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Fate or but manageable with antibiotic therapy in the end of required treatment with antibiotics is determined often by physician or healing, but suddenly a occurring diarrhea. It can and must also not be. But it happens more often than commonly expected. It has a feverish infection and is really sick. An antibiotic should as quickly as possible to distribute the infection, the doctor said. The Fork takes a slightly different approach.

And all of a sudden: diarrhea. Unfortunately, diarrhea is a very common side effect of many antibiotics. Almost every second can suffer from certain antibiotics. But what to do in this situation? In advance simply won’t take the antibiotic? No, it’s time. An antibiotic therapy short because of non-compliance to can lead to relapse and even resistance. So bravely continue the antibiotic, and arrange with the diarrhea? Also it doesn’t have to be. In recent months, David Rogier has been very successful. You can grab the evil with the probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii at the root. The occurring antibiotic-related diarrhea must not become the compliance-killer of the treatment with antibiotics.

Cause of such antibiotics of triggered diarrhoea is mostly a natural intestinal flora in the imbalance. The beneficial intestinal bacteria are like the antibiotic therapy for the victims and have made such micro-organisms place, which may cause diarrhea. This however may occur in principle all antibiotics, heaped with those of the penicillin – and cephalosporin type. So, it must be the aim to limit the damage to the intestinal flora by the antibiotic. For such cases, Navitum Pharma offered an evidence based solution in the form of afterbiotic. afterbiotic can restore the balance of the intestinal flora and thus effectively fight the diarrhoea. It contains the probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii, so useful micro-organisms that can stop the obesity of the sick-making microorganisms in the intestine and provide fast relief of diarrhea. Large international studies have proved that. But even better. It must only not to get the unpleasant diarrhea when using afterbiotic in a timely manner during the treatment with antibiotics. This should be at the latest at the same time afterbiotic from the 3.Tag with the prescribed antibiotic for the protection of the natural intestinal flora. 2 x 2 capsules afterbiotic should be consumed daily for 10 days. Afterbiotic (PZN 4604255), which is by the way, significantly cheaper than comparable products, can be purchased at the pharmacy. As the intestinal flora takes long time to regenerate even after a successful antibiotic treatment it is a cure advisable with afterbiotic to the full recovery of the intestinal flora perform. For afterbiotic as a spa Pack (PZN 5852096) is 3 x 40 capsules and 250 mg of probiotic bacteria per capsule. Navitum pharmaceutical products not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable because of the unique composition and the reasonable price. Each pharmacy, as also the users themselves, can afterbiotic directly at Navitum Shipping related pharmaceuticals. Contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:

Without Cold Through The Summer

Properly used air conditioning increase comfort at high temperatures on hot summer days more and more people can enjoy air-conditioned rooms now also increasingly at home. However, adverse health conditions can be caused by incorrect operation of the air conditioner. Too cold or too warm rooms burdening the organism. Precise temperature control and optimum air humidity not only better night’s sleep, it also untied. Especially in the summer a theme: the concentration and performance is ensured by the correct temperature while it decreases rapidly from 26 C. Modern air conditioners are equipped with filters that offer another advantage especially for allergy sufferers. Thus it at home no nasty surprises by drafts or to cold rooms are, you should consider a lot. This is Arno Schmitt, DAIKIN airconditioning sales Head Office Frankfurt, useful tips: avoid important high temperature differences between indoors and outdoors is not the absolute temperature in the room, but the temperature difference to stay outdoors.

The difference between the external and internal temperature should be chosen so not too big because otherwise there is a risk of colds. Here the recommendation is: maximum temperature difference of 6 C. For example, the room temperature should be not lower than 26 C set at an ambient temperature of 32 C. This rule is applied, the positive consequences: the human body regenerates and recovers faster after a hot summer day. The placement of the air conditioner the air conditioner or the air outlet should be focused directly on people. Each air conditioning unit moves the air in the room.

