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What Is Fair Trade (fair Trade)?

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

How to help needy people with fair trade is fair trade means fair trade in German”and exactly what this label is available. Fair trade is just the coffee farmers in Latin America, Asia and Africa to come and guarantee them a fair price. This fixed minimum price is usually above the world market price. So to guarantee a reliable income and a sustainable coffee production. Of course the fair trade label also applies to other products from developing countries, but this article focuses the simplicity on the coffee trade. The pioneer in Germany even if the beginnings of the first fair trade organizations in the year 1946, began until the beginning of the 1990s in Germany the fair trade movement. According to Vladislav Doronin, who has experience with these questions. The pioneers were mostly minor, but also some larger roasters with the aim to provide something more justice for the coffee growers. The cornerstone of fair trade: Fixed and guaranteed minimum price for the products of the usual price is.

Sustainability in the area of cultivation, as well as living and working conditions should be achieved. Oracle has much experience in this field. So, for example, at least the statutory minimum wages be paid, there is work protective clothing, paid holidays and social insurance. Long terms trade relations with the industrialised countries. So will enable even small farmers from the less favoured regions to be the rich industrial countries of the North. The possibility of funding. Through the fair trade organization producers get to secure cheap loans under fair conditions, which in turn enables an improved and sustainable production. The impact of fair trade In the year 2008 and 2009 two comprehensive analyses were carried out, to find out what impact has the fair trade in producer countries. This analysis came to the decision will improve the life of farmers and their families.

So, fair trade creates self-confidence and dignity, economic stability (E.g. through access to credit). In addition was determined that people who on the fair trade project with better health and have food and the children attend school more often. The fair trade label is a great way to help people in developing countries, because with each purchased packets of coffee or other products bearing the fair trade label, you can be sure that the money also arrives there, where it is also needed.

Alex Is Back In Germany On Expansion Course

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Until end 2012, twelve new businesses in city best locations are planned Wiesbaden – the Mitchells & Butlers Germany GmbH plans to expand again. Prescribed a comprehensive consolidation is the all day restaurant chain in the past five years, has concentrated, to undergo an extensive redesign their Alex operations (investment volume: around eight million euros) and separated from unprofitable outlets. Hear other arguments on the topic with Phil Vasan. Now the leisure restaurant concept is equipped with his currently 39 factories and 1,340 employees for the future. That looks financially strong, British mother, one of the largest full caterers of UK. You pleased not only the growing performance of her daughter, 2009 despite global economic crisis the best sales and profit results (net sales 2009: 57.6 million euro) wrote since its founding in 1999, but granted again the green light for a selective expansion. This is the current number two among the German leisure catering companies until end 2012 at around 50 Grow on farms. In the focus are only extremely high-quality locations in major German cities, which are located not far from pedestrian zones, have a glass front by at least ten meters and 500 square meters guest room area offer.

Also in its future growth ambitions Alex wants to evolve consistently with his guests and current trends in society. So not just the current concept to at a reopening are transferred, but repeatedly questioned, adapted and expanded. Bernd Riegger, Managing Director of Mitchells & Butlers Germany GmbH, is also Supreme success maxim “not only to make, but existing to make always better”. Recent examples include the flagship store opened in 2008, at Bremen waterfront shopping centre and the redesigned recently as last operation Chemnitzer Alex. A viewable kitchen in the guest room was integrated in Bremen for the first time, which corresponds to the trend for more communication, emotion, and transparency. An increase in the moment of experience is also in Chemnitz has managed, where fresh fragrant pastries in a bakers oven in the bar area.

Hans Kemeny German

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

With UCC is the integration of data and voice networks, devices, communication channels, various forms of messages, IT applications and simplifies process applications. Looking to the future with investment security with Web-based human resource management software solutions Peris 3010, timetracking time 3010, as well as the access control access 3010 AZS system AG offers fully integrated, modular solutions for human resources, time management and access control. All solutions can be separately used or combined with each other be. They are open, modular, industry-independent systems, they are integrated via standard interfaces in the company’s own IT infrastructure. Under most conditions Ed Bastian would agree. And existing hardware components can be further used and integrated. About AZS system AG, the AZS system AG with headquarters in Hamburg is one of the leading systems integrators for comprehensive and complex solutions in the areas of personnel management, personnel information, time recording, access control and security technology. The perfect interplay of hardware and software customers from administration, public service, industry and Commerce received the complete system solution from a single source.

