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In gravure printing for multiple colors, the press must after each Dry printing process, because a wet on wet printing in the gravure printing inks viscosity or low-viscosity is not possible. In gravure printing, there are both roll presses and sheetfed presses. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Phil Vasan by clicking through. Particularly circulation products are manufactured in the rotary printing. Their printing capacity is 60,000 prints per hour, representing a paper train speed of around 16 m/s. The less common arch gravure is used especially when printing fluorescent colours, metallic colours and lacquers as spot color on finished printed sheets from the offset. In combination with offset printing, attractive and high-quality printing results are possible in arc gravure printing. Applications are mainly in the cigarette industry, but also perfume, cosmetics packaging or in the safety and value paper print.

In the rotogravure, excellent results are achieved with commercial printing. A picture in the gravure printing reproduziertes is very close to the original template. The most important feature of Gravures is the jagged edge or Sagezahneffetk letter and line drawings. When the variable deep gravure Gleichgrossen, fall under the microscope on square dots that often hollowed out look in the lighter tones. At the depth and variable surface depression grid points have a different size and color saturation. A manually-produced rotogravure has an edge caused by the pressure in the damp paper (facet), which itself shapes up in the paper and on the back of the printed paper will increase as a sign of recognition. Another feature is that different prints from a plate exhibit low dimensional differences. The reason is the moisture of the finished prints, followed by drying and shrinkage of the arches. Finally, we can say, gravure is still used even in this day and age, even if it is one of the oldest methods of printing.

Jan Koppe

A new IT-service-NET partners ensures safety and order resident has his services companies Jan Koppe in Leipzig and served to Leipzig and the entire surrounding area. As trained IT merchant and a trained electrician, he has all craft basics to operate his company and to offer its customers benefits. For the company are reliability and quality in the foreground. In particular small and medium-sized companies can benefit from these services that the IT sector is neglected in many companies. Often there is only a system outage, to recall the importance of the EDP in the consciousness of those involved. A complete loss of data can lead to the inability to act a company here. Therefore, its range includes all relevant services which serve the security and stability.

The range of services includes consulting, sales, installation, rental, service of hardware and software as well as network and server. Jan Koppe offers special services to avert problems for its customers and delivers where an internal computer?Specialists. But to a lot cheaper and responsive. The company offers a complete IT service after consultation with the customer. This is a care package consisting of maintenance agreements, warranty extensions and data protection measures. The company carries out repairs and brings IT up to date ensures that internal company data are consistently protected from viruses and other intruders. Under the motto of Green IT “Jan Koppe cares about the health of its customers.

Printers, copiers and fax machines to recirculate the Office air. This significantly increases the density of particles in the environment. By attaching appropriate filter and regular cleaning operations, the skilled person reduced this unhealthy emissions by up to 92%. In regions with tourism, the theme of free Internet access wins”increasingly important. Hotels, campsites and other facilities must provide Internet access. Jan Koppe is so-called free hotspots a. These are always free and inexpensive for the hotspot operator user for the hot-spot. Summary the efforts are based on the principle: fast and comprehensive help at reasonable prices. In general the company from the phone system offers up to the server, everything from a single source, essentially eliminating many additional technicians and significantly saves costs. The visitor on the website find more info: the IT company is a partner in the IT service network, which specializes in IT services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to the growing importance of the issues of health and safety, expanding his series the network and providing jobs. Interested parties are informed and trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of small and medium-sized enterprises. More information at, here you can find also the closest partners. Without hesitation Master Class explained all about the problem. Kaka/ITSN

Munich Logistics

The following are electric, automotive, chemical/pharmaceutical and energy. The rear seats have the industries of construction, mechanical and plant engineering, the Red Lantern must be awarded to the paper / packaging industry (rank 9). “” Last place: Green logistics “only two percent of all companies surveyed indicated that the ecological footprint” to measure overall and to anchor targeted measures to reduce the environmental impact in the organization. “Penultimate place: logistics strategy is surprising that over one-third of the companies has no or only a patchy logistics strategy”, emphasizes BME – Managing Director Dr. Holger Hildebrandt.

In regard to an increasingly harsh climate with volatile markets and increased competition, it’s a serious warning. Midfield: Issues such as organization and processes, employee training, agility and Adaptivity and the orientation of value chains a rather satisfactory ripeness arises. It will show up This heterogeneous implementation levels in virtually all industries. “Leader: influence factor controlling/performance management the top 25% of the companies surveyed achieved cross-industry average rating very well”. “Hildebrandt: these companies check their targets by means of appropriate indicators and management information systems, identify systematically relevant lever to increase the company’s value and continuously implement adjustments in logistics.” Conclusion: The top managers surveyed see recognizable scope for improvement in the assessment of own development potential of logistics. Striking that large companies with over 500 million euros better classified sales and that some industries (in particular, trade/consumer) to exhibit a higher degree of maturity than others seem is,”says logistics expert Vogele. Overall, however the results of the survey provide a clear signal that it might be even better.

