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Being overweight tends to run in families. Parents can pass weight problems their children through genes. Frequently Ann Maynard Gray has said that publicly. Parents, children and caregivers can also be overweight because they share the same bad eating habits and exercise. Habits. Add to your understanding with Scott Kahan. Eating foods very high in fat and calories, or more food than your body needs, it can lead to overweight. Being inactive can also lead to even more than they should.

The world around him. Both at home and in your office, you and your family are surrounded by food and messages about food. It’s easy to eat more of what your body needs. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Munear Ashton Kouzbari. The routine use of remote controls, escalators, computers, and televisions can reduce your level of physical activity cause you to move less, which eventually can cause weight gain. Although you can not control all the factors that lead to being overweight, you can do many things to improve your health. You can do many things to improve your eating habits and achieve a healthy weight. Try to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day.

You can also get more flavor to your favorite recipes incorporating fruits and vegetables you like. If you are trying to control your weight, eat your meals at regular times. When you skip a meal, can cause uncontrolled hunger which may make you eat more than you need. When very hungry, it’s easy to forget about good nutrition. But hunger is not the only reason for overeating. You may eat too much when happy, sad, bored or angry.

Micronutrients And Dementia

Researchers achieve combating the senile dementia is practical achievements for preservation of mental fitness in a constantly aging society increasingly in the focus of interest of researchers. Progress achieved in maintaining mental fitness, are medically and economically invaluable for individuals and society. Based on the recognition that in the elderly significantly the supply situation with micronutrients is not optimal, partly even disastrous, researchers are trying to find ways to increase mental fitness and performance of people with improving the supply situation. New evidence from experimental and clinical studies show that success can be achieved with certain micro-nutrients which contribute, causal and symptomatic to prevent the development of dementia or delay. State Street Corporation oftentimes addresses this issue. Today, it is clear that the senile dementia and Alzheimer’s dementia structurally and functionally in parts of the brain have left traces. Only partially the causes that can lead to dementia and the structural and functional changes are, however, understood. The oxidative stress in the brain, which is caused by a lack of supply of certain micro-nutrients known as antioxidants is one of several candidates.

So a team of researchers has to show now that oxidative stress leads to changes in the nerve endings and thus can interfere with the signal transmission between the nerve cells of the brain. Scott Kahan does not necessarily agree. This directly negatively affects the function of the brain and is one of the causes for the declining mental performance. If so, the oxidative stress that is causally responsible, then this development can be prevented, if enough antioxidants in the nerve cells of the brain available. And the researchers were able to show recently that in the experiment. Through the administration of vitamin E, a very potent antioxidant, were the changes in the nerve endings and the signal transmission remained unfettered. Additional information is available at Financial Planning Association. So combating oxidative stress, at least in the early stages seems to be a more promising ways of prevention and nutritional treatment of dementia.


the information that you wanted to deprive you of are a secret of fitness through proper nutrition! Gift from the microwave oven. An unprecedented attempt by science-suppression of electrical apparatus Association for household and trade Switzerland tried 1993-1994 in the years, manage to let a strictly scientific trials on harmful effects of microwave ovens and micro waves food by the World Court ruling. The researchers, Dr. Hansuli Hertel, was prohibited on Swiss Federal Court level, to publish its research results and publicly to say that micro waves food would cause cancer. Only through an appeal to the International Court of Justice for human rights in Strasbourg these attacks on freedom of expression and freedom of research were repelled. The Court was right in its judgment dated 25 August 1998 Dr. Hertel.

What should be suppressed here? The results of Dr. Hertel and Prof. Blanc in a strictly scientific and always reproducible research series showed the scientists during a two Month period (August-September 1989, University of Lausanne), that in eight voluntary subjects immediately after taking food heated in a microwave oven the blood count significantly for the worse changed. Single-dose irradiated food were these value changes mostly within the normal tolerance range, but had repeated intake of micro wave dishes get off clear statistical trends, which indicated clearly on onset of anemia and early cancer events. What does the microwave oven in the food? It does not matter whether one warms up “only” food in the microwave, heat coffee water or properly cooks the radiation poisoned all foods, with whom she comes in contact. The radiation denatured food, that is to say: she changed the natural structure of the cells. Such food has different effects in the body as food, that have their original cell structure.

Leucine Analysis

A micro-nutrient study shows exactly what nutrients are missing the immune system now is the time in which flu make life difficult many: windy, wet weather and overheated rooms encourage the emergence of colds, especially if the immune system is weakened. The initial symptoms include chills and scratchy throat later evolved then often a painful sore throat, a runny nose or a cough, often accompanied by headache, body aches and fever. The colds are among the most common infectious diseases at all. For even more opinions, read materials from Verizon. The viruses that cause the flu-like infections, transmitted by droplet infection. But not everyone who comes with the virus into contact, must be sick.

Perhaps it has already developed an immunity to this virus variant, or the viral dose is too low to trigger the corresponding symptoms. Also, a healthy immune system can protect against infections. To the immune system to strengthen, a good supply of all micronutrients relevant to the immune system is an indispensable requirement. The micro-nutrients include not only certain vitamins such as vitamin C, D or E, and trace elements such as zinc or selenium, but also a whole range of amino acids. The immune system is the organ system with a high cell and protein turnover. Therefore, a good supply of amino acids is essential for the immune competence.

Arginine is the parent compound for the formation of signal gas nitric oxide, which plays an essential role in the fight against pathogens. Cysteine is an important sulfur-containing amino acid, which regulates the Redoxstatus of immune cells. The amino acid cysteine is also needed for the Glutathionbildung. Glutamine is a main energy substrate of immune cells. Glutamine influenced various immune functions such as the formation of antibodies, the synthesis of neurotransmitters of the immune system, the proliferation of lymphocytes u.v.m. glycine has anti-inflammatory properties and is used for the formation required by so called Hamoproteinen. These proteins are essential for an adequate immune competence. The branched-chain amino acids Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine are important regulators of protein synthesis and can stimulate the formation of antibodies and messengers of the immune system. Lysine can be infections with herpes viruses from benefits. Threonine is indispensable for the intestinal immune system. Moreover have many features significant more amino acids for the immune competence. Always a detailed blood analysis is required for the implementation of an effective therapy with micro-nutrients. In particular amino acids should not be used without prior laboratory analysis, because an untargeted supplementation can cause an amino acid imbalance with the risk for corresponding metabolic disorders. The Diagnostic Center for mineral analysis and spectroscopy DCMS GmbH examines not only the amino acids in the blood, but also all micro-nutrients relevant to the immune system. Based on the laboratory analysis is a Findings report with an exact treatment recommendation. Diagnostic Center for mineral analysis GmbH more info under: Diagnostic Center for mineral analysis and spectroscopy DCMS GmbH lion stone Rt 9 97828 Marktheidenfeld Tel. 0049 / (0) 9394 / 9703-0 E-Mail:

Office Chair

How you choosing the right office chair and desk and set we sit today too much. Some people sit at work for eight hours, add is sitting in the car and in the evenings on the sofa. This man for the sitting position is actually made. Back disorders include the most common people suffering for this reason. There is therefore no real seats, there are just better and worse seating positions. Nevertheless you should do everything that stands in your way to optimally set up your workstation.

Movement a Council ensures compensation before it goes to the setting up of the workplace, first of all: sit in your spare time as little as possible and stand up regularly to work and move around. You can also calls for example, when one walks in through the Office. Use also the pauses for a brisk walk and exercise in your spare time, to compensate for the unhealthy attitude to the work. A strong back muscles is much better placed, the To withstand exposure to the seats. That’s why also physiotherapy exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back are useful if one performs a sedentary activity. Adjust the Office Chair at work of course need a good office chair, you can set variable if possible.

The backrest should be movable, so that the position will be changed automatically during work. May, a healthy sitting position is uncomfortable, at the beginning, because you must get it. Adjust the height of your desk chair and desk that your legs while sitting form a 90 angle. The feet are firmly on the ground. The desk height should be selected so that the arms when typing on the keyboard form a 90 angle. If you frequently suffer from neck strain, put your desk even slightly deeper. As you can see, an adjustable Office Chair and an adjustable desk are essential to the proper Position finding. Because the standard sizes don’t fit for everyone, the height must be adapted to the individual body size and stature. Must it necessarily be a more expensive Office Chair? This question must be answered with an unequivocal no. Although a good Desk Chair for 30 is available (except used) but for 100 you get chairs that are set optimally and have an ergonomic seat. Beware of expensive designer chairs, so-called executive chair look while chic, but often are not recommended from the orthopaedic point of view. You find an overview of the commercial office chairs and recommendations across the height-adjustable desks adjustable desks in offices and also at home actually should be standard. Non-adjustable desks have usually a standard height of 70-80 cm.

