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Birklehof Children

The new school’s Director Bernd Westermeyer wants rid of the image of the child custody institution alleged elite boarding school, which always had a “bad press”, now is the right address for pattern children and high fliers? “Elite school Salem takes no rich problem children more”, headlines the Hamburger Abendblatt of the event. “Quality instead of quantity” is the motto of the new Manager Bernd Westermeyer. He “through the selection process of new students that passed”, so it is said, “that places emphasis on quality, even if now as a result, some beds remain empty”. 130 Candidates were rejected for this school year, although about 30 seats could be filled. “We are not available as a haven for those who are problembeladen, but with money.” Salem as a Dorado of easy-care high fliers? But there’s still the well known loopholes of character education. Click Scott Mead to learn more. “We do not … the Numerus clausus after heck”, Walters is quoted further,”but also rely on a solid character education and round characters.” It was called Salem always: experiential learning rather than teaching.

And last’s should then set the “Stipendis”: “more than ever before, he wanted get children from less financially strong families at the elite boarding school”. (Source: Scott Mead). That’s not original. Already Westermeyers before-ago predecessor Dr. Bernhard Bueb, which is the longest (1974-2005) could hold Schloss Salem thanks to its special agility by all heads of school in the Office, is in focus school (3/2005) following quoted: “‘Prosperity Verwahrloste children who are unwilling to effort’, he take not on …. In return, Bapat pursues an aggressive scholarship policy: one-third of studying are partial or full scholarship.

‘Because young people are educated through contagion by peers, that affects positive school community.’ The “offensive scholarship policy” seems to have contributed little to a better student selection in Salem over the decades. Why should that be suddenly different? 1972 las in the “” Lemmon (No. 35 / 1972, p. 2 et seq.) institutions such as Schondorf, Salem or Birklehof “were places where, often moderate educators taught poor students: dustbin of pedagogy.” Bapat complains in an internal publication of the German land reform school (concepts and experiences”in 1986, S. 45 f.): currently strengthen many State education home through recording practice the image of boarding schools, especially difficult to absorb likability, neglected, and abandoned children. This image and the corresponding fact deter potential parents and teenagers, to attend a boarding school youth, for a boarding school would be a blessing, and that would be a boon for boarding schools.” And today? 130 Candidates, were rejected despite free places – it’s called. Which means nothing else than that remains largely unsuitable students apply. What happens if in the future more than 30 beds remain empty? Already Kurt Hahn, by whose Salem thought his “Founding logic” is derived, is said to have ultimate flexibility in the handling of strict inclusion criteria. “How you’re holding it with the truth?”, about Golo Mann in the interview had been asked inquisitorisch. As the replied: I think it is so like Napoleon. “I lie, if it benefits me”, was tap reaction: so much is sufficient honesty. ” The boy remained in Salem. Interested parents should know: “Cash position” has always been crucial for the Salemer recording policy. And all leaders thought it was in this respect with the truth as Napoleon. “The ball is round”, a famous German coach once prophesied. The “round character” is a much more flexible scale.

Economic Effects

Impacts on small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the United Nations estimates that there are 214 million migrants across the globe to increase of about 37% in two decades. One theory of immigration distinguishes between push and pull. Push factors refer primarily to the motives of for emigration from the country of origin. In the case of economic migration (usually labour migration), differential in wage Council are prominent. If the value of wages in the new country surpasses the value of wages in one s native country, he or she may choose to migrate as long as the costs are not too high.

Economic net effects of migration to escape from poverty (staff or for relatives staying behind) is a traditional push factor, the availability of jobs is the related pull factor. Natural disasters can amplify poverty-driven migration flows. This child of migration may be illegal immigration in the destination country (emigration is therefore illegal in some countries, such as North Korea, Myanmar, and Somalia). Persons who have lasagne from one region to another region for purposes of seeking employment or improved financial conditions are economic migrants and are distinct from someone who is a refugee fleeing persecution. Sending countries may expect gains or losses. For receiving countries temporary programs help to address skills shortages but may decrease domestic wages and add to public welfare burden. Net effects of migration are generally been considered to be positive. The Economist magazine, for example, claimed that loosening restrictions on labor migration “would be one of the fastest ways to boost global economic growth.” The positive effects, they say, would be significantly greater than removal of any trade barriers. For sending countries, the short-term economic benefit of emigration is found in remittances. Migration and remittances according to the World Bank, remittances world wide were estimated at $414 billion in 2009, whereof $317 billion went to developing countries.

