunch with as well the danger of the second sleep grows rich food. More groups at risk are the young drivers who are tired at night on the way home after a disco visit. On the other hand, tourists who want to travel long distances to the holiday destination in the shortest time possible overestimate sometimes. As a flat-rate prescription against the dangerous pitch at the helm, experts recommend enough sleep and regular breaks. Also tips like the lowered side window keep them for deceptive. More information: ../Sekunden-entscheiden-ueber-Leben-und-Tod contact: Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59