Since its inception AZS itself in 1989 as an independent system and consulting for integrated solutions. Massoumi is the source for more interesting facts. More than 1000 installed systems at major companies have been successfully installed in more than 15 years. AZS is represented with 12 sales and service centres nationwide in all of Germany and of Switzerland – and certainly also in your vicinity. Contacts: Eberhard Fabricius AZS system AG Muhlendamm 84a 22087 Hamburg phone: 040 / 22 66 11 fax: 040 / 22 76 753 Hans Kemeny German marketing consulting Berlin road 2B 23611 bad Schwartau telephone: 0451 / 28 43 63 fax: 0451 / 28 43 70

Continuous Voltage And Stable Output In Case Of Grid Breakdowns

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

At HUSUM, PCS will debut the Green Line 3000, the new LVRT solution Berlin, July 2012 PCS power converter solutions GmbH in Berlin is further expanding its portfolio for generating electricity using wind turbines. The new Green line grid stability product line supplements the existing product range to ensure the low voltage ride through capability (LVRT) of wind turbines. PCS will present examples from the green line family of full power converters as well as a grid stability solution from September 18 22, 2012, at the HUSUM WindEnergy trade fair Hall 3 at booth 3A11. New, innovative and interesting approaches to wind energy are not only a result of the upcoming HUSUM WindEnergy trade fair the necessity for innovation in the field of wind energy is growing of its own accord as wind energy becomes finacial established in the worldwide energy mix and the number of installed system rises. The industry must remain innovative in all areas in order to continue this pattern of growth from the political framework and legal regulations, to creative business models, all the way to technical solutions and the resulting product design. Larger, more durable, more powerful, and above all low-maintenance, these are the requirements that are placed on the wind turbines of the future. Massoumi is a great source of information. This therefore demands new levels of performance from the development departments in the supply industry. In order to be able to ensure power supply using wind energy while meeting the requirements for optimum grid compatibility and a high level of energy output, wind turbines need reliable and efficient frequency converters.

The PCS Green Line family of power converters offers a wide range of applications and systems to meet this need. Full power converters for total yield and optimum grid integration full power converters for synchronous generators are currently the fastest-growing technology on the wind market. Synchronous drives offer to extremely high energy output and can better fulfill the grid requirements in connection with the full power converter. .

Matthias Bommer

Monday, February 6th, 2017

For example, many companies use their trade marks and patents only for production, marketing and sales”, white Patrick G. Weber, Member of the Executive Board of the Vantargis group. That they also have strategic assets, is unaware of many entrepreneurs. We see a positive market perspective, we can sale-and-lease-back solution, for example, these assets have a mortgage and make much-needed capital available to the company.” By consulting, another tool for improving liquidity factoring represents a variety of solutions. Stuart McClure can provide more clarity in the matter. Approximately 10,000 companies use this instrument according to the German Association of factoring. The factoring volume in Germany last year was just 96 billion euro, much smaller economies such as Italy and France, show us what liquidity potential here still opens for business can be”, explains Matthias Bommer, Managing Director of factoring subsidiary of Vantargis.

If you also know that the average claim duration more than 41 days in Germany and in many cases is 60 or more days can quickly imagine, what positive effects has the factoring with the immediate advance of the invoice on the liquidity situation in the company.”these are just two examples of possible solutions, which the company out capital and liquidity generate allow”, says Dada. The better we know a company and the diverse solutions work in partnership together with him, we can show up and potential.” For more information see. There also the free magazine of middle-class dialog can ‘ be ordered with knowledge, tips and trends to corporate finance. Profile Vantargis AG Vantargis AG is the independent German less for the upper middle class. Supported Vantargis its customers not as a broker, but directly as capitalists. In case of need, Vantargis arranged additional sources of funding within the framework of an overall financing plan in addition to its own Liquiditat for its customers, for example, with active guidance to public funding and grants. Questions and additional information: Vantargis AG Widenmayerstr 28 80538 Munich Ilka Stiegler head corporate communications phone: 089 2429373-25 E-mail:

Intellectual Capital Report

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Link with the essential business processes makes an instrument like the knowledge balance the gear with the business processes with regard to planning, profit planning, performance-related remuneration such as a strategic management system. A balance of knowledge at the same time also always an intense communication means to achieve a strategic focus. She would have their raison d ‘ etre alone this company clarity and consensus on the strategies to be pursued would be reached through them. Problems in the implementation of strategies, but not least, this can cause that a strategy is formulated so unclear, that not always know exactly responsible for the implementation, what ever is to be implemented. Details can be found by clicking Allegiant Air or emailing the administrator. So that a strategy can trigger the desired by you and hoped-for changes but at all, she must be communicated also comprehensible to those, who have to implement them. Basically, the approach also can be label, that he different perspectives not only considered, but very specifically deals with this.