Euro Madness

The chaos is spreading across Europe, he continues. Greece has long been a bottomless pit. The extra taxes last year in Dec. benefit not the German taxpayer. Without detours, go Europe. This offer us dictators the euro every day new announcements. Once a new umbrella is clamped, times will be announced a stability pact, or even a fiscal pact.

The free fall into the unknown is always certain. And it’s always about additional billions from Germany. After Greece, Portugal will come. In the summer, the next rescue packages are”put together. And then another crude by euro Manes of German politics is all chaos. Who calls a Czar for Greece, at the same time but gets the sprawling debt of capital not in the handle, can no longer be taken seriously.

Such bullies expose themselves. You have only one goal. To distract from the intractable issues. Those politicians proves as a moral wreck in this weeks”, which was hoisted as third choice in the Office. Former Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, which has a particular fondness for free vacations. He does but otherwise the only way up carefully, he dismantled the dignity of the highest visting. With Christian Wulff, clearly the wrong was elected President. He doesn’t even have the format to recognize its limits. Otherwise he would have already declared his resignation. These and other people in the Government, does not help to make our State worthy of observation. These broken times dominated the 300th birthday of the great King as a rock from the surf. Frederick II of Prussia was born January 1712. He went down in the annals of history as alter Fritz”. As a successful statesman and warlord, as composer, philosopher and art lover. So as educated person and dutiful servant of his country. We are looking for something today in the headquarters of the policy to no avail. Instead such personalities, there are the pants suit today Angela. And Christian the recalcitrant. Friedrich of Big was a myth. What governs us today, is only a nightmare. What said Frederick the great? If the country is to be happy, it must keep order in its finances. The Treasury is to increase reserves for emergencies are available “.” A Government must have sound principles and never remove from them “.” The power of Prussia based not on natural resources or inner wealth, but solely on the commercial diligence of its citizens. If the ruler returns all revenue regardless of the future, he is not a father of the people, but a tyrant ‘. ” Farmers, citizens, and Earl must must enjoy the largest part of their income even and not share them with the Government. It is wrong, if the audience is formed, it could gain attention through personal effort “.” And his father Friedrich Wilhelm 1 exhorted his followers. Everything you buy, have to pay you properly.Makes no debt and no longer spend as you you take.Then you will see how happy and flourishing your State is “.” That our current elected officials should be “thousand times read and think about it.”

City Councillor Circus

The reasoning of the Speyer Councillor Helga Spitzer (CDU) this is absolutely incomprehensible. Speyer. With amazement of circus enthusiasts e. V. took society of Speyer by the 06.05.2010 Note City Council decision, which according to circus companies no longer must play in the future in Speyer, if they have certain wild species. The reasoning of the Speyer Councillor Helga Spitzer (CDU) this is incomprehensible: In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was a sensation to see wild animals in the circus. Today, this is nothing special. There are very many zoos with large enclosures where the animals can be kept relatively stress-free and humanely and observed.

Also a Wildlife Safari is no longer out of reach after is Africa.” The Association of German Zoo Directors has expressed recently and clearly on the side of the circus (wild) animals. Zoo and circus have the same goal, to bring the animals to people. Thus a concern for animals is not least awakened, whose natural Habitats continue to be destroyed. So live today already more tiger in human care in zoos and circuses as in nature. And Africa elephants are killed in targeted, because the Habitat is no longer sufficient. The reference to animal safaris, which maybe even can’t afford most circus visitors, in contrast to Spitzer, City Councillor is elitist and little consistent. And if they could? Who wanted to in times of global warming seriously recommend that millions of circus visitors embark on a flight to Africa? Circus friends e. V.