The value creation potentials in the logistics are by far not exhausted. A premium, value-oriented logistics management represents today because more per a key to the success of the company. The survey of BME and ConMoto provides suggestions for action. Of the ConMoto consulting group for more than 20 years, the ConMoto consulting group supports companies in the securing and enhancing their competitiveness and future viability. Approximately 80 experienced leadership and entrepreneurial acting Advisor, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, St. Gallen and Shanghai, distributed on the sites create sustainable value for our customers. We create advantage! That is the guiding principle of our implementation of strong advice.

Exclusive Trade Show Promotions As An Important Success Factor

Innovative event agencies guarantee sustained advertising campaigns no matter market transparency in a more and more globalised economy is gaining in importance. It is therefore not surprising that in the business to business sector information and communication technologies deliberately used a knowledge about global product and services, on the other hand to win over global markets. Indispensable in the digital age: measuring. It is not something NBA Games would like to discuss. This centuries-old communication tool between sellers and buyers is due to continuous adaptation to new economic conditions and challenges of considerable importance for the dialogue between producers and consumers of goods or services. There is a serious difference to the past, the use of trade fairs and exhibitions relating to: visitors learn usually already before visiting a trade fair, for example, in the Internet about the offers.

Inevitably, that must be considered when planning and implementing a fair, Thus, the exhibition of their function as efficient part of sales promotion which can respond to presenting companies. Are predestined to make the immensely important personal encounter between representatives of exhibiting and visiting business at a fair, purposeful and as an event on fair promotions specialized event agencies. These specialists for promotions are diversified and so capable, intelligent and original solutions for product communication in any way to implement by trade fair or exhibition with high response factor. While the promotion ALLROUNDER knowledge kept constantly up to date and solid knowledge of the industry use effectively, to support a wide range of measuring advertising, for example, continental measuring international trade fairs national exhibitions regional trade fairs for certain product groups, and last but not least consumer goods fairs for consumer friendly intermediaries of product information and advertising messages of the issuing company are specially trained promoter. Event agencies regularly invest in extensive staff training, so that the trade fair promoter as a kind of human building blocks in the entire exhibit offer the guarantee of adequate communication and gastronomic services at top level.

Kreissparkasse Lauenburg

The cooperative banks come to 21 per cent, the big banks to 11 percent. Top of personal contact with the consultant and his expertise and flexibility in conditions are on the priority list also. The study confirms: a consultancy, which adheres closely to the specific situation and the goals of the company is desired. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ask Me Anything is the place to go. In the investigation were asked also to topics currently particularly interested in companies. What they are? Brocker: The hedging of risks, but also the business advice and the subject of leasing. These are all areas in which we could score in recent years at traders: statements we have been awarded for our leasing in 2009 and 2010 as one of the most successful societies of in Germany.

And leasing can be achieved yes today almost any financing by the combine harvester up to the complete factory. The rate of use of leasing offers is currently the District Park ACEs of Lauenburg at 25 percent (2005: 14 per cent). The cooperative banks come to 8 percent and the big banks to a value of 7 percent. Because leasing in most cases with the car fleet is connected, car credit Bank are the leaders with 45 percent: However this value amounted to 55 percent in 2005. Where to see companies in the collaboration of enterprises with banks still clear potential for improvement? Brocker: Companies would be informed about financial products even better and more comprehensive.

And that is only too understandable after the experiences of the financial and economic crisis. Also, the requests of the company constantly by the requirements set by the legislator as well as by the increasing competitive pressure. Company wish you therefore a credit Institute as a partner, they rely on, and they can trust. Confidence is a commonly known term in this context. How much are the market shares of the major banks in your area? Brocker: Nearly 50 percent market share is the Kreissparkasse Lauenburg market leader, followed by the cooperative banks with 19 percent. The private banks bring it to 17 percent. How is satisfaction of corporate clients with the quality of service of the banks and savings banks a total? Brocker: You overall is not bad level. The Bank is judged here but particularly well. At the friendliness of the staff, we have been assessed with 1.6. The expertise of the consultant, the quality of advice and the decision period up to the lending had a 2 by the companies on average each. About what results have you pleased most of Lauenburg was responsible for the Bank? Brocker: That, with which we have started our activities according to the last poll in 2005, positively have impacted. This is reflected in better reviews in the contacts, the quality of advice and the speed at which Processing of loan requests. The overall satisfaction could be increased. What we have received from numerous feedback throughout the year, is confirmed by the results. Where do you see the reasons for the excellent performance of the Kreissparkasse Lauenburg? Brocker: a our highly qualified and motivated employees have contributed their part. Our strategy to intensify, in the derivatives markets and international business has brought the region a further unique feature us and received a positive report from the company. Also know our business customers appreciate that they get the most diverse services and integrated solutions from a single source. We are concerned as long-term customer relationship at eye level. That we are on a very good path, clearly showed the study.