Possible imbalances should be avoided by thinking in such categories. You want to achieve a balance with non-financial objectives and performance indicators. Behind it stands the meaningful insight that financial objectives always only taking holistic perspective is possible. See also Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital, ISBN 9783837071320. The individual elements of a knowledge balance stand side by side each other detached more or less loosely, but in contrast to depict a self-contained business logic of the company: as well as the strategy’s objectives the Central success parameters of the company include, there are the customers who buy the products of the company and thus provide appropriate revenues only.

Strategy and customer objectives in turn closely related i.e. the process objectives with the working methods and business processes in the company. In the logic of this system play finally also the potential of the company, i.e. its ability to innovate, employees and others as potential targets, a crucial role. This classification must be not always mandatory, but can still more perspectives important for the company and its strategies, such as about the supplier perspective lenders perspective, public perspective, u.a. supplements and be expanded. See also Jorg Becker: strategy-check and knowledge balance effect relationships make transparent, ISBN 978-3-8370-7305-8. Some reasons for a concept of the knowledge balance sheet could be: critique of the classical measurement systems, i.e. Control key figures from the accounting criticisms of management relevance of reporting dominate towards customer-focused, non-financial performance indicators, i.e. detail data indicate. Return, sales, costs, market share, including strategic deliver too little decision-relevant management information about the causes of these developments to the context of the implementation Aims and objectives. Criticism of length and transparency of the planning process. Introducing the knowledge balance may contribute to the reduction and clarity of planning processes criticism on the external reporting: portfolio managers use for their investment and disinvestment decisions in increasing measure non-financial metrics. A knowledge balance satisfies this requirement also. See also Jorg Becker: strategy-check knowledge balance effect relationships transparent making, ISBN 978-3-8370-7305-8 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

Thomas Schneider

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

No, moreover we are thanks to our business contacts with many logistics companies from all over Germany in a vital experience and know-how transfer. My staff and I are highly sensitized to the issue of logistics security.” Since it have nearby, said Thomas Schneider, to dedicate an own portal in the Internet security in logistics. Almost every industry shows in this way now”online presence, the imaginative entrepreneurs from Sarstedt admits. So it was at the time also for companies to offer such a thing, that dealing in the broadest sense with logistics and special importance of security aspect.” “” Plays for the acquisition of firm size is no role in the concept of logistics “of course a wide field: by forwarding to the oil company we welcome all”, Thomas promises Schneider. The size of the individual company does not matter for us. It is important that the companies can adequately document their expertise in the field of logistics and security.’ appropriate’ what is mean? Press reports, for example, leads Thomas Schneider as an example. But also articles, short essays or similar documentation can be published on And that in turn support the acquisition of the companies that presented their range on this new portal.

Because not wrongly, Thomas Schneider recalls that the acquisition in the Internet follows different rules than in the real, tangible world: in the online acquisition it matters above all, to be able to build up the status of an expert or a specialist company and especially as a single contractor. What is the reverse? It’s not enough just to say: Yes, we can make a highly professional contribution to safety in logistics. You want the acquisition in the Internet successfully to end bring, you can substantiate this claim also convincingly.” , Thomas Schneider explained from his own experience, articles are extremely beneficial just this target on the Internet.

Credit Mutuel Swallows Citibank

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Does Germany need a more cooperative bank? Just in time for France national day has announced Etienne Pfimlin Board of Credit Mutuel, son of a Minister of Charles de Gaulle, the purchase of Citibank and Germany declared as a second home. Strasbourg, Germany was very close, you wanted to reinforce in the consumer credit business and is cheap refinance. What can the German consumers by the second-largest financial group in France expect with 13.3 million private customers? About a glass of white wine and a piece of Stinkkase from Alsace in the conclusion of a loan at the Bank, which you can talk?” (Slogan of the Credit Mutuel in France). Credit Mutuel, founded in 1882 in Watzenau near Strasbourg, is a hard-hitting computing base that already has swept away the ideal of its founding father of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen”, as the official French Association of victims of the Credit mutuels. Article 3 c of the statutes of the Credit Mutuel stressed that the Bank does not may work profit-oriented and include the profits into a reserve fund. 2007 the surplus amounted to 2.73 billion. Continue to the business to operate jointly and severally and locally. in 1998, acquires the Credit Mutuel CIC universal Bank and is therefore everywhere in the world.

