PDF Requirements

New Lotus Notes software for documentation of implementing gem. has minimum requirements of the BFin the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BFin) on Wednesday, December 15, 2010, your new minimum requirements for risk management (MRisk) published. The BFin implements is among other things the new guidelines on liquidity buffers, risk concentration and stress tests, which had passed the Committee of European banking supervisors (CEBS). Credit institution that’s now, to implement the new minimum requirements fully and completely transparent in the next few months. Appropriate transitional periods granted to the banks by the BFin. So far the minimum requirements be provided from pages of the BFin exclusively in the form of text materials or PDF publications. This provides credit institutions before the problem elsewhere to capture all the measures taken with regard to the implementation of the minimum requirements and document. Due to this media breaks Editing the minimum requirements significantly complicated and requires significantly more resources.

The software development company RI-SE Enterprise has taken on this issue and a software developed in cooperation with various banks which for the first time provides the minimum auswertbarem database format (Lotus Notes database) in a. The last three MRisk versions, including the latest release of the 15.12.2010 available are available in the current version of the software. This, credit institutions can very quickly identify the new, the deleted and the amended text numbers compared to the previous version. The notes with defined opening clause, in addition, were already marked and are highlighted by the corresponding icon displays in the views. Explanations of the BFin to the various paragraphs of the text are also included.

The database format enables the Bank for the first time, the transposition measures as well as the Bank’s internal documentation and opinions without interruption and for third parties (E.g. Auditors) to document revision-safe and traceable at any time. The familiar advantages of a Lotus Notes application come in this application of course fully also to fruition. An integrated and freely configurable approval procedure for decision-relevant documents, customizable permissions, file any number of attachments per document, text blocks, as well as sophisticated configuration options are just some of the quite successful features of this Lotus Notes database. Particularly noteworthy is the integrated job engine. With this, it is possible in just a few steps from each any note of out the minimum requirements to create full-fledged contract documents and to delegate these contracts in electronic form to any persons of the Institute. In different views, all created jobs can comfortably be monitored and. Responsible persons or departmental and divisional can recognize in seconds the total order volume is how much and in which The order documents are currently status. Unless an order due date is reached, the competent persons, receive and request is also the author of the order, automatically a email with a corresponding document linking. All in all seems tidy the application through the use of visually appealing navigation elements and masks. Working with this tool is users already after a short acclimatization liquid by hand.