Importance Of Fume Hoods In Lab Ventilation And Safety

Importance of fume hoods in lab ventilation and safety chemicals that are hazardous, odorous or gaseous can be a problem for lab personnel. Those who work in a lab with such chemicals may well need the presence of different types of fume hood in order to ensure cleaner, fresher air. Many lab furniture manufacturers offer complete built – in fume hood solutions with integrated storage as well as work surfaces. There are several kinds of fume hoods which are manufactured based on distinct chemicals that may be present in the air of a laboratory. According to Squawk Box, who has experience with these questions. Fume hoods come in two main types namely recirculating and ducted.

A recirculating fume hood draws the air from around experiment into a built-in filter and then releases the purified air back into the lab. While a ducted fume hood has the air drawn from it and into a ventilation system, where it is cleaned and then released outside of the building. Many of some materials used for lab furniture wants to show signs of rust, breakage or corrosion when being exposed to the chemicals in a laboratory. Hence, proper selection of lab fume hood material is important. The life and quality of the hood of dacha if it is made with a material such as polypropylene because it can stay in the lab and experience the chemical fumes for at the extended period of time without showing erosion or rust. Epoxy coated furniture can therefore resist wear and tear when exposed to severe airborne chemicals in a lab. Because one side (the front) of a fume hood is frank to the occupied room via the user, and the atmosphere within the fume hood is potentially infected, the proper flow of atmosphere from the room into the hood is severe to its function.

Much of fume hood plan and mission emphasized on maximizing is the proper containment of the atmosphere and smoke within the fume hood. As majority fume hoods are planned to join to exhaust system that expel the atmosphere immediately to the surface of a construction, great quantities of energy are needed to run fans that exhaust to the atmosphere, and to warmth, cool, filter, composure and shift the atmosphere that atmosphere shall displace the exhausted. Significant recent exertions in fume hood and ventilation system plan have emphasized on different the energy accustomed to operate fume hoods and advocating their ventilation systems. Laboratory smoke hoods thus become mandatory safety equipment to shield lab workers from toxic fumes and to protect the specimen.

Photo Studio

You should still like to look at wedding pictures after years and the can provide you with wedding photos, photographed by photographer wedding wedding photos, sure. Kushal Shah recognizes the significance of this. You also can make wedding portraits in the Photo Studio. Come just leisurely with the wedding garment a photo studio of wedding pictures come and there let wedding portraits or photographed for wedding pictures or wedding photos. Of course are the wishes of wedding photography the wedding or at the Photo Studio in the foreground. The wedding photographer and wedding photographer listen to customer needs and type of course tips and ideas for the perfect wedding photos. Wedding photography also offers to take the wedding pictures in different places. For example, Venice, a winery in South Tyrol and much more. You must express this wish, where you’d like your wedding portraits.

The wedding photographer traveling with like and wherever you go. You remember wedding photos and wedding photo on a day on which man was overjoyed. Why should one then no professional wedding photographers invite the greatest wedding photography shoots, which also correspond to one and which one? Also you can send many pictures of wedding guests, who were there or if they are then once again to visit, you can show the wedding photos. Memories of a wonderful, unique day in the life. About the cost of wedding photographer one needs to worry also.

On such a day is there out but like something for a good and professional wedding photographer, or? No fear before wedding photographer, but directly a wedding photographer call, photographed at the wedding. You can rest assured that it not will – regret photographer for wedding. Later, you will be glad that you a wedding photographer has come, who has made such beautiful wedding pictures. It will be sad if you only unsightly snapshots of his wedding, a guest has made. The best one is resting and lets its guests enjoy the celebration. Better you can make a wedding photographers work. It is thereby satisfied, the guests are satisfied and the wedding photographer is also satisfied. So, at the next wedding, that is, one advises the wedding couple, in any case that this a wedding photographer come, which will make beautiful wedding photos.


