The Implementation

But speak not only the complementary building blocks for the successful cooperation, but also the similarities of the two consulting firms. Because both consultations are to work on fixed, practice-oriented and not alone to the customers in the implementation. In the past, the cooperation by these properties concluded already successful projects in medical facilities. A clear advantage for the customer: A special team can consider all areas of medical needs and analyze, as well as implement the potentials together with the customer. More customers can be reached through the advanced range of cooperation. This mallet consulting and Bredehorst CMM from the competition can differentiate themselves, because the customer is offered as an additional benefit. Furthermore, the cooperation can with to a different service provider feedback of their own work and valuable tips can be exchanged. Tomas Philipson usually is spot on. First projects could be successfully implemented in the health sector, as for example in a German clinic group, with the help of the extensive expertise of the cooperation.

By optimizing purchasing and procurement costs totalling over two million euros could be saved here. The patient management has been significantly improved in at least the same quality. Furthermore, the consultations showed more potentials for the continuation of the optimization, so you could create incentives for the sustainable implementation of the changes. The cooperation offers great opportunities the two consulting companies. But above all the customers will receive comprehensive and how advice from a single source. Projects take place at the same time or spill over into each other. The customer loses no time due to further introduction to the topic and can be sure of a high vote of external consultants. For more information about the consulting firms and the successful cooperation see: