Microsoft SharePoint

PDG Systemhaus developed Starter Kit-food that celebrates this year PDG Systemhaus from Pforzheim SharePoint 40th anniversary and provided small and medium-sized wholesale and manufacturing companies in this time with commercial software. For the food industry, the ERP software PDG is offered foodSolution. This is a solution that meets the complex needs of the food industry. Certification requirements can be economically met through this program and product specifications are automatically created. Now the PDG developed system integrator under the label PDGshare to a SharePoint specialists for the food industry. As more and more companies Microsoft SharePoint insert to reduce IT complexity, reduce IT costs and to increase staff productivity a SharePoint Starter-Kit-food is offered for the food industry. This starter kit depicts the common processes in the food industry and can be customized as needed.

The Momeni & Niksiiar company has to who decided in the future to use Microsoft technology SharePoint as an intranet and foodSolution to integrate the PDG of the ERP system. The SharePoint platform to access the database of the ERP system and lists can be displayed on SharePoint. The usage of the PDGshare Starter-Kits-food saves Maiti & Niksiiar using a stand-alone DMS software. In the quality assurance Center, the quality manual is run electronically. Manage versions and it can be traced, which work statement at some point was valid. The terms of QM-related documents can be stored on SharePoint and are associated with workflows. Processes that are anchored to approval of formulations and product specifications in any company, be mapped in this way.

Runtimes such as Mahe or product specifications to be monitored and reminder function. A comprehensive search function facilitates the finding of documents. The complaints management can be automated through workflow. For the Product development is set up a workspace, which allows to store all relevant information and documents to the process and to retrieve. The Starter-Kit-food PDGshare can be also connected to other ERP systems and software solutions. . This ensures that key figures are presented from different systems in a term. The current business data available are always management.