Stress-free Through The Advent

Relaxation tips and moments of enjoyment with the new cream yogurt Winter varieties of dairy Weihenstephan. Freising, November 4, 2009; Gift hunting in the crowded downtown to the company Christmas party, between cookie baking and Christmas tinkering quickly the tickets for the Christmas concert of thoughtful reserve\”advent is unfortunately often the stress factor. Time to sit back and consciously enjoy. Co-written with Advisor Stella Cornelius Koch, the dairy Weihenstephan has put together the eight best tips, as it creates room for a break for example to a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the new Weihenstephan winter joghurts. \”Until the end of January, there are the new flavors poppy marzipan\” and PEAR with fine Schokosplits \”in the trade.

Poppy marzipan\”combines the noble seasoning of finely ground poppy seeds with tender sweet marzipan. Crisp Schokosplits lend a crisp kick the juicy, aromatic pear. Both varieties are seductive creamy and with full taste. Just to let the eyes close and dissolve on the tongue. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ripple by clicking through. Who would deliberately low-fat diet, choose the winter varieties with 0.1% fat. The flavors refined winter apples with Bourbon Vanilla\”and winter plum flavoured with cinnamon\” offer Christmas enjoyment with few calories. Like all the products of the dairy Weihenstephan, also the new winter yoghurt guarantee controlled premium quality.

Only natural ingredients are used in the production. Weihenstephan yoghurts are free of preservatives and artificial flavors. Stress-free Christmas tips from Stella Cornelius Koch, medical journalist and author of the troubleshooter I then relaxed\”in the long term plan: start in a timely manner in the preparation of Christmas. Why get not the gifts in November? Prioritize: you make lists, what is still to do. Select, what tasks absolutely necessary and which are less important. Start with the most important, leave the rest to. Take a break: don’t forget, even in the Christmas hustle and bustle to schedule time for yourself. Only so get his head free again to tackle your tasks efficiently.