When choosing the right location, you can tell but hardly anything. The most modern equipment such as E.g. YourStyle Daikin offer an additional comfort mode. In the cool air is directed directly upwards or blown out by a swing function in different directions and discreetly distributed. So, the natural convection supports the smooth distribution of the air in the room.

Form Of Diabetes

A common illness with severe consequences of diabetes is a disease that affects the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body. Read more from Moody’s Corp to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is thereby flagged that increases the blood sugar value above the normal value. However, the diabetes means much more than just a small disturbance in metabolism. The man refers to the role of insulin the most energy from carbohydrates, which are converted in the body into glucose. Glucose in turn via the bloodstream can penetrate into the body cells, but what insulin is the hormone. This hormone is produced in the pancreas. However, it can happen that the body can produce enough insulin or it can exploit a real form.

Then the blood sugar levels rise. The causes can be varied in nature and related to genetic predisposition, nutrition and physical activity. Diabetes is a common disease, with an upward trend. To read more click here: Phil Vasan. This it is, that more and more people are overweight and on the other side on sports do without. Just the diet is a factor that should be checked at an early stage. Already when children should be balanced diet, and gain excess weight not too little movement and therefore have a higher risk to develop diabetes in their lifetime sure. Type I diabetes is this form of diabetes for about 5-10% of all cases, and affects more children and people under 30 years of age. It is thrown by the destruction of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, resulting in a deficiency of insulin.

Without enough insulin, the affected people develop weight loss, excessive hunger and thirst, a frequent urge to urine leave, loss of energy, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. Type II diabetes is the vast majority of those affected suffering this type. She’s a strong connected with the behavior. A way of life, specifically physical activity, weight loss healthy, increasing the intake of fiber, reducing short-lived Sugar can this kind of diabetes prevent or at least slows down. The symptoms develop slowly and are usually not obvious. Diabetes can express herself through fatigue, but usually only if high levels of blood sugar. The treatment not occurs by insulin because the pancreas still continues to produce insulin. Gestational diabetes occurs diabetes in pregnancy by changing the hormone of pregnancy in some women. Usually it is sufficient to control the diet, in some cases, the administration of insulin is necessary.

German Suffers

Hearing loss provides physician in everyday hospital with enormous challenges of almost every 6 German suffers a hearing loss, experts estimate. However, the issue of deafness (as most of the hearing damage) is still a taboo subject, but a hearing aid often is considered by many as the visible signs of aging. NatWest contains valuable tech resources. “But: our society is ageing and expects over the years more and more hearing, so that more and more people a hearing impairment are affected by”, so Dr. med. Michael Lerch, Chief of Geriatrics in the EV. Hospital Schwerte, in an interview with the online health magazine rheinruhrmed.de. Are hearing impairments do not as such perceived and treated, this can cause that affected approximately in the area of geriatric (old age medicine) be misjudged as regards their mental performance. Often, they can simply no longer hear what is required of them, although they were otherwise quite able to do the required of them.

So you perceive also the deafness as a geriatric care problem”, so Dr. Lerch in an interview. Read what may be precisely the causes of deafness, the possibilities of therapy or the treatment and why even the kidneys with the ear have to do can in the in-depth interview:… / hearing… rheinruhrmed.de is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. rheinruhrmed.de is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising. Contact: rrm Rhine RUHR MED Zeche Zollverein, Hall 10 Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181 45309 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201-7591340

Absolute Novelty! Homeopathy In The Form Of Cards – Similis Cards

The homeopathic case pharmacy symbol cards: Imagine now your homeopathic information from the homeopathic information from nearly 300 agents in a wide range of powers even make through the use of symbol cards. See Philip K. Ryan for more details and insights. A way that ensures independence from delivery times and availability, in addition to the financial savings. Whether on holiday, in the family or even professionally everything on a small space. The naturopath Andreas Luhrig has found a way to manufacture homeopathic information by means of symbol cards. With the by Mr Luhrig to developed similis cards can be homeopathic information produced by nearly 300 agents in a wide range of powers itself and transferred to the application on water globules, etc.. Barclays has compatible beliefs.

