Dolphin Starts EmailBusiness

Business email hosting and archiving on the new website offers the Cologne Itellium Dolphin IT services the hosted E-Mail and groupware platform dynMAIL for companies of any size. With the optional product dynSEA emails for a period of 10 years can be archived revision-safe and compliant with the law. As an alternative to Microsoft Exchange, and similar products, dynMAIL allows the customer: – group calendar – shares for internal and external users – search central file repository with check-in/check-out E-Mail / calendar / address book / notes / tasks – all objects including attachments – – powerful anti-spam and anti-virus integration – direct access to the dynSEA archive (if elected) – Exchange Connector – u.v.m. mobility is through the free choice of the access much easier. The customers are an extensive Web mail (based on AJAX technology), synchronization with Smartphones and Tablet PCs, as well as access via email programs like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird to the Available. Are displayed not only E-Mails, but also dates and contacts synchronized. Legally compliant archiving dynSEA to the requirements of the tax authorities in Germany, Austria, and to fulfill the Switzerland, provides dynSEA a legally compliant email archiving according to GDPdU (principles of data access and the testability of digital documents).

There, emails for a period of 10 years are archived tamper-proof and not erasable. Developed in cooperation with specialist lawyers in tax law. There is of course a process documentation for presentation to a tax audit. Cloud technology run through all dynMAIL server resiliency in a private cloud, ensuring high availability and site resilience. By virtualizing the server can be scaled if necessary any.

Dolphin manages the infrastructure and the cloud itself, there is no third party involved. Data security in accordance with BDSG the location of the data center is Cologne, which is why for all aspects of the Data protection German law com. BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) applies. In addition, Dolphin can an external data protection officer carried out by regular testing of the BDSG, to provide the necessary legal certainty to customers.