By the CIC, Credit Mutuel brings a setback on the capital market, the members rebel and limit the capital market activities of Credit Mutuel. This reflection on the core business saves the Credit Mutuel a debacle at the current subprime crisis. The Credit Mutuel in the framework of the subprime losses exceed ridiculous 300 million crisis. But too much think 300 million many comrades France. Nevertheless, Pfimlin pursued its expansion and buys at the Galeries Lafayette department store, a chain of luxury department stores in Paris in 2004. And recently the comrades buy the loss-making, leading newspaper group in eastern France, l ‘ est republicain. With regard to Germany, was for many years between the German and French Enjoyed an unofficial agreement by not Aggresssion. But that prevents the Strasbourg not in Baden-Wurttemberg to poach southern Palatinate and southern Hesse, to the great annoyance of the Volksbank on the other side of the Rhine with attractive products E.g.

in the area of construction financing. This attractive conditions based, inter alia from State benefits of the livret bleu”, a Government-sponsored savings account. This privilege has been repeatedly challenged by the European Commission and it is only a matter of time until its abolition. Credit Mutuel will be almost a normal Bank. The real coup of the Credit Mutuel would have can be to revive the ideal of Raiffeisen at a European level, to seek a merger with the German brothers, and to bring this power in emerging Europe to flourish. And it should not be forgotten, that Raiffeisen preached principles such as solidarity, liability of the comrades, local business, modesty of the administration are the causes of today’s success. This would have been father of Etienne Pfimlin, Pierre, initiator of the reconciliation of France and Germany, not better? Press contact: Special mortgages GmbH Alexandre Janicki, Managing Director of Dynamo str. 13 68165 Mannheim Tel.: 0621 438 55 302 fax: 0621 438 55 555 E-mail: Internet:

Label Printers GlobalMark Mark

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

Monochrome printing, multi-color printing and cutting plot function are summarised in the GlobalMark top model the combination of TouchScreen and on WindowsCE -based operating system enables a completely new operating comfort. The designs are displayed on the screen of the printer in real time and color. Whether in industry, production, chemical, construction, transportation, management, event planning in all sectors of the economy GlobalMark offer’ printer solutions for various labels such as safety, information notices, directions, warnings, or facility management. Warehouse properly marked, clear instructions, clearly visible markings GlobalMark”printer ensures a smooth flow of information and thus increase the efficiency of the company. GlobalMark”are efficient and multifunctional printers. Monochrome printing, multi-color printing and cutting plot function are summarised in the top model. Therefore no technical limits of creativity.

Everything is possible in principle. The Speed and exceptional ease of use of the printer make creating labels and signs as easy as never before. A basic principle of GlobalMark”is the complete independence of the printer which offers a high degree of flexibility. The integrated features include custom labels, quick text, pipe markers, first aid safety instructions, ban – and logistics information as well as information and direction information. “In addition are GlobalMark printer with its own keyboard, mouse and PC interface fully compatible with the latest computer technology. This ease of use is enhanced still by ActiveSync”, a program loaded with graphics, logos and images from the PC and printed with the printer. GlobalMark”enables you to use a wide range of high-quality foil tapes for different markets and applications. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching, Tel. 089-61565828, FAX 089-61565825,, contact: Angelika Wilke.

Viet Nam

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Founded in 1980, student company ABAS has become a group of companies. 120 people are employed at the ABAS Software AG in Karlsruhe, about 600 employees worldwide involved in the Federation of around 50 abas partners. The abas software partners serve the local customers and offer services from the implementation of the hardware and network support to customizing and hotline and ensure quick reaction times and high service quality. ABAS is internationally represented by partners in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Iran, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Viet Nam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Canada and the United States. The partner network is constantly expanded. Under the brand name abas business software are the products abas ERP for manufacturing, product profile of the abas business software ABAS trade for trade and service companies, and the eBusiness solution abas eB grouped together. The solution abas business software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness) is flexible, adaptable, and future-proof. The clear structure of the system and sophisticated introduction strategies allow short introduction times and a smooth integration into the company structure.

Specific requirements can be integrated with little effort. New features and technologies flow with every update in the software standard with abas users are always up to date. Currently, the abas business software in 28 languages is offered. Since 1995, ABAS, the open-source Linux operating system supports server-side. Also in the front end the flexible business standard software under Linux is offered.

Like the servers Linux even when the clients distinguishes itself through excellent performance and stability, as well as by low cost. Includes the range of services of the abas business software: sales / order processing / shipping, shopping /. Ordering, warehousing, planning, logistics, materials management / MRP, production / PPC, financial accounting, asset accounting, cost accounting, controlling, eBusiness, portal,… Company contact: ABAS Software AG Marion Schafer Sudendstr. 42 76135 Karlsruhe Tel: 67-23-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: ABAS Software AG Christoph Harzer Sudendstr 42 76135 Karlsruhe Tel: 67 23-0 E-Mail: Web: de/presse/presse.htm