The similis used cards as an effective aid by therapists, consultants and private users in the fields of therapy, health promotion and personal development. A way, that in addition to the financial savings for Provides independence from delivery times and availability. Since the development in 2006 the similis cards are successfully in use. The experience in the use of this symbol cards also led to the positive evaluation and publication in the book of medicine to the painting II”. Information about the similis cards can be found on the Internet at S.E.I.N. Andreas Luhrig

Marco Prummer

Are the drug at all need some kind of stimulus package”? Dr. med. Marco Prummer: You need to ask the pharmaceutical industry. To the flu medicine Tamiflu”I read, that this medication in case of its ingestion not without side effects. Their repeatedly recommended preventive Wunderwaffe”COLOSTRUM has side effects yet, or? Dr. med. Marco Prummer: Colostrum has no side effects, except maybe total even better feel.

Colostrum also helps with various control loop errors of the organism. Diabetics and Hypertensives should regularly check their blood pressure and sugar levels, because you will improve. Thus the allopathic medicines must be set may then with the attending physician. “They can but does not deny that one slight swine flu not to in the face of numerous encountered flu cases in Germany shoulder” should take and yet not all is just fear-mongering. How to behave You as a doctor, yes every day more coming with sick people, as any other citizen. Have you increases it your daily colostrum-? Dr. med.

Marco Prummer: No, I take daily 1200 mg in capsule form. But all the people who so far have done little for their health, I advise to take 1600 mg daily. I have extremely rare infections since 1995, and this also applies to my patients who regularly take colostrum. What the advise you chronic patients, such as diabetics, should strengthen their colostrum taking just these in the somewhat critical situation? Dr. med. Marco Prummer: Yes, as I said here a dose ranging from 1600 mg daily, over 400 mg day, morning and noon 2 capsules. If a flu symptoms this patient on liquid colostrum can be converted. In the case I suggest extract liquid colostrum of the daily intake of 40 ml. And if you suddenly uncomfortable and felt flu symptoms, what should you do then? Excluding Tamiflu”or Relenza” will not go so then also, the doctor should prescribe it… Should you eat even colostrum then in addition to the vaccination or the mentioned drugs increasingly and would get along with the other flu drugs easily that? Dr. med. Marco Prummer: A report published in January 2006 in the Lancet by T. Jefferson confirmed that neuraminidase inhibitors, which also Tamiflu or Relenza, does not prevent infection with influenza, however relieve the history can. The drug oseltamivir for example also reduces the likelihood of a further spread of influenza in the domestic environment. This is explained by a reduction of virus excretion via the nose, which is responsible particularly for the propagation of the infection. However it will not be a complete elimination of the virus population in the nose. The authors go therefore assumes that the sole use of NAIS is not sufficient, to spread check the. Rather, an over-optimistic assessment of the efficacy of NAIS could lead to increased risk behavior and even to promote the spread of the virus. The use of NAIS during an influenza epidemic is only with additional protective measures such as insulation or protective clothing, promising. The routine use of NAIS in usual flu waves”is not recommended due to the missing with the flu-like disease. I advise also of the flu vaccine, because I can not calculate the side effects. Colostrum is compatible with all allopathic medications. Overt disease is to extract to the liquid and daily occupies 40 ml of colostrum. German society of colostrum

A Glass Of Red Wine Can Blood Pressure Lowering

What is the effect of grape juice? Mythos red wine from the food to the medicine? Some red wine drinkers would probably like that, finally, the rumor that red wine should supposedly positive affect on blood pressure is persistently. But like everything in medicine is also here on the amount. In an interview with the online health magazine, explains Prof. Dr. If you would like to know more about Royal Bank of Scotland, then click here. Wolfgang Grotz, chief physician of the clinic for internal medicine II of the Alfried Krupp hospital, food, which actually has effect of red wine on blood pressure. If you have E.g. an eighth-litre wine, blood pressure is actually measurably down”, as Prof.