tried the company for years, to lead the discussion of wild animal husbandry in the Circus on a factual level. And there are a lot of arguments that speak for a (wild) animal husbandry in the Circus: Germany is a pioneer in terms of animal protection in the circus. Already in 1990, the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and forestry by a panel of experts had guidelines for attitude, training and use of animals in circus companies and similar institutions”work, the are revised regularly. The minimum requirements for housing, transport, food, climate and training are described for each species. No other animal husbandry is controlled so regularly in Germany by the veterinary services as those in the circus. A representative study of the renowned GfK Marktforschung of Nuremberg has given end of September 2008 the silent majority a voice: 85,5% of the Germans (men and women from a 14 J.) like to see animals in the circus! Leaders are it predators, elephants and horses that like to see roughly two-thirds of all respondents in the circus. The rejection of the positions of so-called animal rights activists is high. “As many as 76.4% of respondents are namely think animals in the circus all right, if all requirements are met”. That is also the Speyer population this opinion, makes reading on the visitors acclaim of the animal circus that performed last year at Speyer. Therefore demands the company of circus enthusiasts e. V.: animals belong to the circus. The Policy must create the necessary conditions so that we can experience animals in the circus in the future also in Speyer! Guidelines “must be generally binding legal text. In practice, they must define a reliable standard in the circuses, pet owners and veterinarians alike can focus. “If all regulations, these guidelines, in particular” complied, the circus finally also in Germany the recognition as part of European culture and the support required for a long time by the European Parliament deserves to be through politics, the media and the public. The circus friends of e. V. Stefan Nolte Dalbergstrasse 2 67574 Osthofen

Municipal Council

Background: The tilt of Breege Rugen is believes that she remain discriminate against as small company compared to the Reederei Hiddensee (white fleet), as was already in early April. She complain against the harbour fee Statute of the municipality of Hiddensee. Now will the Court put itself the Hiddenseer delaying tactics no longer and threatens with the involvement of the municipal authority. By the way – the spa tax statute was famously criticized and must be rectified, but Hiddensee still seem to be the motto of ex-mayor has left meltdown: wait and drink tea “.” “Beach chair rental: because the Municipal Council with the majority of the group citizens for Hiddensee decides” the March of the 1.anderungssatzung to the beach and swimming pool regulations. This was based with the need for a new regulation relating to complaints because of the wild landing by boat in the beach areas before Neuendorf and Vitte monastery; but apparently quite incidentally also the theme of the beach chair rental was affected by the new rules.

However two community representatives of the group citizens for Hiddensee had after State of affairs”in the vote apparently did not participate, because they were probably affected by the prohibition of participation according to the municipal Constitution. In this amendment Statute, which is now might formally annul, if they disregard the prohibition of participation of individual Member arose, is among other things, that the port and Spa business can annually decide on requests for the placement of beach chairs. But how should a beach chair rental get a security for his investment, if he does not know whether and where he should still set up his beach chairs next year? According to which criteria decides actually port and Spa operations on the allocation of pitches? And most importantly: who uses it? How technically bad in this amendment to the Constitution is made perfect is also reflected in the to the landing of water vehicles, for boats up to 5 HP that should be prohibited contradictory versions, although this would be contrary to the law of the land. Even if it were to be welcomed in principle, if the beaches of Hiddensee by motorized boat tourism were spared, so this cannot be through but by basically not lawful provisions of statute, as provided by the Statute in view at the same time again certain exemptions. In addition, the scope of the Statute is not clear, because it has fixed times only the North-South dimension. Again an island statutes, with a majority of the group citizens for Hiddensee “, decided the Court and municipal legal supervision may be have to deal with. “By the way some exhilarating has this amendment to the Constitution: the community demand now that the beach chair rental a friendly appearance” by statute! Apart from the fact that it is a business matter of course is that something in a statute has nothing to actually search for who should assess this friendly occurrence in case of doubt and check – perhaps the well-known boss of island information for charm and friendliness? (Editor: Kay Rahimullah mountain new Island newspaper Hiddensee – inselzeitung.blogspot.com)

National Council

1908 sever was elected Deputy in the Landtag of lower Austria, on October 3, 1911, a Reichstag Deputy up to 12 November 1918 by October 21, 1918 to February 16, 1919 at the same time member of the provisional National Assembly of the new State of German Austria, from March 4, 1919 until May 31, 1919 member of the constituent National Assembly and subsequently by November 10, 1920 to February 1934 member of the Austrian Parliament. The country Captain Deputy Laurenz Widholz(1861-1926) was a member of the Reichsrat, National Councillor and Landtag of lower Austria. He attended a training school for the elementary school and learned the trade of Carpenter. Wild wood became involved in the social security system and became the Chairman of the regional health insurance fund of the Carpenter and the Association of health insurance companies of Vienna and lower Austria on. He later became Chairman of the Imperial Commission of health insurance companies of in Austria. Widholz was a member of the Reichsrat from 1907 to 1914 and 1917 until November 1918.

