Experiencing Wide Positive Response

Roadshow by ReSound and Otometrics presented new fitting options for wireless listening system wide interest and much positive response took to the road show, which ReSound in cooperation with corporate sister of Otometrics in March by twelve German cities. A variety of new fitting options for the Alera family were presented here. Thanks to the even more powerful chip generation of ReSound range sound processor, Alera offers an excellent sound and precise location of the room. The outstanding quality of the feedback suppression DFS ultra as well as of the SituationsOptimizers the visitors could convince based on objective measurements with fitting technique Aurical FreeFit presented the Otometrics on the Roadshow. Praise and recognition paid a total of more than 200 visitors also the innovative standard Nanotech coating of Alera, as well as the different wireless options that can be optionally purchased and used in all designs and in all performance classes. Speaking candidly bitcoiin told us the story. Our “Hearing ReSound Alera is now no longer just as a behind-the-ear solution with paged handset available”, so Dieter Fricke, Director Audiology of GN hearing GmbH, during one of the events.

Alera is adjusted as flexible BTE instrument with thin sound tube or listening angle, which allows programming flexibility as standard or power solution. Also we now offer Alera as In-ear system with paged microphone.” All designs of ReSound Alera is available in three price ranges. The diverse solutions enable the audiologist to numerous individual customer wishes. Thanks to the even more powerful range of ReSound chip Alera secures the hearing aid wearers in any everyday situation a top sound, very good speech intelligibility and directional hearing. In addition, Alera offers reliable and discreet connections to people and modern communication technology. Accurately detected and visualized you were during the presentations Functioning of the new feedback DFS Ultra, of SituationsOptimizers and of the noise reduction with help of metrology Aurical FreeFit, who presented the ReSound group sister of Otometrics.