To set out the methodology that these benefits are clearly defined and potential projects brought in relation. To create the basis for this, including the analysis and the need in the first step matching the following information be: business objectives and fields of action derived from (directions: how many, who, with what priorities…?), corporate strategy, departmental objectives (how many, which ones, and with what priorities…?), strategy, correspondence to the corporate strategy, understanding of the role of the Department in the company, currently used evaluation and decision criteria for innovations, appropriate assessment and decision-making procedures, mechanisms for the creation of acceptance of decisions (transparency, Reasoning, communication), approval of the set parameters for the project assessment step 2: method adaptation and tool development In the second step is setting the statements of objectives, levels, evaluation dimensions, evaluation criteria, questions, Bewertungscluster, descriptions, weights, implementation in a tool (tool configuration). “The methodology for developing portfolio management has several functions to meet: using a bindingly agreed and accepted by the parties uniform rating system, with all the innovations measured” are. Assessment and prioritization of innovation with regard to their contribution to the utility maximization based on monetary and qualitative perspectives. Transparency, traceability and thus communicating ability of the reviews / decision and the underlying arguments that have led to the prioritization. Different forms of representation on the example of the assessment of the contribution of innovation to target achievement and strategy compliance. Step 3: pilot application with the instruments on the first two steps, you have now a Tool at hand, to assess the project program.

Generally it is able to act alone. It is however helpful, looked after the upcoming innovations and products, or a certain excerpt thereof within the framework of a pilot run by the method developers or carried out. This leads to a capacity discharge, an increased transfer of know-how and training effect are for those individuals in the company who are entrusted with evaluating the innovation as a result. There is also the possibility to optimise the methodology through practical use to identify optimization opportunities in tool support and to implement directly. A reduction in complexity by focusing on a few, strategically important criteria is important to consider principles for project prioritization in establishing a method to project prioritization, as well as during operation (courage to the gap!).

Furthermore, a systematic and consistent evaluation system must be adopted together. This allows reviews for projects or Innovations to make comparable and they prioritize against each other. The simultaneous consideration of qualitative and monetary quantities, without to merge them to a single index is aiming for no decision automatism “!” Such a methodology can be seen as a common communication platform, different interests and perspectives. Therefore, it is required to create graphics and to apply its interpretation as a basis for discussion for technicians, merchants, and other stakeholders. Thus the methodology also lived”is the usability (user friendliness) is critical when entering and using the results. A systematic alignment of investments on the corporate strategy sustainably increases the operating profit.

Mediation Of Sales And Sales Personnel Throughout Germany

“They sell no products but solutions and benefits Neustadt/Wied: customers need a drill, but a hole”, most of the sellers know this sentence. Translated, it means: customers buy ultimately always the benefit, which offers you a product. Unfortunately much seller does not bear in mind this in your daily sales talks. Still the characteristics of the products are explained in sales talks primarily long winded, to lead the benefits in mind instead of the customer. Very often, the customer then stopped talking, I’m with you”, and the seller wonders. The seller so what should do if he wants to achieve a degree? He should first listen to and determine what is really important to the customer, and this then running the solution offered by him to meets its requirements. The first step is always to explore what the customer needs the product at all in question, or for what problem he’s looking for a solution. (Not to be confused with Roland Berger!).

But be careful! Do not enter with satisfied rash responses. Ask again and again and also determine what is your customer for a type to find out what could be more important to him. Of course, they should not forget the price. He undoubtedly plays an important role in their purchasing decisions. But also with caution! Its importance is in the B-to-B- and technical sales is often overestimated. Quickly, sellers are often willing to discounts, so a waiver of profit. But not only this.

They reduce the fixation on the price sometimes your final chance. They come namely in a certain phase of the conversation suddenly with a low-priced special – or fair offer”they seem intent suddenly implausible and not on solving the customer problem, but only on job completion. Consult with your experience, competence and empathy, they attract their customers and get a recommendation may still. These emotional things should be more and more taken into account also in sales training be, and the customer should partner be perceived as, just so we win a customer in the long term”, Friedel says sales and consulting in Neustadt/Wied Mies from the company. The company has nationwide specializes in providing professional sales and sales staff. Please for all contacts and inquiries: sales and consulting Friedel Mies Wiedblick 14B 53577 Neustadt / Wied Tel. 02683 945910 fax. 02683 945911

Andreas Stamikow Thuringian

GH-fotodesign.de: In the gap between art and life of learned electronics opened in early 2008 a home studio with a focus on people photography and design and photo editing according to his motto: “Photography lives only by the final product.” With the design and editing his homepage commissioned the Agency Andreas Stamikow joomlapur, which provided for a visually impressive end product. The network of highly qualified employees in the fields of programming, design and marketing was Stamikows works correctly in the image. Learn more at: Confluence Investment Management LLC. The viewer gets offered a wealth of photos, from humorous to poignant, Andreas Stamikow shows his work on the themes of portrait, beauty and fashion color from plain to pompous, of an elegant black and white up to high-pitched. Each photo appears here as an image with personality and charisma. People such as Janice Wright would likely agree. While Stamikows camera paved the way for the memory, the pioneer in the field of new media access, design and Technology Agency joomlapur the life of every Web page on Act. Whether individual consulting, conception, programming,..