Objective Determination Of Image Quality

According to the test specification for the objective determination of image quality, created the prints of the sample to be analyzed, such text on plain paper for graphic quality are created on special paper and photo-quality prints on photo paper. These prints are then inserted into the PQS 3000 – system and evaluated. The PQS3000 system is suitable particularly for inkjet printer manufacturers for printer development, approval and monitoring of paper and ink suppliers papermakers to the development of inkjet paper, monitoring compliance with ink manufacturer of inkjet paper specifications for the development of inks, the compliance monitoring of ink specifications test institutions for objective product comparison tests of printers, inkjet media and refill inks in our Download section you will find a detailed description of the PQS3000 system, as well as short videos for determining the resolution determination of graininess and Ropiness determine of the text quality Ilona Guttler..