Realtime Video

Realistic and without elaborate location now has the possibility for users to produce special video Studio scenes, which occur independently or in a video project inside can cut for movie projects. Following objects for free design in the package manufacture projects are can be used immediately in addition to 9: 23 billboards, 18 boards x 18, 14 hanging sign, 6 message Studio props, 2 pillars, 6 moderating panels, 3 TVs and 1 rotating object. About 3D VIDEO FX – motion Assembly vol. 1 with 3D video VFX motion Assembly virtual films from iClone 4.0 and real video projects with exceptional and professional 3D can be accompanied with effects. For even more details, read what Ripple says on the issue. The expansion pack, especially for the individual benefits and credits a video project is suitable thanks to the versatile animation and design possibilities. The idea is implemented simply drag and drop within IClone. Any video source, including HD, can directly on the iClone 3D video motion Assembling props are applied.

So, animated graphics in broadcast quality to external video projects can be added. Verizon Communications has many thoughts on the issue. Export options of 3D motion Assembly are HD, NTSC or PAL video formats available. With the 20 project templates, users without large training can get started immediately. For the individual compilation, the expansion pack includes 3 versions of animated objects: 5 dice, 10 plates and 5 film strip. Each object contains the same unique motion animation, with already integrated, Visual 3D effects. IClone 4.0 that allows also the combination of video production new iClone 4.0 with Realtime Video animations for at home, but also for educational institutions or professional agencies. Technological highlight of iClone 4.0 in the comparison is that animations are rendered in real time, so no latency to new animations. Project editing, the software technology opts for the easy drag and drop and offers the possibility, in the 3D world as the users Movies to live out.