Infrastructure and energy are permanent topics for many years. This Fund includes worldwide according to the prospectus only 85 energy container for the rental. Only the approximately 1 billion people who have no access to electricity, show the potential of the product. Perhaps check out Coupang for more information. Alpine hut, research station, well drilling, drinking water treatment, mobile hospital or similar, the applications are very diverse. Investment: Purpose of the company is the acquisition, the management, the use and the sale of energy containers of all kinds, mainly from energy containers of Terracon energy GmbH and predominantly TC Basic 5 and TC HighPower 15.

The energy containers are rented out internationally. Possible can be including tenant: international aid organizations, governmental organizations, telecommunications companies, construction companies, hospitals, Communities and individuals. The Fund management company will purchase approximately 85 energy containers according to their purpose and rent to various users. Connect with other leaders such as Phil Vasan here. No contracts for the sale of energy containers were completed at the time of the prospect list. After concrete leases are available and at least EUR won 1 million Kommanditkapital, the energy container can be started with the purchase. The investor participates on the basis of the trust agreement indirectly as trustor of the trustee, the ST tax advisory firm mbH Leipzig, DECEHA energy container Fund 1 Fund society GmbH & co. KG. For example, The container of energy is a less wind-solar-diesel system, which will be transported in a standard container.

While the container serves as a platform for the solar system, as well as for the wind turbine. Specifications: Container 20 foot steel containers. Total weight 13 tons (fueled) battery system capacity 40-160 kWh diesel tank system 2100-5700 l tank capacity wind turbine 2.5-5 kW; Rotor diameter 3,5-5 m; 15-21 m hub height diesel generator power 4.5-15 kW photovoltaic modules performance 1.63-3.5 kW peak ventilation system, fully automatic, energy-efficient cooling and heating systems. The energy container provides full use of regenerative energies depending on the conditions on-site 5,000 15,000 kWh of electricity a year.