That is much too high for small women! A height-adjustable desk can be be individually adjusted. In community offices it may look but unusual, if the desks are different, but that should be the health of the employees value. Also a height-adjustable desk is no longer expensive, it costs only a minimal additional charge. At home you can build yourself the desk, it takes only one plate and low-cost, height-adjustable table legs, which gives it at any hardware store or IKEA.

Mayr Cure

The doctor explains how osteoporosis is diagnosed, how it can be prevented and what treatment options are available. “On December 9, 2010 the lecture series sounds healthy attractive compensated for the repetition of the theme” from. All lectures are prepared on the basis of a holistic, natural healing approach for those interested in easily understandable way. The lectures demonstrates practical partly by handling demonstrations. All those who are interested in individual health issues of my lecture series, are cordially invited to the respective theme evening. I am sure my knowledge and my experience to pass me. “, Dr.

Sankar-Simon underlined their intention.” Each 18:00 welcomes the doctor participating in their practices in the Sanktjohanserstrasse 84, 83707 bad Wiessee. The admission is free. All information about topics and get dates, on the Internet at or as a flyer in the medical practice. Background information: Beginning October 2009 opened Dr. med. Andrea Stiasny-Simon their new practice in bad Wiessee. The sound quality of the place has moved to the formerly Frankfurt doctor to relocate their practice in the Tegernsee Valley. The biological medicine forms the basis for the holistic approach of her medical treatments, involving body, mind, and soul of their patients.

Several diagnostic and therapies, such as acupuncture, applied Kinesiology, chelation therapy, or Dr. F.X. Mayr Cure be applied individually. The doctor uses the advanced possibilities of standard medicine as well as proven in natural medicine. The basis of their work is a thorough diagnosis, which includes not only the determination of physical symptoms, but also time and space for spiritual needs of their patients. Getting and the recovery of physical and mental vitality, as well as the sustainable strengthening of the immune system is at the heart of their treatments. Mrs. Dr. Sankar Simon sees itself as a responsible therapist, the also preemptively contributes to the active health promotion in their patients.

Eye Protection In The Workplace – Actions Against Eye Injuries

Some may wonder why, eye protection is so important in the workplace. Some may wonder why, eye protection is so important in the workplace. Eventually most people have cut out still no eye is, if you go according to the number of the blindfold, as seen every day. In spite of this, eye injuries are really surprisingly often in the workplace. One should not believe it, but day after day, more than 2,000 people suffer an eye injury in the workplace. Common causes of eye injuries are among other flying objects, such as metal or glass fragments, small particles, tools, chemicals and harmful radiation. Of all work-related injuries, 10-20% will cause a temporary or permanent loss of vision. These are not only personal tragedies, where people on the hunt can lose their sight after the filthy lucre and then no longer enjoy the sight of the beautiful nature, where workers neglect their own safety only to the gross national product of a country and a Society to increase, which looks at the working people anyway only as a slave, you can tell bis aufs Blut through taxes and child support payments.

Employers also should prick up their ears and keep their employees to comply with the safety regulations for the protection of the eye, because more than every tenth eye injury has one or more missed work days. That may be good for sales, profit and gross national product, or? It doesn’t have to be that but really. It must be so always worse and worse everything. If you are tiring and is just a little effort, it is also getting better and better and better. Experts believe that with the right eye protection 90% of work-related eye injuries would have been less difficult or completely would be prevented.

The best protection against eye injury consists of three things: Firstly you must know the dangers to the eyes at work and perform a comprehensive hazard analysis for the eyes at work. Secondly it is necessary before the start of all dangers for the eyes eliminate, for example, by truly and consistently using shields or existing machines covers. Third, one must use always the right eye protection such as goggles. This eye protection must be worn when there is always only the slightest risk of eye injury. Also who goes through hazardous areas “only fast times”, must wear mandatory in all cases eye protection. Otherwise, he or she must just stay out or go home. These sometimes vital or at least blindness Shun measures must be eye protection to the habit, that they become one flesh and blood. Blindness in the workplace can be averted only by consistently implemented eye protection.

Forgetful At School Or Work?

