The Independence

The company should be abandoned rather the use of expensive overdraft facilities, as on the most favorable loan (such as special loans of KfW, LfA, etc.). In addition, that banks in an emergency of faster credit line reduce or even delete as existing loans due on business accounts. Not always, it takes the banks for additional liquidity. So the demand for circulating funds can often advance payments or an optimized production flow (internal financing through stock changes) are covered or reduced. When the so-called troubleshooting, in crisis management, are often the options used in the good times already potential offer. These are a scarce but sufficient stocks of goods, purchasing specific demand, a quick accounting and a consistent reminders. Except for leasing and factoring for sale-and-lease-back possibility often (paid asset is sold and leased back, so that it can be used). In case of emergency, banks and suppliers through an exchange of assets (debt equity switch) participation can ensure the continued existence of the company.

For more information, also see. Fall arrest solutions represent a possibility after the bankruptcy to safeguard jobs and maintain parts of the company. Investments are mainly for good business figures and especially attractive projects with unique selling proposition (USP) and good future earnings prospects. Here participation companies, venture capital looking for lucrative Fund, business angels and private investors again Investment opportunities. Innovation, new markets, and other future-oriented projects with good prospects here often more easily find a Mitfinanzierer than safety-oriented banks, who primarily want to safely manage the money of their depositors. Again and again Mitarbeiterbeteiliungsmodelle are particularly interesting.

These are useful building blocks of a balanced strategy of equity capital in good times to reduce the independence of financial donors. In a crisis, the Mitarbeiterbeteiliung is not useful, if only suffering will be extended. New money without sufficient restructuring leads mostly to the loss of money and not to preserve the company and jobs. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Scott Mead.