He was a member of the provisional National Assembly then from October 1918 until February 1919 and was a member until May 1919 the National Constituent Assembly from March 1919. He was of the November 5, 1918 to May 4, 1919 a member of the provisional Parliament of lower Austria and a member of the Landtag of May 20, 1919 until May 11, 1921, during the separation phase of Vienna from Austria. Widholz was initially from November 10, 1920 the Curia of Vienna and was from December 30, 1920 delegate to Vienna. Also, Widholz held the Office of the country Captain Deputy of lower Austria between May 20, 1919 and November 10, 1920. On November 10, 1920, Widholz was sworn in as a member of the National Council, where he served until his death.

Thoughts About The World

be. “” If that BRING (REF. thoughts about the world, part 1 “”) families “and that BRING kindergartens” their tasks do well, then there will be more and more humble, respectful, initiative, curious and friendly people. New to more people with the desire to learn and particularly hidden to meet – with interest in the facts, with curiosity and quest for understanding (according to the why?”), not hang at the first available solution to stay. Eliminate the real causes of the problems. And this knowledge will be increasingly necessary to the effectiveness, increasing the efficiency of machines, equipment and systems in agriculture, industry, cities and municipalities and households, to allow good living conditions with the limited resources of our planet a growing population. And modesty and respect make this knowledge significantly more valuable. Knowledge with this framework (education) is the basis to be in a complex world to be able to find your way and thus a way to more justice.

And it needs it urgently, in our (often intractable human) unjust world. And we need people with initiative and dedication, to make our world always and always a bit better for individuals, in the family, in the municipalities, in the world of work, the economy, on the offices and authorities, in politics and on all places in this world. All that will be necessary. But it not the solution to the enormous problems of our day: there must be much more be done to the destruction of nature, the pollution of the environment and the overexploitation of resources, terror and the political unrest, the animal cruelty, corruption in business and in politics, the unfairness and injustice and the inefficiency of the bureaucracy more effectively to combat poverty and hunger in the world, now. It must be done more to meet the responsibility for the following generation, the nonsensical transports of a misguided Globalization to curb, to prevent the huge dimensions of the financial speculation, making the necessary adjustments to the demographic changes in society, to put effective measures against the diseases of civilization and effectively carry out disaster preparedness and disaster management. All these problems are mainly man-made and it is in the minds and in the hands of the people to solve these problems. Leaders, values they fix their priorities. Tackle it.

The Island Of Life An Idea To Stay Alive

Is a free and sustainable living and economies possible? The life is an island that contains life as the word already puts it. Basically a kind of survival island is every community, every place, every city, even every country and every continent. Even even Terra Gaja, our beloved Earth is an island of life in the vastness of the universe. Could a living island as a combination of ecological and individual living, sustainable agriculture economies sustainable and refer to ethical working businesses and individuals. But also as safe habitats, where young and old gather together important experiences new knowledge and skills can learn simultaneously to lead a healthy life, while working in a profession which allows engagement and zest for life. So more life and a life with work to spend. There are working knowledge in all important areas of life, as things for the larger benefit could do for all and environmentally friendly. Solutions, however, currently are not in the profit interests of major industries worldwide.

So there are alternatives in agriculture, enabling better and healthier yields without to Leach the soil without poisoning the groundwater and produce harmful greenhouse gases. There are already ready for production systems that provide full-House with very inexpensive electricity and heat completely without combustion of oil, gas, wood, etc. There are alternative mobile technologies, which do not affect the health and do not burden the environment, alternative types of motor drive which is not the exploitation of raw materials and, and, and one of the main features of life Islands should therefore in creating safe Habitat be where such life-enhancing technologies real can reach the application. Life Islands are also Islands for real testing, and use of better livelihoods. In a life island a high standard of living for the individual as well as for the group is sought, in accordance with the laws of life and nature is achieved.