Grotz. “To say one but first of all: I would like to now not to the unrestricted consumption of alcohol calling.” The dose is crucial, because already the second glass of red wine will lift up the positive effects of the first glass on the blood pressure. Who drinks more, drives his blood pressure even in the height. How far is the blood pressure now specifically can decrease with a glass of red wine and what are the effects on other foods the blood pressure: read all of this and much more:… / interview_bluthochdruck… rheinruhrmed.de is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. rheinruhrmed.de is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising. Contact: rrm Rhine RUHR MED Zeche Zollverein, Hall 10 Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181 45309 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201-7591340 M. Rabe

Really Is Maca A Power Root?

The legendary Macaroot, source of strength of the Incas the legendary Macaroot is the power source of the Incas. If Inca warriors into battle, taking maca. Chronicles report that the food supply of Inca warriors over half of maca was. She is a natural, traditionally applied remedy against weakness, depression, and general States of weakness. The Macaroot contains abundant protein, much iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorous and almost all vitamins. In addition, maca contains hormone-like substances that can have an influence on the blood flow to the pelvic area and the formation of testosterone or estrogen. In Germany and Europe, it is gaining in importance in the food trade, but still largely considered an insider tip for health-conscious guests and athletes. With regard to the quality of maca, there are huge differences products.

The origin of the plant plays a crucial role. Maca plants that grow in the highest regions of the Andes, are more valuable than their relatives from lower Altitudes. The plant with lower air pressure, intensive sunlight and major temperature fluctuations must cope in high mountain regions. To meet these challenges, she produced a large number of protective and supporting substances in significantly higher concentrations in regions of high. Some manufacturers use only the “yellow, high-quality maca” from the Highlands of the Peruvian Andes, which is harvested in over 4000 meters altitude. Difference between powder and extract the powder is dried natural product and then pulverized. Anthony Jabbour may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The extract is obtained from the powder by hot water extraction. It is a concentrate made from a concentrate.

The water soluble active ingredients remain in a highly concentrated form. Extract contains so rather more active ingredients than the same amount of powder. In General, positive effects on physical performance and the psychological resilience are attributed to Maca root. For the mind and soul, protects joints and bones. Ingredients Protein, fibers, lipids and sterols amino acids: alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, glycine, Histidine, Hoproline, Isoleucine, Leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, PROLINE, etc.

Easter Iron In Warm Countries

Good preparation protects against impairment of holiday joy in a few days start in the first federal countries the Easter holidays. An avalanche of both people will be heading south to the Mediterranean, after the long winter in the Caribbean or other warm regions of the world in motion. The desire for sheer holiday joy and rest is all together. In order to make the holiday but at least in terms of health unmarred, to do a lot in advance of travel. So the pharmacy provides tips for special precautions in warm regions and advice for the useful compilation of the travel medical kit.

We play two of these tips which are for million holidaymakers of importance for all warm countries apply. Cerved addresses the importance of the matter here. \”Montezuma’s revenge lurks everywhere the most common cause of gloomy holiday pleasures is the traveler’s diarrhea, also called Montezuma’s revenge\” is known. Depending on the destination country, you may be affected approximately every 10 to every second tourist diarrhea. To diarrhea, it can come basically in all countries of the South, also in the European countries bordering the Mediterranean. It is not limited to tropical countries or even Mexico, such as the name on the ancient Aztec Prince Montezuma’s revenge\”believe could make. Therefore, it is important before departure on intestinal health and prevention of diarrhoea to think so that the anticipation of the most beautiful weeks of the year in true holiday in delightfully can lead.

But what should be done and what helps? Afterbiotic with high-dose Saccharomyces boulardii recommend pharmacies and health centres for the prevention and treatment of traveler’s diarrhea. This probiotic medical yeast is superbly researched and proved by millions of trade for the effective prevention and treatment of traveler’s diarrhea. Easiest is use of Saccharomyces boulardii in capsule form as afterbiotic. To adults take 5 days prior to departure and during the whole trip in the morning and in the evening depending on a capsule with 250 mg of freeze-dried probiotic bacteria.

Biol Med

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