More concentration and improved memory performance through a balanced micro nutrient supply in Germany about 1 million people suffer from dementia. The number of those who are indeed not demented, but extremely forgetful, scattered and suffer from memory problems, should be higher multiples. Each of us knows whether such situations in which he has forgotten as he switched the iron off or where he has put the key. This happened before, doing many things at once, stands under pressure and is just not the case. It becomes critical when accumulating such incidents if propagate information in a timely manner in the workplace, an operation not, etc. will be posted By memory disorders, job, training and education can be compromised. Who is unfocused prolonged or suffers from learning disabilities should do not hesitate, medically to determine whether everything is OK with him harmless. It didn’t always have a dementia or other neurological disease There are; the causes can be E.g.

a thyroid disease, blood glucose fluctuations, or circulatory disorders. Not rare, just brain active micro nutrients missing the body. This deficiency can be determined only on the basis of an accurate blood test, such as for example the DCMS neuro check the diagnostic centre. Unfortunately, at the present time, it is obviously difficult to cover the micro-nutrient supply alone with the diet, although often represented by the press, and in certain circles of medicine. The national consumption study II of 2008 brought it to light: large parts of the population meet important nutrients not even the modest targets of the German society for nutrition. The result showed that most had suffered from included young women in the study to a vitamin D deficiency and a lack of folic acid lower values of vitamin C had and one-third of the male subjects. A lack of supply of essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals and Amino acids can very adversely affect brain function.

Different Types Of Eye Protection

Eye protection comprises, inter alia non-prescription and prescription goggles, acid goggles, goggles, welding helmets and respiratory masks. You need eye protection, which must be worn at work so that to reduce the risk of eye injury or even blindness in the workplace. What are types of eye protection but now, and which one is right for what work? Eye protection comprises, inter alia non-prescription and prescription goggles, acid goggles, goggles, welding helmets and respiratory masks. The type of eye protection, one should wear depends on the individual risks at the workplace. If you work in a place, where small particles or dust flying around, you need at least safety goggles with side shields. If you work with chemicals, you should wear an acid goggles. If you work close to dangerous radiation (welding, laser or fibre optic), you need safety goggles, face shield, or a A helmet that is designed especially for this task. Now, the most important part of eye protection is the transparent part that must be in other words made of a transparent material so that you through can see also.

Otherwise one could keep Yes right a tank steel plate in front of his face. Now, eye protection is there with three types of eyeglass lenses. Glass jars are made of the same material, that has proven itself over centuries in Windows. You have all advantages and disadvantages of the common window, including the fragility. Glass jars have the advantage that they are not prone to scratches. In addition, they can be used with corrosive chemicals. They can be made in your strength. However, they are relatively heavy and therefore sometimes uncomfortable.

Plastic lenses are made of plastic, plastic also commonly called, a petroleum product, that no reputation with regard to its environmental or aesthetic properties, but almost is indestructible. Plastic lenses have the advantage that they are lighter than glass lenses. In addition, they offer protection against welding spatter. You also not quite as easily as glass fogged up. However, they are not as scratch resistant as glass. Polycarbonate lenses are, you have probably already guessed, manufactured from polycarbonates. Polycarbonates are the Group of synthetic polymers and the family of polyester plastics. More specifically, there are polymeric ester of carbonic acid with Diols (bivalent alcohols). Polycarbonate lenses have the advantage that they are easily. In addition, they offer protection against welding spatter. You also not quite as easily as glass fogged up. Also, polycarbonate lenses are resistant and resistant to impact than glass or plastic. However, they are not as scratch resistant as glass. Here, you must carefully weigh up all the pros and cons, and then select the individually correct eye protection, so it has some of his natural eye light as long as possible and tomorrow the beautiful nature can enjoy.

Dangerous Sleep Disorders

Poor sleep may shorten life that good and sufficient sleep is important, most people probably know. Now, a study showed that insomnia actually can lead to serious health problems and shorten the life time. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal reported lack of sleep can be as dangerous. Including obesity, diabetes and heart and cardiovascular diseases are among the known consequences of sleep disorders. The results of work of the Penn State College of medicine have shown that chronic lack of sleep can have a strong influence on the life of a people. The long-term study was conducted with 1,700 men and women.

On average, the age was between 47 and 50 years. Swarmed by offers, Southwest Airlines is currently assessing future choices. Among the women, eight percent suffered insomnia according to own. Among the men there were so many with only four percent about half. To study the sleep patterns of the test subjects, they spent several nights in a sleep laboratory at the beginning of the study. After ten years examined the female test subjects for the second time. 14 years after the beginning of the study was for men.

It came out that a total 14 percent of respondents already had died. Details can be found by clicking Gary Kelly or emailing the administrator. For the people who had been at the beginning of the study that she suffered from insomnia, the mortality rate was 51.1 percent. The mortality rate in the people who had given to sleep, however, amounted to 9.1 per cent. More information: news.private-krankenversicherung.de/… GELD.de GmbH Lisa Neumann